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  1. Cheers mate. I haven’t done much on the undersides. I’ve tried to use photos to get a good representation and the black paint appears to hide much of the grime. I may add a bit of gloss contrast to simulate oil stains and there’s some exhaust staining but that’s about it. there will only be the lincoln finished for Telford, got quite a bit on with work so not getting the time / motivation at the bench. cheers
  2. Thanks Massimo Got the weathering done on the wings yesterday and cut the vac rear turret out and dipped in Kleer. There's still 16 prop blades to cut from the resin block yet which is a tedious task then I need to drill each one and insert some copper tube to secure them to the hubs.
  3. That would vertainly make an imposing line up with the 48 Vulcan there too! Hope you can get over next year Col , be great to catch up again Been working on the wings on and off this week with the deadline approaching. In the end I used some 72 scale Skymodels lines and stensils and have started on the weathering. All the weathering so far is using the trusty soft pastel and two types of brushes, the smaller one with the bristles cut right down to almost a stub so that I can work the pastel in to the panel lines and bring out rivet lines, then the larger one to brush any excess away in the direction of the airflow. I've tried to replicate the muddy footprints that tended to build up on the wings and upper fuselage. The next step is a dusting of matt varnish (Alclad flat cote) then the exhaust stains will be airbrushed on followed by some final pastelling to blend it all together. A final matt cote will seal everything in. The exhausts have been painted too but not fitted yet. Hoping to make a start on the undercarriage and turret this weekend too around domestic choirs Underwing without any weathering or varnish on yet. Apart from the exhaust stains, it will be kept quite minimal Photo's appear to show more grime around the hatch and turret on the fuselage with the grime extending out along the wings so this is what I've tried to create. Cheers
  4. Lovely finish, first one I’ve seen ove the line from the new release and what a result
  5. HK Lancaster ?.

    I started planning a few years ago on the phsycology front. I keep indicating to the missus that it will be part of our lives and I think she’s accepted it now 😂 where the hell it will though I don’t know! If it can be stored with the wings off, it will probably sit in a box and just come to the shows. It will fill a table by itself!
  6. Looking great, didn’t take long to get the paint on
  7. 1/48 617 Sqn Lancaster decals

    I may have the relevant individual codes if you need them.
  8. Thanks Chris, hopefully, I can provide a good home for it That's cool, there's quite a lot of diversity in fire bomber types so I reckon it could a successful venture
  9. Just stumbled across this, based on my previous popcorn expenditure on Hendie builds, I'd better stock up. Lovely progress on that interior so far
  10. Hi mate, I don't think so. I may bring the Manchester to Telford in a box as a WIP. Are you getting to Telford?
  11. Sorry I didn't get over to Driffield Colin, would of been good to catch up again. Really got stuck in this weekend. The fuselage is pretty much done now bar turrets and sticky out bits. The earlier Mk.IV H2S blisters were clear, but for the first time, I had to reduce the shine on a clear part so in the end, I used white / yellow ochre oils to rough it up a bit. I may give a light dusting of matt varnish too but will come back to that later. The canopy didn't turn out as bad as I'd expected which was a pleasant surprise as there was some glue marks in places but the frames have hidden most of it. The wings are nearly done too, although wasn't happy with the thickness of the wing lines provided by Tamiya so they've been removed and will get replaced with some thinner ones (72 scale!) Once the wings are done, the following remains: Turrets Cut Lancaster wheel hubs out and replace with the resin ones from the conversion set correct for a Lincoln Undercarriage Inboard oil tanks visible in the forward gear bays Various aerials Exhausts & props. The Manchester has stalled unfortunately. I had hoped to get both to Telford, but it's not a reality so have committed to getting this done along with a base.. I don't want to rush and cock them up. Cheers Neil
  12. 1/72 Beaufighter MK1F

    That's strange as I found the build straight forwards with no major issues
  13. Weathering clear parts! Who has done it?

    It's glued on now so any weathering needs to be on the outside but that would of been a good idea.
  14. Weathering clear parts! Who has done it?

    Sounds like an experiment to do Trevor, thanks for that idea
  15. I've fitted a clear h2s dome to a Lincoln and to prevent any fogging dipped it in Kleer first, however these things weren't that clear. Has anyone purposely weathered clear parts that can offer any advice. I'm thinking of a light airing of matt varnish and perhaps a colour hue, but I'm trying to learn by asking questions before making mistakes 😂 Thanks