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  1. Recycling plastics

    Its does not matter what its in all the shopper looks at is the PRICE
  2. How can you expect intelligent TV when the average viewer has the intelligence rating of a dead flea That's why reality tv is all the rage cheap senseless rubbish peddling a false view of life for the morons of today to follow

    The spoon should stand up in the gravy My tea ,s stronger than that cat pee

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-5112407/Hollands-Pies-video-mocked-Northerners-weak-gravy.html I need counselling after watching this GRAVY THAT,S NOT GRAVY THAT PIE, S ANEMIC
  5. Recycling plastics

    Well we could stop making aeroplane kits That would save loads of plastic
  6. Recycling plastics

    The big companies are against any moves to make them responsible for their packing, Coke Cola opposed a deposit scheme and return of plastic bottles along with the big supermarkets The coffee chains are opposed to cup recycling due to the costs The big companies should be made to cut down on wasteful packing
  7. Bad Couriers!

    R/M Hopeless DPD Useless Hermes Great
  8. Airfix Vulcan XM607 Black Buck

    Very good buddy very good but I thought he said White scheme ??
  9. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    When you spend a hour and a half looking on the BBC I player for Guy Martin,s tank programme only to realize it was on Channel 4
  10. IPMS Gloucester Show 2018

    No cake not made by the fair ladies of Gloucester club allowed in the building ---------------------Drop it off on the West Middlesex Stand we will look after it for you
  11. IPMS Gloucester Show 2018

    But your last in the q for cake !!
  12. Recycling plastics

    You may get the aircraft boys but us armour boys are too hard for you give in now while you still can !!!
  13. Recycling plastics

    Or Rubber gloves Too late we have you marked , the modeller who killed the hobby
  14. Tank Museum

    Contact Oliver at the Tank museum buddy he,s the guy organising this
  15. Recycling plastics

    So if its in the papers councillor raises question over harm plastic kit waste does to the environment we know who to blame