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  1. Well Hello!! It's back , and it's lozenged!! Wing tapes - Jesus Christ how many!! Thankfully after slicing about 150 of them from Aviattic's sheets I think Ive got a method down pat now that works! Just the aileron under sides to do - then tis all done! They still need to be blended in, and there's more to do than meets the eye - but the light is become apparent at the end of the tunnel for this old girl. Jonners
  2. There are so many reasons to hate today. But that is exactly what those who did this want. To spread fear and the hate that accompanies it. To separate what brings us together as human beings – love, friendship, family: To make us look at those who "appear" different and instead of seeing the fulgent diversity of joyous humanity see only the superficial manifestation of difference that allows the cancer of hate to gain a toehold. We need to be better than that. We need to be as one - to tolerate and respect rather than to condemn and denigrate. In a small way our hobby helps build and reinforce that - a common bond between brothers and sisters the world over. We build and create, and share and cooperate. As the father of a 15 year old daughter - who could so easily have gone to that gig last night, were it not for the sheer luck of distance, my heart is broken at the suffering and loss being endured now by the families of those murdered or injured, or traumatised by what they must have seen. Today Manchester is a city united with the world - but it is a terrible way to find such unity, alas. Jonners
  3. Hi all - has any tried these - I'm inherently lazy and this seems like a good idea! Cheers Jonners
  4. I'm quietly optimistic about a new BoB movie. Ridley Scott is a great director with a proper vision. It's still living memory for may of our older generation, and it deserves the attention that new film would give it. Theres been some revisionist history over the last few years, attempting to play down the battle's actual importance, or to water down the actual chances of German success, or to redefine who "won" or who "lost". Some is interesting, some isn't. What shouldn't be forgotten about the battle is that, at the time this was the "thin red line" and "backs to the wall" moment in the eye of those who witnessed it, and fought it, on the British side. It defined Britain, for ourselves and to the world, over a few weeks in one summer as the last bastion of democracy and freedom; one that was willing to stand 'alone' fighting to the last against Nazism and fascism. For that alone and its eventual galvanising effect it had on US public opinion it should be seen as the pivotal moment in the early war years: It was the first campaign that Germany did not succeed in, and by ignoring this fact and turning east, Hitler failed to secure his western front. In the longer term, the bombing of British cities gave justification to the RAF and USAAF levelling of much of Germany, which as we know drew away precious resources from fighting the Russians possibly more than anything else, and led to the eventual decimation of the Luftwaffe as a fighting force. It is, I think, that important. bring it on! Jonners
  5. oh yes!! Now I am liking this news. Jonners
  6. Afternoon! Well the painting and decals on this fought me all the way. Despite a very high gloss finish, my decal tricks, and the sacrifice of 3 goats; the Tamiya decals, especially the wing red stripes and lettering over the flap areas showed up really badly, with the carrier film being amazingly obvious. My solution was to brush on several layers of Quickshine into these areas to level it all out, then wet sand it back using ultra fine polishing pads: It worked "just". I then had a nightmare with the Tamiya flat clear which did weird cracking-spidery-fissure things in some areas as it dried, I tried to wet sand this out but in the process other areas were damaged ( I left some of the natural metal areas untouched as it looked good in places - always turn a disaster into a success say I!!). In the end, I pretty much semi-stripped the model, made good the camo, repainted the hinomaru on top wings and fuselage, and hid Anyway - it's turned out OK. The model represents a Tei of the 56th Sentai flown by Major Yaruyoshi Furukawa, at Itami, December 1944. The scheme is the late war factory applied #7 Yellow-green over natural metal undersides. Paint was Tamiya mixed by eye 'till I had an olive drab that wasn't olive drab! Decals are from the kit ( the wing ID yellow leading edge strips go on really well ironically), painted and from MYK design for the fin crest. Rudder number is from spares plus hand painted. The eagle eyed will note a few errors, but I'm not telling. It's a beautiful kit, fits like a glove, and is full of great detail. I just wish Tamiya had done those top wing decals in 1 bit instead of two L shapes for the edging strip with a rectangle for the "no step or you will be beheaded" (LOL) Japanese characters that sit in the middle. All comments welcome as usual. To my eye the overall olive green /brown really shows off the shape of this sleek fighter. Jonners
  7. Nice one Andrew - its shows off the Swift's rather racy lines very well. I keep meaning to get hold of this kit - but always seem to miss them when they appear for sale!! Jonners
  8. Hej! Great to see you building this Andreas. I have a real soft spot for the J22 - its quirky!! and Swedish - so that makes it even more interesting. It always reminds me of an early WW2 fuselage mated to a set of late WW2 wings, with undercarriage from a much bigger aircraft! Will be watching with interest Jonners
