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  1. Great paint job Peter. Very finely done. James
  2. Hi everyone Slow progress this week, modelling time has been limited so all Ive manged to do is fill all of the rivets in the flying surfaces and sand them off using Mr Surfacer 500. I havem't taken a picture as it's quite boring but below is a profile of the colour scheme I'll be using. The picture is pinched from the Eduard website but I'll be using Armycast decals. Norwegian, obviously,from the early 70's. Hi Glynn When I use Alclad I prime with Tamiya fine grey surface primer. You can then mask of the odd panel hereand there and spray with Humbrol gloss black. As the Alclad is quite translucent the black produces a much shinier deeper finish than the lighter grey. You can also use darker greys aswell as the black. This way you can produce different tones and finishes with just one shade of Alclad. Golden rules are in my experiencemake sure the primer is nice and smooth, doesn't need to be shiny and spray it on in thin layers as it will chew through underlying enamels if you go to hard. It really is quite easy touse though. Just have a window open as it's quite smelly. Hope that helps. Thanks for looking James
  3. Watching with interest. James
  4. Thanks David Will most probably be going down the tried and tested Alclad route. I am tempted to try a technice that I saw Spencer Pollard doing using decanted Tamiya AS12 put through the airbrush and using various greys to tint different panels. The best thing about it was it didn't require a primer. Thanks James
  5. Great work again Jon Meant to ask in the R post, what shades of metal did you use for nose ring and the jet exhaust areas? James
  6. Nice work Jon Will definitely be trying some Mr Color silver on an NMF project in future. James
  7. Thanks RMP2 I pretty sure Norwegian G's retained their Lockheed seats while some other NATO countries replaced theirs with MB seats. West Germany was one. TBH once its painted and the canopy is closed no one will know anyway. James
  8. Thanks Craig I'll be watching your Mig with interest to see how that kit goes together. James
  9. Hi Col. It's by a Czech company called Armycast. I'd never heard of them before, just found them on the net. They produce a big sheet of NATO Starfighters, not cheap but you get quite allot for your cash. I'll post some pics up when it arrives. Will also use an Eduard canopy mask set and maybe some etch for the cockpit. James
  10. Hi everyone I'd like to throw my hat into the ring with another Starfighter. In the 80's GB I built a couple of Mig 21's (still to be finished) so thought I'd do something from our side of the iron curtain this time. I see the other two are West German and Belgian so thought I'd go with an NMF Norwegian example. This is an F104G. I'll be using Hasegawa's 1/48 scale F104J kit converted to a G which I'm assured by the good people here in BM land is a merely change of wheels and some bulged undercarriage doors. This also works for me quite nicely as I voted for the NMF GB in Novembers poll which didn't get through so two birds killed with one stone. Or something like that? Plus I've always liked the look of the Starfighter and haven't ever modelled one. Decals and other goodies are in the post so hopefully some updates soon. Thanks for looking James
  11. Great work Jens! If mine turns out anything like that I'll be very happy. Which paints did you use for the NMF. Thanks for sharing. James
  12. Thanks for the tip Andre. Any idea what ADC stands for? James
  13. Great subject, I'm watching with interest. Will also be good to see how Vallejo Metallics perform. James
  14. Hi Boman Thanks for the interesting info, that's really useful, especially the link to the instructions. Everything is on the sprues, no AM needed. I notice your in Norway, I've just ordered a decal sheet from Armycast with a very nice looking Norwegian Starfighter in natural metal with I think white or very light grey wings. This is the aircraft I was intending to model. Thanks again. James
  15. Thanks for the informative replays everyone. Its actually a very straight forward conversion, easier than I thought. Thanks again James