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  1. Good work on the Beaufighter tailplanes. This is a subject that has needed some sunshine, especially regarding the control rods for the servo balance tabs. A lot of models (and museum aircraft) have the control rods on top of the tailplanes; the drawings that you are using show, and describe, the control rods as being fitted on the underside of the tailplane, which I believe to be the correct location. Thanks for the great posting; I appreciate it.
  2. Not one dime shown for any construction in my home state of California...thanks to loser Senators Harris and Feinstein.
  3. Congratulations on an excellent build. The paint work is superb, and the added little touches really make this model a work-of-art...outstanding!
  4. Masterful...Congratulations on a very fine build. Also, thanks for the tutorials on using the Silhouette; I recently pruchased a Silhouette Portrait to be used for modelmaking;.your tips, and the excellent screen shots are really appreciated.
  5. California calling. Gorgeous work...congratulations!
  6. Excellent...good job. This is modelling at its best. Congratulations.
  7. I, too, am following this WIP, since I have this kit in the build pile. Looks like you are off to a great start. One issue that I have with this kit is the grossly-overdone ribs on the fabric-covered portions on the wings, and empennage. Do you have any plans to address this?
  8. That's why the Israeli's were given the F-35 so soon...to get the bugs worked out. Over the years, the Israeli's have shown that they can develop, operate, and, sometimes, improve, the weapons systems that they acquire. If any country can bring the F-35 into the fight, without protracted (and artificial) development, the Israeli's can.
  9. Fantastic model, and excellent back story. Way to go, Steve!
  10. Your finish is flawless...simply gorgeous! Congratulations!
  11. Outstanding work on a rough kit. I really like the looks of this aircraft, and your work made a mediocre kit turn into something special....congratulations!
  12. A US Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey crashed on the Okinawa coast, destroying the aircraft, and injuring five crew. From video, the Osprey is in pieces, and should be considered a total write-off. According to news sources, the Osprey was conducting refueling operations when it went down. https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/articles/crew-safe-after-osprey-crash
  13. Excellent saves...these units are so prominent, that airframes do not look right if the LRMT is missing...great job!!!
  14. Great job on the Special Hooby Tempest V.Your paint and weathering are spectacular. I am especially impressed because I am doing this kit right now, and find that it is one of the most ill-fitting kits that I've ever done. You are to be congratulated on getting things to fit so well. This kit is fighting me at every turn, but it is together now and is almost ready for paint. for me, the part that fought me the most is the completed cockpit that has to fit precisely between the main landing gear wells; if the cockpit is assembled just a tad bit wide, it will not fit. Also, I had a lot of trouble getting the wing to line up at the wing roots...the fuselage seemed a bit wide and imparted a dihedral on the wing, which, of course, is incorrect. It took a lot of sanding and super glue to get the wing mounted...what a chore. Perhaps all of my troubles were self-induced, and the kit is fine...I do not know. Seeing your magnificent effort tells me that the kit is spectacular whn completed (so I'll carry on with mine). Congratulations on a super job.
  15. Congratulations on a magnificent build, and tribute to your relative. I have this kit, and I must say it is one of the most ill-fitting kits, especially the wing, and the fuselage/nose joint is a real challenge. I am thankful that you posted so many excellent pix because they will help me crack on with building my Tempest V. Congratulations again.