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  1. Airfix Folland Gnat T.1

    Thank you, Giorgio. I should have mentioned that I'd like to see one in 1/48th scale…
  2. MIG-21UM forward airbrake .. a further question

    Yep, that's the one. I think their H-34 is finished. It's in SVNAF markings (well it was when I was there about three years ago)…
  3. Airfix Folland Gnat T.1

    I'd love to see someone do a conversion for the single-seat Ajeet from India or for the Finnish AF version… I don't know, other than the obvious fuselage change what else would be required, but it would be interesting to see.
  4. All the B-25B/C/D questions you wanted to ask

    I've got a pretty extensive walkaround of "Briefing Time," the MAAM's (Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Reading, PA) B-25J that anyone is welcome to use it for reference material. https://postimg.org/gallery/233wkr4x8/ https://postimg.org/gallery/1622pmiss/
  5. Airfix 1/48 Spitfire XIX Cockpit

    You can order those Barracudacast items directly from the manufacturer, although as the OP is in the UK Hannants may be his best bet. http://barracudacals.com/index.php
  6. Richard Caruana Decal Archive on the Interweb

    Have you considered releasing the art work (instructions?) as well?
  7. Defiant 1/48 Trumpeter vs Airfix

    Thanks for the info.
  8. Defiant 1/48 Trumpeter vs Airfix

    I think the Defiant is one of those where Airfix used their LIDAR setup, insuring more accurate shapes on the external bits (not sure oif they would be able to use it in the cockpit or not). Not sure exactly how Trumpeter came up with the shapes they produced… The general consensus, and not only on Britmodeller, seems to be that the Airfix kit is the better of the two…
  9. 1/48 - FMA IA 58 Pucara by Kinetic - CAD drawing

    Same here. That list keeps getting longer and longer…
  10. MIG-21UM forward airbrake .. a further question

    I don't know if these will be helpful or not. It does look to be a very thin piece, but of course you can't see details other than that… https://postimg.org/gallery/1s6v6h93g/
  11. SH 1/48 T-2 Buckeye

    I haven't read many reviews, but I do remember that most of them hinted at "some modeling skills required…" and that it requires careful construction to get everything to fit the way it should. I've got the Two Bobs release (somewhere in the stash), but have yet to start construction.
  12. Liberator to Privateer - anyone done a conversion?

    Cobra Company sets are now owned by Mike West of Lonestar Models. I think he just recently released the 1/72 set. i don't see it listed on his site, but it may be worth checking from time to time to see if he re-releases it.
  13. 1/48 RAF Phantom FGR.2

    I think the British Phantoms are some of the rarer Hasegawa phantom kits (right up there with the RF-4C…)
  14. 1/48 Monogram Phantom II Kit # 5813

    My thinking, exactly. A couple of parts added to the sprues would take care of the cockpit issue.
  15. 1/48 Monogram Phantom II Kit # 5813

    Odd that they got the aft cockpit sidewall done correctly on their 1/72 but not on their 1/48 kit.