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  1. You're not talking to your wife now, you can come clean with us Pete! Mike
  2. Hi John, Interesting to see the canopies attached before priming. I like the big thingy with the fuselage inserts. I suppose being without wings does mean Chris can get more models in the display cabinet! I'm building myself up to doing my first practice airbrushing, before I let myself loose on the Viscount, and thought I would try a 1:72 scale kit first. It's mahoosive (good job I didn't go for a 1:48 scale) so I shouldn't miss with the spray on that one! Mike
  3. Thanks Duncan. Mike
  4. I am going to have a go at building something in larger scales than my usual 1:144 scale, but want to practice on something cheap and cheerful first. I had this 1:72 scale kit of a Grumman EA-6 Prowler in the stash and will try it as a starter. I don't know the producer of this kit and got to wondering what the history is and who the original producer was. Any ideas? cheers Mike
  5. I have just checked it, logged in no problem and been able to see my stuff. Perhaps any issue that was there has been resolved. Mike
  6. Thanks Dave, that's possibly the reason I haven't seen any finished models of those types at shows. I've been looking through the book "Testing Colours", by Adrian Balch, and would like to do types such as the Jaguar, Canberra, Tornado, Phantom, Britannia and even the Hastings in those red, white and blue colours and markings. I could make some of the decals on my printer but they're never as good as those produced professionally. cheers. Mike
  7. There is a third element, as with our show, and that is the venue owners. The club organises the show, the traders and clubs attend; however, the venue owners have their say as to what, where and how the setup is to be run. Mike
  8. Who's the Coke for?
  9. Same here in the South West, I visited two model shops today and both were very flush with red boxes. Mike
  10. Can anyone here please tell me where I can buy 1:144 scale decals for aircraft of the: Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) Aircraft and Armament Evaluation Establishment, Boscombe Down (A&AEE) Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS)? cheers. Mike
  11. It would appear the Andrew (Externinatus) was logged on 17 hours ago. He may log in again, but he may not read this so try sending him a pm asking for the images to be shown again. Mike
  12. Gave away an Amodel Beriev Be-14 and some rare naval reference books to friends; because they deserve them. Mike
  13. Ni Hao Richard and welcome to BM. Which part of China do you live? It will be nice to see some naval builds and hopefully you will be able to post some photo's soon. cheers Mike
  14. The nearest, and largest for miles, is Frome Model Centre which is 13 miles south of Bath. I don't know how much time you have spare but it is well worth the trip. Mike
  15. Hi John, I have a Viscount on the go currently but wasn't aware of the nose and wings issues. I'll follow along with you and hope to learn more on this kit. As to Chris' builds, at least mine have their wings attached! Here is my 1:144 air park, all waiting in the wings (pun intended) for me get my act together or build the courage to try airbrushing. With regards to decals, I don't worry about those, I don't seem to ever reach that phase! Mike