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  1. fantastic to see you progressing on this Ray Bruce
  2. Actually I didnt mind the film due to all the real footage used. What WAS bizarre though was the change to colour, half way through the film!! For those who have not seen it, it chronicles the rise of the US carrier force. Lots of great footage, but,yeah, overall, bad movie And watching that clip of Brian the Dog talking about Iron Eagle sequels reminded me of quite a good book I read years ago, titled - I think - Grey Eagles about a group of ex WW2 Luftwaffe pilots who take to the skies in restored 109s to seek revenge on the US pilot who shot them down. At least I remember it as a good read Bruce
  3. magnificent Bruce
  4. Im liking this, don't see too many built. Trumpeterhave certainly improved on their stuff looking at those control surfaces, even if they have slowed down on the 32 scale releases
  5. With all the markings down, I started to weather the model with some airbrushed stains using the technique employed by Chris Wauchope, that is a highly thinned 50:50 mixture of tamiya redbrown and black I will go back and add some oil leaks with oil paints . Chipping was done was light grey, green and silver KH Airacobra , and of course, I had to accidently drag a brush loaded with thinner across one of the lower roundels. Can't have a model being done without flaws now IMG_0034 by , IMG_0035 by , Thanks for continueing to look in and all the supportive comments Bruce
  6. Personally, if you want a vivid yellow, don't blackbase. Whilst you can spray yellow over black, it will never be as vivid as spraying over a white base. I have sprayed over a pink base before which also gives great results. Just mix a bit of red into your white base and you get a deeper yellow bruce
  7. I was worried about that too Dennis, hence why I ddint do it, still not sure my way is the right way to do it though. Is that the SH kit? Youre doing a nice job, look forward to seeing more Bruce Bruce
  8. I spent a bit of time pondering whether to do the outlines or not Calum wondering if it would detract from the look, as like you pointed out, unless you have the pics of the real aircraft to hand it just looks like a badly done freehand paint job. In the end accuracy won out. As you know, Im all about the accuracy
  9. I decided to paint the markings on using a Maketar mask set which mirrors the RAF and RAAF schemes Special Hobby provide in their kit, I first applied the serial numbers with no problems serial -1 , Feeling emboldened, the maks for the national markings were placed, the hardest part being ensuring everything was symmetrical by , Maketar have not provided handed fin flashes so the builder will have to mask this themselves, fairly easy for the fin flash, but annoying all the same next, the white areas were sprayed in by , I really should have applied white as an undercoat for the entire roundel to ensure good colour density as I required a few coats of the red and blue over the darker camouflage colours, Next time. The white areas were then masked red down-1 , and the red applied. I used Gunze Red Madder with a touch of tamiya Hull Red. red was masked and the blue applied. This is where a white undercoat would have been handy blue down-1 Bruce Anders, The blue was Tamiya Royal Blue darkened with black. I held my breath and removed the masks........and was reasonably pleased with my efforts. underside roundels-1 , masked roundels-1 , There is somer bleedthrough, but i will touch this up/hide it with washes!
  10. Trumpeter's F4F-4 is what you need, kit number02223 You will need to fill fill in the outer gun bays and respective spent shell chutes underneath the wings too Regards Bruce
  11. Thanks Norm, done anymore on the valentine?
  12. great fix for the intake Calum
  13. that is a fantastic looking build Nicely done Bruce
  14. just a bit of rough paint Calum, Ive buffed it out now, thanks for pointing it out I found a set of masks for RAF airacobras done by LF Models through Hannants They are made for the revell kit, but also fit the KH kit without too much adjustment masks on-1 , Once applied, the dark green was sprayed using White Ensign's RAF Green. She was barely dry when impatience got the better of me and I carefully removed the camouflage masks She looks good in RAF colours! colours on-1 ,