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  1. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Safety advice for hiking through the American woods: It's important to know the differences between various species of bear. Some are much more aggressive than others and will kill you if they get the chance. If a black bear approaches you, climb into a tree. It will generally not try to follow you and will walk off. If a grizzly bear approaches you, do not try to climb a tree, as it will follow you. You can deter it by using pepper spray or making an unfamiliar noise, for example with sleigh bells. You can tell what sort of bear is in the vicinity by analysing its droppings. Black bear droppings are fine and smell of grass and fruit. Grizzly bear droppings smell of pepper and often have small metal objects embedded in them.
  2. Spot of the Day Part 2

    I suspect you mean a Rover P6 3500 if it genuinely had a V8 engine. (As the past owner of an SD1 V8 VdP these things matter to me.) Talking of which, on my way home from Telford I was passed by an immaculate SD1 2600S that must have been 32 years old. By the look of the driver he'd owned it from new. Not quite a V8 but still, lucky man.
  3. Hello from Kent

    Welcome indeed. I work in Prison Service HQ but I hide my ugly eek because it's no oil painting. If you're in west Kent, or at least not out in Thanet, can I interest you in a club?
  4. Gambling

    No need for that. Simply point out what the bookmaker drives compared with what his customers drive. Does three model clubs a month count?
  5. #892 Squadron Royal Navy Fg.1 Phantom

    Me like. Those Sidewinders looks like AIM-9E to me, which would be a USAF version. The Fleet Air Arm bought the AIM-9G which, as Selwyn says, had much shorter forebodies. I have to ask, though ... where are the seats?
  6. Hello.

    Ah, I remember Harry the Spider ... did you enjoy your coming-out party?
  7. That avkits listing makes it clear that the kit is supposed to be a CV-440, although that does make you wonder why it says "Fokker F.27" on the box. But then, their standards don't appear especially high. The box art is more like a CV-580 around the nose, which looks a bit more like the F27's than the 440's did - and it was a mite sleeker than the original CV-240. On the other hand you do appear to get a lot of free box with your plastic. pinky coffeeboat - not sure if you knew this, but the wing of the F27 is on the top!
  8. Lancaster horizontal tail elevators

    Not just Airfix, if that picture of the Revell kit is anything to go by.
  9. Photobucket beware!

    If you never paid them a farthing (as I suspect many of us didn't), presumably they've no way of auto-renewing as they'd have no payment details, and we can all sleep peacefully?
  10. Airfix Victor

    The Kuchemann fairings were trialled from late 1963, which was after all the Mk.2 airframes had been built, so you have to conclude that they were fitted later. So far as I can tell it was part of the programme for converting them to carry the Blue Steel missile and to the SR.Mk.2 standard. The slipper tanks were trialled on a Mk.1 from at least 1958 and were designed to improve the Victor's range, so you might expect them to have been standard fit from the off; but I've a picture of XL164 in 1961 carrying neither. So, you could probably do as you wanted, and no-one would be able to prove you couldn't be right. However ... while you might think losing the fairings would give a Victor cleaner lines, it would actually make it less clean, at least in the transonic range.
  11. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Well, I'll be there, with IPMS Kent. Look for the purple balloon if you want to see the latest instalment in the world's maddest Shackleton build*. I just have to overcome the curious dream I had the other day, that I'd spent two days at the show and seen nothing at all of it. I often come away feeling I've not done it justice, but not so bad as that. * subject to confirmation, availability, space, and sundry other things that render promises little more than hints
  12. Fabric control surfaces

    Interesting point about flutter, since so many fabric surfaces had anti-flutter weights - you have to conclude that it's an inherent problem of hinged surfaces. And it was in the 1930s that torsion was recognised as a precursor problem to flutter, addressed through stiffening. That must have increased weight too - all across the surface, I'd guess, since it would have to be applied to the ribs. The fabric being unable to withstand the forces from increased speed sounds like a thoroughly sound reason to do away with it.
  13. Fabric control surfaces

    Crawling my way through an A-26 Invader, I've decided to improve the control surfaces by gently sanding a little bit of relief into the rudder, elevators and ailerons. This is of course because all the surfaces are fabric-covered. And that's making me wonder. The rest of the airframe is stressed-skin aluminium alloy and it has 2000hp on each wing. Even the trim tabs have metal skins. And it's far from alone. Does anyone know why fabric on control surfaces persisted so long after it stopped being used everywhere else?
  14. I did a naughty thing.......

    Reminds me of Victoria Wood, going through Benetton and unfolding all the jumpers. When catering sugar cubes came in packs of two, I used to enjoy carefully taking them out, folding the wrapper shut again, and putting it back in the bowl.
  15. The end of my sea career

    I could have sworn the new airfield was impossible to use because it was too close to a cliff edge and subject to unmanageable winds. Have they managed to fix that, then?