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  1. HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    Will be watching this with interest. What a great project Bruce
  2. 1/48 Kinetic Mirage IIIO

    That looks surprisingly good for you Really like that patchy worn finish, looks like its spent a couple of months under a hot tropical sun on the Butterworth Flightline. Wingroots came out fine too I'm coming up to days off, so will be putting in work to catch up Bruce
  3. holy mackerel, that's some tidy work. I read your explanation above on how you did the seascape, any pics, or could you include some in your next build? bruce
  4. Mirage IIIO 3 Sqn RAAF

    great to see the lizard scheme being done Graeme, as you don't see it modelled that often. The Mt Isa Rodeo is great fun, although I was still sneezing out dust a week later. good on your grandkids for having a go Bruce
  5. Grumman Martlet Mk.IV

    that is simply lovely. Dynamically posed, and well photographed. Fantastic job all round Bruce
  6. ill be watching too, as I want to do this kit as an introduction to ship modelling Bruce
  7. nice, that base gives a real sense of speed
  8. Kittyhawk 1/32 Bell Airacobra

    Again, Thanks for all the kind comments. They are appreciated Bruce
  9. 😳 that looks superb Brewer. So many subtleties in the paintwork too bruce
  10. Bending PE

    can you bend them around small drill bits of the correct diameter Tom? Or the other way is I have a pair of pliers with circular jaws. Grip the part in the pliers where the bend is and use a steel ruler or some other straight edge to form the bend Bruce
  11. A few questions on Italeri's UH-1D "slick" (1/48)

    well, there are these bits here https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/?search_direction=asc&search=UH-1D&scale_id=955 also Lonestar models will at some stage be re releasing the Cobra Company XM-23 door gun system (M60) Fireball model works used to do a lot of UH-1D stuff but he only does car parts now Hope this helps Bruce
  12. Kittyhawk 1/32 Bell Airacobra

    Yes, Im watching yours Steve. Thanks for all the kind comments people Bruce
  13. Greatly abbreviated WIP here This is the Kittyhawk 1/32 Bell Airacobra kit converted to my interpretation of an RAF Airacobra MK1 The WIP lists all the changes I made Kit was painted with Xtracolour paints using masks by Maketar for the codes and national markings Exhausts and wheels came from Mastercaster, and all gun barrels came from Master save for the 20mm cannon barrel which is aluminium tubing Whilst the kit does not fall together out of the box I had little trouble with the assembly Thanks to all those that fallowed the build Bruce IMG_0068 , IMG_0065 , IMG_0063 , , overall view ,
  14. 1/32 Bell P-39 Airacobra Mk1

    Finished Further pics in RFI I need to dull that prop blade down too!
  15. 1/32 Bell P-39 Airacobra Mk1

    Final parts being added Im not sure KH have the landing gear doors correct. Fitted as per instructions the lower doors overlap the upper doors. I can not see this on any photos of the real aircraft. I decided tp leave as is though as I want to get this finished before heading off on holidays Gun Barrels are by Master. I just need to fashion a pitot tube and aerial mast and she's about done