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  1. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    In fact, I am a huge fan of Zvezda +Vector I'll be happy to be proven wrong re: Tamiya. But until then, no buying. Vedran
  2. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    As I am not yet in habit of carrying the scaled drawings and calipers whilst attending model shows ;-) I'll stand by my original statements - the beulen look off to me, and the rear fuselage looks compressed. You may or may not heed my opinion before buying the kit, your choice. Vedran
  3. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    Having fondled the plastic parts on SAM Publ. stand in Bratislava two weeks ago, I'll pass. Something is iffy with those beulen, and rear fuselage looks compressed Vedran
  4. Question about aftermarket for Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk. Vb

    Eduard kits are great u/c leg donors for Airfix kits. Vedran
  5. IIRC something about the nose undercarriage doors, need to be cut in two pieces? There was a topic on ARC forums with photos and sketches. Vedran
  6. Well, my overtrees A-4 arrived today. Eduard made a real winner. The kit features the most restrained panel line and rivet detail ever done by Eduard. And the price is excellent. Clever design avoids the greatest pitfall of the Hasegawa kits, ejector pin marks in the wheel wells. And many extra parts will be handy for those who have any older kits of other manufacturers. Vedran
  7. Ultra sound

    After reading that the ultrasound damages/could damage the rubber and teflon sealing gaskets in the airbrush, I dropped the idea of getting one and just clean them the old way. Vedran
  8. Well, then you're gonna love the Revell kit I have to sell I have the KH kit. 44 Euros is not cheap, but the kit is worth it. It's miles ahead of the competition. The decal sheet alone is worth at least a third of the kit price. Vedran
  9. Aviation of Japan Blog

    Well, yes, but as I get older I also find that I have less and less patience for people asking questions, getting the answers they don't like and then strutting that their ignorance is as valid as someone's knowledge. Vedran
  10. 1/48 fiat cr-42 what's the best kit

    The big H had the CA2 CR.42AS kits on 1/3rd price or lower for a long time. It will be probably re-released by Special Hobby, CR.32 has already been released for around 20 EUR, a steal. Vedran
  11. The Cheapskates Guide to Modelling Tools.

    Thank you for the link. But IMO your's is better. I've seen a few people use the Flightpose stand for painting, and your home-made stand is closest to that. Cheers, Vedran
  12. The Cheapskates Guide to Modelling Tools.

    Would you please share the link to the other stand? Vedran
  13. A Few Mustang Mk.i Questions

    For the ultimate impovement for the AM kit check out http://www.geocities.jp/yoyuso/p51a/p51a-1.html Browse at your own peril! @ ColFord Thank you for the most exhaustive writeup. There was talk on BM about a definitive soon-to-be-released book on RAF Allison Mustangs - any info on that, gents? Vedran
  14. Martlet Mk.I

    A solvent was used that fused the decal to the paint, if I could just remember where this information was posted earlier this year, here or on HS? Vedran
  15. Hasegawa 1/48 ki-43ii

    Yes, he has not yet picked-up a kit or kits, but he will. That's the wait. In the meantime, check out his superb Hayate analysis. Vedran