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  1. Turkish Starfighter With Extras - edited

    Hi David Good to hear from you again. She is indeed finished, pictures below. Are you taking part in this GB? So moving onto this current build a small progress report. And it is small progress too. The cockpit tub had all of the raised detail scraped off of the side consoles, was sprayed with Gunze H317, some small detail painting was carried out followed by wash of 50/50 Klear and water mixed with Tamiya black and red brown. This now awaits a flat coat. The dash board piece was given the same treatment with the appropriate colours and wash mixture. The instrument panel has had the decal applied which is now drying. As this is going to be a closed cockpit build i thought I'd just use the decal. especially as the colour on the etched piece is nothing like the grey used in the rest of the cockpit. The sidewalls with a few pieces of etch added. All of the wheel bay areas were sprayed with AK Extreme metal aluminium. The insides of the air intakes also had the same treatment. This is my first try with this paint and i was impressed. Deffinatelly a possible alternative to Alclad. This then also had the same wash as everything else. The jet pipe has also been painted and stuck together. The rear deck of the cockpit is also painted and ready for a flat coat. The fuselage lights have also been drilled out and fitted. Thanks for looking and sorry for the bad photos. The lighting is truly awful in that room. James
  2. Italeri 1/32 F-104G Hellenic Air Force

    I've just tried them for the first time on my build. I have to say I was impressed with the results. I just went onto the bare plastic but you've got much more depth to your finish with the black base. I'll do that next time. Look forward to seeing more progress. James
  3. 1/48 F-104J/DJ JASDF

    Nice work Craig. Youve got a serious production line there, especially with those bang seats! I wish that Twobobs decal sheet was still available now that I've seen it. James
  4. Hasegawa F-104 in Belgian markings

    Find the group build section of the forum and go into current group builds and you'll find it in there. As Dennis said above just start yourself a new topic and let the fun begin! Look forward to seeing you there. James
  5. Hasegawa F-104 in Belgian markings

    Great work so far. Will be watching with great interest. BTW did you know that there's an F104 single type group build just started here on BM? James
  6. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    Hi Giorgio Did 10th Gruppo fly Starfighters at any point? Thanks James
  7. P -51 MUSTANG STGB IV for 2019 ? @18 on 17/11

    In with a Tamiya 1/48 kit. Thanks James
  8. F-4 STGB Again @ 22

    Count me in. I have a 1/48 Hasegawa kit in the loft begging to be built. James
  9. Spanish Airforce C.8 1/48

    Very nice choice if markings Werner. Those are exactly the same ingredients that I'm using for my build. Ill also have to look up those decals. Watching with interest. James
  10. 1 Hurricane and 2 Sea Hurricanes

    Thanks Tony that's a really good shot. I guess everyone has their limits on finances. Id definitely recommend the Quickboost mirrors. A bit fiddly but I think worth it. Thanks James
  11. Beautifully finished, well done. Which paints did you use for the NMF? James
  12. 1 Hurricane and 2 Sea Hurricanes

    Thanks Tony Thats interesting information. While I very much like the end result of this new Airfix kit in my opinion it's slightly over engineered and they have made a couple of real school boy errors in missing of the rear view mirror, oil collecting ring and the two points that you make. Thanks again James
  13. Hi everyone Here are 3 of Hawkers finest. The whole point these first two fairly quick builds was to give black basing a try. I was origanally going to build just the one and then happened to be in my LHS one Friday afternoon and the new Airfix kit just happened to come home with me! So here it is the Airfix kit which many of you will know with a Quickboost rear view mirror added. How did they miss that off?!! This aircraft was operational in the Med during Operation Pedestal in August 1942. All paints are from Vallejo. My first real try of these to and very nice they were, although not as tough as my usual Tamiya and Gunze paints. Decals are from Model Alliance. The anti glare shields are from a Hasegawa kit. This is the Hasegawa MkIIc with MDC Sea Hurricane conversion, guns deleted and rocket rails added. This aircraft flew from an escort carrier in the Irish Sea training future Firefly pilots to fire rockets. Cant remember which one now. The reason it has no canopy is because i bought a Pavla vac form so that it could be displayed open only this didn't fit and i haven't ordered a different one yet. And yes i know the code letters should most likely be yellow but I couldn't be bothered to mask and paint them. The rocket rails are from a Tamiya Beaufighter kit. And finally another Airfix Hurricane in Western Desert colours with Xtradecals. Completed about a year ago. Ans all three together. Thanks for looking. Questions and comments welcome. James
  14. Italeri 1/32 F-104G Hellenic Air Force

    Lovely work Mike. What nmf paint did you use on the main wheel bay? James
  15. Nice work Andrew, looking forward to following your progress. I have that Daco book to, its brilliant isn't it. James