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  1. Royal Navy SSN Submarine Conversion?

    Conversion to Swiftsure possible, Sail on S & T class very similar, and you could get away modify hull. Dreadnought and Valiant non-starter, completely different hull shape/length and Sail
  2. Falklands War Seaking colours

    Sorry, disagree based on personal observations, i've seen HC4s in at least 3 differing greens, not counting those that faded. The early birds including those we had down South appeared in a Darkish Olive type green, and remained in it past 1988 ( although those deployed to Lebanon in 88 faded badly). The Dark scheme was high lighted by the white applied for IFOR and exercises in Norway. The current or should I say last scheme came later as aircraft were out shopped post upgrade/modification. Light will always play tricks, and paint from differing manufacturers plays a part.
  3. Falklands War Seaking colours

    The Seaking HC4s were painted in what appeared to be a Dark Olive Green which differed from the later 'Olive Drab' worn for most of their lives
  4. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    Exactly, the ability to project air power will always be the game changer, hence the race going in around the world to build carriers. The daunting task for the RN will be to have the ability to provide a tight, effective screening force around the QE, and she definitely needs her own ppint defence missile system at some point.
  5. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    I think Michael Fallon was far to quick to make comments about the Kuznetsov, inviting retaliatory comments from the Russians. At a briefing on the QE last the year, a very experienced submariner sat next to me, turned and said ' now there's a nice big target!' Carriers will always will be primary targets in a conflict, hence most carry point defence missile and CIWIS systems in case the escorts get overwhelmed during an attack. the QE is on trials, she's not an actively commissioned warship as yet, and without a suitably sized airgroup she will remain a nice big target without posing much of a threat to anyone. But I look forward to seeing her with that airgroup!
  6. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    I think the statement has been misinterpreted. In this case as pointed out in an earlier post - the builder was commissioned to build the vessel when the contract was signed.
  7. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    There are still a few folks in the senior service that are dumbfounded as to why POW was not re-named Ark Royal? A lot of senior people expected it to happen, Prince Charles supposedly agreed to it when approached, so no excuse really
  8. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    The six spot layout on a deck of this size is surprising. The rolling landing is proposed for aircraft returning with weapons intact in order to avoid having to jettison them.in the sea because the F35B is unable to land vertically over a designated weight.
  9. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    Interesting thing is , that despite her size, the QE still only has six deck spots - the same as the much smaller HMS Ocean. The areas coated with the special heat resistant coating ( only 3 spots) can be clearly identified by the difference in colour. Even the old HMS Hermes had more deck spots, which seems rather embarrassing for the QE.
  10. A 1/16 M1A2 is long overdue and very welcome. It'll be interesting to see exactly what options are included!
  11. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    A lot depends on a lot, but providing there are no unexpected problems what you are hearing seems to be indicative of existing proposals!
  12. US Navy considers reactivating mothballed warships

    No doubt they'll take a good look at what they have and then work out what they'll get in return for the anticipated costs. The Iowas were only decommissioned because they were manpower intensive, but fact is these vessels were damned good value for money, and even now, specially if the USN went back to using nuclear tipped Tomahawks, they could be used as command vessels to replace outdated Blue Ridge and instruments of tactical nuclear power projection.
  13. There are many who feel the answer to retaining Ocean is to turn her into an RFA. But the only problem with that is the cost of upgrading the accommodation - the RFAs have a higher standard of accommodation than RN warships. Parting with Ocean would be the dumbest thing the RN has done in a very long time, but a crisis in manpower means they can't crew POW and Ocean. Mothballing POW until such time as manpower levels rise and we have aircraft to put on her is the correct and logical way to go!
  14. Simply put, that ain't gonna happen. All this waffle about using a QE as an LPH is nothing more than a poor attempt at trying to justify decommissioning HMS Ocean. Furthermore the QEs will not carry any form of landing craft, they will serve only in the strike carrier role. I suspect that unless Ocean becomes an RFA effectively replacing Argus, Argus will be used as a make shift LPH in an emergency. Albion will be back in business shortly with Bulwark in extended readiness.
  15. 1/48 Junglie Sea King HC.4 Commando

    That Flightpath sets are great, does anyone know which base kit this is designed for?