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  1. I guess it's best just to live with it. Just to be a bit clearer though, it's not the tail to fuselage join that is wrong, that's sat quite nicely. It's the tail itself, which is formed of two parts. It's the actual tail that seems to have a slight twist in it. It is quite strong because it's formed of two pieces that have been glued together. I'll probably just leave it as it's not too bad and if I start trying to heat and straighten it I'm sure I'll end up with an obvious mess.
  2. Thanks Eric. I guess the gun port might be another point that could be an issue.
  3. I'm building an F-16 in the current STGB and I fixed on the tail on Monday evening. Last night while looking at it I have noticed that the tail is bent/twisted ever so slightly. It's quite subtle and the missus while she agreed that it isn't right said it's not really worth worrying about and there's nothing you can do (and returned to reading a book). But is there nothing I can do? I'm wondering whether a dip in some very warm water and a bit of manhandling followed immediately by a dip in some icy water might help? Or is that just crazy talk?
  4. I was asking yesterday about the difference between the F-16A and F-16A Plus kits in 1/48 from Hasegawa and Erik kindly pointed out those differences. I was asking because the A Plus kits seem to be very rare but the A in the Thunderbirds boxing does pop up now an again. After the Hasegawa kits, what is the best option for late 80's A versions as opereated in Europe by the various NATO air arms? Fabio, it's not for me to say but the 25% rule has been pushed in this GB already (by me inparticular) and with that scheme it would be crazy to get knocked back! Maybe the best F-16 scheme ever?
  5. That's a terrific paint job, both in finish and the quality of the wraparound scheme. I'm looking forward to some GR1 painting now.
  6. Does anyone know what the difference is between the F-16A and F-16A Plus kits in 1/48 from Hasegawa? I thought A's just went Blocks 1, 5, 10, 15, 25. The A kit was first released in '83 and the A Plus was released in '87 according to Scalemates.
  7. I'm with you Simon, it's not a bad kit at all. It's one of very few kits I've built and even I made a decent job of it. It's very close to the Hasegawa kit in construction. The one thing I think is quite well known about it and did catch me out is the join of the upper and lower wing halves. I found out the hard way and had to do some remedial work. I can't remember specifically the problem right now but I'll try and refresh my memory.
  8. It is a great scheme. Just a pity there's not many photos of it that I can find (although more than I can find of my other build). I agree about the kits rarity too. I feel lucky to have this kit. I will certainly take my time. I've put the tail on tonight but no photo yet. Too busy staring at the tail as I'm sure it has ever such a slight warp/twist. It's not obvious but it's bugging me. Don't suppose there's much I can do and wouldn't be surprised if I tried something it would go from hard to see 'sore thumb'. Thanks everyone for the kind words.
  9. Your explanation of the flap dropping was very clear Erik. I've ordered a fine razor saw!
  10. Thanks for the heads up Erik. It is indeed on the kits tail so I'll make sure to remove it. Which F-16 blocks did have this intake? I'm guessing 30/32's? No activity on the kit today I'm afraid but I have bought a fine razor saw. Yes, I'm considering copying your flap dropping - but I might still chicken out yet.
  11. Well recovered. Dare I ask what happened to the intake?
  12. You looked to be at pretty much the same satge as me with my BAF F-16A build and lucky for us Rich was kind enough to let us join in. Really excellent work and a nice scheme too. You and Pappy are both doing some great stuff with this base kit and I’m feeling both inspired and in awe. Really wish I’d tried dropping the flaps as it really does make a difference to the model. Was it difficult and I guess you did it before you glued the wings together?
  13. Brilliant work Pappy. I absolutely love the cockpit mod and really wish I’d known about that and had given it a go. But perhaps it’s for the best as I might have had to model a crashed Falcon by the time I’d finished. I think with your work here it shows that the Hasegawa kit can still more than hold its own with the Tamiya kit. I will follow with interest and take careful notes for next time.
  14. Not a particularly productive weekend's work but I have at least done something. And I've really enjoyed it. Saturday was just getting my two build threads up. Today I spent some time just getting familiar with the instructions and going through references to check on what mods might be necessary for my particular aircraft. I decided to focus on this BAF build and a few things have come back to me such as that I'd fitted the Raport III antenas (nicked from an Italeri kit) either side of the intake. It looks to be a bit tricky getting the navigation lights fitted onto them as I reckon they're fractionally long and they'll be hard to reprofile. Tonights actual modelling work was assembling the tail plane. Pretty simple task gluing the two halves together but I had a few more problems when it came to adding the cool air scoop for the Raport III on the starboard side. I first tried to open a token opening in the kit part and then open a hole in the base of the tail to fit the parts locating stud. It took two efforts to put a hole in as the first was too far back. I got lucky as fortunately the part covered the first hole and having laminate floors saved me from a carpet monster episode with the tiny air scoop which made a few trips to the deck while trying to put the opening in it. This photo shows the opening up of the cool air scoop before it pinged off for its first trip to the floor. And this one shows the scoop fitted and pretty much in the right place, thanks to Verlinden's Lock On No.2 F-16 Fighting Falcon. Glad I took the trouble to put the tiny opening in it. It might be barely visable but I know it's there and I did it. Tomorrow I will either get the tail on and clean up the Two Mikes small stabilators or I may turn my attention to getting the 50th TFW build up to a similar point.
  15. My second build is a kit that I started about three years ago. I was just getting into the hobby at that time (the second attempt) but suddenly things changed and it looked like I might not get back into it. And late last summer I had really given up and even made the decision to give my parents loft a break and sell the lot – stash of about 90 kits, piles of paints and tools including a brand new airbrush that I’d never had the chance to use and a posh extractor that I had saved long for. However, a mistake on my part meant I missed the prime opportunity to try and shift it all and it returned to the folk’s loft. A few months later I have been surprised to find that I now have the possibility to pick up the hobby again (although not much time and space). So, the aborted build is an F-16A of the Belgian Air Force. I’m again using a Hasegawa kit, this time a later boxing with the cool NATO 50th markings. I have the Daco decals for FA-18 of 350 Squadron in 1987 in its 45th anniversary markings. As you can see in the photo (and if you’ve read the chat thread) that this has been started and is pushing the limits of the 25% rule. However, seeing as there are still a lot of parts to fit (there are 12 steps and I’m up to 6 but haven’t done step 1 and less than half of step 4)and some resin aftermarket goodies, plus a frankly frightening paint scheme and fancy decals, Rich has been very kind and lenient and allowed me to include it in the GB. I always planned to make the best job of this I possibly could, so if a build stalls it could be this one as I don’t really have the skills to achieve the result I want. But I will give it my best shot.