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  1. Most memorable film scenes..

    The final scene in 'Oh! What a Lovely War', with the family having a picnic, the little girl asks 'What did daddy do in the war?' and the camera pulls back to show thousands of white crosses erected on the downs. Lump in the throat time!
  2. Airfix 1/48 Meteor

    That's awkward, I like both schemes! This could mean my having to buy two kits. Oh, Airfix, what are you trying to do to me?
  3. Jim bowen dies.

    Good stand up as well as Bullseye, will be missed. Some bad language on the following, but very funny:
  4. I suppose it depends on whether you want to just build a replica of a B-24D and 'Wongo Wongo' is the kit in the box, or whether you want to do a diorama of the Ploesti raid and make sure you get the right aircraft over the target. A diorama like that might take up a fair bit of space, though.
  5. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    I enjoy watching these, it makes me feel intelligent!
  6. The Tickling Stick is Hung Up Forever

    I've seen his live shows twice over the years, second house on both occasions, so it was very late when we got out! The man would just not leave the stage, a wonderful performer, probably the funniest comedian I've ever seen. RIP Ken.
  7. The rooster

    The original and best - the superb Jake Thackray
  8. Enemy Coast Ahead! DAM BUSTERS at 75!

    Saw The Dam Busters a great many years ago at the local cinema, will certainly be going to the showing in May. Can't beat it on the big screen! Thanks for the heads up on this as I knew nothing about it!
  9. The green fields of France

    Outstanding diorama, very dramatic and brilliant workmanship especially in 1/72 scale! I'm pleased, too, to see you quoted the correct words from the song, the number of times I have heard it sung incorrectly beggars belief and really annoys me. Great work!
  10. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Never heard the term 'Disaster Capitalism'? There's always an opportunity for someone to make a few quid.
  11. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Would you care to step outside and repeat that
  12. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    "It's life, lad. It might make you laugh at your age, but one day it''ll make you bloody cry!" The best line from 'The Family Way'. spoken by John Mills' character.
  13. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Hope to god nobody on Barnsley council sees that!
  14. So that's why my bottle of thinners fell off the bench!

    Waves back! I know Ryhill, used to have a mate lived in Havercroft, just up the road from you.
  15. TVs best characters

    Probably not a widely known film from 1971, although it did have Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in it. It's based on a radio play by Dylan Thomas and probably wouldn't be to everyone's taste. David Jason played Nogood Boyo, a disreputable character, who had a memorable scene splashing in the sea with an apparently naked Ruth Madoc. There's lovely!