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  1. Hi Neil, need a bit of info please, what is the unit the Lincoln is from and the serial number please?


    It looks a real winner.



    1. woody37


      Hi Colin,


      its RA679 of 12 sqn Binbrook around 1950. Suffered damage on 24th Aug when doing a 3 engined landing and hit a bank causing an undercarriage collapse,




  2. Italeri Short Sunderland Mk. III advices

    Yes right. I play safe by adding a coat of Johnstons Klear though before adding any washes. Making your own wash is easy enough, I mix a bit of oil paint in to white spirit as I use acrylic paint.
  3. A dangly 😅 lovely work on the Wimpy, it’s coming together well. A bit bit too late, but I tend to slice the bottom bits off the turrets so I can slide them in last to avoid breakages. For example, on the lancaster, there are ammo boxes protruding below, so I’ll cut them off and glue them to the fuselage. The joys of being a parent. It’s the most wonderful and tortuous experience life brings often ranging between the two in 10 minute cycles 😂
  4. Harrier

    Incredible patience and detailing, can’t wait to see some paint over all that detail
  5. Gorgeous as always Matthias, great photos too
  6. Agree with the other comments, it looks spot on
  7. Gorgeous mate, great choice of scheme...I know I say that on most of your builds! the subtle weathering looks spot on too
  8. KC-97L Stratotanker

    Gorgeous! This must be an imposing model and in that scheme quite a wonderful one too. Lovely paint job. what a brute
  9. Both lovely builds, but you can see the benefit of the new kit under that lovely paint job
  10. If it looks right, it will fly right......this must of been a death trap 😬 design asside, a fantastic build
  11. 1/48 Monogram B-25

    Lovely B25, don’t see too many on here in 48 scale though can’t understand why.
  12. You're the expert at fiddly bits like this Bill, taking a leaf out of your book at detailing although much easier in 48 scale!
  13. Not much done this week but the turrets are getting there. The rear turret still has more detail to be added yet. Solar trim came to the rescue to create sharp framework on the rear vac part. It's been fiddly to get everything lined up but I'm quite pleased with the alignment now.
  14. Wouldn’t mind one of these too, bit steep, but I’m that slow at building, it’s good value per hour modelling 😃
  15. Who can resist watching a 1/48 Lightning com together? The paint job appears to be coming on extremely well, looking forwards to seeing the next instalment