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  1. Oooh, a MkIX nightfighter - lovely!! Keith
  2. Thanks Ced, I surprised myself with that...!! According to Christer in post #175, the 1/72 ones do fit, it was the 1/48th ones John mentioned that I was whinging about - mind you, I haven't tried any of them, or this Quickboost set I've bought either! https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/QB72526 It'll teach me for being lazy as I'd normally just fill them - which you've obviously done really well anyway, so save your money for more tools! And despite that 'orrible cowling there's another lovely little Spit sitting on your desk again! Keith
  3. Oh goody, guess which fool has bought a couple of those too....!! Keith
  4. That's more my type of car, beautiful thing - both the real one & your gorgeous little model of it!! Lovely job!! Keith
  5. I noticed that too - & there's another similar video on there where the pilot also isn't wearing gloves. Very unusual. Really lovely Goshawk Hugues, beautifully finished and very well photographed to show it off at its best! Keith
  6. Errm, er, ummm, yes of course Steve, fine upstanding fellows all.... (is there a Welsh Bar, like in the local pub...maybe 'our' guy is a member of that?! ) Keith
  7. Because my friend They know in the end, That fools like me Will £3 odd more spend, on a Brassin replacement you see... .. Keith
  8. I hate photobucket...!! And I agree with you about solicitors Bill - my Mother in Law passed away in June & I've lost count of the visits my wife & her dad have had to make to theirs to sort out probate, power of attorney, blah,blah,blah. And of course none of them are free...!! Keith
  9. This Ferrari is from 1983

    Another lovely Ferrari that fits well with the rest - superb collection you have there (& this comes from somebody who's never been a particular fan of them!!) Excellent work!! Keith
  10. I'm sure I've said this before, & I'm sure I'll say it again - lovely work Giorgio...!! Keith
  11. A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    Yeh, I agree.... Tidy wheels Steve, very tidy.... Keith
  12. I thought exactly the same James - wonderful looking aeroplane wasn't it?! Keith
  13. I know Leon, but I like a full inbox, makes me feel popular...!! I actually often just read the content of the post in the notification e-mail, if it's not an update with pics I usually don't even bother to go to the thread! Keith
  14. She looks stunning Johnny, really tremendous work! Add me to the list of those looking forward to the rigging...!! Keith