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  1. Great news. Clear winglights on this one Airfix please!
  2. No I like the early Beau's like the Mk1. It's the ugly thimble nose I don't like.
  3. Looks like theiy're releasing the ugly version first.
  4. Airfix price increase

    Obviously I'm no advocating ridiculous high prices but if they have to do it then they have to do it. I'd rather that than Airfix and Hornby go under.
  5. Is this Typhoon scheme legit?

    Cheers for that. I'll have to read that a few times to take it all in. What a bunch of bozo's that Photobucket are though. The amount of threads that have been spoiled by them and their money grabbing antics is ridiculous.
  6. Is this Typhoon scheme legit?

    Thanks all. So basically as is often the case things aren't so clear cut. I was originally going to use the kits decal option Chris and do ZYB but then I saw the illustration of ZYY and liked it because it didn't have the rectangular space for the codes. I just thought it looked neater without the rectangular bit. I'll probably leave it as it is though. One other question........Is the Hasegawa spinner the correct shape for the teardrop Typhoon? In the photo's I've seen the spinner Hasegawa's included looks shorter and stubbier than most of the teardrop Typhoon spinners I've seen. They look longer and thinner. To me the Hasegawa spinner looks like it's one from a car door Typhoon.
  7. If this is a new injection kit then I could be tempted. I've got the Italeri 1/72 glider so might do the prop version too.
  8. Is this Typhoon scheme legit?

    Italeri seem to think it's genuine too ........ https://www.squadron.com/1-48-Italeri-Hawker-Typhoon-MK-Ib-Late-IT2734-p/it2734.htm mind you as we all know kit companies can get it wrong also.
  9. Is this Typhoon scheme legit?

    Not sure if it's relaxing but somebody else has done it the same as mine anyway.......... https://intscalemodeller.com/viewtopic.php?t=4138&start=30
  10. Is this Typhoon scheme legit?

    This is the problem. I did this years ago before I had access to the web. I got the scheme from British Aircraft of WW2 by David Mondey. In the book it says it's from 247 sqn Colombes France June 1944.
  11. Is this Typhoon scheme legit?

    A few years back I painted my Hasegawa Typhoon in this scheme.......... http://img.wp.scn.ru/camms/ar/463/pics/9_17.jpg but I can't find any old photo's of this aircraft painted exactly like that with the complete wraparound D DAY markings on the wings and fuselage. I can find photo's of ZYY but it doesn't have the complete wraparound markings and has a red 4 blade spinner instead of the sky 3 blade on mine.
  12. What paints for Dark Earth / Dark Green ?

    I've used Tamiya Flat Earth on my Battle of France Hurricane as I didn't have any Dark Earth and just wanted to get on with it. It looks pretty good to me but I'd be interested to hear peoples opinions on whether it's ok or not.
  13. 1/48 SAAB J 29 by Pilot Replicas

    Strangely enough in the past few days I've been wondering if there was any news on the Vamps. Hope they're not in trouble.
  14. Where is 1/48 new tool B-24/B-17/B-29/Lancaster ?

    I'd like a new tool Halifax myself considering Revell made such a mess of theirs.
  15. Airfix 2018

    About time we had a new Halifax in 1/72 and Vampires, Venoms and Sea Venoms in 1/48th.