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  1. Mine have either been pick up (or deliver) only...... Models don't travel well but I'm sure with enough polysterene chippings there is a way!
  2. I have limited 'display' space and as I have little sentimentality for finished builds I have to move them on pretty quickly to free up a shelf. They used to get passed on to my lad (to destroy and then bin!) but he has grown out of that and I have sold a fair few on ebay - mainly to one guy who took loads off my hands in two or three transactions.. Recently I have given several boxes of builds to a Primary teacher friend who either sells them on for pennies at school fetes and bring and buys or gives them away to the kids - they love em!
  3. Why would anyone do such a thing!?!? Bonkers!
  4. Got three old Monogram and Esci 1/48th jets for a good price - happy bunny!
  5. Very odd decision indeed - how will that attract new subscribers exactly?
  6. I also got this in a charity shop complete with brand new radio gear for ....£8.00 Have to confess I sold it on an auction site for a lot more and that funded 'proper' modelling for some time..
  7. I have posted this before but it was my best ever haul from a Charity shop in one go.... and there were a few more in the same haul that didn't make the photo!
  8. Had loads of models from Charity shops in the past - most recent a 1/48 Revell Frogfoot last Saturday. Slightly off topic - but also a good place to look other than auction sites is Gumtree - I got this little haul just before Christmas for £6 a model- £72 the lot...
  9. 1/48 Revell Su -25 Frogfoot from a charity shop
  10. it's not what you are after but it may help..
  11. I remember some of he aircraft used in the film were at Sywell.
  12. I get a sort of muffled 'ding' - which is not unpleasant. For what its worth - I converted to a Mac just over a year ago after messing about with pc's for years. It's not perfect, they are expensive and it did take some time to get my head around it, but I don't think that I would ever go back.
  13. got it now! - but it sounds harmless . No idea how to describe it tho'...
  14. What notification sound is causing the issue? Mine seems fine...
  15. Just realised I have enough 'Flying hours' for the Phantom and the Sea Fury. Woohoo