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  1. Very nice ! Well done. Its always nice to see something a little different, and this certainly fits-the-bill. Don
  2. Beautiful builds there, Paul. You've really managed to get the cabin transparencies looking nice and "clear". Which kit did you use for the Auster ? Don
  3. A useful thread. Very interesting story, Jonathan. Thanks for posting. Such a shame Hannants appear to have discontinued this paint; presumably it wasn't one of their better sellers.... Don
  4. Great looking model. The rigging looks particularly impressive. Don
  5. Wonderful ! Thank you for posting the comparative photos of the Vanguard next to the VC10. As you say, the Vanguard was a surprisingly large aircraft. How about a Viscount to complete a trio ? Go on, you know you want to ! Don
  6. Looks very nice ! Thanks for posting. Don
  7. An unusual subject - I shall be following this build with interest ! Don
  8. As others have said, a sheer work of art ! It must look very elegant parked next to your BEA Vanguard. Hopefully you'll be able to get around to building a 1/72 Viscount - and Britannia - at some stage, other commitments allowing, of course. If you do, please do another "work in progress" report so that we can all share in the adventure. Thanks for the inspiration. Don
  9. Very nice ! Don GCI
  10. Fantastic ! Well done, very impressive. I particularly like the weathering and corrosion. All the more impressive given what you started with. Welcome to BritModeller, by the way; look forward to seeing more of your creations. Don
  11. Wow, fantastic build, thanks for sharing ! I've only just come across this thread. Lots of great tips and suggestions (and warnings !) for my own build, yet to be started. Don
  12. Very nice ! It's encouraged me to think about starting my own one...... Don
  13. Excellent ! I shall be following this build with great interest. Good luck with it ! Don
  14. Didn't Revell also re-box Zvezda's Ilyushin IL86 ? (again, with much improved decals) Don
  15. As Dave says, there are the AirDecal "Royal Flight" decals, but they don't help so far as stencilling/detailing parts are concerned. With the Airfix KitStarter model now distributed, I hope that some or other enterprising producer will use the opportunity to help out. The Airfix KitStarter Basset - as was advertised - has the original instruction sheet showing the lower part of the aircraft as being finished in silver, whereas in fact the version depicted should - I understand - be light grey. Don