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  1. My main interests are WW II aviation, especially the Luftwaffe, although I'm interested in just about any flying object, especially RAF F-4s. Since joining BM nearly ten years ago now (!!) I have built a collection of 72nd and 48th scale Spitfires. Compiling a blog ( I don't have the room for a display cabinet..) keeps my interests varied and I (usually) have to build (or acquire) the latest releases (mostly adding them to the stash). Also since returning to the hobby I find myself trying to 're-do' what I did as a kid, so re-attempting the Frog Blackburn Shark or the very old Airfix DH. Comet or their 24th scale Harrier - which I put together and brush painted in two weeks as a 12 year old in 1974..I think a lot of the 'appeal' for me is in the kit itself, rather than the subject
  2. ..and AZ have a range of 109s that include a couple of 'single-scheme' 'Defence of the Reich' boxings
  3. ..there are more single-colour Luftwaffe schemes than people generally imagine. You could do an overall black or blue (76) 110 ..and/or 109 come to that. John at AIMS has a great decal sheet entitled "Monotone Me's" with lots of options..
  4. you need dispelling of this notion forthwith - subscribe to Adam's "72 Aircraft News " Blog which is updated almost daily!
  5. ..neat work and a neat kit..built it a few times. The beast's 'belly' is a bit fat but easy to live with.
  6. interesting that the ends of the MG barrels are red, never noticed that before. Excellent work!
  7. every model you finish and show here I just want to add to my own collection, that's the inspiration you provide. Painful on the wallet and I don't get much finished either, but thanks anyway! Beautiful work and Airfix should really have you on a retainer, you certainly sell their kits for them..
  8. Gary, so long as it's not all 'RIAT 2016' photo-spreads I'm inclined to think its a pretty neat idea! Like Graham I have returned to being a regular WH Smith purchaser since you took over, especially now that your 'old' mag tends more and more to look like SAM did before you arrived! Given how much the Smith's fee is just to have the magazine on display, perhaps the long-term plan is to move off those shelves eventually ? I've just submitted an article as well, perhaps it might get in now..
  9. Life was fun back in those days...I'm not sure this kit was! We didn't know any different though did we ? I reckon it must be about 45 years since I last glued the parts in this particular box together. Anyway, looking in with interest..
  10. ..back in at 5 this morning for a week of early shifts followed by nights on the 31 st Dec. It is amazing how many are travelling on the 26th, but not so many by rail of course ! Because you can't - lots of heavy maintenance going on. However this year our benevolent employer has doubled shift premiums for those of us at work on the bank holiday days! ..And I should get some painting done if the mild weather holds.
  11. not bad!. The other option here - and this won't help the distance sellers or a buyer looking for something 'cheap' - but find a local shop and examine contents before handing cash over. My 'not quite a model shop' and the local museum shop have a good range of Airfix so I ask to do that with them, while both 'proper' model shops in the area are run by gents who participate in local clubs so no issues. My Blenheim I replacement clear parts took six months to get here from Airfix, by which time Simon L had sent me a clear sprue from Australia !
  12. ..sounds like you haven't tackled the Blenheim..I'm just finishing the 48th Sea Vixen - after a few years pfaffing and a spell on the shelf of doom. One or two issues but a lovely kit nonetheless. The Victor sure makes for an imposing looking model, a stand-out on the shelf despite all the niggling fit issues (one suspects..)
  13. indeed, heartfelt condolences on your mum's passing and hope the back problems are starting to ease a bit...keep on keeping on mate !