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  1. The Hobby Shack Bristol

    Oh well, as I said, just a thought
  2. The Hobby Shack Bristol

    Have you checked the date on the Google Earth image? Some of them are several years old, and things may have changed. Just a thought.
  3. MPM Beaufighter (ex-Hasegawa)

    Hmm, much as I'd like a Mk l, at those prices they can keep them! Dave (the cheapskate)
  4. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    One hopes the perky boobs and stiff willies will not be on the same individuals!
  5. TSR2 meets Red Beard

    Great idea and very well executed. Excellent job on the paint scheme, too. p.s. 'could have' or 'could've', please, not 'could of'. Sorry for being picky, but that does annoy me
  6. Some help with English towns

    Maybe you should go on a Saturday night
  7. Excellent job on the diorama and the figures, I like the different shades of khaki in the uniforms. These sets from Masterbox do form the basis for some good ideas; they could have done with making the trench a bit deeper, though, as the second picture in your second set shows, the heads of the standing figures are actually above the parapet, not conducive to a long life on the Western Front! I have several sets of these, and the 'Hand to Hand Fight' set that I fully intend to use one day. I have also been accumulating sets of Tamiya sand bags to beef up the parapet a bit.
  8. Aircraft zapped.

    It would certainly make an interesting decal sheet!
  9. What are you reading?

    Ah, Commando comics, I remember them wel from the '60's when they first came outl. When the first copies used to print judo lessons inside the front cover. How nobody was seriously injured I'll never know! Great stories, though
  10. Some help with English towns

    Ah, a Yorkshireman by choice if not by birth!
  11. What have you purchased 9

    I thought it may have been, hence my smiley face! In all honesty, I try my hardest not to travel by Northern Rail, it's quite often not a pleasant experience (did you know that Northern Rail do not regard a toilet as a necessity on a train? Quite true, hence my reluctance to travel with them). My daughter used to be a complaints manager for Northern Rail. Not a happy experience for her, they had very few easy days!
  12. Bureaucracy gone mad.

    It happened when employees stopped being people and became resources to be used and discarded when worn out.
  13. What have you purchased 9

    Well, it does serve a goodly number of stations on the way, and I believe it does stop at them to allow passengers to alight from and board the train. I suppose if they cut out the stops the journey would be much quicker but possibly not as well patronised. You could always take a taxi, that would be much quicker
  14. fox 3 models

    Oh I don't know, I think we've seen all of the above here at one time or another.
  15. Revell 1/48 Hunter FGA9

    I noticed that as well; if it's a new tool the Revell have kept very quiet about it. It could be the Academy, but I haven't heard of any other Academy kits being reboxed by Revell. More likely to be as Admiral Puff suggested, a misprint for 1/72.