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  1. We have the new Wingnut Wings Sopwith Camel kits back in stock, price is £65 for any of the single kits and £152 for the Duellist kit with LVG CVI, although this latter has sold out already so more stock will be on its way soon. Go to our website Starling Models Mike
  2. Yes I'll be taking a few. Mike
  3. I have two volumes of this I could be persuaded to part with if anyone is interested? Mike
  4. Hi, Good news and not so good on this one. L'Arsenal will be releasing their resin upgrade set which will include new weapons and boats which will be a great improvement on the kit parts. In terms of not so good, with the Eduard set being released most of what I was intending to produce was already replicated in there, so reluctantly I decided not to continue with the etch side of the set. With the L'Arsenal set it would mean that not all of the Eduard etch sets would be required, I think a combination will result in a very good upgrade of the pretty basic kit. Mike
  5. The forthcoming Wingnut WIngs Sopwith Camel kits are available for pre-order from Starling Models, expected delivery is mid to late March. Order yours now at £65 for the standard Camel kits and £152 for the Camel and LVG CVI duellists set. Starling Models Mike
  6. Our first stocks of wingnut wings kits will be arriving shortly and are available for pre-order. We offer very competitive prices and fast delivery as a UK based supplier. The new Sopwith Camel kits are available for pre-order now and are expected in Mid to late March, to secure yours you can make your order on our online shop at Starling Models Mike
  7. Interesting, I was thinking vaguely of doing a 1/350 scale kit to fit in with the Aoshima Thunderbird series. Will be interested to see how it turns out. I have a small business that sells resin ships and kits so have access to casters and etch production. Mike
  8. Around 5 pounds in the UK for the smaller models then varies, you can check the exact price by going to the shop website. Mike
  9. Starling Models will soon be stocking Wingnut Wings 1/32 Great War aircraft kits, we expect the first to arrive within the next couple of weeks. We will hold a smallish stock of kits with most being available on back order, which will normally be fulfilled within 10-14 days. All of the currently available stock will be available, including the new Sopwith Camel kits when they are released. Best of all, our prices will be very competitive, the Camel kits will be 65 pounds the same for the Fokker eindekker series, SE.5, Pfalz DIIIa and other single seat fighters, Bristol fighter, Roland CII, Albatros BII, DH.9a 95 pounds, FE.2b, DFW C.V and Rumpler C.IV 105 pounds with the Felixstowe 216 pounds. These are just some sample prices from the range. Visit to see the available range and place your pre-order or email for more information. Mike
  10. Haruna and Hiei are on the box side. Mike
  11. Just in is the Kongo 1914 from Kajika and a superb kit it is too. Kajika is a new brand that is part of Flyhawk that produces Japanese subjects. The good news is that the kit is every bit as good as we have come to expect from Flyhawk, superb detail, incredibly crisp moulding and great attention to detail. There are a range of accessory sets to complement the kit, all are now available in limited quantities in the shop. If you want to have a closer look there are more photos of the kit in the new blog section of the shop homepage, go to and scroll down the page a little.
  12. New arrivals today, we have some very hard to find injection plastic kits from Seals Models of Japan. These are mainly Japanese subjects from the early 20th century including the battleships Mikasa, Yashima and Fuji and cruisers Iwate, Izumo, Tokiwa and others. For a change of pace and a little colour there are three Antartic research ships / icebreakers, Soya, Shirase AGB-5002 and Shirase AGB-5003. These last two are different ships with the same name, the latter being that currently in service. Finally we have a resin Bangor class minesweeper, two kits are included in this set. All available today on
  13. Thanks Will, glad you got them safely. Mike
  14. Today we have four new 1/700 kits from Flyhawk in stock, these include two versions of the brand new HMS Campbeltown kit, HMS Hermes 1937 and HMS Naiad deluxe version. The standard Campbeltown kit has a full hull option and etched parts whilst the deluxe has the same but extra etched parts, brass barrel and bollards and rigging thread. Both show the ship as at the St Nazaire raid in 1942 modified to resemble a German destroyer. HMS Hermes is now available in a 1937 Coronation Review version with swordfish and walrus aircraft, signal flag decals to allow the ship to be shown dressed overall and rigging thread. Finally there is a deluxe limited edition boxing of HMS Naiad which includes brass barrels and bollards, two more etched frets and again rigging thread. All these kits are now on sale at Starling Models in the UK,
  15. The 1/700 Algerine class kit is now back in stock, this is resin kit which has been CAD designed and 3d printed, then resin cast. It includes etched parts, decals and full colour instructions and is available for £32. Available from Starling Models Mike