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  1. What's good with Shapeways their p&p has dropped in price.
  2. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Looking good
  3. That would be bright.l will p.m. Many thanks ,More photos,forgot to put the 3D set in. That's the hull waterlined,3D turrets and the front bridge done,that took all of yesterday.
  4. Been planning this ship for some time and one popped up very cheap at a model show £3 .Reason it was such a give away,was no funnel caps.hopefully l can fix this with body filler.This will be a batch one,if you just don't look too close they look the same,far from it. especially between the two funnels.The Airfix kit is very basic,with lots of holes and over-sized parts.These can be replaced,lucky there is a Photo etching set from Atlantis models and 3D set from Shapeways for her.I,m replacing the bridge winds with plastic card.The ship will be waterlined The Kit The Etching Kit Lots of holes The Helicopter !
  5. New Ship Related Releases

    An update on the HMS Ark Royal 1/700 1978,Atlantic models kit sold by Starling models,looks like the price is good also £85.
  6. New Ship Related Releases

    On Steel navy ,someone has taken a picture of the latest trumpeter catalogue and is showing the 1/350 the county class cruisers HMS Cornwall,Kent yes 1930's ones and also HMS York and Exeter. Very interesting.
  7. Very smart and the hull ,thanks for showing this superb work .
  8. Aberdeen Model bShow

    I spoke to Sandy from the Aberdeen model club today at the Glasgow model show todayand they now nothing about these dates .They are planing their second show in 2018 15th Sept to be confirm,but not these dates set in Oct .
  9. Aberdeen Model bShow

    Which show is this. Or should ask which country.
  10. 4th HMS Ark Royal

    Follow this link
  11. HMS Abercrombie

    Another big fan of monitors,especially the book HMS Saracen by Douglas Reeman. All fiction, but a great read.
  12. This has to be some of the best work l have seen .Excellent modelling .
  13. Och this looks painful.chop, chop, chop.......
  14. Hi Paul Do you that Atlantic models will have one in the near future in 1/350.email Peter.Good luck ,with this model, will be interesting to see if they can be make into something good.
  15. IJN "Shokaku"

    Superb piece of work,thanks for sharing