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  1. Another cracking model Alex, and slightly bonkers in the fact the paint colour actually slowed the damn thing down! I also have a soft spot for F-BTSD as it was the first Concorde I ever saw, visiting Leeds/Bradford airport in 1986. Darren
  2. Great job John! And thanks for the tip on backing the yellow with white, that will come in handy. Presuming you just painted the whole thing Airbus Grey, including under the blue areas? Darren PS You've well and truly beaten me to the BCAL theme, my plan is for the A320, BAC 1-11, and an A310.
  3. Hi Andrew, a great build and first post to Britmodeller! It's great that so many of us contribute in return for all the great information we get from the site. An excellent build, a beautiful livery with a cheat line! It just shows that you don't have to resort to aftermarket parts but it does take some skill! I tried to fix the engines and failed miserably on my 737, which sat on the Shelf of Doom for 5 years waiting for the BraZ engines to appear! Looking forward to your next model, an ideas yet? Darren PS Get that light box back from your girlfriend!
  4. Another beauty! There's just no hope of me ever trying to keep up with your production rate! Darren
  5. A stunning model of the DC-8 and a classic retro livery! The aluminium finish looks outstanding! Great story too, I remembering the ditching in thr bay, but my recollection was that is ran out of fuel. Incredible that it was lifted out and repaired. Darren PS So wish the Minicraft DC-8s were more readily available, still looking for my first...
  6. Another beautiful model! For what I understood is a short-run model, the detailed you've highlighted is mighty impressive and topped off with a very attractive livery. Darren
  7. Nice idea with the livery and nice to see one of these built up, even if it is the earliest version from Hobbycraft. Darren
  8. Thank you. Yes I have already ordered an EE MD-11, along with decals for the earlier Delta widget livery. Darren
  9. Thank you Alex and Mike, very kind. It's all too easy to focus on certain issues as I build a model and they can be become blown out of proportion, but it's how I drive myself to make the next one better. Hopefully, the Eastern Express widget scheme will be better than this. Glad yours is staring at you, mine is still to arrive... Darren PS Had the pleasure of a Swiss Embraer 190 flight to Zurich last week - Nice change from routine A320 flights!
  10. Indeed I rather miss the variety of old, and I'm only thinking of the 80s and 90s! I used to visit Heathrow to take photos, but haven't done that for years as every other flight is an A319/320/321, really quite dull, sigh.. Darren
  11. I must confess, I'm rather liking the Tamiya acrylics thinned with Mr Color levelling thinner so that is my current new thing. All the shades of grey are done with this. Whichever paint I use I still get a fair amount of orange peel texture, it's just then a matter of polishing with Micromesh and a final brush coat with Alclad Aqua gloss. I'll always claim makes for toil over skill any day! I need to clear the bench of other things first, which is a part built DC-6, where I'm having to strip the paint - a lesson in never skip a primer coat... And then an F-Rsin CV-880, then possibly some 1/72 Russian military stuff before the next Delta wide-body. I'll definitely post an inbox review of the EE MD-11 when it arrives. Darren PS I have decals for this Delta livery for the 737-800. Not many options out there for Delta 757s. The new EE Delta 757-300 is quite expensive here, almost £50.
  12. I thought I'd posted itself elsewhere! You're going to send me into obligation now and make the rest of the build a full WIP at this rate! Damn you, but thanks for saving the kit! Darren
  13. Well, please excuse the paper towel, it's still a little damp after it's rinse. But after 24h in the Fairy Power Spray bag I have this: Really quite impressed, thank you guys for the suggestion. It's had a second application of The Spray and gone back in the bag. Darren
  14. Thank you all very kind and glad to see it's generated some interest. John, thanks, very good point about the cheatline! I meant to add 'livery with a cheatline' as a tag! Whilst this livery isn't a patch on the classic widget livery, it's still way better than the current one - and I have half a dozen decal sheets of the new livery... I even planned a Delta DC9-50, but have since decided that just seems plane wrong in the current livery, but alas they never wore anything else with Delta, being ex of Northwest. So I now plan to build a DC9-30 - fortunately a Fly DC-9 kit comes with two fuselages DC9-30 and -40 or -50. Darren
  15. Thanks Dave, t'is confusing! I remember seeing the kits listed as Futute Products on the Hannants weekly kit list and it thought it didn't seem right and so stuck with me. I've bought the full Welsh Embraer 190 kit (only way to get BA decals, the things we do!) and was worried the wing might be wrong, but it's matches the Revell 195 kit very well. Good look with your BraZ conversion! If my disasterous attempt at an A340-600 conversion is anything to go by, you might need it! ;-) Darren