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  1. Hello an east anglian modeller

    Welcome from a fellow Cambridgeshire modeller
  2. Nimrods

    Didn't get to Cyprus until Spring 93 and even then only to install a mod on 84 Sqns Wessex John
  3. Nimrods

    When were you on 51? I was on EWAU/EWAD from 1989
  4. Hello from France

    Welcome Laurent from a fellow modeller and aircraft restorer (Short Stirling) John
  5. Sea Hornet to be returned to flight!

    Partly due to David Collins who haunts these here parts :). He also runs the Hornet Project here in the UK John
  6. Not sure if you'd noticed Ant, but Italeri have left a huge void under each nacelle where the Oil Coolers would have been fitted on the Mk III/IV, there's nothing on the instructions to tell you to fill this void. The oil cooers were mounted in the wing leading edge on a Mk I John
  7. Stirling wreck discovered

    Aircraft is presumed to have contained 6 crew all missing and has been provisionally identified as PK225.. A Stirling is getting built albeit slowly see link in my signature John
  8. RAF bomber wreck discovered in the North Sea

    the hoop is the scraper ring on the tail wheel. Some of the images appear o show the glider towing yoke and a part that I recognise from the cockpit floor. I'm in touch with the chap from the National Grid and hope to get a few more higher res pics in time John
  9. Jaguar GR1 and Associated Equipment

    welcome Kev, form another ex-Jag mate (also in Cambs)
  10. C'mon you know you want to John
  11. Hi Massimo Nothing wrong with having the landing gear doors open, they were opened on the ground by flicking an external switch before the engines were shut down. This allowed access to the bays for maintenance John
  12. India wants France's old Jaguars

    The wings on the Cosford aircraft were the one area under policy that the trainees were not allowed to do much to in case they were damaged in any way and theye were always kept wet to prevent the tank sealant from drying out. A number were removed from the GIA and brought up to the latest mod standard to eke out the fatigue life but the cost of modifying them proved not much less than getting brand new wings from the Indians (HAL). And cost was the issue as Jags were always the poor relation to the Tornado and Harrier fleets at the time and the money simply wasn't there . There was always 'talk' of recovering some low life airframes but the will was never there to see it through Either way it was a criminal waste of the low life GR1s
  13. India wants France's old Jaguars

    I worked in the Jag Engineering Authority and we looked at using the very low life Nigerian wings on the RAF Jags back in the late 90s and they were too far gone even then to recover! RAF Jags needed new wings by the time of retirement and the fuselages were also nearing the end of their fatigue life, so not much use to the IAF I'm afraid John
  14. Any Avro experts out there who can identify this thing?

    Worth registering on the Flypast Forum, there's an expert on pretty much everything aviation related on there John

    David Collins who is the driving force behind the Hornet Project frequents BM. Send him a PM under his name John