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  1. Would these be related to the Farley Treebat powered gliders? developed for the planned Operation Marmite during the Korean War, which if I recall was an ambitious plan to drop combat-engineer cooks behind NK lines to sabotage their main kimchi facility at Pong Long? I believe it was about to launch when Ike cancelled it, fearing a Red Chinese reprisal strike on the US chewing gum stockpiles at Num Jaw. We Brits and other Commonwealth forces had taken the precaution of storing our tea in armoured Centurion T-Caddies, so were unconcerned about this potential problem. Fruitbat and Treebat use during this forgotten conflict is horrendously neglected in my opinion, and more info is desperately needed. Jonners
  2. Would any of our esteemed correspondents have further info on the Coastal Command amphibious version, originally known as the Fruitbat Mk LIV but later renamed the Fruitfrog MK I. To the best of my knowledge it was never a success due to the sideways recoil from the 2 decks of 20 pounder muzzle loaders in each hull/float stressing the rigging. But, was it ever re-engined with the paddle wheel drive Merlin mk5056, as suggested in Janes Fighting Fruitbats vol 47, from 1947? jonners
  3. Hi Kjetil - mine arrived yesterday but I've only had a chance not give it a cursory glance, as I've been at work. The moulding looks very nice - but the combined aileron flaps will need to be dealt with!! Over the weekend I'kk compare to radio's plans and see whats what - but, as ever with me, I really would like to do a later version armed with the additional heavy 13mm machine guns - so I can feel a bit of work coming on..... The wheel wells look like they will be a challenge! But I do like a challenge Cheers Jonners
  4. From what I could see in Boswells, the kits weren't priced at anything other than full MRP - although they did sometimes have sales. So I don't understand how that price structure would undercut an independent cheers Jonners
  5. As the original "discoverer" of this stuff, I'll just say it's very very good. I also use it as a general thinner and drying extender for all my acrylics for brush painting ( its great with Tamiya). I've used it with Tamiya, guns, Vallejo, Citadel, Aeromaster and reveal acrylics - all fine. I keep a small squeezey bottle of on my desk and use it all the time. You can also use it to make washes too. Cheers Jonners
  6. Neither do I. They must get the Revel ones from somewhere! ( unless revel do a similar thing?) Jonners
  7. Don't bother mate - I went in last night to find the section being dismantled - no Airfix kits or Hornby trains etc etc left at all. There are signs up saying Hornby has decided to discontinue its concession, so its gone. Now all Boswells has is a small selection of Revel kits and paints. Sad really - as after Howes left the town centre, and then stopped doing plastic kits anyway - Boswells was always worth a shufti on a trip into the city centre. And I did buy models from there too. So after 28 of my 47 years living in Oxford, there is now no model shop or hobby department to name in the city centre itself unless you count Games Workshop ( still good for paint at least!). That leaves Hobbycraft down the Botley Road, and the small shop on St Clements which is mostly RC but has a wee bit of plastic. A sign of the times I'd say. Jonners, rather sad really.
  8. Hi Kjetil - mine is arriving tomorrow or Friday, and i want to see how fixable the UC bay is.... I have Radu's earlier book - which I know has a few issues on the plans relating to the well position for some drawings according to Radu , but the rest is superb. The IAR has long been a favourite of mine so I'm keen to "Do a good show" Good to know the shape seems OK though Jonners
  9. Same has happened/ is happening with Boswells in Oxford re the Airfix/Hornby concession I guess. I overhead the shop assistant telling a customer it would be going in January. Jonners
  10. TI really really like that!! So nice to see a USAF one too, though I confess mine will be Armee de l'air when I get round to it! lovely work and a great finish 👍 Jonners
  11. Hi Calum - looking very nice!! I've tried for the subtle lower EDSG overpainting too - so I'll be intrigued to see how yours looks when it's finished! It's funny how you've gone for a lighter tone of EDSG, whereas I've gone for a darker one - so that will be interesting to see too ( I'm not convinced by my one - but at present with its gloss coat on for decalling it's very dark - so it may lighten up when the final flatter top coat is applied) Seems we are both doing XV457! if you haven't seen this page: It's well worth a shufti as there are copious notes on 457. BTW - are the wing pylons fitted permanently yet? I only mention it because the underwing roundels will go right through the outer ones.... But the kit decals are an absolute joy to work with - they go down really well, are thin and respond to Microl set / sol really well. I'm decalling at present and its been a cinch. cheers Jonners (glad the nose probe heads up was of use too)
  12. Given that most WW1 aircraft lived outside, in all elements, were especially if rotary powered, usually covered in a fine ( or not so fine!) mist of castor oil, were worked hard, and were painted in chemical formulations that were not likely to be very stable colour wise- my view has always been that you'd have to prove someone wrong if they went for a greeny-brown-khaki or a khaki-browny-green in any one of about a gazillion shades. I'd say that dirt, oil and the elements were more responsible for most colour variations on these machines - they simply didn't last long enough, in the main, to "fade" or "weather" as we might comprehend those terms in relation to more modern paint finishes Jonners - PS Chinese blue seems to be more of a cobalt blue based pigment.
  13. OOh it is different isn't it? - but i get the jiste me old Pampas - and you are right the Mods do like us to speak English ( or some form of it LOL) here. Just out of interest - which country in South America has the most Castillan-Spanish Spanish then, and which the least? I don't know if Pappy's stated that he's doing Sharky's SHAR or not. I'm doing XZ457 which was Hermes based and have just spent a happy hour trying to replicate the rather tatty LAU-7 rails on said beast. Cheers Jonners
  14. Pappy - I add this as a thought. The nose probe. I duffed mine up so had to rebuild it- however - I do wonder if the kit bit doesn't quite get it right. The rear edge fairs into the upper front fuselage with what I'll call a pen nib profile - the kit bit has a flat rear edge. Also the fairing goes back a little further. Here the pic of my re-build Im adding this now in case you think its worth doing anything about it ( I spent 2 hours looking at pics, and mines still not perfect) And while I'm here - heres my canopy, inspired, rather than a slave, to accuracy
  15. The last one is correct - it contains resin Tempest tailplanes. But alas not the lightweight Mk3 RP rails which you need for the 245 sharky. The "normal" Mk1 RP rails are in there though The Tamiya Mossie has Mk 3 rails. Jonners