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    Hi all, hope the night is going well. As I was house bound due to the ice and unable to get out. I managed to get something done in between chores etc. I managed to strip the old Tamiya Panzer grey off the chassis today. Picked up some really good stuff from B&Q. No fumes, water soluble and took it off in an hour. Started to finalise the fenders and ammo containers. But once I did a dry fit of the wheels, I really need to get on with the tracks. It'll be nigh on impossible to fit them once the fenders are on the chassis....so next step the tedious task of putting the tracks together. I can't remember now if this kit came with the separate links I have, as I also have the all in one's too in the box too. The separate link ones are OK, not brilliant. But they'll have to do. Night all.....hopefully I'll have the tracks on their way to completion. Simon.

    Hi G Cheers for that. I’m getting back into the swing of things again. Hi Soeren yes. My eyesight is at its limit on some bits, even with a magnifying lamp. I think I’ll look more like a watchmaker than model maker😊..... I think I might put on my Christmas list a set of magnifying glasses next year....🤓 thanks both for taking a look many regards Simon
  3. Tamiya 1/35 Opel Blitz

    I'm hoping my time will free up more so in the future. Having to take care of a lot of issues from the past.......then I'll be able to do more per week.....Once I get the airbrush and compressor, that should be better too. That canvas cover is a cracking piece. Very realistic. Every-time I see this truck design, I always think of Kelly's Heroes and 16 mil in gold....... Have good day mate Simon.
  4. Masterbox 1/35 Sd.Kfz. 2 Type 170VK

    Hi Sairou, I actually like having multiple pieces on the go at the same time. It can be tough to just do one. You might hit a snag and need a break.....so jump on to a more fun one...... Simon

    Evening all. Late night post. Not much to show for a snow day....on and off efforts. I decided to concentrate on component PE parts as I need to get the primer off the chassis before I can start adding the fender parts in PE. Managed to get the hand grenade base's, headlights, horn, no-tek light, MP40 racks, "Jerry"can frame (interesting, no strap to hold them in), tool box's, rear convoy light, partial jack block and the infamous shell racks...... The jury is still out on them and maybe still be remade with styrene. Anyway, off to figure out how to strip the Tamiya primer that the chassis is in. I heard oven off or maybe medical alcohol. Night all. Simon
  6. Masterbox 1/35 Sd.Kfz. 2 Type 170VK

    Blimey Sairou the Germans would have loved your production rates......🤓 Nice little piece 👍 Simon
  7. Tamiya 1/35 Opel Blitz

    Nice Sairou This is a area I wan to go in do some soft skin vehicles. Nice job so far. you do manage to keep up production. Wish I had the time. I'm limited to maybe 5 or so hours a week.....😫 Looking forward to the final piece Simon
  8. Nice Panther there Francis. Love the mud effects.......... Simon

    Cheers chaps It is a whopper Blaubar........and as I said to Spitfire, the PE is a "whopper" of a challenge too. I might have to consider building the shell racks out of styrene strip. I'll have to see what my mood is in the morning. I just had to call it a night after screaming so loud I got complaints from the family..... Thanks Kev........I hope to keep this one going as a filler in between my other two projects on the go, so might be a low burn......I'll do my best to keep posting regular as I can. Thanks Francis, and yes to the PE and I don't envy me either mate........ Plus I am discovering a lot of issues with the kit I created back then. My gluing technique wasn't as clean as now. So lots to clean up hear and there. Still, onward and upward...... Have a good night chaps. Regards Simon.

    Hi Spitfire, I have to be honest; getting back into this one after re-boxing about three plus years ago....I'm starting to realise why...... The PE is a nightmare. If you start it, I can't wait until you get to the shell racks.....they have been designed by a PE sadist. I've done both. Both differently. They are impossible to bend the way they are designed - the sequence makes no difference. The first one I finished and then discovered as the instructions aren't clear I had missed a bend all together. So had to dismantle the whole thing, clean off the cryo, flatten and bend again. That one needs major repairs. The second I sat for nearly 15 mins, but discovered it can't be bent. So after many expletives that one needs repairs too......crap. I have a good mind to buy the aftermarket canvas cover and be done with the interior.............. When you start it mate, let me know and I'll try and keep some notes to help you out. At least eliminate the trial and error I'm going through....but I will persevere.... Regards Simon.