  9. Right - heres where I'm at. Painting is finished and have started to decal. The only decals I need from the MYK set are the 56th Sentai fin markings - which are perhaps a bit big for the scheme I want to do - but ho hum... Anyway - you cut them out as normal - making sure you don't cut into the carrier film - dip them in water as normal and then apply as normal. I used a bit of Mr Mark Setter underneath - and the decal settled down nicely. Now I have to wait 24 hours and i can remove the carrier film with tape or by gently peeling it seems. Heres how she is as of now. The leading edge yellow ID markings are the Tamiya decals - which are lovely, as are the fuselage Hinomaru. Jonners
  10. The fact is this: A new Scimitar hasn't been released by anyone, because I'm guessing the tooling costs for a large, single user airframe don't currently justify the return on investment. If Airfix decide to go back into the 50's/ 60's jet market then the ONE model that will sell is the Hawker Hunter. Period, Full Stop. Multiple versions, worldwide and lengthy operator use. Academy are still reboxing their so-so ( and I'm being REALLY polite there) effort with new decals - so there is obviously a market. Personally I'd love a Scimitar - but then I'd love an F11F Tiger too - which, apart from the FJ2/3, is pretty much the last USN jet fighter to not have a mainstream IM kit ( even the Cutlass got that) - and given the fact that things with stars & bars probably still outsell things with RN on them worldwide, I'm not holding my breath for either. (And yes I have the FM kit before you ask or mention it) Jonners - occasionally perplexed at what is released and what's not.
  11. Afternoon - well the decals have arrived, and I've chosen a scheme which uses the tail markings from the sheet at least! So top surface has been painted in my home brew mix for #7 Yellow-green. This is basically a brown-olive green, so from some angles it looks brown, and from others, yep... olive, and from others it looks rather drab too - see below It's hard to see with the gloss tint overcoat on, so this may not look like much! Like all acrylics the colour needs to develop over the next day or so as it fully dries out - thats my experience of Tamiya anyway - so what you see below may not be the final colour! Jonners
  12. Hi Nick - my MYK decals for the Tei just arrived, and looking at their side views they seem to show the #7 yellow-green top colour wrapping around onto the leading edges of the undersurfaces of the wings too. Thats not something I've seen in the profiles in your 'aces" book. Any thoughts? Jonners, currently perusing his range of olive/brown hues for a good match....
  13. What I find sad about the whole situation is that large international companies, who are not exactly scratching around for revenue, should see this is a perfectly reasonable way of generating extra revenue ( probably peanuts in their scheme of things). I realise fully that morality, the spirit of the law, and the letter of the law are 3 somewhat ( but not wholly) unrelated things. However i cant help but feel that this kind of money grabbing - because that is really exactly what it is, is yet another example of the new feudalism of wealth. It is morally wrong to extract money for a trademark on a product that existed several decades ago, bears no relation to the current owners product line, and was not sold to members of the public but purchased by government revenues. I can see the logic in Boeing wanting a similar fee for say a model of a 767 or some other current product, but for a model of an aircraft that flew 70 odd years ago, made by a different company? It is pure and simple greed masquerading under the aegis of IP law. Jonners, who continues to be disgusted by such practices.
  14. You might also try using Clear / Future to thin the paints when you brush them - this will give them a bit more "sticking" power too. Although as others have said - a primer coat will really help. Some kind of automotive spray can primer should do the trick - but make sure its OK to use on plastic ( most are acrylic nowadays anyway) HTH Jonners
  15. Hi _ well I started this a while back - and then forgot to take pics - but the model falls together in true Tamiya style, so this is more of a Painting in Progress I guess.... ....Ive got some decals from MYK design on the way via HLJ - which are an intriguing wet applied, then peel-off-carrier-film-when-dry type - so as much as anything it will be interesting to see how they perform! Tempted though I was by Kobayashi's machine - it is, however, the Ki-61 equivalent of Showtime 100 for an F-4 or JE-J for a Spit IX, so I've decided on a scheme in the factory applied late war "yellow-green" / Olive-Green / Brown-Green ( take your pick on the name - it's just not JAAF green! LOL) scheme over unpainted undersides. Theres a choice of two at the mo - and I can't decide which..... In the meantime I've airbrushed airframe overall with a decanted mix of Tamiya TS-30 and some medium sea grey. Then panels were masked out and airbrushed in tonally different shades of the same mix, some Tamiya smoke post-shaded over, and a mix of Tamiya clear gloss tinted with original mix applied to pull it all together and tone it down a tad. This is a new technique for me - so Im playing around a lot with it! The effect is bit more subtle in reality than the photo - its just the gloss makes it so shiny that getting any angle on the surface without sun-glare is really difficult. More to come Jonners