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  1. Bailey's Bridge 1/87

    Great diorama! Still used and it’s offspring. It’s amazing how many places around the world they crop up in. Around the corner from me here in Oz are 2 footbridges made from panels, a car park fenced off with half buried panels and there is an arched bridge made from Bailey panels on the training area which is an interesting bit of engineering. Linky
  2. Airfix 1/48 Meteor

    I'm good, though I do prefer playing with members of a military organisation.
  3. Airfix 1/48 Meteor

    Hopefully more than just very dark glasses otherwise visitor numbers to Camden would really drop off.
  4. Windows 10 upgrade fails

    Closed, this is for BM website help and support
  5. Trying to ask a question

    There are no restrictions there
  6. "0 views"?

    View count automatic updating of posts when they are viewed puts a strain on the server. Therefore it updates every few hours. Nice Walrus btw.
  7. Careful Steve, the denizens of this site like a good pitchfork and burning session.
  8. Lynx Helicopter AH-7 Afghanistan Armament

    They were, I took the pictures used for the decal scheme of the aircraft in theatre. AFAIK no TOW was used there, the aircraft were weight limited as it was because of the hot and high conditions. The pictures are in the walk around section.
  9. Comfortably numb.....

    It's been a staple of whatever music player has been in my rucksack for the past 28 years. From listening to the Division Bell whilst laying in a hammock in the Belizean Rainforest watching the stars through gaps in the canopy, shine on your crazy diamond whilst chasing thermals under a paraglider in the Alps to listening to The Wall whilst waiting to go past the start line on Op Telic they have been a soundtrack to some epic life moments.
  10. Ouch, I'm still in the middle of shoehorning the Aires pit in. I have seen it done, but its getting to be a bit thin in areas on the resin and the plastic (its sitting in the box again for a couple of months whilst I ponder it!).
  11. Locked, leave the political diatribe off the forum or be prepared to leave the forum for while.
  12. Gents, please refrain from needlessly repeating a whole post and its pictures when quoting. Its poor form for those scrolling through the thread to continually have to scroll through repeat after repeat. Use the edit function and minimise the repeats thanks.
  13. Can’t reply to for sale threads

    You can pm the members selling
  14. No pictures are shown because you are using Photobucket