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  1. It appears that you have failed on the "minimum 6 inch/15 cm" arc of clear modelling space there Hans! Nice model and a timely subject. Well done! Mike
  2. Oopsie!

    Yes, BM has been running very slow for me over the last couple of weeks but I thought it was just my PC. The load more activity button seems to hang for an age before it refreshes. Glad to hear that it's not just me then. Mike
  3. Hi goon, the argentinian forces, including their special forces/Marines, wore standard green uniforms in 1982. EDIT: I take that back, I've just found an image showing some "Commandos" wearing what appears to be U.S. style DPM uniforms. That style looks to be tropical though, so I would say that most wore the cold-weather greens. Mike
  4. I think it is referring to a new build? " The new aircraft will be constructed from a specially-developed light-weight alluminium alloy, while the original Proteus engines will be replaced by a propeller variation of the powerful Rolls Royce engine used on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner "
  5. That artist's impression of it would make a good WHIF build though! Mike
  6. That really is an impressive finish to your model, especially from the humble beginnings that you mentioned. Excellent job. Mike
  7. Both Inkjet and Laser printers can produce decent decals with a little care and attention. I would think that you have used a Laser decal sheet on you printer, hence the bubbling. If you can get hold of a decal sheet for Inkjet and try again you should be successful. The main thing is that the print on the decal sheet needs to be sealed after printing and before use. Mike Mike
  8. Yep, 1:350: Sea Kings - Tamiya. Huey - L'Arsenal. Merlins - Airfix. Buccaneer - Scratchbuild. Mike
  9. Reviews: Ark Royal kit review HERE Ark Royal detail up set review HERE 4.5in Gun detail set review HERE FAA Aircraft detail set review HERE Mike
  10. Could these be Comet C.2R's of 51 Sqn after conversion 1965-67 from Comet 2R (ELINT)?
  11. Thanks Dave, I assumed they would be the same but you know where assumptions can lead to.... Don't Assume, Check! (read that before somewhere?).
  12. Although not a fighter, Miniwing has recently produced the O-1D Bird Dog in USAF markings which was very much evident in Vietnam. There is also a South Vietnamese AF version. The kit is in clear plastic so there is opportunity to detail the internals, especially as there is so much visibility in there; it's like a flying greenhouse! Mike
  13. As they have recently completed the design/CAD for the 1:72 Phantom FG.1 then it would be nice see an upscaled version produced. Mind you, I'd have some difficulty scratchbuilding Ark's flightdeck to display it!
  14. Hi Peter, yes, many of those in the cabinets, especially rows two, three and four (from the top) in the right hand cabinet are Len's. I've probably got another 500 or so, mostly still unpainted and in their boxes.Len passed on the casting and sales of his models to Les Hodder, of Wirral Miniature Ships, and the business is still going strong with a very large choice of models. Les doesn't have a website but he can be contacted via email via wirralminiships (at) for an up to date catalogue. They are not the fastest to respond but they will do; plus most of the models are cast to order. My last check of their stock of Len's castings were: 40 Passenger/liners 125 Merchants/cargo 9 Tankers Quite a few of these are also available as wartime conversions, with various deck loads. With regard to Port Line vessels, the following were produced and I think still available from Wirral: M041 Port Chalmers/Port Wyndham M070 Port Hobart M092 Port Huon/Port Albany. HTH Mike