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  1. Tell her it was a bargain, that's what women say when they spend lots of money.....
  2. Marvellous. I love reading these types of build!
  3. I heard rumours that they were just going to turn the serial numbers around: eg. 000AA, 001AA etc. But then I may have dreamt that...
  4. Like the look of this!
  5. Shocked at the news. Brave people.
  6. Terrible, terrible tragedy. It sounds like something so innocuous too, within sight of their Station. Brave people doing a wonderful job, sadly missed.
  7. Just finished mine last night believe it or not! Beautiful looking Vixen there mate.
  8. Where would the likes of Monogram/Revell and Italeri stand in that list?
  9. Top canopy tint, if it helps....
  10. I thought we'd all be wearing tin-foil in the forty-first millennium.....
  11. Unfortunately we live in an age where some people actively go out of their way to be offended by things.
  12. Another interesting titbit about this kit, the Ferguson TE20 tractor was the arguably the first ever Airfix model kit. Harry Ferguson comissioned Airfix in 1949 to produce kits of the tractor to send to sales reps, before that Airfix only made combs and rubber toys, so it could be said he invented the plastic model kit. If it wasn't for Harry, this website wouldn't exist!!