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  1. You might also try using Clear / Future to thin the paints when you brush them - this will give them a bit more "sticking" power too. Although as others have said - a primer coat will really help. Some kind of automotive spray can primer should do the trick - but make sure its OK to use on plastic ( most are acrylic nowadays anyway) HTH Jonners
  2. Hi _ well I started this a while back - and then forgot to take pics - but the model falls together in true Tamiya style, so this is more of a Painting in Progress I guess.... ....Ive got some decals from MYK design on the way via HLJ - which are an intriguing wet applied, then peel-off-carrier-film-when-dry type - so as much as anything it will be interesting to see how they perform! Tempted though I was by Kobayashi's machine - it is, however, the Ki-61 equivalent of Showtime 100 for an F-4 or JE-J for a Spit IX, so I've decided on a scheme in the factory applied late war "yellow-green" / Olive-Green / Brown-Green ( take your pick on the name - it's just not JAAF green! LOL) scheme over unpainted undersides. Theres a choice of two at the mo - and I can't decide which..... In the meantime I've airbrushed airframe overall with a decanted mix of Tamiya TS-30 and some medium sea grey. Then panels were masked out and airbrushed in tonally different shades of the same mix, some Tamiya smoke post-shaded over, and a mix of Tamiya clear gloss tinted with original mix applied to pull it all together and tone it down a tad. This is a new technique for me - so Im playing around a lot with it! The effect is bit more subtle in reality than the photo - its just the gloss makes it so shiny that getting any angle on the surface without sun-glare is really difficult. More to come Jonners
  3. Erm... 1/48th Jonners
  4. Evening, Ive also recently put this one to bed. It's a lovely kit - fits brilliantly, and the detail is top notch. Everything is OOB, and the finish is Tamiya decanted rattle can silver. This particular example shouldn't have the radio aerial - but I conveniently ignored that fact, as I like the look. The eagle eyed will note the wing pitot is missing - thats 'cus i just realised I've forgotten to add it! Anyway - onto the pics. Comments welcome from all opinions as ever. And with its partner from the JAAF.... Cheers Jonners
  5. Thanks Chaps - Id' lost a bit of mojo ( more Nojo I suppose) recently with a few personal probs. But It's back and I'm back - you lucky lucky lot LOL Jonners
  6. Cheers all - glad you like her - this was a mojo restoration job. I robbed the rudder and tailplanes from a spare Hasegawa Mk IX with the late style elevator horns. The nose underside and universal carb intake were also stolen from same kit ( its short for the Mk IX but pretty good for a Seafire III). Spare Eduard short Hispano MkV gun barrels replaced the drainpipes from SH kit. Rear canopy from Eduard, and main blown canopy from an Airfix MkVb. Wheels are Hasegawa too I think and tailwheel from Eduard, as are exhausts - which are to my eyes about 1 Billion times better than the SH offerings. Basically anything that looked sharper or better detailed than what the kit provided!! I like doing this - so it was a nice project for me - but Im sure the kit would build fine as is - I've seen plenty built that look lovely. I have A LOT of Spit spares lying around ! - which i keep for uses such as this. Everything will fit with a "bit" of trimming. Cockpit is mostly kit with some bits from Hasegawa and some spare Eduard late Q-type seat belts. The 90 gal slipper tank is from the kit with a bit of extra detailing. Decals are kit apart from serials - which folded up on me and went SNAFU, luckily I had a spare decal sheet form Airfix's old and awful Seafire III / Spit Vc kit- which had the same scheme, so these were robbed from there. Hi - I did think about some more weathering on the decals - but after an oil wash I felt they looked subdued enough, plus I liked the contrast!. Cheers though - its a good question to ask. Jonners
  7. Ah, hello, there you all are !. So I've been busy with life and other stuff, but in the meantime - here's one I just finished. Special Hobby's OK-ish Seafire III, with (quite a few) bits added from a other Spit kits to make it look a little better. Paints are home brew Tamiya and Gunze. This is "Spud" Murphy's machine NN212 from the battle over Odaki Bay, 15th August 1945. Significant for being the last aerial action of WW2 for Britain's armed forces. As ever, all comments welcomed. Jonners
  8. What I've always like about your models Tony - is the ability to take an ordinary, everyday, workhorse of a subject and produce an extraordinarily interesting, well made, and researched model. Any ideas if the camo panels and parts were from another airframe - or just bits that weren't stripped of paint? Jonners
  9. Assuming Airfix's instruction sheets are designed using InDesign or Illustrator, then creating a PDF from the artwork takes no more than a different export option from one of the pull down menus. PDFs would be used for most production purposes anyway - from proofing to print to web. It's just the specification of the PDF that alters depending on its intended purpose. A modern scanner will automatically scan & save older instruction sheets to a PDF format anyway - so for legacy instructions - it would not take much extra work to do this. Jonners edit: just download the 1/72 P51D sheet - they use Illustrator
  10. Hannants Xtradecal sheets are printed by Microscale I beleive, and the red will be matched to the closest Pantone ink from their palette of "stock" inks. This may explain why it is slightly different to the actual colour ( whatever that is) Jonners
  11. Bagnalls in Hanley in Stoke- on Piccadilly, and of course Bratt & Dykes toy department at the top of the same street. Plus Shenton's on Merial Street in Newcastle under Lyme. The 3 shops that I spent all my money in as a lad. Long gone and sadly missed. Jonners
  12. And the Seafire III is rather significant for a BPF collection - taking part in the last British combat action, and kills of WW2, on 15th August 1945 over Tokyo Bay if I recall Jonners
  13. Seafire III too Jonners
  14. A little known fact is that people who say they are gullible are less likely to use the phrase "password" as their online password for various websites. Kangaroo means something along the lines of "I dont know": When western sailors first saw these creatures and asked locals what they were - the reply apparently was "I dont know" or "kangaroo". And the name stuck! It's an amazing world.... Jonners
  15. A note to say that this kit almost builds itself - and having purchased Nick Millman's excellent Ki-61 & Ki-100 aces book -I've plenty of background info to go with it too. I've got some MYK decals on order ( well back order) from HLJ so will probably go for a scheme that isn't 244th Sentai, as tempting though it is - as that for me is a "defining" Ki-61 scheme I've also dragged the old Arii Ki-100 out of the store to see what can be done with that.... Jonners