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  1. I saw it in Sydney just after release. As for the Australia tax, trust me, any far eastern kit is far cheaper in Oz than UK.
  2. My old man now works for a Belfast company and travels around the world; 37 countries last year, some of them 3 times)! A couple of the blokes who sometimes join him stick to Burger or Steak for meals. If it is not spud, burned to a crisp meat or veggies boiled for 20 hours they go pale and start muttering about foreign muck. They are Belfast special though He is currently in China eating very well while these two numpties are searching for a McDonalds. It is more common than you think. As long as it has stopped squealing, squirming or slithering I will have a bash!
  3. The other issue is cost. Storing pictures directly here would require a significant amount of storage space, which would require enlarging every so often and backups and it does not happen without £.
  4. Moderation is supposed to protect from personal attacks? So then, what was the real point of your post other than just what you were yourself complaining about? Why drag up a 4 1/2 year old thread and whinge publicly? As before, the aircraft work in progress threads and ready for inspections are there for airliners. The same rules as any other genre. Your additional comment about difficult moderation obviously did not take into account the large amount of wasted time we spent digging through the area moving the wanted, work in progress, for sale, airliners net photos, ready for inspection and random chat that littered the area and the time we still spend having to move stuff even now.
  5. Because any more than that exceeds his mathematical capability.
  6. There are no restrictions on your profile. I have reset them again to Gold Member. Can you clear your cookies and internet cache and try again?
  7. There are no restrictions on his profile. Sounds more like a browser issue as his browsers are out of date. If it was working beforehand and now is not with the new software, then its the likely solution.
  8. Signatures have a size limit Link We wil be looking at the interests to limit the size
  9. Whilst the system is optimised, there can be a delay between clicking and it publishing. Therefore members are thinking something is wrong and clicking post multiple times. It will be resolved, when the hamsters running the forum software have been fed, rested and retrained.
  10. Or I could have changed my password to a super duper new one and forgot it
  11. Unfortunately, the likely main opposition sees no such value in following.
  12. Duplication, discussed, debated, deliberated, decided, done.
  13. With the climate there mate, it will be a gradually losing battle.
  14. In Singapore at the moment and the Hasegawa/Eduard and Tamiya kits are around 2 - 3 time UK prices. Count your blessings!
  15. Saw her about a month ago on a transiting back from PNG for a couple of days. Used to see them coming in and out of Sydenham regularly. A shame it's just sitting there and slowly rotting. There was also an RCAF C-17 sitting on the ramp that day, not much difference in size.