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  1. ** The MTO GB II for 2018

    Come on everyone. The first incarnation of this GB was great fun! Let's get some more names onto the list and get this one into the vote.
  2. P 38 Lightning STGB II for 2018 ?@4 on sept 20th

    Hi Patrice Put me down please, I haven't built a P 38 fit ages. Thanks James
  3. 1/32 Revell Bf 109G-14 "Blue 62"

    Very nicely done sir! An outstanding build. Thanks for sharing James
  4. Nice work Trevor, will be watching with interest. The interior green colour that you you just see in the corners of the photo of that Aussie Mk21 is quite different from any other I've seen. Different manufacturers i suppose? James
  5. 1/48 Eduard Bf109E-3 JG53 November, 1939

    Kent Thats some beautiful paint work and I expect some serious masking. She's looking great. Which brand of paints are you using? James
  6. 1/48 Sea Hurricane pt.2

    Nice work again Darby. What paints are you using? James
  7. Great diorama Simon. This makes me very tempted to pull my Airfix Lanc from the pile and start cutting plastic. Well done. James
  8. Norwegian Starfighter

    Hello chaps Thanks for the kind words and likes. Darby. Your about right, this thing has pretty much cleaned me out of Alclad. Saying that i bet it could drink more pints of Alclad than i can beer these days! Thanks Glynn. Lets hope the 60's edition gets through the vote in November, I have a liking for one of the NMF Luftwaffe machines. Or maybe even an Su-9 like your recent build. Thanks Orion. I've watched a few films on youtube of 104's taking of. That J 79 makes a hell of a screech, it must have been quite a site in the flesh. Thanks exdraken. The picture below is for you. Those wings without rivets make all the difference in this colour scheme i think. Thanks again James
  9. Hi everyone Let me present my F104 G in the colours of 331 squadron, Royal Norwegian Air Force in the early 70's started for the NATO Warsaw pact 70's GB. Unfortunately it wasn't finished in time. Hasegawa kit in 1/48 with wings, tailplanes and underwing pylons from the DACO improvement set and Catamaran launchers from the Eduard Brassin set. Bang seat - Quickboost Pitot - Master Pints - Alclad Decals - Armycast And a massive thanks to all helped and advised on this build as I really had no idea about the intricacies of the Starfighter before hand. And a huge thanks to Boman for the bulged gear bay doors. Questions and comments most welcome. Thanks James
  10. Vallejo Coastal Command Paint Set

    Hi everyone Im keen to give this paint set a try, Vallejo RAF Coastal Command VAL71148, as a change from my usual Tamiya and Gunze. Just one question though. Can anyone vouch for the accuracy of the colour matches? I get on pretty well with Vallejo in general but have read that their colour matches can be a bit wild from time to time. Thanks in advance James
  11. Dunkirk

    We went to see it last night. I thought it was excellent. And yes, Harry Stiles was pretty good to. I was quite surprised to see that most of the people in the audience were of my generation, 30's, I just expected the audience to be a a bit older. Top film and good flying scenes. James
  12. Radial Engines Rock GB Chat

    Thanks Stu Believe it or not I did know that, just having a slow day....... James
  13. Radial Engines Rock GB Chat

    At the risk of sounding very stupid what does TSS mean?
  14. Radial Engines Rock GB Chat

    Hi everyone I'd also like to join in with this one. I now need to choose between a Hellcat and a Corsair, both in gloss sea blue?? Thanks James
  15. 10th BM Anniversary GB?

    I'm in! James