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  1. Heinkel He 111 guns

    Been there, done that......I did it the same way, cuting the gun breeches away and fitting them in place, but making a tiny hole were I inserted a piece of fine steel wire (electric guitar string), then another hole in the barrel, wich were inserted from the outside at the end of the build, using the steel wires as a guide to make sure they kept straight, and reinforce the fitting point. Cheers...
  2. Bucker Bu131 Jungmann 1/48th

    Have got a few of them, that one you're showing, another one boxed as "Aero C-104", and athird one boxed as "Kokusai Ki.86", with a new resin nose, some resin interior detail and a small photoetche dfret for IP. The Aero C-104 comes in a very dark Coke coloured plastc, almost impossible to work with..... I'm now converting one like yours into a spanish CASA C-1131, a local version fitted with an ENMASA Tigre engine, and a slightly different nose. It's a nice little kit, but quite demanding in terms of fitting and parts cleaning. Lots of flash, and terrible interwing or cabane struts.....Also, the undercarriage frame is quite thick, I'm replacing mine with steel wire. Cheers...
  3. A question from the shelf of dom

    Build it and have some fun......Is it worth the extra effort to update it???? Don't know, maybe YES if you (like me) enjoy that kind of old school modelling. As said before, it's an old ESCI mould, with next to zero cockpit detail, soft raised panel lines (some engraved, some suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere..), and (surely) with some shape inaccuracies, but.....Who cares..??? build it , and enjoy the trip....Sometimes, I think those old, inaccurate kits, give us the chance to test new techniques, or even the chance to let our imagination fly, and build them as whiffers.... Cheers....
  4. Lovely......very beautiful "wooden wonder" Cheers
  5. Regarding Scratchaeronautics products.... After reading some complaints about Juan's "bad trading" habits, can't say nothing but "some people is wrong". He states very clearly that the kits are hand made, and clearly says: "ATTENTION: MODELS ARE MADE BY RIGOROUS ORDER, SO USUALLY TAKES ABOUT 40/50 BUSSINES DAYS IN MAKING COPIES, PACKAGING AND SENDING (IT IS APROX ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡). IF YOU CAN NOT WAIT PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A PURCHASE" . It's true that last year he suffered some delays in sending some items, but things are quite simple to explain. My friend Juan is a Spanish Army Officer, he doesn't make his living from the kits he sells, and his models are handcrafted in his spare time, and served when he gets them ready...he doesn't keep a constant stock of resin kits, and sometimes he doesn't find any suitable resin and must wait for the supplier to restock raw material. That said, last year he was deployed to Afghanistan for six months, and upon arriving back to Spain, was again deployed to Mali. Some of his orders piled up to a point he was overwhelmed, and wasn't able to serve then, so refunded ALL the money to the customers with great concern. Even when some customers sent the money into a postal envelope, for they didn't use paypal, nor credit cards. The money took a long time to arrive, but the customer started complaining just two weeks later, despite having been warned about the additional delay, if sending the money that way. He didn't enjoy an internet connection there, so couldn't answer most of the messages he was receiving on a daily basis, wich caused him some problems due to negative feedback. Now, he's been finally deployed to my hometown, in the Canary Islands, and has resumed his production, and he's also found a new local resin supplier. He's now working in the development of new subjects, and fortunately has found the support of a local hobby shop and some local modellers to help him in this task. He's not a "one man enterprise" any more, so you can trust he's doing all his best to overcome those inconveniences he found last year. Now, he's selling around 40/50 kits monthly, sending kits worldwide. And has been asked to develop new subjects wich, otherwise, no commercial, mainstream brand would ever produce. He's a quite nice and honest guy, he'd never intended to scam anyone, so please excuse any inconvenience you should have found. Well, that's all I wanted you to know. Best wishes from Tenerife. Arturo Navarro IPMS Canary Islands.
  6. 1/48 Flashback Miles Magister

    I don't like it......don't like it at all..... In fact, I LOVE it...love it a LOT... Congratulations for an excellent model of a really beautiful plane. Best regards...
  7. Considering the kit's limitations, and the final result, I can't say nothing but "hats off"..... you've done an excellent one. Cheers....
  8. Mirage F1 cockpit colour query

