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  1. Lovely build as always ! I'm doing the Heller 1/72 one .Im not quoting this as gospel but from online research I believe the soviets may have stripped this down to the bare metal .Also the French pilot who flew it to Russia was a famous test pilot .He tested the Mystere post war
  2. Wasn't mad about it myself .Dry reading I felt . By no means a 'page turner' / must read .And yes he was unapologetic .
  3. Beauty ! No decals in kit .What did you do ?
  4. I had trouble making the Pak38 .I think this may have been the page I found some clues on
  5. Paintwork also very impressive for hand brushed ! Black undercoat to achieve pre shaded by airbrush look ?
  6. These really must be amongst the ultimate simple value for money kits( even without the soldiers !) ( Revell Fokker Triplanes at any scale pretty good too but despite not too much rigging it's a bi/Triplane :-( - anyone suggest another budget superstar ? I'm astonished by the engine and think the work deserves thinner grills ... Any plans ? Keep it up and get well soon.
  7. That's a shame as I've only just discovered these and they're better than some €10 magazines !( I get instability with larger download also )
  8. Very nice , have one in the stash .This and the Panzer II old moulding are certainly some of the best value 1/35ths you can buy .
  9. Paintwork is superb especially on base .
  10. Yeah looks well .I think Bren carrier has a 2 pounder in WOT Blitz ( and PC game ?) Not sure it could cope with a 6 pounder ?
  11. Gorgeous ! Company name /price €?