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  1. Lovely! Liking the extra work you've done.
  2. RAF Mitchell Question.

    I have recently built the Italeri B-25D (raised panel lines and too deep rear fuse be d*mned) as a Mitchell Mk II. It went together nicely. I also used the Xtradecal sheet that Tony linked. Bizarrely, national markings and squadron codes were all too large and looked wrong; this was particularly noticeable on the tail flashes and upper wing Type Bs. I eventually cobbled together generic markings from the spares box. The markings for other types look fine. Anyone else notice this? Regards Martin
  3. Or the Bristol Type157 Beaufighter "sports model"?
  4. Airfix 1:72 Mosquito AO3019 series 3

    The Airfix kit is what it is, dating as it does from the early 70s. As per the Tamiya kit, much better detail, falls together but, like the Airfix kit, not without some inaccuracies. The Tamiya will be more expensive than the Airfix, but only by up to about a fiver. What do you want from the build?
  5. By 'eck you're having to work hard with that one! You're a glutton for punishment, that's for sure! How much of the surface detail will be left after all the corrections, do you think, or do you have a cunning plan? Also, as a personal view, I always think that the pilots of the Airfix Wimpey woild have had a job seeing out the front as the windscreen looks so low. Anyway, enjoying the build so far; keep up the good work! Regards Martin
  6. Well, as far as I can tell from the "crummy phone photos", that looks fab!
  7. Great progress in light of the fit issues of this kit.
  8. HELP! Matte Cllear Coat Dried WHITE!

    So, if I wanted a brush-friendly matt varnish coat, I'd . . . ?
  9. HELP! Matte Cllear Coat Dried WHITE!

    Would love an answer to this as I've had the same trouble brushing Tamiya X-21 neat.
  10. Special Hobby future releases

    Yay! Been waiting years for one of these . . .
  11. Smooth paintwork, as always, Tony. Regards Martin
  12. Byzantine Crusader

    Great progress. The pit is a vast improvement. Regards Martin
  13. Byzantine Crusader

    Couldn't agree more.
  14. 1/144 - new DH Mosquito kit shown at Nurenburg 2018?

    I'm guessing Mark 1 too. I have some concerns about the shape of their Beau (didn't stop me buying a few, mind!) but they're good people. Here's hoping! Regards Martin
  15. Byzantine Crusader

    Great stuff. Keep the proper modelling coming.