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  1. From the looks of things, no. The way to do it is to have the notification turned on for PM's then when you receive the email, use that as the archive.
  2. Its a bit more common than you would realise. We have had an ex member on here passing off pictures obtained from the web as their own build before. That was a new one for the Mod team.
  3. Green Spot and Red Spot from what I can remember a couple of years later. Funnily enough differentiated by the freq wheel colours which were, er green or red..... My old man used to work at the RN jetty at Moscow. Had a few years kicking around there myself.
  4. Has Panzer departed then?
  5. Moved to Cold War instead of help and support for the use of the forum
  6. I have a passport in my possession that says I am. Pass the Ferrero Rocher please theres a good chap.
  7. And just to reinforce the point it has already been covered in the past here: Linky
  8. We spend a lot of time removing pointlessly repeated images and videos. It's annoying to say the least.
  9. Keep on taking those pills matey
  10. Well, you have none of the second and half of the first.....
  11. Change like for "barely tolerates" and you will be about there.....
  12. Moved. Site help and support is for funnily enough BM website issues....
  13. Lots of nostalgia there. I can remember my first PC and Janes US Navy Fighters and thinking that the graphics were light years ahead of the games on my Amiga. Just pre-ordered this. I think I can safely say that graphics, flight models and systems modelling have come on just a little bit!
  14. Probably not the best move for you, well not until your restraining order has lapsed.