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  1. Very impressive work, especially considering it's in 1/72 scale. What did you use for the radio aerial? it looks very fine. gazza l
  2. Thanks very much. Go on show us yours, I've shown you mine!!! For the props I used RLM 70 Schwarzgrun Xtracolor X204. gazza l
  3. Thanks for your kind comments chaps, much appreciated. gazza l
  4. Very nicely done, I particularly like the weathering, very realistic. gazza l
  5. Very nice work Val, love the weathering, looks just right. Nice little kits aren't they? I've built both the Airfix GR-1 and GR-3 Harriers... very impressed with them. gazza l
  6. Hi everyone. Here is my latest effort, which was an entry in the recent "Bf109 STGB group build". The kit was OOB apart from the Eduard Brassin engine set (which was a kit in itself). The kit went together relatively easily, great fit and some superb surface detailing... although the resin engine was a real pain to shoehorn in correctly. I painted the model with Xtracolor enamels and weathered it with oil washes and pastel chalks. Thanks for looking, comments and criticism welcomed. gazza l Added a little sand in these shots to give it that deserty feel.

    Lovely looking pair, very nicely done. Seems strange seeing kits with raised detail nowadays... a real blast from the past! gazza l
  8. Beautiful Provost, very neat work and it looks great mounted on the stand. gazza l
  9. I'm very sorry to hear that Ant, I hope all goes well and he makes a quick recovery. gazza l
  10. Very nice work, love the windows gives the model great realism. You can't beat these classic airliners for looks and diversity, they make the modern airliners look so dull with their standard two engines slung under the wings, Boeing/Airbus generic shape type things. gazza l
  11. Wow what a beast, very impressive work. gazza l
  12. Avro Vulcan XH562

    Always good to see a Vulcan. You've done an excellent job on her, a lovely paint job... very neat work. I've built two of these kits and nearly finished another, (XM575 coincidently), so I can appreciate the hard work that you've put into her. gazza l
  13. Another stunning Tristar, she looks great. Interesting livery I don't think I've ever seen it before. gazza l
  14. Very nicely done, the Tristar certainly was a good looker particularly in that scheme. gazza l
  15. An absolutely stunning Spitfire. gazza l