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  1. Put me down Rich. Probably for something Fleet Air Arm. Thanks James
  2. Great work David. Looking forward to seeing the final pics. James
  3. Hi everyone Thanks David. I bought the Eduard Brassin set for this kit for the under wing rails etc on an impulse so I'll most likely use the Aero-3B launchers from this and save the DACO ones for another day. Hi Soft Science. The last time I used Alclads I gloss coated them with Kleer so the decals went on fine. This time I'm not sure yet on using Kleer again or trying out the new Vallejo metal coat gloss varnish. I need to give this a trial spray see how it goes. So, this is where we're at. Wings and tail plane painted and on. The colours for the nose radome were mixed using a mixture of Tamiya and my favourite Gunze Aqueous paints. I think the dark green is actually a bit to dark so i may re mask and spray it again with a lightened shade if I get to it. That small bit of over spray has since been dealt with. The various fibre glass panels were sprayed with a mixture of Tamiya flesh and XF 4 yellow green. TBH it came out a bit darker than planned but I'm going to weather these areas quite heavily so hopefully it will lighten a bit. The panel on the tail was again painted using the sameTamiya and Gunze mixtures as for the nose. The large panel in the middle has also had a light coat of dark aluminium although you cant really see it with the angle of this picture. And the underside of the wings painted with Xtracrylix ADG grey thinner using SLT as were the tail planes. And some general shots. The thin red band around the tail has since been masked and painted. That's all for now as June 11th creeps closer! Thanks for looking James
  4. Just watched the Dunkirk trailer posted above. I know it's only a couple of minutes but it looks very promising, they've pulled out some very good actors. We'll see? James
  5. Looking very nice! What did you use for the masks out of interest? James
  6. Great work David. Those Brassin wheels really look the part. Looking forward to seeing the bang seat painted up and also when she's those Kormorons hung under the wings. James
  7. Lovely work Lex. Shes really beginning to look the part now! James
  8. That's a great build, well done! What paint did you use for the nmf? James
  9. Great work Libor Thanks for sharing James
  10. Thanks Glynn I know, I was tempted to cover the whole thing in highly polished aluminium! It would have been serious shiny over kill! Thanks David I'll deffinately be using the polished aluminium again in the future, even if just for oleo joints and the like. I'm deffinateley going to use the catanmaran launchers with sidewinders. I'll use the kit rails for this. This aircraft came from a fighter squadron and I'm reliably informed by other Britmodellers that it wouldn't have carried rockets under the wings and fuselage at the same time. I have a picture of it with rockets fitted under the fuselage and the hard points under the wings with racks fitted for drop tanks or something else. I do like the look of the Starfighter with under wing tanks so may well go with this option. I am open to requests though! Thanks Rob Yep, I'm happy with it at the moment. That june 11th date is coming round pretty quick though. Thanks all James
  11. Thanks Glynn I found the polished aluminium covered a lot easier than the bog standard aluminium. Look forward to seeing the end result. James
  12. Nice work Glynn It looks as though you're nearly ready for paint. Are you going for Alclad again as with the Yak or something different? James
  13. Hi all A small update. So I've almost finished the nmf part of the painting and what a marathon in masking it's been so far! I just have the large panel in the centre of the fin to go. I actually have to double check if this was painted or left bare. The panels around the rear of the fuselage. The one in the centre was painted using Alclad polished aluminium over Humbrol enamel gloss black. I've not used this shade from Alclad before and OMG is it polished, I love it! The two panels either side were dark aluminium over Mr Surfacer 1500 black which dries to a matt finish. The panel above the airbrakes and the last panel before the radome on the nose were both sprayed with duraluminium. So onto the other painted areas next. Thanks for looking. James
  14. Hi everyone A long overdue update from me to show that something has been happening even if it's a glacial pace! So everything was primed using Tamiya fine light grey as usual and any bits and pieces tidied up. For the darker and shinier panels around the rear of the fuselage i used humbrol gloss black which will be sprayed with Alclad polished aluminium. The matt black panels are Mr Surfacer 1500 black and will be sprayed in dark aluminium. Then several coats of normal aluminium over the rest of the airframe. This coat has showed up a couple of flaws but I'm just ignoring them now. Overall i'm quite pleased with how this turned out. I've since masked a couple of panels around the rear end and sprayed them duraluminium and next it's on to those black ones. The upper surface of the wings have also been sprayed white. By the way - has anyone reading this tried the new Vallejo metal coat gloss varnish? I was going to try this instead of Klear. Thanks James
  15. Nice work Dave Like the hanger too. James