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  1. so many details I wouldn't even bother with in 1:72 ..gun camera in the leading edge, open cooling gills etc etc....its amazing to think that your pics are probably twice real size too!
  2. (unknown photographer, photo print in my collection, published in Patrick's book..) One of the RAF machines (XV 579) loaned to RN/767 hence the Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey variegated camouflage finish . Decals on the RAM Models sheet " Early British Phantoms"
  3. ..anyone know what the kit options are likely to be yet? OK found it, Geoff B's post (Jan 6)
  4. wondering what happened afterwards. I know Mackenzie made a wheels-up landing on top of the Downs (so to speak) - obviously he's lost the use of an aileron but the airfield was very close by. And was SD-X then written off ?
  5. works just fine for me especially under typical Luftwaffe lower surface colours (....neat 'handle' by the way..)
  6. ..chatting to Chris Bellhouse about same. He keeps his in a farm shed in a field in Postling, Kent. In the markings of the 64th TCGP as originally worn during its service with the USAF in August 1950. The longest 'continuously' owned T-6 on the UK register. He only flies this because the Yaks are in pieces in the same shed...
  7. 'charisma' ( the original subject). The T-6 is squat, relatively ugly, blunt-ended ..and doesn't have much (to answer Graham's point)
  8. Armée de l'Air service in the Algerian war. Toting four wing mounted machine guns, two bombs and six rockets, gradually replaced by T-28s and Skyraiders. In 1962 the Portuguese Air Force obtained large numbers of fully armed, ex-Armée de l'Air aircraft. They received some Federal German Luftwaffe T-6 Gs as well and armed them with four 7.92-mm machine guns in under wing pods and 37-mm MATRA SNEB rocket packs for COIN work in Mozambique..
  9. .latest 'Britain at War' magazine issue features on Wittman and the Tiger tank .. " the feats of the German Panzer aces are largely German propaganda"
  10. ..don't want to start an argument ..but it's not. It really is not. As the man said he's correcting 'niggles' ...yes,the lower cowl and the rear canopy are a little irritating but I thought the wing was quite good. Obviously all the mods will improve the 'look' but no reason to put this kit to the back of the stash/build queue..
  11. Happy Birthday

    2008 joiner ..and for some reason your's is the only forum I can access while at work, so you must be doing something right! congrats Mike ..and thanks!
  12. there is a certain amount of colour wartime (and Luftwaffe) footage on the Agentur Karl Höffkes film archive AKH site. (just put Flugzeug Farbe in the search box and scroll through the 'Suchergebnis', search results, all 719 of 'em) Some of it looks very strange - here's a screen grab from film of II./JG 2 in Tunisia late 1942-early 1943. This is Fw 190 A-4 "Black 1 + - " flown by Wolf von Bülow, Staffelkapitän of 5./ JG 2. How to explain the fuselage cross given the white fuselage band and swastika outline ?
  13. ..and not just any old French markings...looks like Jean-Marie Accart's machine - a true French hero. Accart returned 12 victories during the German invasion of France in 1940 flying P-36 Hawks with GC I/5. His account of the French campaign, "Chasseurs du Ciel", lit. 'Fighters in the sky' is very good and really should have been translated by now. Of course those may well the markings of his successor in GC II/ 2 'Berry', Cmt Guizard.. all four look very nice!
  14. 25 euros for a 72nd Fw 190. Was tempted until I saw the price..
  15. that's an understatement. In the end I built two, modifying the construction sequence helped a lot. As for the short-molded canopy on kit 1, it took six months for the replacement to arrive, whereas Simon in Oz on this forum, sent me a spare within a fortnight