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  1. 1936-1943 Home Fleet Grey 507A / 507B

    I'm glad to see all your hard work on sorting out the true basis for RN WW2 colours coming to its logical conclusion and hopefully give you some return on all that effort Jamie. Do I take it that the RN02 507B shown as restocking soon is still the same mix based on the Snyder and Short paint chip?
  2. Revell PT 109 New tool

    I have converted the Airfix RAF launch and the 73' Vosper MTB to radio control and got scale speeds although the total weight was a bit over the scale figure and only one over scale propeller was used. The main key to making this work is the availability of micro RC sets (I use Deltang 2.4 GHz boards) and lightweight geared motors used in RTF model planes. If you search on You Tube, Deans Marine have several videos of a whole range of small boats being given a similar treatment. Presumably the old PT kit will now be available cheaply so mixing the old hull with the new upperworks shouldn't be too costly.
  3. New Ship Related Releases

    Further to my last, Hannants is showing it as a Future release at £49.99 - over a £1 per piece of plastic!
  4. New Ship Related Releases

    Trumpeter is now showing the make up of the 1/144th HMS Astute kit although I haven't seen anything yet on actual availability in UK or price: http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=3114&l=en There appear to be more individual decals than there are plastic parts!
  5. Revell PT 109 New tool

    The instructions for the new kit are available on-line at https://www.revell.de/fileadmin/import/images/bau/05147_%23BAU_PATROL_TORPEDO_BOATPT109.PDF This shows the sprue breakdown and how the two versions offered differ.
  6. 1:147 HMS Surprise

    Thanks again for giving such a clear and useful account of the conversion and I'm definitely going to get my copy of the kit down from the stash and start looking to get started.
  7. 1:147 HMS Surprise

    Thanks - I would be very happy if someone did a injected plastic frigate from the Napoleonic period too. I will be interested to see how your copper plating method turns out but I fear my airbrush skills are well short of that!
  8. 1:147 HMS Surprise

    I am delighted for you posting all this as I had been thinking along the same lines using the HMS Surprise book plans as a basis. You have already answered lots of issues I was expecting to have to resolve by trial and error so many thanks indeed for explaining your progress so well and I will definitely put this high on my list of projects to get started. I presume the 1/147th scale is determined by the beam width of the model after the plastic surgery? Also how do you intend to do the hull copper plating?

    How do you go about persuading Xtradecal to do a set of alternative markings for the various versions of this kit?
  10. Help from the Coastal Craft aficionados needed.

    At least 5 years by my reckoning
  11. Help from the Coastal Craft aficionados needed.

    As Al Ross (John's co-author) has recently said on PT Boat forum that he is going to do a stand alone book on the Higgins PT boats which was going to be his part of the Volume 3, I assume it has no prospect of ever seeing the light.
  12. Danton, Hobby Boss, 1:350

    In fact the French archives plans are available via the Dreadnought Project website: http://dreadnoughtproject.org/French Warship Plans/Danton_1909/
  13. Revell 1/32 Sea Lynx Mk88A

    You could start with looking at the instructions for the HAS 3 version and comparing what you have on the sprues for yours https://www.revell.de/fileadmin/import/images/bau/04837_%23BAU_WESTLAND_LYNX_HAS_3.PDF Apart from the decals that come with the HAS3 kit I don't know of any RN 132 options
  14. Tamiya Prince of Wales

    I got this kit several decades ago and accumulated fittings as they were released starting with the Gold Medal set then the White Ensign which is very comprehensive. I started to actually build it about two years ago but paused once I needed to start fitting railings on the superstructure as it is quite demanding to cut and bend the lengths supplied by WEM to achieve a good fit. Fairly recently I realized that Eduard's railing set offers individually tailored bits that would greatly simplify things so have splashed out on this set and also their boats set as I think it is the only one that will improve the large open boats supplied in the kit. Others will have their own preferences.
  15. Royal Navy Submarines, what are my options?

    There is a 1/400th card model of an Upholder as the Canadian Victoria which would be rescaleable at a pinch and available as a download at https://www.ecardmodels.com/index.php/1-400-victoria-class-submarine-paper-model.html