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  1. How ever did you keep it from tail-sitting? Anything that shape is a pain, but the May with the relocated wing is a particular problem and the fibreglass fuselage doesn't help.
  2. Ah, forgot about them; handy for cockpit colours too. Ta v much.
  3. Another question, still about those infernal tanks. Lord but they're dreadful. Each has a fuel vent underneath (as does the rear fuselage). They're odd little things: a deeply faired pipe with a plate across the end. I assume there has to be a hole in that plate, or possibly just above it, where the fuel would come out. But I've not had any luck with interweb references, not even the walk-rounds here. Can anyone tell me where I should drill the hole?
  4. The Aerofax book says the Blue Steel was semi-recessed in the bomb bay with "fairings tailored to the body of the missile"; and that, after launch, doors would close to restore the Victor's aerodynamic profile. I'm not sure whether that amounts to a shaped panel but it certainly suggests that there would be no visible recess after launch. Whether the shape before loading the Blue Steel would have been stock Victor or with a recess, it's not abundantly clear.
  5. Bump! and we have fitted in Derek's club, Hailsham & District (IPMS East Sussex).
  6. People make out flash is a problem. It's not. Flash is extra plastic at no extra cost - nothing to complain about! Little bit of history: flash is a much older term than injection moulding, it dates back to the early days of metal casting. And it spread. When the bank of a canal collapses and the canal expands into a field, and they don't repair it because it's fine as it is, the extra bit of water is known as a flash.
  7. According to Flight International's latest census it's 792 in service plus 24 AH-64E on order.
  8. If your PE fret has parts that need folding, they should also have little grooves on the side that's inside the fold. If you pick out a part that folds only once, or only in one direction, its groove(s) will generally be on the back. That can usually be taken to be the back of the fret overall.
  9. Is Home not working, then?
  10. A man gets home after a long day away at meetings. "How was your day?" asks his wife. "Well, the meetings went fine, but I had an absolute nightmare on the way home. I was on the train with the last client and the guard came round asking to see tickets. I went for mine and could I find it? I looked everywhere, even in my briefcase, but it just wasn't there. I told the guard I'd definitely bought one, even got the client to vouch for me ... eventually he relented and let me get away with it." "Well, alright," says his wife, "but what have you done with the car?"
  11. A new year breaks upon us and it's time for pigsty's more-or-less annual review of the best box art. As ever, the kit inside is immaterial, and any genre can be a contender. Although in 2016 it was, for me, all aviation. In third place is Hobby Boss's MiG-31. The artist has done a neat job with the way the light falls on the extensive weld seams and the glow from that R-33's motor is very appealing. Second is what I'm sure will be a lot of people's favourite: the very impressive new Airfix Victor. Lovely contrast of the light and dark, very dynamic, and full of that Dan Dare appeal that the Victor had in spades. But, just nosing ahead into first place, comes ICM's most recent Beech 18 boxing. Very simple, but it captures the serenity of flying peacefully along on a summer's day. So, what are your nominations? And how about the worst box art of the year?
  12. Moneypenny Cove? Where's that to?
  13. What, Jabba The Cutt?
  14. Hobby Boss

    Having run my paws over the plastic, I think it's a fair bet that Hobby Boss have other versions in mind. This boxing comes without Sprues D, N, O, P, Q or R. Some of those might not be planned for use but I'd say Sprue D is an unlikely one to skip. And Sprue F has a section missing (F1) that may very well be a different windscreen. Plus, the box and the instructions talk of missiles that aren't provided, such as the R-73 and R-77. It will be interesting to see what turns up in the next couple of years.
  15. Whoops, missed that bit. Hope it will fit the ICM kit - it's been around a while.