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  1. 1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Just found this thread. Did this kit a while back. You may need to putty in all of the "panel lines" on the wings, as there are no panels on the wings.... Philip
  2. Hi - yes, thanks for the reminder! I have, actually, had some progress... Well, I learned that putting a resin cockpit and fuselage interior into a kit isn't plain sailing. I had to do a lot of thinning, both of the plastic and of the resin, until I could get the fuselage sides moved together without a gap appearing. Following a bit of airbrush work using some interior green, I then fitted the assembled resin pieces, - the sides of the fuselage, and the cockpit itself, on to one side of the kit fuselage. I then took out the Vallejo model colour to do detailed painting. Then there were a couple of sessions of weathering, using Future with some black and brown to do a pin wash, and a little bit of dry brushing to get the edges lightened a bit. The following is the result, which is where I was before the snow last week. (You can see here how I had to thin the side of the resin pieces almost to destruction . and a bit at the back did get cut away, but it is too far in to be seen, thankfully) Some close-ups:- Also, while I had the paint out and the weathering washes, I prepped the smaller pieces, including the pilot's seat, with etch seatbelt, and the throttle stick, as well as the wheel well covers. The cockpit is now finished, with the pilots seat and stick inserted, the heating tube behind the pilot installed (painted light grey), and the rear gunner's seat has had seatbelts added, this time from some wine bottle foil, painted in a light khaki colour with some silver added to represent buckles. (These will probably not be very visible, so I didn't go into too much detail, as all you will get through the small glazed opening will be an vague impression of seat, stringers etc. The heating tube won't be visible at all, but I will know it is there!) This evening, I plan to bring the fuselage sides together, and then to move on to the wings on Sunday. Thanks for looking, Philip
  3. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    I have been following this conversation for the last couple of weeks. Great thanks to all the expertise here on Britmodeller - that is why this forum is soooo good for the hobby. AND a fulsome thanks to Jan for taking on board the advice given and making the necessary changes. I cannot think of another kit manufacturer who is so willing to talk to its customers and take on board constructive advice. Good man Jan, ....and AZ
  4. Snowmageddon

    Naas in Co Kildare (25 km south west of Dublin) reporting in. Looks very similar to goggsy's photo (post no 69 above). Has been snowing steadily since Tuesday night - was not in work yesterday, as all public transport cancelled, and luckily Govt here decided that all public sector offices would close today and tomorrow.....Still waiting for Storm Emma to arrive - the entire country is a "red warning" zone. Emma is expected here about 8 pm. Luckily, my "man shed" is in the attic so don't have to cross a snow drift in the garden to an unheated shed like some. Getting a little bit of modelling done (but no airbrushing, unless I'm looking for a winter distemper spray, in which case I'd only have to place the aircraft out the window and would get it done in 30 seconds...) Stay safe lads, wherever you are! Philip
  5. Header and search button gone

    Thanks Mike. You are right - it's a white-out blizzard outside my real windows- can't see the garden of the next door house at this stage. Will have to try to remember what I did..... Philip
  6. The lovely header, with the picture of models etc and the name of the forum, as well as the array of buttons above, (most importantly the search button) has gone missing from the display (on my desktop - it's still there on my iPhone). I may have right clicked to remove it when there was snow, but how do I get it back, please.... Thanks, Philip
  7. Nice - and rapid - work on the interior. Like the idea of aluminium followed by interior green, and then wear - might try that, if you don't mind... Philip
  8. Thanks for the support, guys! Well - a Sunday afternoon of resin cutting (underwater), then washing with a little bit of Fairy Liquid added in, and then a hour or so of intricate etch cutting and application of glue, leads to this:- Rather nice resin, especially for the sides of the interior - see the top two pieces (pity that not much of it will be seen once we close up the fuselage....) On the etch...well. Did I mention that I HATE photo etch?.... (I even managed three of the little, tiny, little, etch throttles (betcha you cannot see them!)... the other two met the carpet monster and were consumed....) Now the next challenge is to see if this cockpit will fit into the kit without too much loss of plastic/resin..... See you in a week or so....to see if my hard earned euros were wasted on the resin and etch for the cockpit etch. (After all, not much of it will be seen - except the seatbelts, which - I have to say - look cool, and will be even better under a coat of paint) Thanks for looking, Philip
  9. Another Eduard Bf110E 1/72

    Gotta go with what some others have said - the sharkmouth looks ...well...just so....cool (and the faux Iraqi markings are quite a change from the usual ones) (Though the Wespen is also nice...allows you to have some fun with winter distemper....) Either way - it's a great kit. Should go together well. Philip
  10. Another Beaufighter. To complement the versions from Tamiya (Mark's), Airfix (John's) and Frog (Steve's), I am going for the Hasegawa kit. As Hasegawa kits are just a tad expensive, I decided to use one that I had in the stash from a few years' back - a combo from Operation Overlord. This is the box top:- The Spitfire will be kept for another occasion..... These are the sprues:- And the transparencies sprue:- Luckily, this boxing includes the metal hedgehog exhausts (which many of the Hasegawa kits don't have). I am going to try my hand with some aftermarket accessories for this build (first time I have ever done a resin cockpit set!) And yes, I realise that not a lot will be seen....but I will know it will be there (as will anyone reading this thread...!) As the title indicates, I am going to finish this kit with more unusual decals - in Israeli colours, on the familiar British desert camo. This is one of four Beaufighters that were smuggled out from the UK to the newly formed state of Israel, in 1948, and were used quite effectively for some months against invading arab forces. The desert camo was because the aircraft were purchased on the basis that they were to be in a film, a ruse used to procure the war surplus planes. They were flown out from an RAF airfield in Haddenham, Oxfordshire, supposedly to fly to Scotland for the filming, but instead flew on to Europe, and then on to Israel, before anyone realised what was going on. This particular aircraft, one of two involved from Israel's 103 Squadron, was shot down in an attack on the Eqyptian-held fortress of Iraq-El-Suweidan in the Negev on October 20th 1948. More in a day or two..... Philip
  11. Looking forward to following this one - I have two of the kits in the stash. It's not a shake and bake, though, according to what I've seen on the 'net. Not only the canopy fitting, but apparently the rear assemblage. Philip
  12. 'Sicilian' Revell Ju88 A-4 in 1/48

    Never heard of using flattened solder wire for seat belts before - GREAT idea! (I will borrow that if you don't mind, for my next build. It will save me having to buy expensive wine in order to get the lead from the cap.....) Philip
  13. 10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    I'll be in with a Hasegawa Beaufighter Mk X in the "one true scale", but with a bunch of aftermarket goodies (including alternative decals). I have the kit in the stash, and the order for all the aftermarket items has just been placed with the big "H", so I should be ready to go once the starting gun has fired. Philip
  14. Notifications - topics, PMs, etc.

    Yep - just got a bundle of notifications this morning, Mike Whatever your did worked. Thanks! Philip