    AFAIK, and believe me, I've had the chance to see them closely, the Spanish Air Force Mirages (both F1 and III), had very dark, almost black cockpits, as said by Mike...... maybe a dark grey will do the work in a scale model. Cheers....
  9. Both of them already at home... As it happens that my friend Juan Begines lives nearby, we met yesterday and he gave two of these kits, both a Saeta and a Super Saeta....it's been a long wait for me, so I received them with great expectations. IMHO, he's done an excellent work with the littles Saetas, one of the lastest Messerschmitt's designs...Only external differences between the Ha200 Saeta (trainer) and the Ha220 Super Saeta (ground attack), are the reshaped nose and the capacity to carry under wing stores for ground attack purposes , as well as a single seat cockpit, with the rear seat raplaced with a self sealing fuel tank and some control boxes in the later. Moulden in cream coloured PU resin, don't expect a "state of the art" kit, but a "short run" one. It's nicely moulded, with restrained engraved panel lines and rivet details. Just a few tiny bubbles in one of my kits' wings, but surely a problem I can easily fix with some Mr. Surfacer. Crystal clear vacuformed canopy adds a lot of visibility to a cockpit that need some detailing, specially the seats, wich are, IMHO, somehow basic. Anyway, a much needed aircraft for any early jets fan. Not a kit for a beginner, but with some care it can turn into a beautiful example. Now, very excited about his new offering...a 1/48 scale CASA C-112 Aviocar, a "flying van" that bring me fond memories from my days in the Army.... Best wishes from the windy, rainy and stormy Tenerife.
  10. Absolutely brilliant. You've got a real head turner there, Sir. The perfect balance between building and painting....That's how a perfect model shall look. Congrats...
  11. Supermarine Seafire Ib. Hasegawa, 1/48...

    To be honest, don't know what I'm looking for.....If you take a look at the hasegawa boxart, it seems like chipping paint, showing some kind of "lime" paint or primer underneath. Don't know a thing about Spitfire/Seafire primers, so guessed that would be some kind of that stuff, bare aluminium doesn't seem very logic, the plane would corrode very quickly on board.....But that amount of chipping would be logical in other kinds of planes, painted with bad quality colours, in harsh weather conditions, or at front line maintenance units with limited sources....wich doesn't seem the case with the Royal Navy... In the supposed case of overpainting chipping paint to avoid corrosion, wich colour should be right..????? That lime green doesn't seem a "navy" colour....unless they were touched up off board, with whatever paint by hand, possibly Eau de Nil????? Those guys should had thought about us, devoted modellers wich, seventy five years later, try to replicate their toys... Best regards....
  12. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I "Early"....

    This is a sample of a supposed "Eau de Nil" paint. Looks like Sky Type S, indeed......but who knows.... Regarding the aluminium seat, and if we think about an unpainted one, what about the back cushion...???? Black or brown leatherette...??? Would like to build one of those soon, I'm more interested about prewar examples lately.... Cheers...
  13. Hi all.....while reading a few things about these prewar Spitfires delivered to 19 Squadron, I came across a few doubts... Were they fitted with aluminium seats, instead of baquelite ones??? Were those seats painted in the so called "Eau de Nil" colour, as the rest of the cockpit interior??? Also, I assume they didn't have any back seat armour plate, but what about the head armour plate?? Did the gun muzzles protude from the wing leading edges..?? I really like the look of those early, flat canopy, Spitfires...both the flat canopies and the two bladed propellesr make them look like some kind of out of date racing planes, dressed to fight..... Cheers.....
  14. Supermarine Seafire Ib. Hasegawa, 1/48...

    Excellent picture, Claudio. Thanks a lot. Vey clarifying about the subject's overall tstty look....Wich colour would you suggest for that "underpaint" coat????? Hasegawa sugghest a light green shade, probably a primer, but wich one...???? Cheers-
  15. Airfix D.H. Mosquito, 1/48

    Well, the kit provided decals are not so unattractive......they represent a RCAF example, with a "redneck" carrying a shotgun.....quite nice to my eyes...and afterall, I'm looking for a straight OOB build..Even thinking about seating the small guys in place...!!! Cheers....