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  1. You have to include a minimum of 6 single bottles in your order, but you can also order the colour sets too. It's better explained on their Facebook page. Vedran
  2. The set: The free shipping action: Vedran
  3. Hi all, I see that Hataka has the new formula British WW2 AFV colour set (NW Europe) - AS22. Any information about the accuracy of the colours, especially the G3 and G4 colours? They have a free shipping on 6+ individual paint bottle orders untill the Feb 28th. TIA Vedran
  4. The poster that I answered to said he hoped that Mars Models would later release the 1/48 Mig-15. My answer had a quote of his question clearly stating it was about the MiG-15. Vedran
  5. Exdraken, ICM A-4 has an additional issue with incorrect engine gondolas (lower bulges). Vector makes the correction in resin, but reportedly the announced Revell Germany re-issue will have revised parts. Vedran
  6. Tbolt, ARK kit is still the best in 1/48 scale. ICM has the lower exhaust cut-outs in the wing!!!! instead of the cowl (visible in the spue photo in Homebee's post above), shape of ski cut-outs is not the best and wheel wells are shallow and have wrong details. There are also questions about the shape of the windshield on forum. Try to get the Ark boxing with Neomega interior, u/c parts and figurines. Vedran
  7. I have the Hasegawa Hei (sold my Tei recently) and two Hasegawa Ki-100's, and the Tamiya kit. The deep wheel wells alone make it totally superior to Hasegawa, not to mention first-class engineering and fit, at almost the same price. And Lifelike Decals (re)released 4 Ki-61 decal sheets recently, see Nic Millman's blog for details. Vedran
  8. Name one Eduard set that corrects a shape error of any kity, any manufacturer. Just one. PS Retooling of I-16 or 109G-6 doesn't count. Vedran
  9. I would be much happier if Eduard invested in a set of C. Neely scale plans and ordinates data, since we know how the last "measuring" photosession with the other subject went. Oh well... Vedran
  10. Any news? Vedran
  11. That subject has been shot down here: I'm surprised that the Academy kit is so bloated. But as the last photo in the above link shows, the ZM fix is easy. Vedran
  12. IIRC Eduard announced they will upscale their 1/72 kit. Vedran
  13. Are you serious? Not only no, but hell no. Eduard is not more accurate than Zvezda. This has been verified in so many places compared to actual dimensions from real aircraft, parts manuals and factory part drawings. Vedran
  14. Troy, there was another topic on HS few days later in mid october (that's when I got rid of my new overtrees pronto) - while Eduard did a lot of correcting in their new 109G kit, you can almost squeeze the Zvezda fuselage into the Eduard one. (exaggeration, see link ;-) ) Edit: found it Vedran
  15. Check the pictures of the real thing. Simplified for mass manufacture.