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  1. HMS Abercrombie

    Another big fan of monitors,especially the book HMS Saracen by Douglas Reeman. All fiction, but a great read.
  2. This has to be some of the best work l have seen .Excellent modelling .
  3. Och this looks painful.chop, chop, chop.......
  4. Hi Paul Do you that Atlantic models will have one in the near future in 1/350.email Peter.Good luck ,with this model, will be interesting to see if they can be make into something good.
  5. IJN "Shokaku"

    Superb piece of work,thanks for sharing
  6. HMS Newcastle Type 42 Destroyer is here

    My "42" has arrived,had a quick look and its the same high standard,but have to finish other ships first.
  7. New Ship Related Releases

    Dream come true,at last
  8. New Ship Related Releases

    Taken from F.B. Starling Models We are very pleased to announce that in the production stage is a kit from Atlantic Models of HMS Ark Royal 1978 in 1/700 scale. This kit has been long awaited by many modellers, it will be produced by Starling Models for Atlantic Models with a release at the IPMS Telford show in November. Photos of the main hull and superstructure parts dry fitted, the kit will also include photoetch and CAD designed Phantom, Buccaneer, Gannet, Wessex and Sea King aircraft, which will also be available separately. At present no price has been set for the kit and pre-orders are not being taken at present. More news will be available in the coming months as production advances. This kit will only be available in 1/700 scale. Taken from Atlantic Models You might all be aware by now of the progress being made towards the coming release of ATK70020 HMS Ark Royal IV in 1/700 scale. These kits are from patterns originally made for WEM a fair few years ago and never got beyond the pattern stage. I am now finishing off the job and drawing up the Photo Etch for the ship and aircraft and will also be doing the usual assembly instructions. Mike McCabe at Starling Models has kindly taken charge of the production and sales side of these kits, being among the 1/700 scale kits in the White Ensign Range. All further news and announcements regarding the Ark will be coming from Mike. What out for more news.
  9. 1:700 Scale HMS Victory

    Got to get one of then and this is why,hope you don,t mind,for anyone the Dockyard Museum at Portsmouth ,should be on everyone ones bucket list,was there in June,superb weather helped as well.
  10. I see whats happening ,they pull back,once they realised, what they have done,but it will be toooo late,I have moved to this site,so good so far. "Imgur"
  11. HMS Aurora 1/700 Flyhawk

    That's the rigging done and railing finished,just the radar on the mast,ships boats and crew to fit,also trying a new link,instead of Photobucket,if this works,I will change over to imgur and keep PB for a year.to keep those links,for the photo's,I do have photo my ships on the gallery of Modelwarships,so not is lost.here goes.
  12. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    If you log in you can get the basic pack for nothing and if gives live update https://www.marinetraffic.com
  13. HMS Aurora 1/700 Flyhawk

    Been busy with Aurora,this model as a lot of detail to fit,plus bonus, lots of extras left over.
  14. Superb ,thanks for sharing. .
  15. HMS Aurora 1/700 Flyhawk

    Yes is the answer.