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  1. 100 Years #3 - Vought F4U-1D Corsair

    Well, if you can make a success of the Stringbag, then you can make a go of this. Accuracy? Well, I'm sure there is some somewhere. If I were building it, I would take a file to the front of the cowling and round it off more, as it always looks too blunt to me. I might also consider replacing the prop, undercarriage, and hook. I would also be tempted to find a different canopy and hack the fuse to fit. I can never quite believe they moulded the outer canopy frame as part of the fuselage. Good luck, Prof! Regards Martin
  2. 1/72 Matchbox Lancaster... with Extras

    Dermot, Cut the bulkhead slightly oversize, then sand & check fit until you've got your one half perfect; then install it. Brace round the edges with scrap plastic then, when dry, repeatedly trim, sand and check fit the other half by bringing the fuse halves together. May be a bodger's solution, but it seems to work for me! HTH Martin
  3. 1/48 Beaufighter TF X 404 Squadron RCAF

    I love what you've done with that! It looks most realistic. If you wished a piece of constructive criticism, I'm wondering whether the line around the circumference of the tyre on the centre plane of the wheel is tread or a seam line. Regards Martin
  4. Vintage Airfix Kits

    Talking about the Airfix B-26, I've just finished one for the Classic British Kits SIG stand at SMW: Mostly straight oob. Needs a lot of noseweight, though, and I've never liked the props. The hubs are too short and blunt (I replaced them with ones from the Academy P-47D), and the blades have a greater pitch angle at the tips than the roots; I believe the opposite is more aerodynamically traditional . . . regards, Martin
  5. Vintage Airfix Kits

    Further to others' suggestions, while I'm not saying the following haven't been surpassed, they're pretty good shapewise and are pleasing to build oob. 1/48 Spitfire Vb 1/48 Bf109F 1/48 Ju87B Regards Martin
  6. Airfix Canberra B(I)6 1/72

  7. Late war Mosquito FBVI: advice sought

    In Shores & Thomas', "2nd Tactical Air Force vol.3", p.429 has a small picture of a MkVI in MSG / DG, with C1 type roundels overwing. Y YH, serial PZ306 of 21 Sqn. It has underwing tanks, but is in flight, so cannot tell what shape the props are. Also, I cannot make out whether it has flame dampers. The 2 other pictures of contemporary Mossies on the same page show both having paddle props and flame dampers, but these were machines from other squadrons, so hardly conclusive. Worth a look? Regards Martin
  8. He277B-1

    Or should I just go ahead and try to finish the New Tool Airfix Me262 I've started?
  9. He277B-1

    Ta, Ian, That's a contender! Regards Martin
  10. Douglas A-20G Havoc

    I recognise that box...nice to see it getting the tlc it deserves. Regards Martin
  11. Airfix Typhoon 1b markings and armament

    Not an expert, but I have just looked at this kit in my stash. Given the black spinner, lack of rear fuse ID band and the aforementioned c-type roundels, I believe this scheme - if correct - would date from post-early January 1945. I wonder therefore if there's a typo in the description and it should read, "April / May 1945"? Regards Martin
  12. He277B-1

    Thanks, chaps! It doesn't photograph that well, but I'm quite pleased with it I'm partial to the odd whif, but my next build will be a nice easy one to help the ol' mojo. Any suggestions? WWII, single engined, simple colour scheme? Regards Martin
  13. He277B-1

    Hi folks, After what has been a very protracted build, I present my attempt at the whatif He277B-1. The backstory was going to involve the DB610 engine being made to work, followed by German aspirations for something that could carry a heavier payload further than a He177. During the course of the build, I realised that the Airfix '177 cowlings were significantly smaller than those of the Revell kit. I therefore now think this was merely an attempt to reengine the '177 with smaller engines that actually worked. Backstory aside, here is my cut n shut, comprised of 2 Airfix He 177s, a butchered Revell He 177A-6 rear section of considerably reduced height and 2 upside down E-2C fins. Both fuse and wings have been extended and the armament system has been upgraded. Hope you like it: regards, Martin
  14. Nice! If not too expensive, I'd like some of these. It'll be interesting to see how they differ from the f-toys Gashapon F4U-1s. Regards Martin
  15. Oldie build: Typhoon Mk1b (Ex Frog)

    Loving this! I had planned to detail up this kit and the old Airfix one, just for fun; then sanity returned! One thing I was going to do was rook the Academy kit for some extra detail in the cockpit area. No such half-measures for you! I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Regards Martin