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  1. Airfix 2018

    1/72 Beaufort and Hart family. Is there an echo in here...? Richard in NZ
  2. The RNZN did not use the Devon. The boxtop illustration is of a "warbird" (which war please?) current civilian Devon formerly used by the RNZAF. Magua87's post shows just two of many attractive RNZAF schemes and variants. Richard in NZ
  3. Serge I have one spare, PM me. I am in New Zealand. Richard in NZ
  4. Seriously, do we need to be SHOWN how to fix something as minor as this? I thought this was a forum for modellers. Jeez... Richard in NZ
  5. FAA Skyraider AEW1 question

    Thanks TT, I agree and will go with that. Richard in NZ
  6. FAA Skyraider AEW1 question

    As the aircraft had no guns, were the underwing cartridge chutes covered over or simply left as they were? I can find no photo which clearly shows the area. Thanks for your help. Richard in NZ
  7. Academy 1/72 F-4B Phantom?

    Thanks Homebee. Odd, I thought it would be a natural follow-on to the J, Hasegawa being old(ish), expensive and hard to find. Richard in NZ
  8. Academy 1/72 F-4B Phantom?

    Any news about a 1/72 F-4B from Academy? Richard in NZ
  9. Pet hates.

    Another grammatical pet hate (as someone once said), those who do not know that the singular of "phenomena" is "phenomenon"... Richard in NZ
  10. Airfix 2018

    1/72 Beaufort. Simple. Hart family would be nice too. Richard in NZ
  11. Airfix 2018

    1/72 Beaufort.
  12. Nice work! I do think that the Alley Cat resin rear fuselage gives a more accurate appearance, if you can be bothered. Richard in NZ
  13. Thank you gentlemen. Only the Aussies would wash off the temporary camo by stuffing the aircraft into a creek, though... Richard in NZ
  14. Thanks Brian, I have learned something. Richard in NZ
  15. Nice models! I had always thought that the camouflaged Aussie Mirages were green and grey, I have never seen a green and brown one. Do you have a photograph of the full-size aircraft? Thanks! Richard in NZ