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  1. hi,going to prague for a weekend in a couple of weeks.does anyone please know of a fairly central model shop,open on a saturday,where i could pick up some eduard overtrees?
  2. i struggle with masking;now i tend to paint with acrylic over the clear parts and reove unwanted paint after 24 hours with a matchstik trimmed to a chisel edge.
  3. i have the 48th revell kit.the boxing includes the ventral turret,but no details of the spanish bomer variant.could anyone please help with a source for the building and paint instructions for the earlier kit,which included these details
  4. my first encounter with airfix was the guards band,plus a "set"of humbrol paints(5 or 6 glass phials of paint),for my 6th birthday.first proper kit was the airfix stuka,though i was tempted by the bagged aurora cougar,but it was a shilling dearer.
  5. i used to use humbrol 78,but the last 3 tins i got won't dry
  6. my grandmother used to tell me she saw one over nottingham in about 1916;she'd be 6 years old.she also saw the moon landing;how futuristic that must have looked to her
  7. is this a "new" issue of the kit?the original kits had microscale decal sheets.i'd recommend a bottle of microscale liquid decal film,it works with most decals
  8. i always prime my kits with hycote acrylic spray cans.they do white,grey,red oxide,and also a white plastic primeras well as priming,they can prove useful in obtaining different shades and effects when applying the finish coats for removing paint i use flash power spray;doesn't harm plastic and is very effective
  9. i have the dragon fw190/ju88 mistel and the fw190 in this has,bizarrely,2 machine guns mounted schrage musik style,on the engine cowling.where has that come from?!!!
  10. memory may be playing tricks,but i think the humbrol boing of the heller kit included the red elephant marking
  11. in the days when humbrol made paints that covered and dried i quite liked their 67 for german vehicles,and cockpit interiors
  12. if you are using an airbrush i can recommend the vallejo acrylic varnishes.(gloss or matt)these reqire a lot of thinning,and several coats to acheive gloss or matt,but somewhere in the process you can stop when you get the degree of sheen that you want;you'll know when it looks right for you !these varnishes are also very durable when fully dried and can tolerate quite a lot of handling
  13. i'm a turner by trade,and one of the very few modelling benefits i have is access to knackered tungsten carbide tips;these are very dense and come in all shapes and sizes,and are ideal for nose weights
  14. how about a captured allied type?
  15. according to Air International,vol 27,no 5,november 1984,the central bomb doors were removed,the side doors hinged open,which would give the impression of a reduced depth ventral gun position