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  1. Hobbyboss wildcat 1/48th scale

    Coincidentally, I was just looking at this very kit in my stash last night. If it's accurate, it looks nicely detailed. The only thing that caught my eye is that the prop hub looks a bit odd to me (the larger diameter cylinder looks like it protrudes in front of the blades too much), but I'm no expert. Easy fix, if so. Regards Martin
  2. Single part prop / spinner assembly? Very 1960s Airfix. Does it have rivets?😉 If the price isn't too hefty, I might get one of these. Given my glacial build speed, the small number of parts may be a boon. Regards artin
  3. Varnish Frosting - repairing

    Thanks! I use Purity seal satin varnish as it dries pretty matt. However, I can't find from the tin whether it's acrylic or enamel; I think enamel. Can anyone confirm? I normally use klear as a gloss coat. Regards Martin
  4. Varnish Frosting - repairing

    As per the title, if a matt varnish has frosted, is there any way to get rid, short of stripping off all the paint amd starting again? Regards Martin
  5. Revell (Matchbox) Hawker Fury Mk.I 1/72

    Love what you're doing here! Regards Martin
  6. 1/72 Beaufighter MK1F

    Some comments about building the High Planes Beau from another place: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/airfixtributeforum/high-planes-1-72-beaufighter-mk-if-hpm7285-t29842.html I still think there is something funny looking about the relationship between the HPM cockpit and the nose. Glazing looks too far back (deep set is the phrase that comes to mind) and sits 'high' on a too deep nose. Unless my eyes completely deceive me, if this is correct then Airfix, Hasegawa, Matchbox et al are 'wrong'. Anyone got any evidence to refute? Regards Martin
  7. 1/72 Beaufighter MK1F

    John, I hope you don't feel I was trying to deny your experience of the kit; merely wished to share mine too, which was quite different. Regards Martin
  8. 1/72 Beaufighter MK1F

    I've built 3 of the Airfix Beaus (bought on my own coin) and even wrote a review article on it for SAMI. The only fit problems I had were getting the cowlings to fit round the engine pieces. One of the resulting seams is hidden by the exhaust, but the other has needed filling. Far from insuperable, imho. The fit of the rest was exemplary using ordinary modelling procedures (dry fitting, scraping glue and vestigial mould seams from mating surfaces, etc). I've never built the HP models Beau, but I have built their Seafire. Great result, but it took some building. Also, looking at some very competently built versions of the HP Beau ast Telford last year leads me to think there's something odd looking about the placing of the cockpit in relation to the nose and the rest of the front fuse. Regards Martin
  9. 1/18 Fairey Firefly VX376

    Peter, Loved your Spitfire, so I will dip in and out on this one as and when, if that's ok. Regards Martin
  10. A Trio of Hellcats

    Nice 'cats!
  11. Revell P51D

    Good progress!
  12. P-51D Warhorse

    Well, I do! Nice job. Is that the Academy kit? Regards Martin
  13. Airfix Me262 - a look in the box

    Yep, my mistake; the fuel tanks are indeed there!
  14. Airfix Me262 - a look in the box

    Thanks, John, Nice review. I have also just received mine and noticed those holes. I too thought of location holes for the RM4 racks. There are also Wikingerschiffe under fuselage bomb racks included - although no bombs, rocket tubes or fuel tanks are included. I like the treatment of the engine intakes and thought the panel lines were finer than previous releases. Any thoughts? Regards Martin
  15. Revell P51D

    I'm no expert on scribing, but in my opinion, less is more. Removable panels (engine and gun panels, f'r instance) and major construction joints do it for me. Scribing wings is easier (not easy) due to the flattish section. Fuse panels less so. If panel lines go across the fuse halves, you really have to do this once the halves are joined to ensure they match. Scribing on compound cuves: beyond me, I'm afraid! On the P-51, the first ~40% of the wing chord should be pretty smooth, I believe. Good luck! Regards Martin