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Panzer Vor!!!

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  1. Food mixer when the Mrs is out????
  2. New

    There you go again with big words
  3. New

    Well stupid of me to think otherwise really suppose I best start behaving
  4. New

    Hi Thanks Mike , great to join the team (early days ) I,ll crack on and get the calenders filled out Does this mean Greg and you will be nice to me now ??? D
  5. When i saw title i was hoping for a T90 with flashing blue lights Brilliant pics please don,t stop posting D
  6. I think he means when he trys to access his webpage he gets Error code 500, and are any of us in contact or know how to contact him But then i could be wrong but i doubt it
  7. Yeah Another bites the dust due to discussing photos and paint schemes
  8. Cant see Abbie in the pic buddy , no i have not nicked your likes probably Mike mucked up the update --------he gets easily confused you know
  9. Yes you were at the Premiere
  10. Helga
  11. Ha You have seen hallo hallo
  12. The uniform jacket is the Heer (army ) jacket the SS jacket would have the SS runes on one lapel and studs opposite I know Mike would not like me to display the SS uniform
  13. Read that wrong
  14. Thats Helga My little Panzer frau
  15. I chased Greg off this afternoon so behave