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  1. Thank you exdraken, I must order me some Saettas. Re: seats, I'm not sure that they were ejection seats. Vedran
  2. Oh there were a lot of wasted electrons when the Eduard Hellcat came out. It has better cowling and wheel wells than the Hase kit. Vedran
  3. Yes, please. I meant the thickness, stiffnes and the clarity of the vacuform parts. It's the only thing that's stopping me from buying the Saettas. Vedran
  4. Yes, and finally an accurately slimmer tail too. It will be a serious competitor to Hasegawa kits. Vedran
  5. Hi exdraken, how are the clear parts in those kits? Vedran
  6. Here are some of the best Allison Mustang drawings to date, and they're free. Cheers, Vedran
  7. IIRC they wanted to make a 1/32 kit but missed, and then their miss became the new standard scale Vedran
  8. Info from Kagnew on ARC forum is "a whole range of 1/48 US helicopters". Vedran
  9. Cut a few notches in the razor blade. Or grind a few in the Exacto.
  10. Homebee, that's good to hear. How are the transparencies? I've been ogling these for some time, but haven't purchased any yet. Vedran
  11. Hi Troy. Check the rough G-6 fuselage. As if the mould wasn't polished enough. Some wet'n'dry will fix it, but compared to their F's, this is a step backwards. Vedran
  12. Hi Mike, this is the relevant HS thread (warning, some red lines present) While the new fixed Eduard G-6 brings it into the ballpark for most modelers, it still has gripes as discussed in the link, whole fuselage too high, exhausts and their openings too big, gear legs too long etc. Vedran
  13. Hi Pip, As to the Zvezda G-6, got mine yesterday, overall impression of the new sprues is negligence: "here is your Messer and now stop bugging me". (Remember that Zvezda didn't plan on releasing further versions of the 109 after the F-4, but overall demand and nagging from modelers won.) The second sentence - lantern means canopy (as in glass cover, as far as the Google translator is concerned :-)). As I understand it, the frames are not wide enough and could be masked wider on the kit part (or use the RobTaurus vac canopy for the UM kit - canopies made for Eduard kit won't fit for the obvious reasons) and for the Erla Haube you need to fix the armour backplate. Vedran
  14. Seawinder, pages 18-21, use Google translator Basically as I wrote in my first post, not all that it could be and feels rushed but still more accurate in shape and size than Eduard. vedran
  15. That is a good thing to hear. See you in Mosonmagyarovar. Vedran PS Now fix the Vengeance please.