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  1. B707, DC-9, B727, B747 Airliner Builds

    Really like those. After years of building 1/48 I decided over Christmas to purchase a few airliner kits, just for a change. You've convinced me it's a good idea, but you've set the bar high!
  2. Spirit Levels!!!

    Cheers Alex, although I'm thinking more along the lines of that one but with bluetooth or something which can be read inside the tractor on a smartphone or tablet.
  3. Spirit Levels!!!

    He needs the vertical in two axis unfortunately otherwise you're right.
  4. Spirit Levels!!!

    Hey folks, just a quick one (said the vicar etc...) Has anybody ever used or heard of a spirit level, preferably for fence posts, which could be attached to the post (obviously) but be read inside the cab of a tractor for example? Seems a simple thing but has anybody ever actually used one before?
  5. 1/32 Tornado F3

    Great cutting work!
  6. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    I see traffic on the bridge. Wasn't there meant to be road closures as she sailed underneath? you know, for security reasons?
  7. Stunning, and an enjoyable WiP to follow. Just wait til Airfix release the 1/24 scale Wasp, still won't be half as detailed as this...
  8. I know! And my popcorn's all stale now.
  9. 1/72 Bristol Sycamore

    Wonderful masterclass on how to sphereoidize your knob ends Nigel!! I'll be trying that meself next time.
  10. P-8 Doesn`t meet RAF Specifications!!

    Mrs Hovis won't eat anything with palm oil in it, they make Orang-utans homeless in the collection of it apparently....
  11. Driving down the M2 into Belfast earlier me and Mrs Hovis passed a large grey Airbus on finals into Aldergrove, can anybody confirm if a Voyager visited said Station today? (yesterday now)
  12. Hi from Belfast

    'bout ye big lad!
  13. I think the fact that we'll heavily use the USMC on board our new carriers leans toward using their AAR kit, i.e. Ospreys. We won't need to buy them if we can use the Marines.