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  1. I would be much happier if Eduard invested in a set of C. Neely scale plans and ordinates data, since we know how the last "measuring" photosession with the other subject went. Oh well... Vedran
  2. Any news? Vedran
  3. That subject has been shot down here: I'm surprised that the Academy kit is so bloated. But as the last photo in the above link shows, the ZM fix is easy. Vedran
  4. IIRC Eduard announced they will upscale their 1/72 kit. Vedran
  5. Are you serious? Not only no, but hell no. Eduard is not more accurate than Zvezda. This has been verified in so many places compared to actual dimensions from real aircraft, parts manuals and factory part drawings. Vedran
  6. Troy, there was another topic on HS few days later in mid october (that's when I got rid of my new overtrees pronto) - while Eduard did a lot of correcting in their new 109G kit, you can almost squeeze the Zvezda fuselage into the Eduard one. (exaggeration, see link ;-) ) Edit: found it Vedran
  7. Check the pictures of the real thing. Simplified for mass manufacture.
  8. I like the idea of resin fuselages. And may I suggest that a Hector (Calais 1940) would be most welcome. Vedran
  9. Yes, that is a risk. Mine charge 25% plus a fixed fee of around 5 GBP for sheer pleasure of doing me the service I didn't order (all packages valued above ca 20 GBP) but sometimes smaller boxes from the East slip through. No chance for packages from the US. Vedran
  10. Hobby Easy price is slightly below 18 GBP. Slow boat shipping is 6 GBP. Vedran
  11. Let me try: what is the point of releasing or buying a kit that requires a resin correction (not detail upgrade!) from the start? And do note that this nose job fixes only the nose, but that the whole thing forward of the wing is suspect (as on their Su-27, see ARC thread with pictures). Vedran
  12. Yessssss. We're living in a golden age :-) Vedran
  13. As Paul says, it probably is the interaction of paint with leftover traces of incompatible thinner. Cleaning after Tamiya/Gunze with Valleyo airbrush cleaner is not good. Use cellulose/lacquer thinner or Mr.Color thinner. But, from your other descriptions, something is not quite right with your needle/nozzle/head assembly. When you pull the needle back, is it centered in the nozzle opening? Is the nozzle centered in the opening of the head cover? Did you overtighten the nozzle/head? Does the head leak air on the joins? Put some beeswax or vaseline (lip balm) on the threads and try again. Regarding cleaning kits, Scroll to 1h 21min
  14. Airfix CAD looks pretty good. Also, Meng plastic looks like it's much more accurate than the dated Tamiya 1/48 offering. As for Eduard... it depends. They haven't shown anything yet, and their latest 1/48 kit, while much improved from the abomination it was as first released, is still taller in the fuselage than the accurate Zvezda kit.