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  1. P-51D canopy variations - a quick guide

    building...... Jonners
  2. P-51D canopy variations - a quick guide

    I take your point - but the Airfix kit has 3 types of bubble hood - and only 1 is used for either kit decal option. I'm building an early -5NA converted from the kit, so this was useful in working out which of the other 2 canopy styles would be best for my model. cheers Jonners
  3. P-51D canopy variations - a quick guide

    hi all - for those of you building the new Airfix kit, or any P-51D - I found this guide rather useful in working out which canopy shape is which http://www.gaetanmarie.com/p-51dk-mustang-canopy-variations/ Jonners
  4. Testors F8F-2: Canopies

    Dennis - don't know if these are useful - but here are pics of my Hobbycraft/Academy cowling, before & after the reshape and heres what I mean about the wing LE air intake - again these are on the H/A model - compare with the hobbyboss position. Cheers - and your cowling looks much better. Jonners
  5. Testors F8F-2: Canopies

    Hi Dennis, no offence taken - but if you look at the pics in that second link - take a look at the position of the leading edge wing air intakes relative to the fuselage. They are much further outboard than either the Hobbyboss kit or the Japanese guy's drawings ( he's honest enough to state his drawing are based on photos "of existing aircraft taken from far enough and exactly right side") , and the wing thickness on the Hobbyboss kit is too thick ( I just pulled mine out again to treble check). Comparison to photos is one thing - but drawings based purely on photos, especially technically well done drawings- have a habit of appearing "correct" because the look official and "techy" and beautiful. I have a couple of sets of F8F plans - and neither are 100% correct when one looks at a photo or two. I did a lot of research on the F8F when I was building the Academy / Hobbycraft model so I do stand by my opinions on this. It's not a deal breaker for the unconcerned modeller - it will just build into an F8F with thick wings - hardly anyone will notice as the F8F isnt that well known a shape. The flap and aileron ribbiness is just pants though! cheers Jonners
  6. Testors F8F-2: Canopies

    PS - meant to add theres some great recent research by Tommy Thomason about the dash 1 and dash 2 windscreen shapes being different http://tailspintopics.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/grumman-f8f-bearcat-windscreen.html cheers Jonners
  7. Testors F8F-2: Canopies

    Yep - and I still stand by what I wrote above. Alas. Jonners Dennis - if you want the pics from my Hobbycraft build - PM me and I will happily email.
  8. 1/48th Meteor F8 decals sheets now available!!

    Just a reminder to you all that these sheets are still available and will of course fit the new release versions to he Airfix kit, as well as the original release Cheers Jonners
  9. P-51D canopy mirrors

    Gives the canopy area a very different look! Jonners
  10. Gunpowder . . .

    Have to agree Andrew - TBH I thought the execution was remarkably restrained given we had a pressing, and a hanging, drawing & quartering. Some people seem to have decided it was overly graphic - I disagree. My only complaint was I felt the plot moved a tad slowly. Jonners
  11. New 1/48th Scale Blenheim Announced by Airfix!!

    Saw this on FB too. OH YES, OH YES, OH YES!!!! And they have the scallops behind the gun turret too - nice work chaps. Jonners
  12. Gaspatch Henschel Hs 123 A1 1/48th scale

    Afternoon - well after a very busy summer of day job work - it occurred that I should show you where I'm at with this one. This model presents no vices or real problems of any sort. Some of the sprue attachment points are fiddly to remove, and a few seams needs to be made good- but it's not exactly a challenge to anyone other than a complete novice modeller Id say. After realising that I should have bought the cooky-cut 3 colour splinter masking set for the kit, when I bought the kit - I decided that I would do it old school style - Tamiya tape - and it's actually pretty simple to do - just time consuming. Colours are hand mixed Tamiya/Gunze for the top 61/62/63 top, and Xtracrylix 65 for the light blue. All thinned with Mr Self Levelling Thinners/ Thinners. A few touch ups and I think I can gloss. Cheers Jonners
  13. Henschel Hs 123 A-1 - GASPATCH MODELS 1/48

    Great thread - and really well done too. I'm painting my "A" model now and spent yesterday mixing up RLM 61,62 & 63 from Tamiya acrylics. For the RLM 65 blue I used Xtracrylix, and once again I thinned it wth Mr Self levelling thinner - and wow it sprays beautifully. I wish I'd bought the 3 colour splinter camp masking set for gas patch now as I see a lot of Tamika tape in my future!!! The top wing and strut fit on this kit is fantastic. Great work Jonners
  14. Hi David - yes you are correct - except some Gunze gloss acrylics, while being touch-dry very fast, don't fully cure and harden for somewhat longer ( a couple of days in my experience is minimum) which means that the heat from your finger tips on "dry" paint is enough to leave lovely finger prints. I thin with either isoprop, or Mr SLT and it makes no difference to the cure time - but the oven dry does seem to help harden them off, if not fully - then at least enough, to not make my model look like a careless crime scene ( I'm fully capable of doing that anyway! LOL) cheers Jonners
  15. Paint problems

    Hi Paparomeu. I think you'll find that your question will be understood better in english on here. Might be better to edit your question accordingly and then the answers will flood in Cheers Jonners