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  1. Hudson to Electra Model 14 conversion

    Dennis, I also plan to this conversion one day. Looking at this pic: http://number59squadron.com/history_images/ca_hudson_profile.jpg you simply fill in the hole for the gun turret up top and fill over the glazing on the nose. Engine sub-variants may differ, but only internally.
  2. Installing the windows looks to be rather fiddly. I know this is a re-box of the AZ kit, but it would have made it easier to do the whole cabin roof and windows as one clear piece that mates atop the assembled fuselage and supply window paint masks instead. Just my thoughts...
  3. Italeri Dakota Mk.III

    Not meaning to poop on your parade on an otherwise lovely build Shellie, but your undercarriage struts are put together wrong. The large retraction strut at the back is the wrong way round (the triangular blob on the end should point forward, not back) and the small twin struts sit between the large struts. Here's a clear picture of what I mean: https://worldofaircraftdesign.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/douglas-dc-3-kn563-c-gdak-landing-gear-30.jpg Cheers!
  4. It was released in 4 different boxings last week: ATA America United Air Transat LTU ...and they have correctly portrayed the longer wingtips!
  5. BAe 146-200 - Manx Airlines

    Found a sad pic here: https://smiliner.com/2006/02/ansett-bae-146s-broken-up/
  6. Trident question

    Art, Take a look at these: I have forgotten where I found them, - lucky I kept them! Cheers.
  7. Simply gorgeous Ian... ...those window decals and subtle weathering really bring it to life - well done !
  8. 1/144 Boeing 727-200 & 757-200 for RNZAF builds.

    Steve, the 727 (and some 707) model designation confusion lies with Boeing. With the first model, they were designated and certificated by their Customer Build number. e.g. 727-22 for United, 727-23 for American, 727-76 for TAA, 727-77 for Ansett, etc. With the advent of the -200 series, all original models were retrospectively (and informally) referred to as -100 series - but they were never re-certified as such. So, a United 200 series is certified as a 727-222, whereas a United "100 series" is still officially a 727-22 and not a 727-122. Clear enough? The -100 , -200, -300 etc. designations became standard with the 737 onwards.
  9. 1/144 Boeing 727-200 & 757-200 for RNZAF builds.

    Yeah, they've been on my "To-Do List" for a while now too. Other decal topics keep getting in the way!
  10. 1/144 Boeing 727-200 & 757-200 for RNZAF builds.

    Steve, The RNZAF never used 727-200s - they were 727-100s! (2 plus 1 spare parts plane) Easiest solution for that is the current offering by Revell (although the wheels are too big - Brengun make replacements) Airfix initially made a -100 kit, but the moulds were permanently changed to make the -200 kit. Germania 727-100 kit Brengun wheels Cheers!
  11. Canadian Department of Transport Viscount markings.

    Admiral, I found some large pic's of sister ships which show it a little better: https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/full_size_0294/1441765-large.jpg https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/full_size_0295/1443559-large.jpg Scott.
  12. B-N Trislander - underwing tanks

    Sorry I'm a bit late to this topic, but I did find a pic of the subject aircraft for all to see: Cheers!
  13. 1:72 Bristol 170 Freighter

    I found some box arts: source: Aeroscale UK Scott.
  14. Fairchild 91 Wheels

    Gilmore, Civil decals at Vintage Flyer Decals: http://www.vintageflyerdecals.com/fairchild-f-91.html http://www.vintageflyerdecals.com/vfd000-229---f-91-panair-do-brasil.html Picture of finished article: http://www.airlinercafe.com/photo_20140.details.large Cheers!
  15. Revell 747 questions

    Most panel lines on real aircraft are only visible up-close or when they start collecting dirt. A deep panel line on a model would scale out to several inches wide on a real plane - and who the hell would want to board a plane with those kind of gaps between the slabs of sheet metal? Each to his own, but I would fill them! Scott.