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  1. No problems, but to avoid confirming it, please read the rules carefully
  2. Link There you go matey
  3. And the no eBay rule, the no repeat post rule and the no selling items out of the buy and sell area or his own traders area rule, before flouncing off with accusations of being anti French. We don't have advertising on the site as a revenue generator, therefore we do not accept traders advertising their wares outside of their own area on site. Kusti is not Arctic Decals, therefore he is just giving a heads up.
  4. Takes up less space than the mossie though. Length of the mossie is 13.5m and wingspan 16.5m. Versus the Lightning at 16.8m and 10.6m Certainly doable.
  5. From speaking to the Airfix team a few years ago, the gist was it had to be an iconic aircraft. My definition of that would be a type that would be instantly recognisable as that aircraft by the general public. Most people would recognise a Spitfire, a Messerschmidt etc. But a Vampire, Gladiator etc? To that end, I would take a punt at 3, maybe four aircraft that would meet that: For the RAF - Hawk or Lightning. For the USMC - Corsair. For the USN - Hellcat. Much as I would love to see a Bucc or a Spey Toom, I think it would be a pipe dream for a bit longer. Mind you, any of the four I would be happy with.
  6. Happy Birthday

    August 24 2012. Hover your mouse cursor over your user name and its there
  7. Not a site issue I'm afraid matey. You have either not ticked the box that says remember me, or have a setting, cleaner or AV that blocks or clears your cookies and cache. Your log in prefs are kept in cookies on your machines
  8. On a holiday until they come back with anything other than advertising
  9. Which will be removed as well. Abide by the 100 post rule, it's here for a reason.
  10. Gents. Re-read the rules about swearing and refrain from doing so on here.
  11. Bob, It is not confusing, the buy and sell area rules clearly state: Only post items for sale/wanted/for trade in the buy sell area and nowhere else on the site. We would ask for no commercial trading in the buy/sell area. If you are a trader and would like to sell here, please contact the moderating team and arrange for your own forum You were offering for sale multiples of a single item produced by you which generate profit, that is trading. As explained to you before, the buy and sell area is for members to move on unwanted kits and hopefully regain some of the initial cost. Not members using the site as a convenient gateway to move items without paying fees for auctions, web hosting or advertising. In other words, acting as a trader or in your case as a cottage industry producer and trader. BM doe not profit from the buy and sell area (unlike the well known auction sites) and in return it offers the Mod team nothing but headaches when something goes wrong. You were offered the option of a trading area and refused.
  12. Ask them. All of my Gunze stuff including bottles of levelling thinner made it out to Australia in a shipping container and that's after previous journeys from Brunei to Germany and then to the UK. The movers even packed them for me. I would have been more concerned about the bottles of spirits we took, far larger and more fragile containers with flammable contents.
  13. From the looks of things, no. The way to do it is to have the notification turned on for PM's then when you receive the email, use that as the archive.
  14. Its a bit more common than you would realise. We have had an ex member on here passing off pictures obtained from the web as their own build before. That was a new one for the Mod team.