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  1. How do I post Pictures?

    Well that was fairly easy! Thanks for the assistance Gav. Mike
  2. How do I post Pictures?

    Hi Gav, I've just joined Imgur, started an album and upload a photo as a test, but cannot see how I then link it to show here. Any advice? Mike
  3. P-39K/N - 1:48 Eduard Weekend Edition

    Nice review Julien. The kit looks good and it is always nice to read some new information, new to me anyway, as in this case about the changes of performance before getting into production. Mike
  4. I already have one Catalina build ongoing in this GB and that represents a standard PBY-5A Catalina; however, I would like to build another kit but something like this type. Note the redesigned nose and lack of side gun sponsons. As before, I shall be using a Minicraft 1:144 scale kit of the Catalina. I haven't decided on exactly which firebomber markings to complete this in yet, although it will probably be bright colours and so I'll start with a white primer base. I need to find a good profile plan which shows the re-shaped nose contours correctly; then I can start to build the new nose. In the meantime I can start filling the sponson openings. Thanks for looking. Mike
  5. I've managed to spend a little time building up the indentation in the spine with Milliput and it seems to have worked OK. So, back to where I started with an application of black, ready for the alumimimimun alyminion, alumminnim NMF. Work is still proceeding on the engine mount and cowling and I hope to have some pictures of that soon. Mike
  6. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    And then there were the games for the Amstrad 464!
  7. PBY-5A Catalina Rescue

    I've not contemplated that yet Paul. I think I shall go with the box art on this...... but I may just start another build with a firebomber theme; one with the closed-in nose section. Any ideas on attractive scheme? Mike
  8. Good review Julien. It's your favourite Helo isn't it? Mike
  9. Britmodeller running slow?

    I've noticed a bit of a lag today, especially as Firefox Quantum is so fast now. Checked other sites and they load almost instantly. Mike
  10. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    Remember loading games all those years ago?
  11. Scorpion and Paras in OP Corporate

    That is a really good diorama setting; however, I would agree with the constructive comments about the weapons and helmet etc. The main weapons being used by the Paras, and Marines, were the SLR, GPMG and SMG; all of which can be seen in the photo here. Only special forces and M&AW (Mountain and Arctic Warfare) personnel carried specialist weapons, such as the Armalite etc. Also note in the photo, the helmet's scrim net and colour of its camouflage. The helmet in the dio. is of a U.S. camouflage pattern. Various standard weapons in theatre. Most figure models I've seen show the soldier/marine with full kit, including fully loaded bergen etc. This was the case when moving across the Falklands and towards their next objective; but these packs would have been dropped at an FUP (forming up point) and the fighting would have been done without them. I mention this as, although the fighting appears to be over in your dio. (beret being worn), I doubt if there would be any sangar clearing going on in full kit. Different styles of helmet coverings used by Paras. These constructive comments may come over slightly harsh, on what is obviously a beautifully constructed diorama, but it is dedicated in honour of those involved in OP Corporate and we do like to see these things represented correctly. So, a change of weapons and application of the correct DPM and you'll have a dio. to be very proud of. And darken that target beret badge! Mike
  12. Soyuz launch vehicle

    Slightly off scale at 1:150 is this Soyuz, Rocket and train transporter which is due out Qtr 1 2018 Mike
  13. Phantom FGR2

    There's a comment on another thread that states the rollout has been delayed until January.
  14. Photobucket beware!

    Same for me so now we're all being treated equally. Must have been a bit of fluke. Mie
  15. That could be really helpful as deck scenes would give similar info, just from eye-level. cheers Mike