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  1. Super impressive work, yet again! A beauty in it's own right, but all the more excellent to see it alongside the HS.748 'Budgie' and the Connie. What a collection! Darren
  2. TAP Super Connie

    Very impressive model, clean finish on the aluminium areas, yet nicely weathered. Darren
  3. Air Canada Embraer 190, Revell 1:144

    Lovely model and a nice conversion. I quite like this Air Canada livery, but after Jessica referred to it as 'urinal mint blue', I've developed a whole different perspective for it... Darren
  4. Very nice! I think we tell by the close up photos that you're rightly proud of this one, but it's entirely justified, very clean work! Darren
  5. Very nice Martin! Don't see the F-84F very often at all. Great scribing and painting. Another I also have in the stash awaiting if my scribing skills ever improve Darren
  6. Esci/Trumpeter F-100C Super Sabre 1/72

    Great build and painting. Excellent work from the old ESCI kit, hadn't realised until I read further you had cross-kitted with the Trumpeter kit. I did not know of the shape problems with the Trumpeter kits, not unexpected to hear, but annoying as I have the C, D and F Trumpy kits in my stash and was about tho through the ESCI F away! Darren
  7. Tu-154M 1/144 by Zvezda

    Excellent build, nice to to see more Russian airliners here and with some weathering too! I've been in too minds whether to fill the windows on this kit or leave open and glaze with clearfix or similar. How did you finish your windows? Darren
  8. F-4B Phantom 1/72 Hasegawa

    Stunning build and prestation, love the carrier deck! Darren
  9. Zvezda Qatar Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

    Nice clean looking build Darren
  10. Stunning work Bill and excellent photography to finish it all off. Every photo abounds with all the extra details you put in. So when does the next build begin? And what might it be? Darren
  11. Bill, Outstanding modelling and such an education about techniques and the Canberra. Both delighted it's finished and sad this thread is now finished... Darren
  12. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    Amazing work so far, fantastic to see the fuselage profile slowly appear from all those parts. Great photography and loving the Lego helpers! Darren
  13. When paint doesn't adhere properly

    Right, further application of Fairy Power Spray and I'm calling this paint stripped: Starting over, I've turned to Halfords Plastic Primer. This has never failed me, my gripe with it is that I tend to get quite rough finishes (dried overspray?), but thinning the paint first (after decanting in a glass bottle) has helped, but it still needed plenty of Micromesh polishing: A few of the seams need attention, the Power Spray has also stripped the Mr Surfacer and in some areas even attacked the super glue+talc filler used. But I can see incremental progress! Regards, Darren
  14. Looking very nice Bill, stance seems just right (as with everything you do!), especially looking back at the image you posted by @Flankerman here: Sorry to hear about your car, as you intimate timing chains are bloody expensive to replace. Regards, Darren
  15. Another cracking model Alex, and slightly bonkers in the fact the paint colour actually slowed the damn thing down! I also have a soft spot for F-BTSD as it was the first Concorde I ever saw, visiting Leeds/Bradford airport in 1986. Darren