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  1. TAMIYA STEYER 1500A/01

    Evening all.....hope your all planning a good weekend. Managed some time tonight, but it's been a heavy week so not much to show. managed to pick up a mortar and worked on that. I decided that the wood deck I built wouldn't stand up to constant pounding when the mortar was in use. And having seen this Sd.Kfz 250 recently renovated by a Russian collector. As you can see the steel they installed in the factory is extensive for a mortar installation. You should see what they started with for it to end up in this mint condition......anyway, on with the Steyer...... So..with some research on ad-hoc vehicles with flak or AT gun's etc.....I imagined this Steyer in the southern Ukraine in 43 and If I was ordered to figure it out, by the Hauptman (in the field), A few pieces of Soviet angle iron and away you go. I think it might have come out like this. Plenty of strength for long term use and the front legs tied down with plated loops. All bolted to the sub floor. All I have to do now is build a strap with clasp to hold the base plate in when it's on the move. Able to be un-done if it needed to be removed. Looking for constructive criticism, so fire away...........
  2. 1/35 T34/76 Winter Camo|Tamiya

    Hi chaps, see you debating thin cements....... If you want a thin cement, I would recommend this. SCIGRIP 4SC - - It's a tenner a can for nearly 500ml as compared to Tamiya and similar at around £4 for 40ml. To get the same amount as SCIGRIP in Tamiya would cost over £45. I just decant what I need into a smaller bottle. There are different types available, but I find this one is one I like for a fast, quick dry. Regards Simon.
  3. Bronco 1/35 Adler Kfz.13 armoured car

    Really nice Sairou...really nice....
  4. Personal WW1 Group Build: MkIVs & Whippet

    Hi What it does, reduces the size of the droplet the team at the model shop told me. Agreed on water based, not advisable to warm the paint. Increase the distance maybe 6", and I've always found it goes on much thinner and lessen's to a bare minimum loss of detail. Simon.
  5. TAMIYA STEYER 1500A/01

    Hi Clive. Yes, really enjoyed this one so far....if you decided to get this one. I'll try and get on here any issues I have noted or would do an alternate way the next one I get. I have the intent to do a couple more of these. Something like this. I have the PE suspension upgrade for it, so just need to get the upper area PE kit. Simon.
  6. Airfix 1:32 QF 17-pounder Anti Tank Gun

    My pleasure.....anytime....
  7. Personal WW1 Group Build: MkIVs & Whippet

    Hi Nice set of builds there. A subject I aim to get into one day. Just a tip if you haven't heard it before. I use to work in the 3D retail industry as a designer. And had a lot of time managing model makers in my various company workshops. What they use to do to get a better coverage for spray cans that was thinner and a better lay of the paint, was to put hot water in a bucket, then drop the can in for 5 to 10 minutest. Warm up the can. They had to get the best finish for clients to review the models.....
  8. Airfix 1:32 QF 17-pounder Anti Tank Gun

    Hi Clive, thought this was interesting.....I saw someone mention a this on forum, might be on here - somewhere anyway, for making flags.....I might try it out one day. http://www.homecrafts.co.uk/inkjet-cotton-lawn-washable-a4-pack-of-5?gclid=CjwKCAiAn5rUBRA3EiwAUCWb21pzF0HJto6btiDQG1QPKP8azhpI_vEgIXJMzjISIZLxzuv2Fh-dzBoC0coQAvD_BwE
  9. Airfix 1:32 QF 17-pounder Anti Tank Gun

    Excellent work on the flag Clive....very creative....that's on my trial list...... Everything else, top notch progress..... Simon.
  10. 1/7nd AFV's, what's the attraction

    Well Gent's, that say's it all.....I can understand the attraction from one's younger days.........I cut my teeth on 1:35 Tamya, so hence my love of Tamiya now........ I hear you too on space for display....most probably for me a long negotiation with the other half to display them when I'm done.....boy do I need a man cave....... My big thing is the after market PE set's and from what i can see, they are not as prevalent in 1:72 -76th (there again, I don't think my eye's too would take the strain if they did). Thanks for the repay's, Regards, and happy mini modelling.... Simon.
  11. 1/35 T34/76 Winter Camo|Tamiya

    Hi there I just took delivery of this kit off EBay for a tenner. So will be using this cracking example as inspiration. relly nice job overall. I really like the distinction between turret and main hull. Mud and winter camo is perfect, really nice touch👌 Simon
  12. AFV Club - Leichte Zugkraftwagen 3t -Sd.Kfz.11

    It seems the more I look into this one, the more I see Aber and LionsRoar the preference on upgrade PE.......ah well.....Maybe I'll try it again in the future, at it's a cool subject....... Simon.
  13. AFV Club - Leichte Zugkraftwagen 3t -Sd.Kfz.11

    Hi Soeren, yes me too. But I think if I remember they were in box reviews. Or maybe they accept peculiarities more than I 😁 The issues with locator pins to location holes may seem trivial, but make a difference locating small pieces. Having to cut off nearly 3mm of a part to get it to fit is a bit annoying also As regards the AFV Club PE set ( by Voyager) is pretty much 50% is pointless. The interior of the cab (foot pedals, diamond plates, gear box housing) can’t be see as you can’t open the doors to see it unless you leave the roof off to view...☹️ They would have been better off providing the bracing and hinges etc for the rear deck drop down sides. The biggest error is the front grill. Literally made for another vehicle even though this set is specifically for this AFV model...😳 I had to also in the end last night replace the engine hood latches with Griffon’s as the one's in the PE set were rudimentary to say the least. I would certainly say, don’t bother with it. Very poor for Voyager indeed. I’ve actually made notes on the instruction sheet. So if the gang want I can give a full list at the end To watch out for 🤓 Simon
  14. AFV Club - Leichte Zugkraftwagen 3t -Sd.Kfz.11

    Evening all.....managed some time today. Worked on most of the upper structure - cabin and rear decking. As I intend to have a FLAK 38 on the back I haven't installed all the canvas frame. and the one side will be dropped down in a semi firing position. Again, many ill fitting parts requiring sanding to get into place. The dashboard component was nearly 2mm wider than space allowed for it...... The cross beams of the under frame of the rear deck need nearly 3mm chopping off to get the to fit also. The biggest set back is this pretty pointless PE set made by Voyager for AFV Club. All the interior cab detail you can't see when the cab is built....the doors are moulded as one piece within their frames......and the best is yet to come. The PE grill with the Voyager set is totally the wrong shape. I had to use the steel one supplied with the kit, which was not a bad fit at all really in light of the dubious tolerances of this one's molding. So the cab interior will lave basic PE like the map caddy'd and traffic signal signs. Most what you see is the kit supplied foot peddles etc. Pretty clunky, but they'll do for how much you will see. The main cab is still separate for painting along with the rear wall for access to install the glass in the last stage. One more shot of the front showing the wiper blades removed ready for PE one's OK chap's, nite for now. Regards Simon.
  15. AFV Club - Leichte Zugkraftwagen 3t -Sd.Kfz.11

    Hi Soeren. Maybe, maybe not as regards mould quality and fit etc. But to sell a PE set for one of your own kits and then have the kit have no ability to view it. You’ll have to do that Centurion. Pinpoint issues like the ones I have, if it has any. I’ll try a Takom if you recommend that much. I’ll check out what they have that takes my fancy......🤓