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  1. Thanks for spelling it out for me this time Ced, I'd probably have forgotten what MIL stood for.... Having said that, I hope that MIL doesn't read the last two lines of your post....!! K
  2. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Unless they miss the capsule when it has to be Wipeout...! Keith
  3. I was just thinking the exact same thing - my eyes hurt too after looking at all that plumbing in the blade root piccie....!! Good luck modelling a representation of that snake's nest Crisp! Keith
  4. Hope you don't mind Johhny Lanc, a poignant musical interlude.... Keith
  5. WIP - Messerschmitt Me-110G-4 Nightfighter

    I accept nights are often dark Nils, but to me the realism of the 110 is a little overdone now - even with the brightness turned up full on my monitor I can barely see it - which seems a waste when you've spent all the time adding such excellent detail to it... Could you add a 'Bombers Moon' to give some more light to the scene? Keith
  6. Are you sure? Looks like 'PETS ON' to me.... Could I just add Crisp, that I wish to agree with all the comments above as to just how good your fiddly details look !! Keith
  7. They'll get away with it, they always do.... I think it's 'Deadpool' - but that's only from seeing the trailers for the film on Sky, so could be well wrong! Keith
  8. Friend of mine had one of them. Never failed to produce a fit of giggles when he pulled up in it!! I always liked the Mitsubishi Starion - story was it was meant to be called Stallion ....!! (I don't know if it would have been worse had they got it 'right'....!!) Hope you get the parts fettled together nicely Ced, looking forward to seeing it all opened up! K
  9. Doors open? On the ceiling? Scary....
  10. But at least IROC meant something, what's a T-ROC - distant relative of ? Keith
  11. Lesson #2 in the lazy modeller's handbook - if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Keith
  12. CF-104D Starfighter 1/48 Hasegawa

    Bit tame after an interplanetary flying saucer aren't they Mr. Martian....?! Keith