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  1. Ok weird one. A mate of mine texted me to identify aircraft that had flown over his north west Leicestershire house this afternoon. He said there were two aircraft with what appeared to be twin boom tails. I showed him a picture of a Noratlas and he thought that was similar. I gather there is one flying but two?! He said a jet also flew with it. All sounds a bit bizarre to me. I did wonder if was the pair of Shorts Skyvans with 'twin tails' but he was adamant it wasn't after seeing a picture. Got me beaten...I've no idea!
  2. Just sitting here puffing on the thought pipe . Why was the B-29 never deployed in Europe? It was far more capable than the B-17 and probably stood better chance of surviving than the B-17 due to speed and altitude. I do wonder if the German piston fighters would have had as much success downing them. I guess it was best suited to the Japanese theatre due to range so they were all sent that way and that B-17 production was in place and geared up. Makes you wonder what would have happened if Japan had given up a year early and they'd been available in Europe. Discuss... :-) Phil
  3. Wow, that's really special. I could easily believe it was 1:48, such a fine finish everywhere. Phil
  4. Wow, what a great model! I wish mine had been that good when I was that age, but above all, I wish my father had been able to spend the time with me on them. You both should be very proud!
  5. Whirlybird 1/72 Avro 707C

    ...meanwhile, back at the RFI. Gary, that's a super model. I have the same kit in the stash and I look at it from time to time before thinking...nah, too hard, perhaps later.... You've done a fabulous job and I really like the display stand.
  6. Whirlybird 1/72 Avro 707C

    I'm not sure but I guess it's still at Cosford in storage. Display space is at a premium there whilst the Hendon B of B hall is being refurbished, Cosford is playing host to the Defiant (partly dismantled and worth a look) as well as the Ju88, Me109, Spitfire and Hurricane. Not that this is the reason for the 707 not being on display as it was formerly in the prototypes hangar at the top of the site anyway. I hope they can have a shuffle round when Hendon is finished and find a way of bringing it back. Just getting on my high horse for a moment, I think Cosford is looking very unloved at the moment. I know it's all down to cash but the place is badly in need of a refresh. Models are falling off their strings in cabinets and many exhibits have precious little information on them. The V2 is stuck at the back of the bottom hangar and difficult to see. Imagine how well that thing could be brought to life visually (not physically!) and be made to tell an incredible story. Instead it's displayed in such a way that you'd think nobody wanted it to be seen. As we're a modelling fraternity here, I do wonder if we could help the place with a modelling refresh? ...see, back on topic...
  7. Whirlybird 1/72 Avro 707C

    It's no longer on display at Cosford which is a shame. There's a Jet Provost in its place for the kids to climb in. It's a real shame as the Avro is unique and can't be seen anywhere else....unlike a jet provost.
  8. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Really enjoying this thread so far. Looking forward to the shipyard being reopened!
  9. Flippin' eck Ced, I can't keep up with you! Enjoy your holiday, your time away might give me chance to read the threads properly.... . Fab model by the way!
  10. Just got back off holiday and had a good look on the PC rather than the phone. It looks great, so pleased you did an RFI! I really enjoy your threads as they're always an entertaining read.
  11. Dragon 1/35 V2 and support crew

    Just resurrecting this thread. The Takom 1:35 V2, Meillerwagen and Hanomag 100 are available now and I've got one on order. The US took the V2 to White Sands after the war complete with the Meillerwagen. I have been wondering if they took the Hanomag with it perhance? I've looked for pictures but to no avail. I may just build the US painted test missile with Meillerwagen and use the Hanomag for something else.
  12. What a nice story. I know W Bridgford very well, just up the road as you say. If you manage to get to Tollerton there's a stormingly good café called Chocs Away that does a stonking breakfast. The models in the cabinet there are from my place when I rebuilt my conservatory and they never went home. I tend them and do a few swaps from time to time over a bacon butty and tea.
  13. F-22 and F-16 HAVE GLASS V drop tank colours?

    Thanks both, two very usable suggestions. I think I'll try the Alclad route first on some clear scrap transparency and see what happens before I commit to the real thing. Film also sound interesting...
  14. Just watching them now...very interesting indeed. I'll never get anything done now!
  15. Thanks for the saw info Ced, that looks a good vendor....just perusing the site now... now where did I leave my wallet?