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  1. There are many who feel the answer to retaining Ocean is to turn her into an RFA. But the only problem with that is the cost of upgrading the accommodation - the RFAs have a higher standard of accommodation than RN warships. Parting with Ocean would be the dumbest thing the RN has done in a very long time, but a crisis in manpower means they can't crew POW and Ocean. Mothballing POW until such time as manpower levels rise and we have aircraft to put on her is the correct and logical way to go!
  2. Simply put, that ain't gonna happen. All this waffle about using a QE as an LPH is nothing more than a poor attempt at trying to justify decommissioning HMS Ocean. Furthermore the QEs will not carry any form of landing craft, they will serve only in the strike carrier role. I suspect that unless Ocean becomes an RFA effectively replacing Argus, Argus will be used as a make shift LPH in an emergency. Albion will be back in business shortly with Bulwark in extended readiness.
  3. That Flightpath sets are great, does anyone know which base kit this is designed for?
  4. Hmm, that'sounds a lot of postage for something very small and light!! A full conversion kit would come in handy! Any idea how long it might take for Airfix to release a K2? Or possibly just additional parts with decals?
  5. Thanks guys, the matchbox parts are indeed crude, reckon i'll wait for an Airfix issue or a conversion set from somebody else.
  6. I have the Corgi 1/72 Seaking HC4 painted in the Bosnia IFOR scheme and it's pretty damn good. There are a lot of photos of it on the net which could provide a good reference for your model. Google Corgi Seaking HC4 IFOR
  7. Although parts can be taken from the old Matchbox/Revell Victor K2 and used on the Airfix kit, does anyone know if any of the Big Aftermarket companies is planning an accurate resin K2 conversion set for the Airfix kit, or indeed do Airfix intend to bring out an additional parts set like they did with the Valiant?
  8. It'll be interesting to see which naming process is adopted for these. A new 'County' Class would be appropriate ?
  9. I have the Aires 1/32 Tornado Exhaust Nozzle set 2124 and they look fine for the GR4 i'm building.
  10. It'll be interesting to see which schemes are used in the future, I quite like the Lynx Wildcat scheme
  11. The new overall grey for the Merlin Mk4 bears a very striking resemblance to the colour used by the USMC, it's lighter than the ASW birds.
  12. I had no idea there were so many C17 Decal sheets available. Ordering the 99 sqdn sheet now and wait for kinetic kit.
  13. The first fully Navalised Mk4 has flown wearing a grey scheme, try the RN website, I believe there is an announcement and colour pics on there. Seems strange to be painting these birds in a grey scheme very similar to the anti-sub Merlins.
  14. The only way the most famous and well loved name in the Navy will return in the foreseeable future is as an SSBN.