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  1. Short S.23 Empire flying boat

    Ha! that's before I get my ham-fisted mitts on it! I hope the finish will have some semblance of that grace and beauty.... but don't hold your breath! Mike
  2. This will be my subject for this group build: There are three sheets of vacformed pieces plus a set of props, wheels and struts in white metal: The letters on the decal sheet appear to be black; however, other references show these to be blue. I may have to make my own decals in the correct colour. I have a set of Aeroclub engine cowlings which I had set aside for this build and will hopefully enhance the model. This kit has been stored in the loft for quite a few years so the first thing to do is give the plastic a thorough wash with warm soapy water, to clear and grease and fingerprints etc. Then comes the tedious phase, to cut out and sand off all the unwanted residue around the parts before I can start any gluing. Mike
  3. Retirement - what the hell do you do with your days?

    Retirement is the time when you are really glad you built up an extensive stash! We have so much more time to do things, including modelling, but the money (pension) doesn't appear to change that much over time; no more overtime or bonuses to get that extra kit etc. For those who haven't yet retired, make sure you build up your stash in readiness; plus those kits on the shop shelves now might be out of production when you want them, so get them while you can. I've been retired eight years and still can't find enough time to do all the modelling I want. Mike retirement can, hopefully, be for a very long time indeed.
  4. Good news, which float 'plane do you have? Mike
  5. Thanks Pat, but I hope you are not expecting to see a museum-standard quality finish. My finishing is no match compared to what others achieve here on BM Mike
  6. Hi Chris, I didn't realise that the Churchill and Resolution classes were so similar; thanks, I will start looking for more details. I'm just trying to work out the waterline for the S class and, by looking at photo's, it would appear to be a scale 10mm down from the main deck and just below the vents. cheers Mike
  7. Hi Jaime, I am about to throw my hat into the ring with a Welsh Models vacform. It will be the Short S.23 Empire Flying Boat in 1:144 scale. I have updated your updates with my updates Mike
  8. I'm just revisiting this thread and am interested to know if any company has produced 1:350 scale Swiftsure or Churchill classes of subs since? I have a (Falklands) diorama on the go which will involve either one of these class of boats. If not, then I shall have to attempt a conversion following Andrewa's thread, as mentioned in the first post by Flankerman. If anyone has any further details, plans or tips on this then I would be grateful to hear from them. cheers Mike
  9. Ignore

    are you saying that... people have ignored them?

    Platz are one of my favourite kit producers in 1:144 scale. I hope that you will be able to past models as well as the latest. I'd better start building up funds to get some. Mike
  11. Hi Pat. I must admit that I am tempted with the Empire Flying Boat and you may just have convinced me to enter it for the GB. Mike
  12. I don't have a shortage of subjects to choose from, perhaps that's why I'm dithering over what to enter for this GB. Hopefully I will get my act together and pick one to these to build. Mike
  13. 1/350 ccn-65

    I have this kit and know it is going to be a challenge to build. I just hope that I can get mine to look somewhere near to the excellent finish you have achieved with your build. Mike
  14. Apart from the usual details on Wikipedia etc., does anyone have any updated details on the carrier's dimensions? I'd like to have a bash at a scratchbuild but I only have the length and breadth details. That's not enough to work out the waterline contours, which would be my basis for the rest of the model. There are plenty of photographs but without the hull dimensions I'm at a bit of a loss at getting started. cheers Mike
  15. How do I post Pictures?

    A big beautiful doll!