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  1. If you do get the CA kit, do not use thin cyanoacrylate glue to attach the resin interior bits to the fuselage halves. The fuselage will just crumble...
  2. Xtracolour or Xtracrylix should be able to be acquired fairly easily in the UK. You may have to mail order them, but being "in country" shouldn't present the issues that overseas buyers face.
  3. Yes, Mike West of Lonestar made a deal with Chris of Cobra Company for masters, molds, etc. He's already released some Cobra Company sets.
  4. Also, check LoneStar Models for a re-release of the ex-Cobra Company A-1 interior. It really does spruce up the Matchbox kit. I'm not sure what Mike's production schedule will be, but it's worth check my from time to time. I can't really answer your questions about using bits from other kits to improve the Matchbox kit.
  5. You're onto my game, sir!
  6. Both the Italeri and Eduard kits use the Accurate Miniatures molds.
  7. I think Italeri has a Mk.XVI also, that is from the Occidental molds.
  8. Testors did a release of the Italeri B-66. Until the Hasegawa (1/72) and the Trumpeter (1/48) the only other A-3 kit that I can recall is the ancient box-scale Revell (also released by Advent) kit.
  9. It will probably be out of my price range, but I'm glad they chose the B17 as a subject.
  10. If I were looking for help on the accuracy of an A-4 kit, Steve would be the first person I'd check with. Your A-4s are very nice, DIO, but as you commented on accuracy, I think that Steve was right in making his comments about the accuracy of the kit(s). Steve is very generous of his time an resources when it comes to A-4s and all things RAN.
  11. If you want to do an earlier version of the B-26 check out Lonestar Models site. You'll need to scroll down a ways:
  12. I'm guessing either a P-38J or L. IIRC, Honduras received a small number of P-38Js.
  13. IIRC, nothing to prevent looking through the main landing gear bays, either. Have lots of filler handy. IMO, other than as a nostalgia build, I don't see much to recommend the old Frog kit.
  14. Well I feel pretty silly now...
  15. It may not be your fault. It could be Italeri's fault...