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  1. French Cross of Lorraine, red or blue?

    on 29 October 1941 De Gaulle invited all French pilots in England to attend RAF Manston to announce the formation of the first entirely 'French' squadron in the RAF, 340 Sqn 'Ile de France'. Cdt Mouchotte suggested painting a Cross of Lorraine in a badge on all the unit's Spits - and illustrated what he was proposing in his log-book - in colour. The relevant log-book page is reproduced in the latest issue of 'Aces ' magazine....it is red.
  2. WIP - Messerschmitt Me-110G-4 Nightfighter

    interesting work ...my first thought though was that the nose is a little too 'thick' and 'stubby'. Forward of the windscreen it curves down quite markedly before 'levelling' out to the cannon..whereas you have portrayed it as a 'straight' line..
  3. What are you reading?

    this privately published history of 111 Sqn
  4. Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    and good cockpit and other detail shots of the Iraqi FB 11 that ended up in NZ here http://www.kiwiaircraftimages.com/seafury.html
  5. Zvezda Focke Wulf 190A4 snap fit 1:72

    ..an excuse to show off mine, in the markings of a I./JG 1 machine. The build was trouble-free and although some of the detail might be a bit soft the overall impression of the finished model is quite nice. The usual areas of concern for me on a 190 kit are of course the rake of the gear legs and the areas around the top engine cowling and the gun bays on the Hasegawa and Tamiya kits. None of this was a problem with this kit. The only real issue for me was the complete lack of detail on the lower cowling/exhaust area. The way the inner gear doors simply plug in is ingenious. Nicely patterned too. Issues of dihedral and gaps at the wing root are cunningly avoided by having the fuselage rest on top of the wings, which makes for an slightly unsightly join where there was no panel line on the real aircraft. The cockpit head armour needs some additional scratch-built parts and as everyone has noted the solid-hub wheels were replaced with some True Details early-type treaded wheels with the correct hub detail. I used a combination of kit decals and the Sky Fw 190 sheet. The Zvezda decals performed more than adequately and there’s some neat stencil detail too. I even used the nicely detailed pilot figure, which must be a first for me. I haven't bought another one as a little on the pricey side in comparison, especially as it really needs those replacement wheels ..
  6. The price of second hand LP's isn't music to my ears.

    All my old vinyl is just dumped in the garage, 500+ LPs - its years since I owned a turntable, although I found myself looking at a new one recently. Don't think I'll go back..not now, even though I bought a lot of vinyl when it wasn't the 'in-thing'; second-hand discs that sold on ebay for a few pounds now go regularly for much larger sums. and my local vinyl emporium sells new releases for around £23!! Apparently vinyl sales exceeded downloads last year for the first time. And the CD is on the way out as well!
  7. Really old RAF books

    "Into the 70s with the RAF" is of interest if available Paul as well as the two 40s picture books
  8. What are you reading?

    having just picked up his 'Winged Crusaders' (history of 14 Sqd) I am spending time with former RAF pilot Michael Napier's coffee-table book from Osprey "The Royal Air Force: A Centenary of Operations"- he talks about it here https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/RAF_100/ The photos are large - one per page - but most of them are 'official' and so well known which I found disappointing
  9. Regarding Hawker Sea Fury WJ236

    coming back to WJ 236 as one of the Airfix kit subjects. I'd love to do mine with Korean stripes. I assume this airframe may have have worn them at some stage, but while I've found pictures of 804 Sqn Furies with stripes on HMS Glory I haven't seen any similar images for 801 Sqn machines. Anybody ?
  10. FW 190 prop with external weights

    Rusack published a self-serving 'bio' in a 'Der Landser' magazine special, some of which was later featured in Walther Dahl's autobiography! His first combat sortie was on 7.7.44 with II./JG 300, he claimed a B-24 shot down. On his last combat sortie - 27 April 1945 - he shot down two P-47s near München, before being brought down himself. In between those he claimed a P-51 and on 20/04 at Holzkirchen a Bu 181 being flown by an American crew!
  11. Angry old men - How time catches up with us all ?8^)

    ha ha, indeed, quite a few interesting all-female Japanese metal bands worth checking out, in addition to Aldious, Lovebites and Babymetal, there are Band Maid (look for their video of 'Just Bring it') and Mary's Blood ('Angel's Ladder')
  12. Eduard Fw 190-A8 dual build

    might be a good way to go with this kit though as H is demonstrating - one day I will do one of these!
  13. Fw190 A-5, 10/ NJG 3

    ..looking very nice indeed!
  14. neat work on what is a pretty indifferent sort of kit Mitch. Got some III./JG 1 Höhenjäger planned but using the AZ kits. The RLM 76 scheme was also worn by I./ JG 3 in this role and H Models Decals have a small sheet of black Kennziffer for these in their "Nachtjagdgruppe" series - well that's H Models Decals for you!