    Evening all.......just finished looking over the pile of bits on this one. Quite a rag tag pile. I discovered I actually started putting together some of this with soldered joints....(that was a revelation)...don't remember doing that. Some of the Voyager PE frets....lots of tinny bits (bugger...) The fenders......halfway done. First time I've done fender replacements.....looking forward to seeing the result myself. Internal view. I might try and put actual wood planks in-place of the ones moulded. I have some stirring sticks from Starbucks that might fit the bill...have to see. And the main gun......I think I got it from RB...not sure now. It has the resin gun mantlet with bolt detail......I might take them off and use the bolts I got from Masterclub. They'll have more definition. You got to give it to the Jerries...when they put a gun on an AFV, they don't do it light heartedly do they.....wouldn't liked to have been in a T-34 at 2000 meters to be sure...... Anyway chaps.........tempted to shelve the Wespe and SIG33. But I think I'll get them done, before I get my teeth into this one. Night all Simon.
  12. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Hi Mark....thank you very much for your comments, very appreciated. It gives me great pleasure that I seem to be getting my mojo back on the modelling. I agree somewhat on the brass being painted. I thought the same myself the other day. But when you look at a PE finished piece, the detail does come through. When you compare boxes, gun racks etc to the moulded part; there's a distinct difference. I resist putting PE where you won't see it, that I can't see the reason for........but to be honest, even if not seen that much, I love the challenge of putting the PE together. I might one day see if I can do something like a Voyager box image and leave it all brass, in place of painting it.....maybe, have to see......thanks again. Hi John, cheers on the review and I'm glad it peaked your interest to comment. I'm glad my efforts are being enjoyed on the forum.....all my lot here at home have no interest at all.....whatsoever. I mean I was asked last week, "what are you going to do with it when your finished?" so it's nice to come on here and chat and look at what everyone is doing. The gas can rack was a trial. I did it before I got my hands on softer wire. This was done in florists wire. Just soft enough to flatten with pliers at the ends etc. With it being harder , it does hold it's shape ;\long term and can take a hit now and again. Cheers John. Simon.
  13. Tamiya WESPE Sd.Kfz.124 - My first blog build

    Hi Kev Yeah, the pins are very, very fine. I mean I see their intent at a set of tracks with the bolt heads on both sides. But once fitted you only see one side anyway. So Friuls are fine from now on. A little more money, but a time saver. I sometimes use the issued tracks with the kit, to get the sag I use needles from the inside. Once painted you don't see them.I actually enjoy the PE part more than anything on a kit....a challenge. But I'm surprised the street doesn't hear me scream now and again........ I'm going to try and finish off the Wespe this weekend. But I might get distracted by reviewing the state my Sturer Emil is in, partially built and develop a build plan for that...have to see. Have a good day Kev. Regards Simon.

    Cheers Sairou, that's fantastic......just what I needed... I've done a few step's already, just needed to check some detail and make sure I don't fit something in the wrong sequence. I have a PE set for it also. So this weekend I am going to asses what i need to do and make a plan. I'd like to get this one done. It will be nice to have all the odds and ends e=finished from the aborted many attempts to do my hobby in the past. Thanks again mate. Simon.

    Good evening all.......I've posted this as it might be my next build when the SIG33 and Wespe come to an end. I have a partial built Sturer Emil by Trumpeter. I started it a few years ago and just had too busy a life since the top came off the box back then to finish it. Now my issue now is........I've lost the instructions.... My request to get this one back on the bench is, has anyone done this kit and do you still have the instructions. Some scans emailed would be perfect. If not, I'll have to wait and see if they turn up one day..... Simon.