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  1. Another treat for us to look forward to and enjoy ! Like everything about this - the old box art (hadn't realised the subtle differences in scheme until you pointed them out), the personal memories and photographs, extracts of Airfix catalogues, etc. The Dominie was always one of my favourite models. I have to say, that's a very tidy and clutter-free work bench ! More please ! Don
  2. Coming along very nicely ! Don
  3. Thanks Wally. Really enjoyed following the Britannia build thread; almost feel I've been on a journey of discovery with you, sharing your ups and downs along the way. Your Whispering Giant certainly turned out great. Please continue to share your adventures with us. Don
  4. Beautifully built and finished. Don
  5. The 1/144 C5 Galaxy and the C133 Cargomaster will be VERY welcome here ! Don
  6. What a great build. The words "silk purse" and "pig's ear" spring to mind, you've certainly achieved a very nicely finished model from what was always a basic kit - as you say, Airfix's newer mould is vastly superior. Like you, I enjoy the nostalgia aspect of building these old kits, allied to the fact that they usually have so few parts (albeit that they're often ill-fitting); that's much of the challenge, as well as seeing how much better you can build them today, rather than the efforts made all those years ago as a teenager over a single weekend. I'm impressed that your 40 year old decals worked so well..... Don
  7. Certainly brings back good memories. The header card artwork always looked infinitely better than my own plastic creations, but you've done a great job on your finished model Greg. Thanks for sharing ! Don
  8. Very nice. Don
  9. That looks sensational, Wally. I like everything about it. Everything. Don
  10. I've always been tempted to get one of these, but never actually taken the plunge. I shall be watching with interest to see how you get on with it.... Don
  11. Very nice ! Don
  12. Lovely. Brings back great memories ! Don
  13. Looking forward to this one ! Don
  14. Very good, nice subtle weathering. Don