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  1. Another beaut mate, great scheme and lovely weathering
  2. 1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Wow, I’m in for the ride
  3. You’re a master with this p.e., that interior is fantastic
  4. Beautiful weathering and that base really finishes it off
  5. Sea King HU 5

    Last time I seen it, there was no paint on it, now it’s finished! A real Gem Dan, love the way you’ve displayed it
  6. You’re absolutely right, I’m getting your usernames mixed up. That explains why I thought Alain was called Dennis apologies to you both
  7. Guys, i havent heard of these for cutting plastic before so I’ll have a good look tonight, sounds like a cutter of some kind would be a good investment. The payback should be a reduction in counselling sessions 😅
  8. Hi guys, Progress has been a bit slow but never the less progress with the obligatory few steps back thrown in to keep it interesting! Firstly, the rear gear bay has been built using plasticard... I then cut the bomb bay doors out only to find what a numpty I am! Can you spot the deliberate error? Yep, you guessed, the saying measure twice cut once comes in useful when you practice it, unfortunately I didn't here! So, the interior framework was taken apart and modified so now we have this... Alain (corsairfoxfouruncle) is sending some resin bits across this week so once here, I'll see what we have and figure out what needs scratch building on the interior and make a start. This won't be a fully detailed interior or mega accurate, but should be enough to give it plenty of character when looking through the greenhouse roof. I'm not looking forwards to making all the bomb bay ribs, that should lead nicely in to my first counselling session One of the scary things is managing the expectations of you clever and knowledgeable folk here on BM central
  9. Don't think you do, but the conversion parts should fit any D kit and that looks like a good price for a j so happy!
  10. Thanks. Order placed anda couple of the conversion sets on the way from Eduard, much cheaper
  11. I’ve just been re-reading the excellent book ‘legend behind the lancaster’ by Robert Kirby. The Manchester was in constant evolution and the problems many due to it being thrust into operational service before it was ready, however, handling appeared to be good. The 3rd tail provided better lateral stability than the Lancaster despite issues with airflow from the mid upper turret. It was underpowered unfortunately so whilst handling may of been good, single engine handling was more of a steady glide and clime rate poor. There were some crew who never experienced any engine problems, so there will inevitably be mixed perceptions of the Manchester by those that flew it/ on it
  12. Another stunner mate, you’re on a roll!
  13. Gorgeous build mate and a tragic yet fascinating read thanks for sharing
  14. I'm not sure if the real thing was that boxy TBH. I'll know more once everythings glued up and car filler will help to even everything out! Cheers
  15. That 's my plan mate. The tail plane will be secured using a brass rod, but the wings will need something far more substantial. Quite enjoying the challenge of this one...well until I take one of the obligatory two steps back