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  1. Italeri Tornado IDS into a GR.4 1:72

    Thanks Steve, I'm torn now... That's very kind of you VV. I think I'll just do a quick mojo restoration 'out of the box' build, stuff the minimal extras on to make it a GR.4 and move on. It's a gap in my collection and I think I'll fill it quickly before spending time on other projects. ...of course that how things start, then I end up getting so enthused I do it all again with the better kit, photo etch etc...
  2. Italeri Tornado IDS into a GR.4 1:72

    Thanks for that, I've been having a look at it through the bag and it certainly appears a little less detailed but still looks good. I think I'll go with it, it looks good enough. I made the Revell some years back but it's in a display cabinet in a café so I don't have ready access to it. As long as there's no glaring errors with the Italeri it can become my GR.4 donor kit. I got it for free so it's not exactly costing me anything (so far!).
  3. Hi all, Picked up Italeri's 1:72 Tornado IDS kit the other day. I'm just wondering how good it is compared to the Revell GR.1, whether or not it's their own moulding or a re-pop of somebody else's moulding? I'm looking at turning it into a GR.4, ideally something fairly recent from Marham. What exactly do I need? I see Freightdog does the laser pod things under the nose. Will they fit this kit and do I need anything else? Questions, questions...
  4. Tut how vulgar. The phallic outline

    I'm guessing it leaves a track on the Flightradar 24 app or similar? Must try that next time in the in Warrior.
  5. Tut how vulgar. The phallic outline

    I can't believe we've had 114 years of powered aviation and this is the first time I've seen this... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/42032629 Phil (48 and aspiring to be 9...snigger )
  6. Airlander...ooops....

    Oh knickers, they broke it.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-42037832
  7. Dick Gordon RIP

    Sad news. It can't be too many years before the whole Apollo program disappears from first hand knowledge and resides only in historical records. The saddest part is they paved the way yet now in 2017 we've never been back.
  8. Qatar to buy Typhoon

    Typing from a position of no real knowledge, is this still going ahead? I thought they were shedding jobs at Warton, many of which were Typhoon based. What's the latest?
  9. Enjoyed the Spitfire vid, that's one heck of a grin Ced! Great to see the Gosling is growing into a goose at last, it sure has been a problem child and that moulding is positively prehistoric. It's looking great now, home straight! I like the idea of a colour mixing app. I've got an Android and I can't see anything that would give you a colour mixing 'solution' from a stock of paint. Any recommendations out there?
  10. Awe Ced, what a waste of good IPA? By all means use a can of Carlsburg but why waste good beer? Great lines with the Panzer putty. What's the story with this stuff then? Do I need some in my life?
  11. Oh for goodness sake, I thought you were on holiday and then I find you've secretly been building up your own personal Luftwaffe! Only just found this thread! Looking good, gawd knows how you'll mask stuff off with all that crinkly tin about. Right I'm off to page 1 to catch up!
  12. B-29 -why not in the European theatre?

    Enjoyed the thread guys, many thanks for the responses. It does make you wonder how potentially different the air campaign might have unfolded if they'd been used. Cheers all.
  13. WWII film footage

    Fantastic footage, really enjoyed watching it, so thanks for posting. The Norseman at 30 mins is interesting, you get a number of shots of it (and an Anson) for quite a while, great 'walkaround' shots. What's the panel on the roof above the cockpit? (31:48). I'm guessing it's the two blade prop? Just got the old Matchbox kit from the stash and it has the skis as an option. Guess what I'm going to build?
  14. That sounds like it! I'll send him a piccy of a Vampire and see if it matches what he saw. It's certainly the right configuration -and an accompanying jet to boot, all in the right place.
  15. Ok weird one. A mate of mine texted me to identify aircraft that had flown over his north west Leicestershire house this afternoon. He said there were two aircraft with what appeared to be twin boom tails. I showed him a picture of a Noratlas and he thought that was similar. I gather there is one flying but two?! He said a jet also flew with it. All sounds a bit bizarre to me. I did wonder if was the pair of Shorts Skyvans with 'twin tails' but he was adamant it wasn't after seeing a picture. Got me beaten...I've no idea!