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  1. And just to reinforce the point it has already been covered in the past here: Linky
  2. We spend a lot of time removing pointlessly repeated images and videos. It's annoying to say the least.
  3. Keep on taking those pills matey
  4. Well, you have none of the second and half of the first.....
  5. Change like for "barely tolerates" and you will be about there.....
  6. Moved. Site help and support is for funnily enough BM website issues....
  7. Lots of nostalgia there. I can remember my first PC and Janes US Navy Fighters and thinking that the graphics were light years ahead of the games on my Amiga. Just pre-ordered this. I think I can safely say that graphics, flight models and systems modelling have come on just a little bit!
  8. Probably not the best move for you, well not until your restraining order has lapsed.
  9. Be grateful for what you get. Compared to the TV available in the antipodes, its worth its weight in gold. Apart from soaps, antiques and home make over stuff of course
  10. You are from deepest darkest Yorkshire. Where you hail from they still point at cars and wonder where the horse has gone. Australia drives on the same side of the road. Just upside down. Real Beer? I just let the Aussie stuff warm up then, chuck it away Mind you, I have observed that Stella is considered to be a "boutique European" beer. If only they knew the truth!!!!
  11. Deal was with the flights my wife booked back for Xmas with our daughter. I've just turned up on R and R. i can see what it's for, it's a lookalike SUV mini for the school run mums. Just a corsa on stilts with less appeal and driving experience. Hey ho, it gets us from A to B, just not very economically. in answer to the original poster, probably something on your side. I have been using this in multi countries in the last few months on fixed and mobile networks on differing devices, OS and browsers and no delays whatsoever. 🐌
  12. One of them Vauxhall heaps. Horrid, horrid heap. However at £10 per day to rent whilst I'm back in 🇬🇧 it will do.
  13. It's the sienna hot colour that produced the brown. Just take it easy and build them up gradually over a base.
  14. Here you go
  15. Reminder

    Closed. We are just going round and round that Buoy and its obvious that some are hard of understanding or have difficulty with a simple requirement.