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  1. Henschel Hs 123 A-1 - GASPATCH MODELS 1/48

    Great thread - and really well done too. I'm painting my "A" model now and spent yesterday mixing up RLM 61,62 & 63 from Tamiya acrylics. For the RLM 65 blue I used Xtracrylix, and once again I thinned it wth Mr Self levelling thinner - and wow it sprays beautifully. I wish I'd bought the 3 colour splinter camp masking set for gas patch now as I see a lot of Tamika tape in my future!!! The top wing and strut fit on this kit is fantastic. Great work Jonners
  2. Hi David - yes you are correct - except some Gunze gloss acrylics, while being touch-dry very fast, don't fully cure and harden for somewhat longer ( a couple of days in my experience is minimum) which means that the heat from your finger tips on "dry" paint is enough to leave lovely finger prints. I thin with either isoprop, or Mr SLT and it makes no difference to the cure time - but the oven dry does seem to help harden them off, if not fully - then at least enough, to not make my model look like a careless crime scene ( I'm fully capable of doing that anyway! LOL) cheers Jonners
  3. Paint problems

    Hi Paparomeu. I think you'll find that your question will be understood better in english on here. Might be better to edit your question accordingly and then the answers will flood in Cheers Jonners
  4. Afternoon all. A Corsair IV update - so paint on, bit of weathering applied ( salt chipped and then glazes over the top) and a ruddy great white fuselage sash which adds a tad of swagger to the affair When I use Gunze gloss paints, I've started baking my models post paint & varnish in the oven. I set my fan oven to about 60C centigrade, leave the door ajar and cook the model for about 15 mins. It speeds up the curing time of the Gunze paints no end!! Tastes 'orrible though! The paint stand is actually from a pizza so it feels at home in the oven too! Fiddly bits pretty much all painted too - and I've checked the decal sheet using a spare - and they are "OK". So we are good to get the stickers on tomorrow I reckon Jonners
  5. Thanks David. The undercart front doors have been reshaped ( fiddlier than you might expect!) and look a lot better now. She's also had her first coat of GSB, which as its Gunze will need to dry for about 20,000 years before I can handle it Plus I realised my spray mask filters cartridges were a "bit" out of date ( OK about 10 years!!) so just waiting for some new ones to arrive before I carry on spraying. In the mean time Im painting the fiddly bits. Cheers Jonners
  6. A quick update while I watch Russell Crowe murder the English language as "R'oh'bin 'Ood" The engine is almost finished and painted - just the ignition wires to touch in, and some ancillaries to add plus the magneto housings. It's not perhaps the most accurate rendition of PW-2800 as the cylinder length has been shrunk to fit the cowl and the gap twixt front and back row is too great, but by making the front face busy and adding a few bits, and exaggerating some of the metallic colour contrasts, it looks OK.... Right back to Russell! Jonners, pondering if a wee bit more cowling detail inside would help too...
  7. Now thats a cool model "model" Calum. The base adds a flourish too. Crack open a Mac's Gold and celebrate mate - thats a great build. Jonners
  8. Oxford Directions

    Hi mate- sorry I missed you - I was in Wales today on work. You can walk to Casemate from High Street in about 20 to 35 mins depending on which end of the High you are on. It's a nice walk taking you past some of the more famous colleges, and some less famous - like my old one!, plus you get to cross Magdelen bridge. Cowley road is studenty, ethnic eating and groovy-woovy shops- plus Casemate. if you do come again - drop me a PM - if I'm free I'm happy to show you around, and you can park at my gaff. Jonners
  9. Hi all - so yesterday was spent getting the windscreen area sorted. I added the armament selector panel on the upper coaming, and cut the internal armour-glass from a piece of calendar case clear plastic. The gunsight had a new crash pad added and sighting glass. And - what's more - it actually all fits under the windscreen! ( and believe me - that has not happened in the past!!!) Cheers Jonners
  10. Wingnut Wings 1/32 Bristol F.2b Sunbeam Arab

    I've just caught up with this from ages ago, and....bloody hell!! M A G N I F I C E N T ! ! ! When you take ability, research and craftsmanship, wield them all with equal dexterity: This is what you get. My hat is off to you, and "Huzzars!" are being shouted. Jonners, looking forward to more.
  11. Sorry - forgot to post pics of the underside vent. I worked out location from photos, the underside vent is wider and shallower from what I can make out. Jonners
  12. Ayup! Some shots of the airframe - which still needs a few little things adding ( like the webbing between the inner flap pairs, and flap actuator fairings). The Attack Squadron resin wheels and hub cabs have been drilled to fit the wheel axles and test fitted here, and the engine has been wired and primed. Need to do the internal windscreen armour-glass next and the gun site, then it's windscreen on, and prime-time. Cheers! Jonners
  13. New Toy

    That'll just be Auckland then? Having been to NZ several times, and driven around, I was always amazed at the lack of traffic. Then having got used to the lower traffic levels, when I went to Auckland it was like Carmageddon!! Then there were the "Bomb cars" as my Kiwi ex-missus called them - knacked old rust-bucket jalops with low profile tyres and mags, invariably driven by wooly-hat wearing arm-tan young male yahoos out for a cruise. What I found very weird, given NZ's reputation as dolphin friendly, planet hugging, eco-capitalists, was the level of Petrolheadiness there. You guys love your cars! Had a Holden Commodore V-something rental while there last time with a chunk of grunt, and paddle gear change - the drive from Rotovegas to Welly down via Taupo and the desert highway was great fun in that – 'till, my missus pointed out what the speed limit was..... Cheers Jonners

    I don't care if you haven't got it right or not - I just think that looks lovely. A really clever and unusual way to show of the Hurricane. NICE. Jonners
  15. By jove old man! - just saw this - and its bloody fantastic. Top modelling and pleasure to watch. Keep it up. Jonners