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  1. I just used the kit decal dials as here - cut them out into easily manageable sections and either apply normally - or not.
  2. ..the ferry journey is quite long but combined with a day in Portsmouth it could be the most memorable part of the trip. Although advertised as 'Caen' you dock in Ouistreham (at the end of Sword Beach IIRC) - Pegasus Bridge, the museum and the famous cafe are just a short walk away. Located at a stone's throw from the beach and the Ferry terminal is "Le Grand Bunker - le Musée du Mur le l'Atlantique". Well worth a visit. From there a short ride along the coast takes you to Arromanches, Omaha beach and cemetery and the German cemetery at La Cambe is just a bit further on.
  3. we know he (they) had thought enough about it to go the concert at the end - no checks or searches presumably
  4. well, its essentially the same kit I'd have thought (not having seen the earlier one) with a few additions such as pointy rudder, clipped wing option, different stabilisers etc
  5. ...I did see some criticism of the 'lack' of cockpit detail ..but it's still 20-odd of the 50 or so build stages. It is so far a pretty uncomplicated build, although the frame for the seat I found a little tricky. Revell indicate the IX seat colour as interior green but it appears the IX seat was the same bakelite brown as on earlier models (with a dark brown seat cushion) ..decided to go with some Eduard late RAF belts (steel), its the buckles that defeat me when attempting my own - just under a tenner for three sets of belts. Still more than half the original kit price though!
  6. my first one was £19 ! But I did get a second one at another LMS .. a liitle bit more than that. Watching with interest. Any suggestions as to where I can get some seat-belts without doubling my investment ?
  7. very nice job! I particularly like the 'wash' you appear to have used..
  8. RAF Manston History Museum shop, picked up at Tuesday's club meet - bagged (no decals or instructions) 72nd Airfix Spitfires for 25p and the Revell 32nd IX at £22... " for you sir, £19" ..bargain!
  9. building one currently - an 'old' mold. Contrary to what I'd imagined, fit isn't the greatest, nor is it the easiest kit I've ever built. And feeling apprehensive about using the kit decals as well, although fortunately there appear to be plenty of RAF/RN F-4 decal sheets about now..
  10. good luck with your mammoth project Jes! it happens one of my favourite fighter units too, certainly one of the most interesting. I notice that you have day fighters, night fighters, Mosquito hunters, bomber killers and Eastern Front ground strafers in there!
  11. so many details I wouldn't even bother with in 1:72 ..gun camera in the leading edge, open cooling gills etc etc....its amazing to think that your pics are probably twice real size too!
  12. (unknown photographer, photo print in my collection, published in Patrick's book..) One of the RAF machines (XV 579) loaned to RN/767 hence the Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey variegated camouflage finish . Decals on the RAM Models sheet " Early British Phantoms"
  13. ..anyone know what the kit options are likely to be yet? OK found it, Geoff B's post (Jan 6)
  14. wondering what happened afterwards. I know Mackenzie made a wheels-up landing on top of the Downs (so to speak) - obviously he's lost the use of an aileron but the airfield was very close by. And was SD-X then written off ?
  15. works just fine for me especially under typical Luftwaffe lower surface colours (....neat 'handle' by the way..)