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  1. Well at least these two should be gloss before you decal them Ced....!! Keith
  2. I can't watch that guys videos (started to watch an oil paint weathering one of his once, lasted about two minutes before hitting the red X) as his voice does my head in. But he might have been lucky and avoided silvering on a matt surface, but thousands of other modellers feel the need to gloss before decalling, are we all wrong Ced? I know personally I used to get awful silvering in the time before I knew better, I don't get any now! Still, that's another lovely Spit for the ceiling, even if your stencil decals look like they've silvered, we shall see... Keith
  3. Really neat packing on your paints Jamie! Hopefully the last of my old WEM stocks will be exhausted by Telford, so I hope you'll have your stand there again? Simon, I think the only person who could justifiably complain about the wrong IP & stick would be an inch tall XIX driver....!! Keith
  4. Love the way you did those hinges Ian, a tiny little detail that combined with the corrected ailerons will make a huge difference to the finished look - great stuff! Keith
  5. Sorry Ced, but I have to say this - that is flippin' nonsense!! The paint is great, but it doesn't apply itself! Your skill in doing so is now way past 'meh'...!! Keith
  6. Donations

    Belay last message, I went back in, refreshed the page and it did then allow me to overtype the amount! Still didn't hav ethe captcha page though. Keith Edit : small donation sent, sorry it's not more but 'modelling budget' has all but vanished now the Mrs has fully retired....
  7. Donations

    Can you already hear my teeth wailing & me gnashing Mike...?! When I click the PP button, I don't get a catchpa page, instead go straight to this Paypal one; And nothing I try allows me to change the amount. Keith
  8. Donations

    Couple of things Mike - firstly those buttons don't appear on the old Default theme. Then when I changed to the Dimension 4.2 theme & found the buttons, when I clicked the Paypal button to make a donation I couldn't change the amount from £0.00....! Keith
  9. And this little gem is already one of those! Lovely job Ced! Keith
  10. Stunning job Adey, cracking model really nicely photographed & the 'forced perspective' with the little WB-50 is excellent! Keith
  11. Was going to like that post Bill, but didn't because I didn't know what renewed hostile action had made you sad..... So I'll just say instead 'I like that work on your Gannet'! Keith
  12. Brilliant codes Ced, cracking job! Keith
  13. Agreed! They do look very good Ced, but life's too short! Keith