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Panzer Vor!!!

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  1. Its a nasty one punching and shouting at the computer did,t fix it
  2. Not Face book
  3. It was everytime for two days but then stopped then did it again but its stopped now
  4. Never heard it called that Need to brush up your slang numpties are now MUPPETS
  5. 2,080,413 posts of that 2,080,000 are chatter 413 are related to modelling
  6. Why would you call a car Downhill??? Once again you baffle me buddy
  7. I take them to the club or shows but then I,m more of Picasso style of modelling
  8. Thats easy it was the main fighter of Germany silly
  9. If you like the finished model and had fun building it THEN THAT'S ALL THAT COUNTS !!!!!
  10. Yorkshire Traction ======================= tracky
  11. Its a Leyland Atlantean a common double decker used by Yorkshire Traction , noone sat on the back seat due to the heat off the engine The one in front is a Queen Mary i think
  12. Adam and Eve were the first people not to read Apples terms and conditions
  13. I,m getting this now on two separate pc,s one work and the other home Ive the remember me box ticked and the home one has the password stored but still have to log in If you don,t like me TOUGH
  14. Cutress in Doncaster
  15. Hi Good job on the Me 109 ,even more so utilizing the paints supplied Good luck on Tuesday D