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  1. Sea Harrier Over The Falklands

    If the UK honours it's commitment to the purchase of 138 F35 - and given the fact that we keep making it known that we Will, it's not a case of having enough money for two variants. A split purchase of B and A variants will be Cheaper than an all B order. The airframes have a lot in common so we are not looking at having to have two completely different support structures.
  2. Sea Harrier Over The Falklands

    The QE class were designed to be fitted with Cats and Traps from the word go, and a lot of empty compartments exist on QE to facilitate this in the future. The only decent decision Cameron ever made was to put emals on. Lockheed made arrangements to switch the UK order to the F35C beginning with the third airframe to be delivered. This suited the RN and RAF very well! The US appreciating the budgetary constraints agreed to supply and fit emals for a fixed price, but no mention of how and where kit would be fitted? BAE then quoted a price in excess as the builders of the vessel to deter this. You have to stop and think about what would have happened to the F35B if the UK had gone ahead with F35C, there was a determination in US to cancel the B and it still came very close! An initial order for 48 x F35B has been placed, and the MOD and Government are now openly acknowledging that a split buy is now on the cards. The A is much cheaper and only version fitted with internal gun. It suits the RAF requirement perfectly. The UK F35 is to be based at Marham because of its close proximity to Lakenheath where US F35A will be based to allow interworking of UK and US engineers.
  3. Sea Harrier Over The Falklands

    Wrong. The B variant is the most expensive of the 3 versions, at the end of the day BAE wanted to overcharge for fitting cats and traps on carriers. RAF want A or C Variant, initial order is for 48 B airframes only with MOD and UK Government now acknowledging a possible split buy to include unspecified number of A variants because it will be Cheaper.
  4. 617 tornado

    Does anyone do a 1/32 Sheet?
  5. Sea Harrier Over The Falklands

    Yes and to be honest it was more a case of fighting for available funding then as it is now. Inter service rivalry continues and always will. Why do you think an RAF squadron will be the first to stand up on the F35B? Despite the fact that the B model is being purchased for carrier ops? The crabs want the F35A which I'm sure they will get in a split order at a later date. But meantime they have to be the first to have any variant......
  6. The end of my sea career

    Anyone have an update on This? I've heard there are still a lot of problems with the airport.
  7. Last Call for HMS Hermes

    Hermes is currently laid up in Mumbai. A individual tried to buy her for preservation via a crowd funding campaign and failed to get anywhere near enough money. The Indian Navy is pushing for a decision on her future as they don't want to see her scrapped.
  8. Sea Harrier Over The Falklands

    I have the re-print of Sharkeys book and to be honest it's a pretty good account of things as they really were, much to the annoyance of some senior people. Things at the sharp end are considerably different to how they're portrayed on TV etc. A lot of mistakes were made on our side in 1982 and Sharkey has clearly illustrated that. The rivalry between the RAF and Navy has been intense for many years and for a variety of reasons including the RAF physically moving Australia on a map to illustrate it could provide air cover for the RN negating the need for Aircraft Carriers, and remains so to this day!
  9. Buccaneer S2B

    Exactly right. I had a good look over this aircraft a few years back at the FAA museum and the engineers explained that they had decided not to locate and fit a flat belly as it were.
  10. K2 Tanker conversion for Airfix Victor B2?

    Airfix are releasing a Victor K2 later this year. This is a fact and I'm surprised not to have read more about it. Kit will contain markings for 3 aircraft including a Falklands option.
  11. RAF Blue Phantoms

    This is an excellent publication and features a number of special paint schemes including the blue phantoms. A few errors in places such as the pic of Ark Royal 5 being broken up in Turkey labelled as Ark Royal 4 being broken up at Devonport!!!
  12. Airfix 1/72 Victor K2

    Yep, this not a rumour, it's a fact! Due out in September 2018 ( which probably means a couple of months later)
  13. Royal Navy SSN Submarine Conversion?

    Conversion to Swiftsure possible, Sail on S & T class very similar, and you could get away modify hull. Dreadnought and Valiant non-starter, completely different hull shape/length and Sail
  14. Falklands War Seaking colours

    Sorry, disagree based on personal observations, i've seen HC4s in at least 3 differing greens, not counting those that faded. The early birds including those we had down South appeared in a Darkish Olive type green, and remained in it past 1988 ( although those deployed to Lebanon in 88 faded badly). The Dark scheme was high lighted by the white applied for IFOR and exercises in Norway. The current or should I say last scheme came later as aircraft were out shopped post upgrade/modification. Light will always play tricks, and paint from differing manufacturers plays a part.
  15. Falklands War Seaking colours

    The Seaking HC4s were painted in what appeared to be a Dark Olive Green which differed from the later 'Olive Drab' worn for most of their lives