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  1. Cracking paint job!! Love it, well done. james
  2. Brilliant. It's about time someone built one of these on here. Looking forward to watching your progress. James
  3. Nice work. Which paints did you use for the nmf? James
  4. Not sure how I missed this one but count me in please. There's plenty of WW2 FAA stuff in the stash to choose from. James
  5. Count me in, a Tamiya P47 becons.... Thanks James
  6. I'm in again. James
  7. A great years work. I like the two P47's. James
  8. Hi Neil Ive been using Montex Masks quite often recently. Be very careful using them on top of Alclad, especially the shinier ones like chrome. I tend to paint the markings first and then the camo colours after, whatever they may be. Maybe that could be the way to go if you haven't started spraying Alclad yet? I'm not sure if a coat of Klear would help or not as it wouldn't make the Alclad hold onto the model any tighter? Let us know how you get on. James
  9. Great work Richard Looking forward to seeing the end result with the Typhoon. well done James
  10. Agreed, a bit disappointing. james
  11. Great idea. Put me down. James
  12. YES, in! Maybe even with an AMT Tigercat. Thanks James
  13. Forgive my ignorance but did the F100 carry on into the 70s in French service? That is interesting as I think it's a handsome aircraft but even more so in French markings. I was planning on building a Trumpeter Su 9 but that may now change! So many subjects to choose from. thanks James
  14. Im in. I don't have a Stuka in the cabinet. James
  15. Thanks Malta The photo I found of this aircraft shows it to have the standard air intake rather than the Volkes filter. I wonder if by this time, April 1943, and flying fighter sweeps over Sicilly they were trying to keep the MkV competitive with the 109G and this was a way of streamlining it a bit more? If Tony O or any other much more knowledgable person than myself comes along they'll probably give a much better answer. thanks James