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  1. Looks like a nice project. The only two kits of this I've seen are the Revell release of the kit, which I think is in true 1/72, unlike many of the Plasticart releases which are in 1/75. The Revell boxing I have is probably made from original Plasticart stocks as it features the brittle white plastic of the original. It's a nice kit though. The other is a release by a Soviet firm called Toga. It comes in a plastic bag, and features an all clear nose assembly that is in two halves. Brilliant! Is that the same as the Zvezda release? It's also in that lovely Eastern Bloc limited edition white plastic that needs fettling to death and is entirely glue resistant. Incidentally there's a great Il-4 article based on the Toga kit in a new book on the aircraft of the Continuation War. It's a pretty good review actually. This is a link here - https://www.aviationmegastore.com/the-continuation-war-the-war-within-a-war-9780993534546-valiant-wings-publication-9780993534546-ww2-spain/product/?action=prodinfo&art=139992 Hope that helps.. Chris
  2. That is interesting! I put the spread together and missed that. As Graham says it just goes to show. I suspect the aircraft in the foreground is T1957, but a quick check through the Air-Britain files doesn't show it as being singled out for special attention. It was with 15 Squadron when the image was taken, so the timescale fits. I'll drop the author a line and see if he's got anything else in his archives - you never know... C
  3. Do I still have time to join this? I have a few unusual one offs in the stash that might fit the bill... Chris
  4. Go to Wilko's - cheap equipment and all you need Chris
  5. I most certainly do... Got a nice fermenting vessel full of Ambiorix on the go as we speak... So far this year - it's been a 40 pints of Geordie Yorkshire Bitter, 36 pints Festival Bonfire Toffee Stout, 40 pints of Wilko's Wheat Beer and now the Belgian heavy stuff... Cheaper (and nicer) than the pub! Chris
  6. We also covered it in FlyPast for the December edition - pages 86-87 if that helps? Chris
  7. I would agree with that... struts certainly seem to be in the right place. Chris
  8. I love this kit - I actually have one moulded in mint choc chip green for one sprue... truly eye watering! Looking forwards to seeing what you're going to do with this... Chris
  9. Oops! Sorry John, senior moment on my behalf... Glad it came out well though Chris
  10. This is very true... our Cold War is over. Defence accepted. Case dismissed Well done on the Yak to date PC - as a fellow A-Model battler you have my sympathies. Just repeat sand, and fill and sand and fill and swear and sand and fill etc etc C
  11. Aeroplane, man, Aeroplane... most definitely not FlyPast Chris
  12. As promised... There's also shots of the cleaned up prop assembles, and engine nacelles (note again the filler...) and finally the cleaned up wings with tailfins beside them... despite all expectations the tailplane fitted quite well. Only a small gap to fill as seen on the pics... so, coming along nicely!! C
  13. Hi Tony Definitely can't fault this one... Chris
  14. Fuselage closed up and lots of progress made over the weekend. Wish I'd taken out shares in Squadron though, given the amount of green putty used! Pictures to follow soon... I'm going to finish this GB if it kills me. And it might! After this I'm going to make a nice Matchbox kit - something like a P-12E or similar. Chris
  15. Well it's been a while so my apologies, but work has been manic and modelling time as ever has been at a premium... so... Finally I've conquered the cockpit. This included fitting it, then debonding it, sanding every part religiously while singing Beethoven's Ode to Joy from his 9th Symphony through clenched teeth, and finally getting it so the fuselage closes. This is the current result. I know the images aren't the best but I'm using my mobile and short of taking up contortionism this is what you'll get... The bomb rack is also done and ready to fit. Bombs were painted Humbrol 114, while the rest of the rack is the trusty Humbrol 87. All that's left is a slight internal wash then it's fuselage sealing time. I'll add the gun afterwards. The bombs went together with lots of filler incidentally. Are you surprised? Of course not... I've also started work on the (asymmetric) engine nacelles. The Yak-2 (and Yak-4) have a very odd arrangement for the water radiators, which protrude quite significantly. Much head scratching took place as to why the nacelle ends weren't flush with the body, and then I finally twigged, helped by Yefim Gordon's 'Airpower of the Great Patriotic War', which I'd heartily recommend. I also emailed a Russian friend who supplied me with a set of images and blueprints for the Yak-2. These also have helped - more so than the kit instructions actually. Anyway, hahahah - have at you AModel Yak-2 - I shall conquer you yet* *possibly. Chris The nacelle assemblies And the bomb bay complete...