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  1. 10th BM Anniversary GB

    Congrats on getting the votes! Would this kit qualify? (I could do a Bf 109 G-10, or a Bf 110, or a Beaufighter TF-X, or a Me 410, but this might be more unusual....) Philip
  2. Giorgio - put me down for this one, please. As a modeller "from the Emerald Isle", I will be doing something from the Irish Aer Corps (potentially the Spitfire TR9 - AZ models do a kit in 1/72nd, which I happen to have up in the loft.....) Philip
  3. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    Maybe the answer is:- Cause it's not a general election...and because changing votes is FUN!
  4. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    Nope - Enzo said there would be TEN GB's!
  5. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    So that's 10 GB's then - that's great! MTO makes it. Thanks Enzo!!
  6. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    AArgh - still a tie for MTO and Brits Abroad for 9th place on 61 votes each. Let's hope nobody votes for one and not the other in the last number of hours available to us, so BOTH get through. Philip
  7. The MTO GB II

    As before, you can change your votes up to the last day. If you really want the MTO, and have also voted for another GB that is close to, or tying with, the MTO in the votes (remember that only the top nine GB's get in), then go back and change your vote. You can vote for up to six, but you don't have to - you can vote for five, four, three, two or even one (as long as the one is MTO....) Of course, if you have voted for one of the top three runners (which are going to win anyway), or the last three runners (which haven't a chance at this stage), as well as MTO, then this doesn't apply...but if one of your other choices is close to MTO, then perhaps consider de-voting that one (or two). Philip
  8. Clubs

    Hi Noel IPMS Ireland currently has two chapters/branches, one in Dublin and one in the Mid-West (which meets in Shannon, Co Clare). You are most welcome to come to one of our meetings - both meet monthly. If there is a nucleus of regular members where you are, then there isn't a problem setting up a branch of the national club. Also, while not of the scale of Telford (nothing in the world is!), we do have our own Nationals, held in Dublin at the start of October every year, which is open to members and non-members alike. PM me if you are interested in getting involved! Philip
  9. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    Bf 109 G-10 Bf 110
  10. Tasty Tante Ju

    Just so you don't think that I have forgotten.... Lots of progress with this one, but I haven't many photos - will see what I have and put them up over the next couple of days. I have the plane built, with some of the ailerons/flaps on, and undercoated in a purple shade (not quite, but close to, the final shade. That should save paint when finishing, as I could only source two of the Vallejo paint pots, and Ju 52's use up a LOT of paint.....) Philip
  11. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    How about a "what if" of the SR-53 in Irish Air corps markings. (You have the decals already from the Spitfire TR9). The what-if would be that Ireland joined NATO in the 1960's and was part of the rapid response force dealing with the defence of the Atlantic Corridor.....
  12. That looks nice, Dermot. Well done on the weathering. Philip
  13. Henschel Hs 123B

    Great - I have been itching to get this kit. Looks really a quality product. Now I have somebody to try it out for me first! I'll pull up a chair, if you don't mind. Philip
  14. Tasty Tante Ju

    Wow! You have some memory ( or a great search engine 🙂)
  15. Tasty Tante Ju

    The weekend has allowed me to make a start with this kit. As normal, all of the sprues were washed and allowed to air dry. These are the sprues:- The fuselage pieces The wing pieces The other sprues and the transparencies Given the age of the kit, the pieces are quite crisp, and there is little or any flash to be seen. Quite a few of the smaller items will go to the spares box, as they are intended for the military versions. I had a look, as advised, at details of the actual aircraft, while in Milka livery, and found a youtube clip, which gives a couple of interior shots. So I have gone with what I can see there, which is a light grey colour. By contrast, I have opted to use a dark brown leather colour for the seats. You will see that I have only put in a couple of seats, in locations where they may be visible through the canopy, and the side door (which I may leave open....). There is no point in doing all the rest of the seats, and anyhow, I want to keep them to use in a Ju 86 airliner that I have planned for a future build. I have opted not to use the kit supplied pilots' seats, as these are rather bare, and have gone for a set for the Ju 52 made by Quickboost, which have seatbelts moulded in (and rather nice cushions). The frames are in white aluminium, which seems appropriate, given the age of the actual aircraft. While all that was drying, I made up the radial engines and gave them a "black base" undercoat, ready for some drybrushing and washes. I also drilled out the exhausts (which are not visible now, but hopefully will be when the model is finished). I also made up the wings, having fitted the undersurface transparency for the light, backed by chrome paint on the inner side of the top wing, which may (or may not) be visible..... The wing fitting needed a bit of fettling to get the corrugations to line up, and as a result, the nacelles may need some sanding. However, they are the only pieces where there are no corrugations, so that was a no brainer. More in a couple of days. Thanks for looking, Philip