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  1. This isn't new. Humbrol Authentics used a label instead of a painted lid, or just printed the name and number on a white lid. Plus, the colour of the lid can't be guaranteed to match the colour in the tin, even with the good stuff. From the dedicated modeller's point of view, the colour of the lid is only an indication, and it's not really vital. I know, for instance, that 123 is Extra Dark Sea Grey, even if Humbrol have given it some rum names in the past, and in the good old days it was HX6. Sites like this are excellent resources to help you consult over colours before you commit yourself, and you can get a lot of help with all sorts, not just the specialist modelling gear. There was one occasion where I chose my colours purely by eye, and that time it was helpful to have painted lids. Mind you, that was to paint an Iranian P-3F, for which there are no definitive references, so the fact that the paint inside wasn't necessarily a perfect match for the lid didn't matter too much.
  2. The legislation you mentioned was absolutely nothing to do with model sales and everything to do with public liability. The issue under discussion in this thread is whether shows are stopping under-table sales for economic reasons. There are venues up and down the country where under-table sales are fine, and they're all in broadly the same public liability boat, so I can't see how that makes a difference. I've no idea, but so far I'm not seeing a major problem. In my view, any barring of club sales is down to economics and the relationship between show organisers and traders. There's no great plot from on high to stop it.
  3. A dyslexic man was given the OBE. "What's the point of that?" he asked, "I can't even play the bloody thing!"
  4. I doubt it. The TIC has barred under-table sales for a long time on insurance grounds. The change last year was to do with the number of people in the hall outside public access times, which is also about insurance, but in a different respect. Personally, I like under-table sales. I sometimes wonder if I display at shows purely to get dibs on the goodies before the paying public - which I know is unfair. I can't believe there's enough club trade for commercial traders to live off, but by the same token I can't believe the volume of club trade is a threat to them. Apart from anything else, there's absolutely no way the stock is identical, and we punters are pretty discriminating. If I want the 1/72 Fruitbat C(F).Mk.3A, I'm going to buy it if I find it. But I'm not going to buy a 1/48 Hercules as a consolation prize. Only if someone is determined to buy any kits at all regardless does it seem likely that there will be genuine competition to the trader's detriment. Which leads us to two perennial features of commerce, that may or may not be playing a part: (i) people claiming "unfair competition" when what's actually happening is "fair competition in which I'm losing"; or (ii) people simply wanting to have no competition at all. If a show decides to do without club sales under pressure from its traders, and if the exhibitors and the guests don't like it, it ought to be reflected in the footfall and the show might re-think it next time. If a venue bars club sales it's unlikely to be because of the traders, but the effect should be the same, except that the hosts will perhaps think about the venue. Then it will be a complex calculation about price, convenience, the quality of the catering, etc. I have to say, I've not noticed SMW losing visitors because you can't sell under tables. And, as some have pointed out already, there's always the option of arranging a sale and then visiting the seller behind their stand. Of all the shows I exhibit at and attend, I can think of only one where there's no club sales, and now the North Somerset show as well. They're certainly not barred at North Surrey's show. So I suspect this is still a rare feature and, by the look of it, one that's not being driven by traders.
  5. tum te tum ... privatisation ... tum te tum ... competition ... tum te tum ... market forces ... tum te tum ... always better ... tum te tum ... cobblers ... tum te tum ...
  6. You're entitled to your view, of course, but unless you're qualified to diagnose him it's much better not to. And even the professionals have a rule: you don't diagnose someone unless you've spoken with them, and you certainly don't diagnose someone from what you read about them.
  7. No it's not. It's just dishonest.
  8. Then how does it smell? Terrible! If this was when C-130s were a man's aircraft, what are they now?
  9. Good good, glad to be of service!
  10. In Sussex there's also the Aldingbourne show in Westergate, near Barnham, which is on 4 March. But I'm going to assume you're not pinned to Sussex, in which case may I also offer the North Surrey Show in Banstead this Saturday, details elsewhere in Shows; Modelfest in Camberley (IPMS Farnborough) in September; and there's even some model presence at War And Peace in July, near Beltring, if you can avoid the mud.
  11. It's flattering, I suppose, in a way. Shame you apologised, though, since what's been added on here would have made it a lot harder for your plagiarist to defend herself.
  12. A Downing Street spokesman has admitted that Teresa May was holding Donald Trump's hand because that way she'd know where at least one of his hands was.
  13. The Ceefax report says the escort was because a passenger was being unruly. I wonder what exactly a Typhoon would be able to do in that situation that wouldn't be viewed as over-reacting ...
  14. This is ... unusual: What I'd like to know is, how do they know what scale it is? It could just as easily be a 1/144 tree, or a 1/3 bonsai sapling ...
  15. Oh dear, this is going to be confusing ... ! 'Specially as I'm a civil servant too. Welcome!