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  1. Interesting subject, very well executed. gazza l
  2. Beautiful work, excellent weathering. gazza l
  3. Superb work, it looks very dynamic so much so it makes my eyes go . gazza l
  4. Hi Mark, Yes the intakes are a bit fiddly to mask up mainly because the demarcation line is quite deep down. I used 1mm masking tape for this and then backfilled with 6mm and 10mm Tamiya tape, plus pieces of sponge and Maskol. I've recently tried Tamiya's flexible masking tape with good results on curves, the only downside of this is that it's quite thick so you need to go easy on the spraying. Keep going, gazza l
  5. Hi Mark looking good, you're almost past the tedious filling, sanding, re-scribing stage now. I'll be interested to see what you think of these MRP paints. gazza l
  6. Great looking PR-9, nicely detailed and subtly weathered. gazza l
  7. That's a fantastic looking Phantom, a nice clean build and nicely photographed. gazza l
  8. Good choice, I always prefered the white/grey colours on the Starlifter and Galaxys... reminds me of spotting at Mildenhall in the 80's. gazza l
  9. Coming on nicely Mark, those intakes are a pain to smooth out but worth the effort. Starlifter also looks good, which scheme are you planning for? gazza l
  10. Excellent work, the mottling and overall weathering looks very realistic. gazza l
  11. Beautiful build Bill, very nicely done. I particularly like the splay on the undercarriage, on a lot of kits they don't seem splayed enough. gazza l
  12. Very nice, great weathering techniques. gazza l
  13. Looking good Mark (sorry if that sounds a bit big headed) but it's the first time I've seen them fitted to kit. I turned the O/D of the pipes slightly smaller than the plastic fairings so that these can be sanded and shaped to the brass rather than the other way round. Did they fit easily or did you have to remove a lot of the plastic? Look forward to more progress. gazza l
  14. Great to see you back into it Mark. How long will the bench remain that tidy? Every time I clean mine, after half an hour it's a mess again! gazza l
  15. Absolute beauty, a great looking model. I agree, the British Caledonian livery was one of the nicest... up there with British Midland and Guernsey Airlines colours. gazza l