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  1. Looking great Graham, coming along nicely. I like what you're doing with the elevons. I'm in two minds as to whether or not I should have done the same and drooped the nose, but 'meh', done now... The panel line around the nose looks good on yours, mine became a bit of a nightmare and I had to attempt re-scribing but that only got so far. You'll really enjoy the model when it's painted, it starts to take on a life and you really want to get it finished. Just aim for a warm day and/or warm the paint up first as it helps to stop the inevitable paint runs.
  2. Gosh, could that be me then? Still sat on the shelf of doom, must be 6 years-ish... Might get it out and finish it now we've got the potential to make a small Squadron!
  3. Thanks Agent K, I think that fits the bill pretty well especially as it's on a low loader and it moved yesterday. Right, I'll tell her what she saw!
  4. Thanks PV, I bet that's what she saw. She said it looked very fresh in terms of paint, so perhaps it was on the way 'home'. Never knew of it's existence, would like to see it myself.
  5. That's exactly what I thought. I can't think of any nose sections lurking about aside the one in the IWM London (and a wrong colour one at Brooklands), and I'd be deeply surprised if that was on the move as it's integral to a recent showpiece display. My Mum's description was quite specific. Very odd...
  6. Thinking aloud here and partly answering own question. Looks like Just Jane is still intact as far as sections go albeit stripped. No turret and paintwork and travelling away from East Kirkby, so not her one presumes. The plot thins...
  7. Hi all, Tuesday 17th January, about 10am Wheatcroft traffic island near Nottingham. My Mum said she saw a cockpit section on the back of a low loader. Her description of it suggested it had a large greenhouse style canopy, a front gun turret with a blister window below and painted black at the bottom and green at the top. She said the paintwork looked fresh. Sounds like a Lancaster nose section to me and that's what she said herself. Could it be 'Just Jane'? I know they're looking to get her back in the air at some point, just wondering if she's been dismantled with a view to sending parts away for refurbishment. Can't think of anything else unless the IWM Halifax section is off to IWM Manchester..... no idea, any thoughts? Not sure who's more curious, Mum or myself!
  8. Looking great! Getting deja-vu again... Take your time, it's a hobby for fun and I can check in to see progress when you're ready, health comes first! Just looking at the pictures again, I took them some years ago. I think only the first picture actually shows the front entrance lobby. The rest, I'm pretty sure are the rear entrance over the wing. I think on the front entrance the cabin crew fold up seat is on the left whereas it's on the right at the rear entrance as you walk in. Colours are the same though. I've got more pictures of the rest of the aircraft if you need them. One thing I have looked at since I built the kit is the position of the nose wheel leg. I think it is a little too far back afterall, this is compared to the windows and the leading edge of the wing. My best guess is that it should come forward by approx '1 window space'. Had I known this at the start I'd have, err... left it exactly where is was because life's too short quite frankly!
  9. Well, the model is finished but the work continues on the diorama. I've been scratting around for references on the net and made do with some rather vague pictures. Yesterday I finally stumbled across my reference shots from G-BOAA in East Fortune, doh! Here's a shot of one of the 'airstairs'. I think there are a few versions of this kicking around so I mocked up a generic model it with much artistic licence and a bit of freestyle -fiction based on fact if you will. Real thing... Messing about with a card model. Initial sections cut Assembled and primed Needs a bit of tidying up, painting and a few more details to busy it up. The wheels are a bit big but it looks reasonable next to the Concorde.
  10. Graham, Just found my research shots from G-BOAA at East Fortune. Hope they help with the cabin details and engine colours. Next shot down, note the panel in the door that folds back then down. Engines!! Some form of hot vent that is wedge shaped not cuboid as per the kit. It leaves lost of oddly coloured streaks... Err...sort of charcoal grey-ish... Let's hope this helps! Could have done with there myself but could I find them?
  11. Nice one, I think at that scale I'd stick with the kit ones, they look very good to me and much better than the kits of old.
  12. Looking good Graham, I'm pleased you're dropping the elevons, I wish I'd done that with mine now. If the Concorde at Duxford is typical, the elevon/wing join is best described as the cylindrical equivalent of a 'ball and socket' joint, so there's no gap at the top. I suppose you could angle the underside with bevel and get the desired effect. Just a note on the door, it's in two pieces. The top section of about 8-10 inches or so drops back and behind the rest of the door. Well done for putting the door far enough to the left, you'd need to slip through mine like a sideways Indiana Jones. If you've taken the door out at the panel lines you might need to split the decal to fit around the opening if the Revell is the same size as the Airfix. Also worth noting is the red line on the top of the inner elevons. Airfix give a decal for the underside but not the top, might add that to mine! Now you've opened the door, what are you plans for air stairs? I'm working on a set though time is in short supply at the moment.
  13. Ooh I'm in before the end of the adverts. Popcorn and drinks at the ready, phone to silent...
  14. Looks great Ced! I've got a part built one and after looking at yours I might go on and finish it (along with a Firefly also on the shelf of doom) and have a little Korea thing going on.
  15. Thanks, Ced. I've still got the steps to construct as well as position some set dressing. If I build simple air-stairs then I could suggest the aircraft is in one of the quieter airports such as the Bahamas. I could then chuck in some fairly modern vehicles and people to act as passengers. I'm looking for a scene basically!