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  1. Lancasters, Tallboys and 1/48 Questions

    John, Three more photos added to my original post. If you can get hold of a copy of Lancaster at War Vol.2 by Ian Allan there are good Avro drawings in the front and back which will help. (I'll reply to your PM this afternoon.) Cheers Nick
  2. Lancasters, Tallboys and 1/48 Questions

    Hi John, Stretching the memory banks back a few years, to 2005 on this one. I built a 48th scale Lanc a family friend flew with 115 Sqn at RAF Wicthford in mid-late 1944, HK551, A4-E, back then and made a good few changes to the kit. HK551 had smooth-fronted bulged bomb bay doors which could take 8,000lb-ers. These were similar in profile and contours to the bulged doors used on the Mk.IIs, but without the step in their profile at the front; which is why I have called it smooth-fronted. I made mine closed and built them from styrene sheet formers, planked with styrene strip, covered in filler and sanded smooth. The model depicts the aircraft after its return from a mission however, technically, all the guns should be pointing skywards; to avoid any injury to others or damage to hardware caused by careless cold ground crew fingers and ricochets off the ground. If you drop me a PM with your email address, I'll send you my build notes, the finished model appearing in a Model Aircraft Monthly article in January 2006, which included a lot of 'wet-film' build images; sadly not scanned. Other than the bomb bay doors, areas I suggest you look at are: - All turrets > I scratch built the internal details for all and would now use resin or metal gun barrels too. - The cockpit > again, I scratch built all the internal details, making use of the kit's instrument panel and control column yoke. - Propellors > HK551 had the early pointed ones, which I made by reshaping the kit parts. - Engine nacelles, exhaust and shields > I recommend the Belcher bits items to replace the kit ones. - Bomb-aimer's blister > the kit has the shallow one, I got HK551's deeper one from a Paragon set which, iirc, had the under-fuselage blister in it too. - Ailerons and elevators > the Tamiya kit has the late/post-war metal ones, HK551 had fabric covered ones, having sanded the kit ones free of rivets, I added rib details from styrene strip. - Tyres > HK551 had untreaded tyres, I filled the kit ones and sanded the smooth, adding weighted bulges from filler. - Additional detailing like rudder and elevator trim tab balances, the Monica aerial and window dispenser were scratch built. I also opened the rear door and added some interior detail in there for the fuselage structure, ammunition runs and flare chutes. Remember that on the outboard engines the outboard exhaust passed under the wing, not over it. I have seen too many good Lancs spoiled by the weathering going over the wing. Here are a few photos to help you visualise what I have said above. Cheers Nick
  3. VAAC Harrier Cockpit References?

    Hi Sam, You've seen one iteration of the rear cockpit in the information provided above. The front cockpit and both HUDs were not standard either and changed over time due to the nature of the work XW175 was doing. How much the front cockpit differences would be visible in 1/48th is hard to say. There are very few people who could say you have it right, or wrong! If you want to get it 100%, you could always try contacting QinetiQ and seeing what photos they would be willing to provide you with. As much of her final work was to trial the automated landing system being developed for the F-35B, photos of the cockpit layouts may still be restricted and not available to you. In addition to the cockpits you'll need to: - Develop the two different and unique under fuselage pods 175 carried - Add a variety of odd aerials in non-standard places, and - Make the underwing hard point fairings I have some photos taken at a Cosford Air Show I can send you to help with some of those. Cheers Nick
  4. Harrier Send-Off - Show us your models

