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  1. Abingdon IPMS Show

    From 8 I think. Thats when we have asked for the bacon butties to start being produced!
  2. Abingdon IPMS Show

    The Annual Abingdon IPMS show will be held on the 30th September at - Larkmead School Abingdon Oxon OX14 1BB The show opens at 10:00, and will be done by 16:00. There will be the usual mix of club stands, traders (I'm sure someone will be along with a list), competition, and refreshments. Any questions, please let me know. Tim
  3. About time you did some modelling rather that waffling on with all that banter malarkey! It would be finished by now if you hadn't! Tim (never catch me waffling) (PS looking rather good).
  4. Churchill I/II in Tunisia

    Have a google round for information on the "Northern Irish Horse" Regiment. There is a web site that has images of these early Churchills being used in Italy (where several of the decal options on the sheet above are from). Tim
  5. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    have few drinks so you can enjoy the good bits! Simples Tim (the ever helpful)
  6. Spitfire XVI 1/72

    With all the fun and games with PB I've not had chance to post anything. However here are a couple of progress shots - Tim
  7. Spitfire XVI 1/72

    Thanks for the comments all. I'm swinging back to the red as as the colour. I realised I was thinking of the roundel blue as being the wartime dark blue, not the postwar lighter blue this appears to have. Masking is done, just need time to get the airbrush out.............................. Tim
  8. Spitfire XVI 1/72

    Oh well, thats another evening spent googling rather than modelling ;-) Thanks for the link. Tim
  9. As a quick(ish) filler between other stalled projects I have chucked this one together. I intend doing HT-A. Now the AMS kicks in. Instructions would have you painting the band and spinner in red. The only picture I have found online is http://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p1061752406/h541e4042#h541e4042 Now assuming the roundels are the correct blue/white/red then either a filter or orthocromic film has been used. From my eyes POV this looks like the band matches the blue shade of grey (if you see what I mean) rather than the reds. So does anyone know if the band really was red (and I go with the instructions) or I go with my gut feeling and go with roundel blue? Cheers for any input :-) Tim
  10. Hippo 1/48 Scale Gotha GV .

    Slacker! Tim (awaiting the inevitable response)
  11. AFV Club Churchill Mk III 1/35 (AF 35153)

    I've built three of these and no problems. I followed instructions and did the suspension units before putting them on the hull. Just make sure that everything is square. If it isn't you will struggle later. No no issues with fenders either. i have some of the workable tracks (still building them) so can not comment on the fit (yet) Tim
  12. Hummm, doesn't sound like you at all! who is this who has hacked Martins account? ;-) Tim (the prevaricator)
  13. Thanks for the comments all now to knock the Hampden into shape....................... Tim
  14. On this kit the clear parts fit perfectly. Meant I could paint them separately and glue them on right at the end (in fact there is no glue holding the cockpit in place) Tim
  15. Reasonably happy with the way this one has turned out, black does hide a multitude of sins :-). This aircraft was used on the "Mutton" operations to drop LAMs (Long Aerial Mines) on the German bomber streams. (http://codenames.info/operation/mutton-i/) The kit itself goes together very well (not like their Hampden!) the only problem really is the brittle plastic which makes the wheel struts a nightmare to work with. If I had any I would have replaced it with some aerofoil strut. The real aircraft probably did not carry any guns in the turrets, but I left mine in. The decals are rather resistant to setting agents. I had to reduce the size of the mouth, its far to long. Even now it is still to long, it should stop before the eyes in the one photo I have seen of the aircraft. I replaced the markings on the fins as the kit ones were far to big. Comments/questions welcome. Tim