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  1. Only just got to this build and it's most of the way through. I want to see what you do with the decals! Looking very good already, nice job on the canopy. this will be superbly finished by about 9pm tonight, what's next?
  2. Been away for a few days. Ced, you've done an amazing job! She look a real treat and there's not too many of these about. So pleased you built this, I'd never get around to it, far too busy . Looking forward to the glider! ....heading on over to that thread now.
  3. Ooh goody! I was hoping you'd do this one first! I'm wondering how you'll sort the decals out as the kit ones were toast. It occurred to me to get a picture of the actual badge on the real aircraft, do a little mucking about in photoshop and then print it out on decal paper. Having said that, here's a website who do the real thing as a vinyl graphic, though the background might be a different colour to Jason. Here's the AA badge... again, an image for inspiration.. Still working on the 'Jason' artwork. Ringside seat on this one, popcorn on order along with a Westlers Hotdog you used to see advertised (...but were never convinced they were actually edible foodstuff ).
  4. Dipping in and out of this one. Looking very interesting Ced. Now I know why I did the silver one, much easier to paint. I'm wondering how you'll manage the stripes, so very best of luck.
  5. I think I've got similar figures only standing up. The paint is gaudy to say the least and as already eluded to, I think a child may well have done it. I don't think you'll see much through the glass anyway, so I'd not spent too much time on the passengers, pilot perhaps...? When I made mine I think I sprayed the outer edge of the fuselage, added clear acetate from inside as the glass, closed up the fuselage, masked off the window area from outside with one single strip either side before giving an all over spray. Looked ok from what I remember?
  6. Just reminded me of my version of HG691 I did many years back. The thread is still on here.
  7. Straight in the front row.... I've built one of these for a relative but have another in the stash for myself. I've flown in both Duxford examples. The tail wheel burst on landing when I was flying in it. Didn't actually notice it in truth!
  8. Oh this is where you've been hiding Ced! You're turning them out faster than I can read the threads!
  9. Late in to this one, barely caught the Firefly!
  10. Wow Ced it looks fabulous, you've more than done it justice! I've been so busy recently that I've not had a chance to even look at mine. I've just got back from Cornwall (managed to pop into T7 Models, great little shop) so only just switched on the computer. I'll enjoy watching the Hornet progress as well. Bravo, keep the FAA theme going!
  11. The last time I looked it had a serial number on the tail but nothing else. If my memory serves me correctly I think the intention is that it is to be generic to represent all B-17s and not a single unit or aircraft. ...I think....probl'y....
  12. Dang it! Late to the party again! Watching and joining in at home with my own version. General synopsis of the kit it that it goes together quite well if a little rivet strewn. Airwaves etch adds much to the final outcome but I have no idea what the decals bring. I'll dust mine off and run with the pack to finish it. 😆
  13. Phwooorrr! I wonder how long it could fly on internal fuel with the reheat being used like that?
  14. Looking great Graham, coming along nicely. I like what you're doing with the elevons. I'm in two minds as to whether or not I should have done the same and drooped the nose, but 'meh', done now... The panel line around the nose looks good on yours, mine became a bit of a nightmare and I had to attempt re-scribing but that only got so far. You'll really enjoy the model when it's painted, it starts to take on a life and you really want to get it finished. Just aim for a warm day and/or warm the paint up first as it helps to stop the inevitable paint runs.
  15. Gosh, could that be me then? Still sat on the shelf of doom, must be 6 years-ish... Might get it out and finish it now we've got the potential to make a small Squadron!