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  1. Airfix Hawker Hurricane 1/48

    Nice work Colin Ive built two of these now. The first time I followed the instructions and had all sorts of fit problems. The second time I did as you’ve done and threw away the instructions and went about it my own way and everything was fine. This is kit does build up into a very nice model. This is may been mentioned above so apologies if it has but isn’t Tamiya XF71 a dead ringer for humbrol 78 interior green? Thanks James
  2. Typhoon mk1b, 1/48

    Good startGlynn Looking forward to following your progress. James
  3. Lockheed GB in 2019 ? at 20 on Feb 14th

    Hi Patrice Please add me to the list. I have several F-104's to fit into this GB. Thanks James
  4. 50s NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe GB

    Great idea Col, please count me in. I thought it was hard choosing something for the 60's but looking Wez's list above this will be even more difficult! James
  5. Turkish Starfighter With Extras - edited

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Werner but I fear not. Especially will with literally a million stencils to apply. I loved your build by the way. It forced me to buy the decal sheet that you used. James
  6. Turkish Starfighter With Extras - edited

    Hi everyone One last progress report. So as you can see from the pics painting is just about complete bar the dark green anti glare panel on top of the nose and a bit of touching up here and there. Generally I'm pretty pleased with it and the Vallejo paint stayed on when the masking was removed which was a bonus! Only one slight bit of confusion over the two shades of green as the two that Vallejo supply in their US SEA set are basically the same shade so i had to lighten the lighter one a bit and buy a darker shade for the other. Anyway you live and learn. Thats all folks. Please keep an eye out in the RFI section in the coming weeks. Thanks James
  7. Bf 109 E-7 Black 10

    Hi all Progress report no. 1. - the cockpit Side walls first. Everything has been primed and then painted painted with Vallejo model colour RLM 02. All boxes were picked out with black and any knobs and switches painted their appropriate colour. A water/kleer black brown wash was then applied. Everything was then given a coat of matt varnish. The seat belts are super fabric and are included in the kit. The rear decking and armour plate. I decided to use the decal for the instrument panel. This still needs some more micro sol on it. Think I'll get an etched one next time but for what is likely to be a closed cockpit build it will be fine for now. So now to stick it all together. Thanks for looking. Questions and constructive comments welcome as always. James
  8. 1/48 Airfix Sea Vixen FAW.2

    Nice work Ian Look forward to seeing how the Gataka paints perform in the next instalment. James
  9. Hi everyone I put my name on the list ages ago so here I am. I'd like to throw my hat into the ring with an Eduard Messerschmitt 109 E-7 black 10 III/JG77 based in Romania in 1941 built oob. As you'll see from the below pic the paint job is quite an interesting one so we'll see if my airbrushing skills are up to it. The marking coma from a Kagero Top Colours book. I had a chance to cut some plastic over the weekend but no painting yet so updates to follow ASAP. Thanks for looking and happy modelling. James
  10. Spanish Airforce C.8 finished I guess! 1/48

    Great work Werner She looks stunning! James
  11. Eduard Fokker E.V

    Top work! Love it! Well done James
  12. Turkish Starfighter With Extras - edited

    Thanks Craig The orange is very bright, as per the real thing. Im enjoying your progress to, it's good to see the 104 in some bright colours. James
  13. Turkish Starfighter With Extras - edited

    Hi everyone Painting has begun. First of all a coat of Mr Surfacer 1500 grey was applied and any problem areas sorted. All of the fibre glass areas were given a base of black and then sprayed with Vallejo beige. The nose has also had a coat of Xtracrylix ADG grey. The the tip tanks had their orange applied. This was sprayed over a base coat of yellow to try and produce a slightly faded mottled effect. It's actually worked quite well although the photos don't show it up very well. The underside was then given a random blast with black to apply the grey camo colour over. All these camo paints are Vallejo Model Air by the way. And i forgot to take a picture of the finished underside. And this is where shes at right now with the tan colour applied, next its onto the greens. Again black was randomly applied over the area to provide some mottling of the base colour and again my photo skills are lacking. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome as always. James
  14. Messr. Bf109G-2, 25 YEARS IN THE MAKING!

    Thanks Davey It never surprises me anymore the different things that people use to strip paint from models. Duely ordered. Thanks James
  15. Compressor Oil

    Hi everyone My Revell Omega compressor is running a little low on oil. I've had it for about 12 years so I guess that's fair enough. Can some kind person recommend which oil to buy to top it up/change the old oil? Thanks James