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  1. VF-124 CarQuals - 1982

    Great pictures, many thanks for sharing these.
  2. Upper Heyford Aug.1970

    Great stuff. You saw around 70 F-100s!?! More than a little jealous!
  3. Thanks very much for sharing these
  4. J.A.S.D.F. F4 Phantoms

    Thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos. As others have said, the dusk shots with the reheat and blue camo look fantastic
  5. The Holy Grail the Mecca of model shops.

    Quite a few to choose from! Hannants Lowestoft obviously. I've been fortunate enough to have visited many in Hong Kong and Taiwan where there are some truly fabulous shops. Few good ones in South Korea too. Never had too much luck in finding really good model shops in mainland China though. Haven't got to Japan yet though.....
  6. Thunderbirds are go ?????

    I think the US investigated the possibility of buying Saunders-Roe Princess flying boats with the intention of converting them into nuclear powered test beds - around the same time as the Convair nuclear powered B-36 project. I seem to recall reading that there may have been some initial design studies carried out at SaRo on a potential nuclear powered version of the proposed Duchess flying boat too.
  7. East of Suez

    Wonderful footage. Many thanks for sharing
  8. Dismantling the stash

    Many thanks everyone, much appreciated.
  9. Dismantling the stash

    Chaps, the day I had hoped would never come appears to have arrived. Unfortunately I need to get rid of the vast majority of my stash which is frankly an embarrassingly large size. I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to start, via the internet auction sites or a specialist such as Kingkit or Collectakit perhaps? Has anyone else been through a similar situation and got any advise? Any help greatly appreciated.
  10. Excellent news! Will be in the market for a couple of these.
  11. Krupp Raumer S

    That is truly stunning. Fantastic work.
  12. Trumpeter E-10, Aachen, Spring 1947

    Fantastic. Love these late war what-ifs.
  13. 1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    Looking forward to this one! Saw a couple flying over north Shanghai a couple of years ago
  14. Oldest kit in the stash?

    Got a boxed Frog English Electric P1 that must date from the late 50s, not sure if it classifies as truly being in the stash or just being kept for posterity though.....
  15. Elefant

    I can't comment on the Tamiya or Italeri kits, but I have the Dragon kits of both the Elefant (6465) and Ferdinand (6317), both look very detailed in the box, typical Dragon offerings. The Elefant comes with moulded on zimmerit but has the DS 'rubber band' type tracks.