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  1. Aussie P-51D AIRFIX 1/48

    Just to be pedantic - the D & K could both use both cuffed & uncuffed propellors (and did) although all K's were I think delivered with the uncuffed Aerproducts props: Equally so with the "Dallas" style canopy often taken as being "K" only. You see them on D's and K's, and often see different canopies on the same airframe too. The only real difference between D and K models was where they were made. D- Inglewwod, K's in Dallas. Same for B's & C's: B's Ingelwood, C's Dallas. Excellent model though - really nicely done! Jonners
  2. Using other peoples photographs.

    As far as I'm aware the Publishers copyright lasts 25 years - so unless the photos are separately credited with their own copyrights from the photographer ( in which case they would have a life span of 70 years I believe) - you are fine as they will fall under the lapsed 25 yr publisher's ( ie the magazine publisher) copyright mentioned above. To be honest - no one gives a monkeys about stuff like this anyway - You are posting for critical use, to a limited and small group, with no desire to pass off the images as your own or make money from them. You are likely to include details of where they are from anyway - as relevant and useful info for the rest of us. I would post them and not lose a wink of sleep about it. Jonners
  3. Socially awkward

    Just as happy with my own company as others, here. Though TBH I think it changes depending on mood and situation, and context. Never had problem talking to women either. I have to admit that I dont like crowds too much, especially large ones - mostly because they seem to produce impolite behaviour from many in them which I increasingly find annoying. Jonners
  4. Hi all - just found a profile of this machine. So whats the story? - all I can find is VW234 served on Theseus with 807 Sqn cheers Jonners
  5. That's why I had a smiley next to my reply - to illustrate it was a light hearted comment - I don't think "floaty thing" is really a term of anger is it now? But thank you for becoming offended on his behalf - it's what the world needs NB - smiley to indicate its a J O K E Jonners
  6. He should have asked in the ship/floaty thing section then Jonners
  7. BS381C 640 Extra Dark Sea Grey would be standard top dark colour with BS381C 210 Sky as the underside colour. For Korean war aircraft those are your colours. if you want approximate FS references then FS34424 Light Grey Green would be close to sky, and FS36118 seems to crop up for Extra Dark Sea grey in various refs. if you want more matches then this is useful http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/colorcharts/stuff_eng_colorcharts_uk.htm Cheers Jonners
  8. Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    yep - its in the Eduard kit. There probs one in the new Airfix Mustang too - going from memory ( I've chucked the sprues since it was finished) I'll dig one out when I get home ( from the Spit that is) Jonners
  9. Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    Hi. Both lights are there, but there are moulded as solid plastic with decals to represent the lights. A puzzling state of affairs really. As each aperure is teardrop shaped its not such a simple task to open them up- though its not too hard! cheers jonners
  10. Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    Perfect - thanks a million. Jonners
  11. Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    Hi - So here's my conundrum. Landing light under the port wing - any pics anywhere? ( online I've found nothing). I'm talking about the single lamp, not the double light installation under the starboard one. cheers for any help Jonners
  12. Needing recommendations for paints for beginners

    You might have to do some colour matching ( might, what am I saying ? - will defo have too!) but the Games Workshop Citadel acrylics brush very well, are readily available, and dry quickly and smoothly. You can thin them with Future/ pledge/ klear/ quick shine to any consistency to thin a tad for large scale brushing or for washes too. I used them on my Hannover CI-II for the lozenge, and my Albatross D-Va for interior colours. Cheers Jonners
  13. 2018 Huddersfield Show

    Just a note to say what a great show it was. I had been treated to a weekend just south of Huddersfield for my birthday - so it was a total Brucey bonus to find the show was on too. I though it seemed pretty busy - and the traders looked to be fairly awash with punters. Just one gripe - and I stress this is about all shows. Well actually its about people attending - so isn't a gripe about shows per se. Dear all of "us" - when at shows, and especially when in the tight little confines of traders stalls. When you want to squeeze past the next modeller: TRY SAYING 'EXCUSE ME"!!!. The number of people on Sunday who were incapable of uttering the most basic of polite requests - I'm not psychic - nor is any one else. Please use some bloody basic politeness when you want to get past someone. I used it a few times, with the odd variations ( '' 'scuse me chief ", sorry, but can I squeeze past please" etc etc) and from some of the looks I got - I would have been safer shouting blasphemies in the Sistine Chapel. We are all modellers, we are all gazing at the plastic, happy in our sprue filled worlds of bliss when at shows - but do try and remember its not just you there- please! Rant over! - top show. Came back with a a Bee Gee R2 racer kit from Dora, a Tamiya Beau TF-X and a nifty set of paint racks for my Tamiya & Gunze. Cheers Jonners
  14. Hi. I will be at the show tomorrow for the first couple of hours just visiting. I do have some decals with me. So if you want anything, drop me a pm this evening Sheets are £10 each if you want to collect , but please be aware I'm there for the first 2 hours only as it's my birthday weekend and I'll be away to see my dad by 12.30! cheers jonners
  15. Hawker Sea Fury FB11

    45 seconds in jonners