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  1. Thanks David That red, white and blue Marine Starfighter looks nice. I was toying with the idea of building that aircraft for STGB in November. James
  2. Thanks Boman That actually answers a couple more questions. James
  3. Hi everyone. Hope you all had a good Easter. No photos in this update I'm affraid. She's had her first coat of primer, Tamiya light grey. A few small touch ups and then on with the second coat followed by some Alclad I hope. I have a question if someone could be of help. On these NMF aircraft was the top side horizontal stabilizers left as NMF or were they painted as per the main wings. In Eduards NATO Fighter kit for this aircraft they state that the horizontal stabilizers should be painted grey, I assume ADG, i dont have them in front of me now so cant remember the colour call out exactly. It's not that easy to tell from the few photos I've seen. Thanks in advance. James
  4. Top work David. I particually like the painting effects on the Marine aircraft. I love the contrast between the two tanks, and if you've seen it in photos........ A quick question. What colour did you use for the fibre glass panel on the spine behind the cockpit? Looking forward to more progress. James
  5. Great work Tony. Ive been using that wash technique for a while now, it's a winner and a time saver. I think I first saw Brett Green using it in a magazine, not sure if it was his idea originally though. Thanks James
  6. Good to see this one back in progress Lex. James
  7. Hi everyone So i finally caved in last week and bought the Daco improvement set for this kit. I have to say i can now see why it's so highly rated. So basically i spent most of my modelling time last week messing around with it and not making a huge amount of progress towards painting. I started of by installing some the lights. Hopefully this will add greatly to the finished model. Only thing is i got a bit over excited and that orange one should have been a clear one. Never mind! They just need a light polish and some Klear. And also the lights on the tip tanks with the blisters. And finally the Daco wings. I'd already made a start filling and sanding the rivets out of the kit wings but this was going to take forever to get them into a decent state and 11th June will round quick enough as it is. That's all for now. Deffinately onto some priming next and then most likely some patching up and more priming.......... Thanks for looking. James
  8. Thanks as ever Giorgio and Boman. To the rescue again! James
  9. Hi everyone Just one last question. Did Norwegian Starfighters ever carry missiles on the under wing hard points and on the catamaran rails at the same time or was it one or the other? Just looking at the first picture in Bomans post so the aircraft with the racks under the wings but nothing on them got me wondering. Thanks again James
  10. Nice work. Good to see a different Mosquito being built. James
  11. Great work as always David. They look a treat! By the way after your glowing report on my thread i invested in the Daco improvement set. I can now see what all the fuss is about! Looking forward to seeing some paint them soon. James
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone. Boman your first picture is the aircraft I'm modelling so thanks for posting that one in particular. Sidewinders it is then. Thanks James
  13. Nice work Dave. Its interesting to see your results as like few others I have some of these paints to try. I also have some of the newish AK metal paints to compare them with. Watching with interest. James
  14. Thanks Lex Its nearly ready for primer. I just have to fit the air intakes once their insides have been painted and also finish rocket rails to go under the fuselage. It seems to have taken forever to get all the smaller parts sorted and also the wingtip tanks but it's nearly there now. Looking forward to some painting. Thanks James
  15. Hi everyone Im currently building an F104G from 131 squadron Royal Norwegian Airforce for the NATO/Warpac 70's GB. Can someone please advise on a typical weapons loadout for these aircraft. I've found pics showing sidewinders on the under fuselage rails but did these aircraft carry fuel tanks on the underwing pylons or just the usual wingtip ones or were these pylons also used for missiles or maybe bombs? Thanks in advance. James