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Panzer Vor!!!

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    Only the dead have seen the end of war."
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    Tanks and Tanks and more Tanks

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  1. Like the fact the wheels are coated but the body is still relatively clean
  2. You had one don.t you mean
  3. Or throw the Emu and Wombat to the Croc and have all three together like a like three bird roast !!!
  4. HobbyBoss

    Not interested in Resin prefer plastic
  5. Naw Ill have a shower before i set off
  6. HobbyBoss

    Seydlitz Von Der Tann Derfflinger Lutzow Goeben Scharnhorst That would be a good start on the Hoch See Flotte
  7. Ok i,ll nip over next Saturday drive thru France Spain over the strait of Gibraltar thru Africa and be with you about dinner time Shall we say 13.00 by the Sherman ??
  8. Fantastic work on display
  9. East Midlands Model Show

    Times 10:00 to16:00 Admission Adults £4:00 Child Concessions £1:50 Family £9;00 Traders Club Displays Refreshments Contact
  10. TWO YEARS ???? My doesn't time fly by
  11. Really ???? Glad i,m thick then
  12. Tbh you were lucky not to be on my little hit list
  13. Blast from the past No Pink Panzers please
  14. I think that looks fabulous buddy well done The M13/40 was used by the Italians , Germans and the Australians