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  1. ..back in at 5 this morning for a week of early shifts followed by nights on the 31 st Dec. It is amazing how many are travelling on the 26th, but not so many by rail of course ! Because you can't - lots of heavy maintenance going on. However this year our benevolent employer has doubled shift premiums for those of us at work on the bank holiday days! ..And I should get some painting done if the mild weather holds.
  2. not bad!. The other option here - and this won't help the distance sellers or a buyer looking for something 'cheap' - but find a local shop and examine contents before handing cash over. My 'not quite a model shop' and the local museum shop have a good range of Airfix so I ask to do that with them, while both 'proper' model shops in the area are run by gents who participate in local clubs so no issues. My Blenheim I replacement clear parts took six months to get here from Airfix, by which time Simon L had sent me a clear sprue from Australia !
  3. ..sounds like you haven't tackled the Blenheim..I'm just finishing the 48th Sea Vixen - after a few years pfaffing and a spell on the shelf of doom. One or two issues but a lovely kit nonetheless. The Victor sure makes for an imposing looking model, a stand-out on the shelf despite all the niggling fit issues (one suspects..)
  4. indeed, heartfelt condolences on your mum's passing and hope the back problems are starting to ease a bit...keep on keeping on mate !
  5. .. not sure what you mean here. I'm at work (05:00 start) so can't see the pics ..but if you've built it already you've obviously done a great job! Merry Christmas!
  6. I 'blogged' this 190 with pic here
  7. ..very neat and tidy! Love the subtle weathering too. Well done on the gear leg stencils...£30 you say - that was well done. What did you start at ?
  8. well, that worked well then ! thread bookmarked for my Hellcat build!
  9. quick heads-up (if okay with the mods) "Aces" is a new quality quarterly aviation title in French from the leading independent publisher Heimdal under the stewardship of Georges Bernage ("39-45 Magazine"). Editor-in-Chief is Many Souffan well know for his diligently researched articles in the leading French aviation magazine 'Avions' (Lela Presse). At first sight "Aces" seems to be a difficult subject to write about - the careers of the leading 'Aces' have surely been dissected over and over. However 'Aces' has undertaken to bring new and undiscovered facts, photos and artworks about the leading aviators in the history of air combat - and their machines - to a wider audience under the by-line 'Get closer to the aces and their machines!' 96 glossy A-4 pages, card cover, available from the usual outlets in the UK
  10. two names, Stipdonk/Meyer. Perhaps you know their nightfighter/destroyer series of four volumes. A fifth is ready, but fighters will be next. Artworks and extensive captions in English. Super selection of previously unpublished photos (not exclusively but many absolute gems). Not sure how many volumes yet. I'm up to summer 1942, 320 pages so far..
  11. ..old thread I know - but as I'm working on the JG 51 section of an exciting new book (series) of Luftwaffe fighter photographs I'd just like to add that the II./JG 51 raven is not in " two photos of JG 51's 'Weeping Bird' emblem..." In the original German and as early as Ries' "Photo Collection Luftwaffe Embleme 1935-1945" and his "Dora Kurfurst ... vol 1." - the raven has been the " verschnupfte Rabe .." - lit. the 'runny nosed' raven, snuffling, full of cold - those are not tears. Indeed why would they be since they are falling off the end of his 'nose' ....
  12. yes please Tony, I've gone and got the DK Decals 100 Group sheet now- the 'Commonwealth' sheet is sold out everywhere - and after the B-17, which will follow your build, I've no idea what to do with the rest of it.. ...lovely paint job
  13. do that too! oh and welcome Syl. If you're going for Tamiya armour, try their 48th scale range..
  14. Hi Adam ..welcome to BM and enjoy! ..