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  1. There was a Rodney Dangerfield movie about him getting straight so he could get an inheritance, you know stop smoking, womanizing and the lot. He is seen at the kitchen table building a 32nd 109 if I remember correctly. Ryan
  2. Yes thanks Graeme, it did come out pretty smooth, should be ready for final primer soon. Ryan
  3. Started getting the build going, the fuse was a bit warped but I got it together. 777 Nose by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr The windscreen was primered in white to help me better see the seam around it. Fit was OK on one side but on the other side it protruded a little.....some scraping will be in order. 777 Nose 2 by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Ryan
  4. Hi Ray, yes I grabbed some rollers too! I tried to email him twice, not sure if went through as I got no response. BTW I met him in Telford, super nice guy. Ryan
  5. Finally was able to get my first primer coat on, not looking to bad! just a few spots to correct then I can start painting. Ryan
  6. The split blade can be seen in the top example, here is before and after the fix. Ryan
  7. Really great castings although the fan was poorly molded in my example, I did my best to fix it.
  8. Here is a look at the new Braz 1/144 PW engines for this kit, good bye kit engines!
  9. Test
  10. Sure looks nice, good job.
  11. I think the you tube poster added the sound afterwards.
  12. Sorry if this has been seen before, great stuff.
  13. I like it, is that the scheme you are going with?
  14. The internal work looks really good, I have the same kit...wish I had the newer boxing with the blue decals, my boxing has the older gaudy color scheme. Ryan
  15. Thanks to Mike for moving this over, lets see if I can finish it here now! Updates to follow, but I'm just back from the UK from my first visit there and to Telford, what a trip...my top three takeaways from Britain: 1. Very nice people. 2. Very small roads 3. Roundabouts..... I also managed to snag the new Braz 777 PW engine set that I will profile soon with my build, they are stunning. Ryan