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  1. Dave That's impression I get whenever you see one built. They always seem to come rather well with a little bit of work. I think it's one of Eduard's older kits?. It's the box art that gets me every time with this weekend boxing! James
  2. Nice work Dave. I'm watching with interest as i have one of these to build list. James
  3. David Thanks for the great reply, thats exactly what I needed to know. I'm planning to build at least 2 or 3 more Starfighter's with one being an S model beginning with the STGB later this year so I'll go ahead and get the Daco set in due course. TBH i hadn't quite realised what an in depth set it is. As far as the rivets in the wings go. This time I've filled them although next time i don't think i'll bother as it'll probably be a camoflagued aircraft and i also don't think I've quite got the stamina to fill all of the rivets on the rear fuselage as well. It's also interesting to know that tip tanks are not a great fit to the Daco wings. I totally agree with your comments about the weapons sprue and to include an extra in the set. I did look at buying this direct from Daco but couldn't quite bring myself to do it as it would have cost about £20 with postage for one sprue! Thanks again for the info, looking forward to seeing your progress. James
  4. Hi David Yes the tip tanks do seem as if they were added as an after thought which is a shame as they are one of the defining features of most Starfighters. Anyway they're nearly done now and it'll be good to get on with some painting. Also I think you'll be able to answer this, is the Daco set worth the investment? Thanks James
  5. That makes you go cross eyed just looking at the photo!
  6. Hi everyone Just a small update. The last 10 days or so have been spent filling and sanding seams, a small amount of re-scribing and fitting airbrakes etc. I've also got the tip tanks together and now need to fill and sand the rivets on the fins. Next job is to paint the interiors of the air intakes and fit them and then it's onto primer. These pictures have made me realise what a mess my desk is! Thanks for looking. James
  7. Great work Ian. very nice paint job. James
  8. Craig Thanks for the great links, there's some great photos in there. I also found the decal sheets. If this GB gets the go ahead I think I'll be using the Linden Hill sheet. Some of those camo schemes could prove interesting to mask! Thanks again James
  9. Thanks Craig Great info again. I do have an MF kit in the stash to. Will check out those descals. Thanks James
  10. True, getting a bit ahead of myself.
  11. Great pics. Especially the Tigercat. One of my favourites. I'm still disappointed it went back to th US. James
  12. Thanks Craig. More research needed I think. Or a different subject matter. James
  13. Top work Craig, thank you. Ill get those decals dug out later and see what they say. James
  14. Thanks Craig Ill try and get the box out of the loft and haves look at the profiles asap. James
  15. Hello chaps. Ive already signed up for this one and am now mulling over what to build as and when it goes ahead. Am I right in thinking that the Soviet's were operating Mig 21 SMT's in Afghanistan during the 80's? Just wondering as I have one of the very nice Eduard kits in the loft which I think has markings for this area although the instructions don't give a time frame. Thanks James