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  1. Can’t reply to for sale threads

    You can pm the members selling
  2. No pictures are shown because you are using Photobucket
  3. Gambling

    Gambling debt is only the tip of a very large iceberg. I’m more concerned with credit card debt. Unfortunately I get to deal with and counsel too many young soldiers and the odd older one who have a couple of bits of plastic in their wallet that makes them think they can have what they want yesterday and pay for it sometime in the future. The future always creeps up on them far too quickly. Again, it’s personal responsibility and all allegedly have the educational levels to comprehend, but evidently the common sense and self control of a Labrador sitting next to a kebab. One I had a few years back after you took out his car payments, card payments, existing loan payments, CSA payments, Insurance’s etc had a grand total of around £5 to live on for the month. Thankfully the military gave him a room and food and we could get him away somewhere sunny and dodgy for 6 months to pay down some debts in order to give him some stuff to live on when he returned. But it was self inflicted and caused us a lot of headaches dealing with creditors. as a young Tom I also had a bit of plastic that went to its limit. Fortunately it wasn’t a huge limit and I was annoyed at having to pay every month a chunk of my wages for effectively nothing. That drove me to use it wisely. As for my frequent flyers, it’s a different story. Removing advertising will make no difference to those among us who are liable for that type of addiction. It’s doubtful that advertising drew them into and kept them in it.
  4. Gambling

    We could ban a lot of things that cause harm to people: Fast Food, Tobacco, Gambling, Alcohol etc. But like other things that have already been banned: Drugs, Speeding, Drink Driving etc. they still happen. Banning gambling would just drive it underground and instead of losing a house, its kneecaps. There are no easy answers other than from the actions and response from within the person doing it. Whatever we have, some people take it to excess, its a facet of human nature and why should the majority lose a pleasure that the minority are unable to control?
  5. Can a poll be put in an existing topic?

    No idea. However, changing a poll after it’s started invalidates the previous responses. Best to get it right in the first instance.
  6. Can a poll be put in an existing topic?

    Unfortunately not. You have to start a new thread.
  7. Airfix 2018

    Hunter, Scout/Wasp would be welcome. In 1:48 of course
  8. I've joined the Dad brigade.

    Congratulations mate, it's by far the best thing to happen to me. Grace is 5 and I'm wondering where the time has gone.
  9. cross linking my threads

    Plenty of stuff out there with google. Same process as this Link
  10. Chickenhawk

    His sequel "Back in the World" is worthwhile as the follow up. Just listened to Chickenhawk in Audiobook again. Good for long car journeys
  11. cross linking my threads

    Copy the page address then use the link symbol in the menu (looks like a chain) paste into there. Or just paste straight in.
  12. Do you have experienced the same

    Nope, having moved the nth post of the morning for the nth time that week sort of grates after approaching the first decade.....
  13. Help and Support....

    Ladies and Gents, Lately, we are seeing more and more threads started in here regarding subjects that are clearly modelling related and not forum, or forum-software related as is indicated in big red letters at the top of the thread area. I, like the other mods monitor this area closely to see if there are major issues such as DDoS attacks, software faults etc., so as soon as we get a message that there is a support issue in here, take time out of our lives to look at it. It it is an irritant that repeatedly a small number of members cannot take the time to scroll through the forums to see where their question should be placed and instead place gems such as: Paint thinning ratios spare parts requests airbrush issues what colour the undersurface of Spitfire XXXXX was on this day...... etc. From this point onwards, as a fair warning, topics that do not belong here will be deleted. We are not wasting further time moving subjects around the forums. Many thanks to the vast majority of you who do take the time and consideration to check before posting. Greg B.