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  1. I have a very good book on the C Class, but it has surprisingly few pictures of the boats on their gear, and all of them are b/w and a bit grainy. Nonetheless, most suggest the gear was unpainted, and in fact might have had darker materials on the upper ends of the legs. One picture seems from the lack of reflections to be painted, but there's absolutely no clue as to the colour. Sunderlands during the war commonly had grey beaching gear, in a variety of shades.
  2. Alas, yes, it is. Station staff don't have access to the paper or the printers for posters, and if they have time to hand-letter all that in good Johnston, their stations will soon be closed. If staff could print their own posters, I shudder to think what would happen, and I doubt you could display it on a family site.
  3. Selecting your goods at one counter and then paying for them at another has absolutely nothing to do with communism or any other ism. It used to be common practice here about a hundred years ago, way before self-service was invented. Although in the good old days it came with the refinement that the employers so mistrusted their staff that when you paid, they had to take the money to a separate cashier and bring back the exact change. Until not very long ago some shops still had traces of the pneumatic tubes that were used to move cash about to make it quicker. Argos still uses this system because it saves them having to lay out goods in the shop and keep the displays tidy. The main reason I try not to shop there is that this gives you no chance to inspect what you're buying - you have to take all your information from the description in the catalogue. OK for a clothes airer, but I'd never buy furniture there. I think Russia used the separate payment system because they'd heard about shops but not caught up with the latest manuals.
  4. It's good. There's a free car park near the hall (will be full of participants) and a large one a little further away that's also free, if memory serves.
  5. It's that Roy Wood's fault, you know.
  6. That was quick! Will we see it tomorrow night?
  7. Is that the same Halfpenny Green that claims to be Wolverhampton Airport?
  8. Well it's the wrong scale for me. I don't need a - but I'd love a _ to complete my collection.
  9. This shows something you might not have realised: that in sixty years, the US has fielded only five broad types of air-to-air missile that worked (arguably only four). And it shows how adaptable the Sidewinder has turned out to be - much like the Spitfire in being visibly the same while almost entirely different. AIM-9E is a bit of a departure. The usual options are B, D/G, J/N/P, L/M, and now X.
  10. An athlete goes to the doctor. "I'm worried," she says. "I think I've started growing a willy, and I think it might be these steroids they're giving me." "Anabolic?" asks the doctor. "No, just a willy."
  11. Is there a standard convention for measuring aircraft dimensions? I'm fairly sure there's only one way to measure span, or two for VG wings. But length and height both seem subject to variables like whether the subject is on its wheels, and whether to include the propeller. Length is also sometime quoted as "excluding probe", which is OK so far as it goes, except that you can't say whether all the others do or don't. So, is there a standard configuration you should have in mind when reading data? Or, worse, more than one?
  12. Thanks, Chris, you're a star.
  13. No they wouldn't. The majority of plates were either standard sticky letters on a standard sticky panel, or pressed / cast using standard letters, or built up using standard 3D letters attached to a standard plate, or made that cunning way with the multiple reflective lines curved to form letters. Most of these methods are described in what willie fixit has linked to, which also makes it clear that hand-painted plates lasted only up to about 1919, during which time cars were still rare enough for people to point at them as they went past. From memory there were at least four fonts in common usage. None is needed now, as none is quite the same as the current style, so it's unlikely there are electronic versions around. Scanning from adverts such as the ones above seems your best bet, alas.
  14. I'm sure I've asked this before and I should have kept the original e-mail, but ... Does anyone know the best contact point for this year's Brampton show? West Kent went for the first time last year and we'd like to go again, and I've foolishly forgotten to check the arrangements.
  15. I've always said, if everyone got exactly everything they said they wanted, someone would still complain that it didn't happen last year.