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  1. Happy Birthday

    2008 joiner ..and for some reason your's is the only forum I can access while at work, so you must be doing something right! congrats Mike ..and thanks!
  2. there is a certain amount of colour wartime (and Luftwaffe) footage on the Agentur Karl Höffkes film archive AKH site. (just put Flugzeug Farbe in the search box and scroll through the 'Suchergebnis', search results, all 719 of 'em) Some of it looks very strange - here's a screen grab from film of II./JG 2 in Tunisia late 1942-early 1943. This is Fw 190 A-4 "Black 1 + - " flown by Wolf von Bülow, Staffelkapitän of 5./ JG 2. How to explain the fuselage cross given the white fuselage band and swastika outline ?
  3. ..and not just any old French markings...looks like Jean-Marie Accart's machine - a true French hero. Accart returned 12 victories during the German invasion of France in 1940 flying P-36 Hawks with GC I/5. His account of the French campaign, "Chasseurs du Ciel", lit. 'Fighters in the sky' is very good and really should have been translated by now. Of course those may well the markings of his successor in GC II/ 2 'Berry', Cmt Guizard.. all four look very nice!
  4. 25 euros for a 72nd Fw 190. Was tempted until I saw the price..
  5. that's an understatement. In the end I built two, modifying the construction sequence helped a lot. As for the short-molded canopy on kit 1, it took six months for the replacement to arrive, whereas Simon in Oz on this forum, sent me a spare within a fortnight
  6. ..just got two lovely new Phantom sheets from them, no issues. Owner Martin pops up now and again on the F-4 SIG page on FB
  7. wrong shade of black ... ...and the SS did have aircraft - the Regierungsstaffel or Fliegerstaffel des Führers operated as a private passenger airline for the highest ranking personages of the Nazi regime and did not belong to the Luftwaffe..( its personnel held honorary rank in the SS and wore high-ranking SS uniforms) Me 262 & Mosquito dogfight double circa 1971 !
  8. have to agree, I'd be more than happy with that, certainly 'sells' the Academy kit
  9. Hello, hope you don't mind me writing you, but was looking at one of your blogs you had linked in  a recent discussion:


    ... and have some questions.


    1.)  NJGr Messerschmitt Bf-109, Pt.5 decal sheet, are there any mistakes on this one?

    2.)  What style would the cross be on top wing?

    3.)  Can the Finemolds G-10 be converted to suite the above subject?  




  10. ..any more info than that ?
  11. Kagero "Top Drawings" had this one on the sheet that came with the booklet and Owl decals (IIRC) did it as a stand-alone (32nd)
  12. G-6/AS Höhenjäger" covered here on my blog G-6/AS 'Red 2' as per the AZ boxing - see also my articles in Model Aircraft Magazine June/July 2014 (more pics of 'Red 2')
  13. My main interests are WW II aviation, especially the Luftwaffe, although I'm interested in just about any flying object, especially RAF F-4s. Since joining BM nearly ten years ago now (!!) I have built a collection of 72nd and 48th scale Spitfires. Compiling a blog ( I don't have the room for a display cabinet..) keeps my interests varied and I (usually) have to build (or acquire) the latest releases (mostly adding them to the stash). Also since returning to the hobby I find myself trying to 're-do' what I did as a kid, so re-attempting the Frog Blackburn Shark or the very old Airfix DH. Comet or their 24th scale Harrier - which I put together and brush painted in two weeks as a 12 year old in 1974..I think a lot of the 'appeal' for me is in the kit itself, rather than the subject
  14. ..and AZ have a range of 109s that include a couple of 'single-scheme' 'Defence of the Reich' boxings
  15. ..there are more single-colour Luftwaffe schemes than people generally imagine. You could do an overall black or blue (76) 110 ..and/or 109 come to that. John at AIMS has a great decal sheet entitled "Monotone Me's" with lots of options..