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  1. We bought some Raspberries from Waitrose the other day and they had some corrugated material in the bottom of the container, might be worth a look.
  2. 'Better to burn out than fade away'. Was down at Winchester Science Centre last week and the scientific community is getting quite excited about Enceladus, they've certainly got a lot of information from Cassini
  3. Hi there Dave, welcome to Britmodeller, good to have you onboard. Those Alligators are pretty quick over a short distance aren't they! Not that I've seen one in the flesh, but I've certainly got a healthy respect for anything that can eat me. Look forward to seeing you around the forums.
  4. The existing Airfix kit can be made into a very nice model with a little TLC, I'd imagine it's a fair way down their wish list.
  5. Gah! Wrong scale, looks great though. Some lovely detail there.
  6. Are we there yet?...just kidding. Might do a quick 1/48 Hobbycraft 109C just to fill the time.
  7. Are we there yet?
  8. Hi there Loren, welcome to Britmodeller. Absolutely know what you mean about 1/48, it's the 'Goldilocks' scale for me.
  9. Hi there Pohim, welcome to Britmodeller. We've a few ex-Harrier techs and many enthusiasts on here, sure you'll fit right in.
  10. Hi there, welcome to Britmodeller. There's an 'Interwar' discussion section under aircraft modelling which may interest you, big fan of the Schneider Trophy planes myself.
  11. Hi there Scott, welcome to Britmodeller.
  12. Hi there Pieter, Welcome to Britmodeller, always good to see a 'youngster' joining.
  13. Thanks guys, much appreciated..
  14. Another vote for the MkI and II Lotus Cortinas.
  15. Trumpeter 1/48 DH100 Vampire FB. Mk.5 Kit goes together nicely, I know it has accuracy issues, but quite a nice simple build. Used Tamiya acrylics paints. Hope you like it.