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  1. A note to say that this kit almost builds itself - and having purchased Nick Millman's excellent Ki-61 & Ki-100 aces book -I've plenty of background info to go with it too. I've got some MYK decals on order ( well back order) from HLJ so will probably go for a scheme that isn't 244th Sentai, as tempting though it is - as that for me is a "defining" Ki-61 scheme I've also dragged the old Arii Ki-100 out of the store to see what can be done with that.... Jonners
  2. Cor that looks nice!!! glad to see it all works too Jonners
  3. Bloody lovely!!!! Your perseverance & dedication have paid of with a superb build mate. It's a rare Top Banana moment from me!!! Jonners
  4. It's a typical shoddy, 3rd rate excuse I know, he said as was about to leave for a 3 hour drive to Manchester, on site installation , then back tonight. I'm such a slacker TBH the problem is Im quite often just worn out in the weekday evenings, so a lot gets done at the weekend. Jonners, the Meteor martyr
  5. Hi BetaSingh, For a white top coat I would advise white primer - as Tony just said- otherwise you will use a lot of white paint covering the grey. TBH If either of the two you mention are designed to be brushed on, I'd leave them be - as in my opinion a brushed primer is a waste of your time and money ( even £1.60!!) All you are doing is potentially adding another layer with brush marks, where as a primer should give you a nice silky smooth, erm... primed surface to work over. Invest in a spray can of Halfords white plastic primer - or unless you intend to brush paint the white gloss - buy a can of Halford gloss white too ( Appliance White seems a fave in modelling circles) If you do buy the spray cans - shake them well, and stand them in a bowl of hot water too for a few minutes. This makes the paint inside spray far more evenly and cleanly. Try and mist on coats and keep the can moving so you don't allow the paint to build up and pool. Let the primer dry totally before you overcoat it too. You can give it a rub down with some very fine wet & dry paper used wet too - if you want to knock of any bits of dust or whatever that invariably settle) You'll need to work outside for this as it's a fairly messy, smelly business, but it does work, and you'll get a very good solid white to either brush paint over, or apply your gloss spray can over too. Other spray primers are available - I only suggest Halfords as they are easy to find - and often close to Hobbycraft stores too. Humbrol do quite decent matt white spray can - which Hobbycraft might stock. Good luck - and please do let us know what you decide on, and how it goes! cheers Jonners
  6. That looks great Ian - its lovely to see the decals "in action" - and what a splendid Meatbox it is too. Gents- I'm just finalising instruction sheets ( a few typos and details to correct) - literally a few days until I print them - and then I will release. Please remember that I work a full time day job so work gets done in evenings and weekends, and at the moment - it's a very busy period for the day job! I'm as eager to get them on sale as you are to have them - believe me Thanks for your patience - and a big thanks to Ian for showcasing them so beautifully. Jonners - very proud to see the decals in use.
  7. I have the original air from inside the box for sale. Ebay here I come Jonners - onto a sure thing
  8. Hi Nigel - that's a great looking model for a first one back after 30.... years As others have suggested - there are plenty of tricks to improve the old skill levels - so please do use us - we are only to glad to help. Have a go at painting the canopy - because if you can do that - then you are on an upward curve, and its a great confidence booster. Based on what I can see it should be a challenging, BUT achievable task - and that's the trick - improve via small steps that you can tackle, and build on that with self-assurance. Cheers , and welcome aboard too Jonners
  9. Hi Antoine - Im afraid its currently languishing. I don't know why - I just need to pull my finger out. Although I'm still not totally happy with any of the spinner shapes I have to hand, but that really is nitpicking. I'll take look at her again this week and see if the fires of interest rekindle! Cheers Jonners
  10. Bravo!! Its looks lovely. I like the fact that it looks used, but doesn't have that "old master - fine antique" patina that seems to becoming almost a cliché for WW1 Wingnut finishes. Great build Jonners
  11. Really good show chaps - please pass on my thanks to the organisers. Nice and roomy with plenty of stuff to see (and buy) Nice to meet Radders too. Jonners
  12. see you there- looking forward to it Jonners - who may bring some decals too
  13. So some time around March 2020 then given the current thumping our northern neighbours are receiving.... Jonners
  14. In the past when I used to get calls to my landline I occasionally answered the phone using a made up name of an institution: "Hello, Mussorky's School for Musicians with low self esteem... we teach you to blow your own trumpet. How may I help?" or "Good Morning, Reykavik Home for the Bewildered.. Who do you know you are speaking to?" That used to usually result in a hang up. If it was someone who knew me they would often play along anyway, or if it was mum or dad then I'd get a sarcastic "very funny" TBH the last ones I had were from those car insurance "someone in your house has had an accident" scams. I got fed up with them in the end, despite asking them to remove me from the list dozens of times. So the final time I quite calmly threatened to find them, then murder them and their families. They rang off and someone actually rang back with a "so you are threatening to murder our families" taunt. I just said yes, and given their accents, further threatened to bury them with bacon their mouths. That was 12 months ago and not a call since. They are scum and deserve nothing better. Jonners
  15. As ever Mr T, its a cracker. I have to admit the rather hunchback Firefly trainer has never been a fave of mine form looks alone, but with the Yellow scheme, set off with the black cockpits, it does have a certain squat grace. The borrowed Mossie spinner make a huge difference to the look too ( nice idea) Cheers Jonners PS my Squadrons of the FAA book arrived yesterday - wow! nice book