    Happy New to everyone! I've finally started a V.P account so can now upload these 8 (low-res, <200KB each) photos of my most recent Harrier, the first one I've completed for almost two years! Harrier GR9A ZG477 of 1(F) Sqn - now, this is the bit you'll need to use your imagination for - as seen moments after it became the last Harrier to leave HMS Ark Royal on 24 November 2010 piloted by the OC of A Flight 1(F) Sqn, Lt Cdr James Blackmore. Modifications: - All undercarriage legs are at maximum extension > kit parts modified - All auxiliary intake doors opened, as the Pegasus is at full chat > kit parts modified - Ailerons, flaps and LID dam dropped to enhance low speed lift > kit parts modified - An AIM-9 ACQN round to port, a RAIDS pod to starboard > made from plastic rod and 5 thou strip; and a baggage pod on the centre-line > resin item by Shaun B-D - Seat >modified Pavla item, Helmet-Mounted Cuing System fittings behind it made from scratch - Pilot > Airfix pilot modified by me then cast in resin by Shaun B-D. Finishing - AIRframe/Xtradecal decals, the grey stencils have been over-painted with thinned medium sea grey to improve their shade. - "Hairy" brush-painted with thinned Humbrol enamels and Vallejo acrylic white; Klear applied before decals and then weathered with thinned/dry-brushed enamels. "Zeal Does Not Rest" Cheers Nick
  5. AV-8 ing into 2018

    Two nice AV8s there. More to follow? A simple tip to help all Harrier builders ensure all five wheels touch terra firma, or the modelling bench... > Fix the outriggers and nose wheel first, refer to photos for the nose-wheel compression and the outriggers' angles with the wing > Then, adjust the main u/c leg length to ensure 5 points of contact. QED / Simples. Cheers Nick
  6. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    From what I can see the Wingman option is the closest of the SIIIS seats I can find on the market. Sadly the breakers are cropped from some of those images. Dave, I think you may have another which shows both? Cheers Nick
  7. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Hi, The Wingman seats were referred to as a close example. The Pavla seats are marketed as SIIIS SJU-4 seats, which are the variant fitted to the Harrier II AV8B and has the wrong headbox shape for the seats fitted to AV8As and TAV8As which were Stencel IIIS SEU-3As. Yes, it's very confusing! Especially when you look at sites like the ejection seat site where the SIIIS information refers to AV8Bs and the SJU-4 variant they used. For a TAV8A/S both front and rear seats need to be fitted with canopy breakers, those on the rear seat being smaller than those on the front. As yet no one makes those seats but I'm sure someone will soon do so. Hope that helps Cheers Nick
  8. 1/48 Harrier trainers?

    May I suggest that any further questions on the Harrier T2/2A/4/4A/4N/8/etc. are put into the thread referred to by Iain above so that we don't have multiple threads on the same thing; thanks. (You know it makes sense.) One thing I can say is that I have NO idea what is happening with Hannants or any other UK importers of the Kinetic kit and models arriving in the UK or elsewhere; so please don't ask me! Thanks Nick
  9. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    And the Specials would be overall green colour?
  10. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Thanks for those Dennis. Will do. Cheers Nick
  11. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Specials Shar2? The HE 600lb MC thingie?
  12. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Iain, the intake interiors would have been the same colour as the camouflage colour on the outside lip of the intake; which means DGreen on the starboard side and DSG on the port. Check the almost head-on shot of GR3 XZ138/K at Lossie dated 12 July 86 by Derek Ferguson on airliners.net. The colours go all the way back to the blades as directed in BAe painting diagrams. NOTE FOR ANYONE MAKING A DSG OVERALL T4N. The intake interiors of these aircraft were the same as those on overall DSG SHARs - Light Aircraft Grey. NOT WHITE! Hope that helps. Cheers Nick
  13. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Iain, tell me which scheme you are finishing the model as and I’ll tell you the intake colours. I see too many white intakes when they should be camouflage colours or light aircraft grey. Cheers Nick
  14. My thread on converting the Monogram 1/48th scale GR1 to a P1127 from 2010: Project stalled and all photos hit by the Photobucket glitch, bother. Dave is right. It is a biggie, even by comparison with converting a 1/24th scale GR1 into an FRS1 years before Airfix did it; which is what I have done. The hardest bit? How to replicate those freeking rivets! Cheers Nick
  15. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Maybe they are still in post-SMW recovery mode and have yet to update their site. Worth calling them may be... Cheers Nick