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  1. Airfix Whitley VII

    Thanks for all the comments. It's a great kit to build. Even the antennas are not to much of a problem. Only tricky part is sanding down the canopy over the front turret without breaking it. Tim
  2. EE Thunderbird

    There is a 1/24 scale kit - http://www.militarymodelling.com/news/article/kfs-english-electric-thunderbird-mk2-sam/25220 Tim
  3. Well I'm calling this one finished. Its the Airfix 1/72 Whitly VII done in Coastal Command colours. Paints all Humbrol and sprayed on. Done out the box, kit decal etc. Only replaced the pitot tube on the wing with a piece of good old Albion Alloys finest. Apologies for the number of images. Could not decide which not to post :-) Comments welcome. Tim
  4. There is always the Abingdon table. We can then discus the subs arrears ......................................... Tim (BTFH)
  5. Hi Martin, Didn't you do an article for the IPMS(?) magazine on correcting the CA kit a "few" years ago? How does this match up to your plans? Or is the brain even more addled than I think it is? Tim (the ever inquisitive)
  6. They were not to bad as long as you make sure both mating surfaces are sanded flat. I did try a set of spare eduard extended wing tips, but they are so much thinner that the AZ ones, any extra detail on them would have been covered in filler so not much point using them. Tim
  7. Well after finishing the Eduard XVI, I realised I didn't have a Mk VI in the collection. One ebay bid later (thanks BlackMike) I had one in my hands. What a difference the AZ kit is compared to the Eduard kits. I ended up replacing the prop and spinner; wheels and a few other bits from the spares box (all Eduard) and the 20mm barrels are metal ones from Master(?). the colour of the codes look a bit light in the photos. Well one more to tick off the list. Tim
  8. A brief WIP here - but now (well some time ago, but to lazy to get camera out) finished. Eduards little beauty in 1/72. not bothered with with any weathering as they were probably well looked after by this time. Did have some issues with the under-wing serial decals curling up on me. First time this has happened. Had to break out the old modeldecal codes. Not quite the same font, but close enough in this scale. enough waffle, onto the pictures ............................. Tim
  9. Thanks tony. I have one of these (Valom version) half done. Now I'll have to finish mine, especially if I get that decal sheet. Main problem was what markings to do. Yours I do like the look of. Tim
  10. Abingdon IPMS Show

    From 8 I think. Thats when we have asked for the bacon butties to start being produced!
  11. Abingdon IPMS Show

    The Annual Abingdon IPMS show will be held on the 30th September at - Larkmead School Abingdon Oxon OX14 1BB The show opens at 10:00, and will be done by 16:00. There will be the usual mix of club stands, traders (I'm sure someone will be along with a list), competition, and refreshments. Any questions, please let me know. Tim
  12. About time you did some modelling rather that waffling on with all that banter malarkey! It would be finished by now if you hadn't! Tim (never catch me waffling) (PS looking rather good).
  13. Churchill I/II in Tunisia

    Have a google round for information on the "Northern Irish Horse" Regiment. There is a web site that has images of these early Churchills being used in Italy (where several of the decal options on the sheet above are from). Tim
  14. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    have few drinks so you can enjoy the good bits! Simples Tim (the ever helpful)