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  1. Aeroclub 1/144th Mosquito B35

    A beautiful model and very nicely presented. It isn't that obvious just how small the kit is; can you add another image with something tangible in front, like a ruler or your hand? Best not be your hand or the model might disappear behind it! I have one of these kits and I know just how small. Mike
  2. Super Guppy Exhausts

    That's obvious
  3. Super Guppy Exhausts

    Ta very muchly
  4. Super Guppy Exhausts

    You should have gone for the Revell Beluga Mike. Linky?
  5. Super Guppy Exhausts

    Sounds like a bit of scratchbuilding might be required there Mike. Mike
  6. For 1:350 stuff I normally go to L'Arsenal. Their castings are detailed and crisp, as can be seen here and here. They can be ordered via the links above or, if you are not in a hurry for those parts, they usually have a large stock at SMW in November. I've used their bollards and fairleads, plus various other accessories, on my scratchbuilt LST.2 and they looked fine. All the vehicles and DUKW's are also L'Arsenal. Mike
  7. I believe he's referring to the carrier deck colours Jonners. Mike
  8. I was doing some airbrushing today, happy in my little world when there was a sudden 'Thud' and my open bottle of Ultimate Thinners fell onto the floor; fortunately it has a lift up spout so not much fluid escaped. My wife said it the bang was probably a lorry hitting the kerb on the corner of our avenue, or something like that; however, I've just watched the news and they report it was a 4.4 magnitude earthquake approx. 12miles north of Swansea. I live over 50 miles away, across the Bristol Channel in Burnham on Sea so, if I felt that bang over here, it must have been quite a jolt over in Wales. Mike
  9. I've just dug out my copy of the Jecobin plans for HMS Intrepid and scanned the mast area. It shows the platform with the radar fit. A close in view HTH Mike
  10. Hi Crisp, Both ships had a small rotating radar on that platform, possibly navigational, and they were removed before 1981. Intrepid had hers removed, along with platform, mid-career whilst Fearless appears to have had the radar removed between 1975 and 1979 but the platform was retained. I've searched through my books, including Jane's Fighting Ships, but cannot find a reference to which radar that was yet. Mike
  11. As you can see in the background, the LCVP, pre-Falklands, was green deck; grey hull, black waterline and red lead below the waterline.......... unless,....... whilst you are painting the green deck, you knock over the tin and a half gallon of the stuff runs down the stern; over the grey, black and red!! The biggest problem was that we were at sea and the LCVP was lowered to the waist which meant there was a drop of about 40ft to fast-flowing sea and so we (me) wasn't allowed to lean over the edge to wipe it off before it set! The Cox'n wasn't all that impressed Mike
  12. All part of being a member of the Britmodeller family
  13. Did you get the Dropbox link I sent you Crisp? Mike