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  1. PZL P.11/I

    Thank you all for kind words. I'm glad that P.11 prototype caught your eye! Arma Hobby have so many to offer in that topic! RESIN 1/72: PZL P.1/I PZL P.1/II PZL P.6 PZL P.7/I-1 PZL P.8 PZL P.11/I + INJECTED PZL P.7a All of them worth their money And, of course, it's not their last word. Cheers Stan
  2. PZL P.11/I

    Hi Martin! Yes, this is 1/72 Thx for a good word! AK paints were quite good. There was no problem with application but I think it is necessary to use dedicated black base from XTREME series. I'm not sure how would they work on some other primer. Anyway after paiting they were easy to polish and hard to damage. I'd give them thumbs up. Cheers
  3. PZL P.11/I

    Hi all! Here is my latest work, and so far the only one this year It is a first prototype of famous Polish fighter PZL P.11. The prototype was marked as P.11/I, was left in natural colour of metal with differential shading clearly visible. Model is from great resin kit produced by Arma Hobby. It's really neat and building it is simply great. They have almost whole line of "PZL's" in their offer, check their site if someone is interested. Anyway, I hope you will like this rare bird Painted with XTREME METAL colours from AK-interactive. Cheers! Stanley
  4. PZL P.7a (Mastercraft 1/72)

    Few years ago the new P.11 was released by Azur. It is a quite good set, but still needs some work. Who knows, maybe someone will release new tool P.7. Now when 3D printing is getting more popular maybe there is a chance. I hope so Thanks for comments! Stanley
  5. PZL P.7a (Mastercraft 1/72)

    Thank you guys for kind words! I'm glad you like my P.7 For me the best thing is that it will go to the family of fallen pilot. It was really inspiring during the build. Cheers Stanley
  6. PZL P.7a (Mastercraft 1/72)

    I think I have sorted out the pics problem
  7. Greetings! Here is my latest build – PZL P.7a from very old (but only available) Mastercraft kit. Model was made in memory of pre-war pilot named Leonard Haber from the 112th Fighter Squadron of 1st Air Regiment from Warsaw. On 23rd of April 1934 he flew on training mission (sharp shooting) over the Rembertów area. Same time in the air there was a training flight o seven PWS-10 fighter led by lieutenant Kołodyński. Because unfortunate coincidence Haber found his self on the collision course with those plane and didn't know about that (it was sunny but foggy day). He collided with the last PWS from the formation which was piloted by Stanisław Ziółkowski. Both planes were destroyed in air and PWS caught fire. Both hit the ground with huge impact. None of the pilots tried to rescue on parachute. The model will go to living relatives of the pilot. The kit required a lot of scratch work. The fuselage was totally reshaped. Wing were sanded and re-scribed. Cockpit and engine was made in full scratch. I've painted in with Gunze acrylics. Cheers Stanley
  8. Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat

    Thanks alot guys! I'm glad you like it Chipping was made in very simple way. Firstly I've covered whole model with Alclad Duraluminium, then painted the camouflage and gently scratched the chips with sharp scalpel. It's a good and easy method which can give nice effects. Cheers! Stan
  9. Hello there! I would like to present my recent work which is Eduard's Hellcat build straight from weekend edition box US Navy is not my main topic but from time to time i really enjoy building something in those colours. Hellcat was a usefull build for experiments and to train some techniques which were new for me. Hope you will like it! Cheers Stanley
  10. Hello all! Today something completely different for me. My main topic is polish aviation but there is a new series called Wrzesień 1939 (September 1939) branded by "First to Fight" and I couldn't resist and had to take them to the workshop. Every number contains a vechicle model from polish defensive war era. Magazine is released every 3 weeks and gives you Polish and German armour in turns. Quality of models is very good, especially for that price (about 4 British pounds). If you want to know more about it, check out producer website http://www.wrzesien1939.pl/en/ Here are miniatures of polish armoured cars wz. 34 I and wz. 34 II in 1/72 scale (about 5 cm long). One is equipped with Hotchkiss heavy machine gun and second carries 37 mm gun. Hope you will like them With the rest of the family Cheers! Stan
  11. Lublin R-X (Choroszy Modelbud 1/72)

    Thank you guys for warm comments. I'm glad you like it Spiton thanks! After few years of trying to improve my photo workshop finally someone gave it thumbs up Cheers!
  12. Greetings! Wow, it was long long time ago since last time I was here. But it's good to be back Today I would like to show you my latest work which is very rare aircraft named Lublin R-X. Anyone asked about Lublin types will probably know only R-XIII recon plane. R-X was a model before and it was built only in number of 7 (including prototype). My model shows a plane from informative series of 5 aircrafts which were tested in airforce. Even though the results of tests were positive army wasn't interested in buying R-X's in favour of newly produced Lublin R-XIII's. The kit is a resin product with not so good quality. It was quite hard to make it all look as it is now. Many Choroszy's kits are very good quality but not this one. Anyway I hope you will like it Cheers Stan
  13. LWS-3A Mewa

    Hello Britmodellers! It was long time since I was posting something here but I'm back with my latest model It's a recon plane called LWS-3A Mewa (seagull). Another exotic plane here I assume It was very good aircraft which could be comapred to the best similar type crafts in the world in it's era (Lysander or Henschel Hs 126). First batch of LWS-3A series machines was almost ready before war but eventually they didn't fly during WWII. Only prototypes were used. Ardpol model is very nice to build but vacu glass was quite problematic to fit. I could recommend it to all modellers but with some experience with resin and vacu forms Hope you will like it Cheers! Stan
  14. PZL P.37 Los (Mastercraft 1/72)

    Hello! Thanks alot for nice comments I'm glad you like my model. It's very motivating! Cheers Stanley
  15. Hello all! I would like to present my latest build – the PZL P.37 Los! You can read about many changes of the kit at work in progress thread --> http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.p...mp;#entry926591 I'm very happy of that model. It's also a legendary plane for polish aviation so my collection gained a true icon. Hope you will like it too Cheers Stan!