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  1. Ben, Thanks for the link, you're a life saver, prices are reasonable too. Thanks again. Ian
  2. After several months on the shelf, work has re-commenced on the Anniversary Tonka. She has now been now been substantially painted, I tried to get tonal differences with various panels as per photos by lightning and darkening the Tamiya Medium Sea Grey but it doesn't appear to be as stark and clear as I'd hoped for! trans And here she is again after 2 solid hours of decaling. Flippin eck were those fin markings fiddly, they'll need to be touched up before weathering. Lots more hours of transfers to do yet though. Thanks for looking Ian
  3. Wonderful builds Dave, I've got a limited run re-issue of the Basset on then way, your photo has really whetted my appetite. Thanks
  4. Michael, Everything is relative, the Airfix Vulcan is not a bad model, although not a Tamigawa "shake'n'bake it doesn't look bad when a bit of time and effort is taken with it. I remember they furor in the modeling world when we finally got a mainstream manufacturer producing a V Bomber in 1:72 scale, it was like the clamor after the two Shackletons were announced last year. I was very very fortunate to buy a FROG 1:96th Scale Vulcan B Mk.1A last Sunday at the NEC Toy Fair. I've wanted one for 50 years and finally got one for £10, bargain. The vendor started off at £100 but when the damaged box was opened 7 of the 18 very small wheels were missing as was a small part of the stand! I managed to get him down to a tenner (after telling him it was practically worthless, naughty me). On looking inside the box when I got home memories came flooding back as to the type of models we used to build in the 1960's and we thought they were dead good then! So my point is, if the kit is all you can get of that particular aircraft and you are happy that you are finally going to get to build a model of your favorite aircraft then go for it and enjoy it. Boy, are we spoiled today with super precision drop together seamless kits, go ahead build it warts and all and enjoy it. Happy Days
  5. Thanks Andrevell, Looking forward to seeing the completed model.
  6. Bogdan, Thanks for keeping us updated with what appears to be a test build from Greenmats. Whomever the builder is appears to have hilighted some issues with the fin fillet and the under nose detail. Sorry I can't read the language but could you please summarise what the builder has said in the photo circled post. Also most of the time the AD-5W's seemed to fly with at least one wing tank (I believe some times in an effort to offset engine torque and definitely to extend endurance) are there any drop tanks in the kit?
  7. Several more hours spent on the Tonka today. Firstly the flap gaps were addressed, some thin plastic card strip was found in the bits box cut to length and glued in place, now that looks better: As you can see more rubbing down on the airbrakes was required to get a smooth joint and the vertical fin has been attached permanently, again it has a horrible joint with the fuselage top spine- more rubbing down. Next the aircrew were painted I think they may be generic NATO figures so a little artistic licence was taken with the helmets and visors. An attempt was made at 617 Sqn patches on the left arms but the eyes aren't what they were. The front part of the cockpit glazing has been glued in place but the main canopy has just been dry fitted to keep the dust out for now as there are mirrors and side pipes to be glued inside yet. Not a great deal to show for about 6 hours work really! I've still managed to keep the wings swinging though. Back to work for a rest for a few days now. I'm having real trouble finding a reasonably priced 7 inch long oval plinth for this beastie, does anyone know the web address of the chap who sells bases MDF at Telford every year please? Thanks for looking. Ian
  8. Something has struck me as odd as it did when I first saw this kit built up in the case at Telford last year. I have never seen a picture of an AEW Shack with those horizontal yellow dashes on the fuselage side just in front of "Force". The two normal size vertical yellow Rescue arrows should be there but those horizontal yellow lines, what are they?
  9. Looking wonderful, as soon as I've finished the horrible Revell Tonka I'm building I'm starting my Revell Shack too, I'll be interested to see the aerial arrangement you put on the roof. Cheers Ian
  10. Shaun I'm not surprised many people have made such mistakes with such duff instructions!
  11. Thanks Borman for the links but it looks that I might be able to use a couple of pilot figures that my Brother has sent me. Well this build is turning out to be a tricky one. Firstly this is obviously not a new kit, I suppose Revell has sold thousands of the German IDS version of this kit and just popped the bits in the box that we need for a GR Mk.4 (eventually). Boy does it show! I am gobsmacked how much flash there is on the parts of this kit and injector pin circles with their own flash too. Also I think the instructions are appalling, some of the sprue part no's are incorrect on the instructions causing me to think I was going mad at times looking for parts on one sprue letter when they were on another. They are also not very clear and darn-right misleading in parts - more of which later. So here we are with the fuselage top on, notice how I have missed the step to fit the interior of the airbrakes which caused fit problems later. Also the air intakes were an absolute nightmare to fit (no I didn't glue the rear of the cockpit tub to the intake assembly either). Both sides and bottoms required filler and lots of rubbing down, goodbye to the surface detail! Have the sharp eyed among you spotted the mistake on the wings yet? A dry fit of the engines which don't click in or locate very well, I'm trying to figure out if I can put the fin on and still be able to remove the jet pipes for ease of painting later. The air brakes have also now been fitted as have the U/C doors. None fitted particularly well meaning I had to reach for the Squadron Putty and sanding sticks yet again. The flaps and spoilers have now been fitted, something looked odd. On the upper surface of the flaps there were channels between the flaps that I don't think should be there. When removing the wings from the sprues I had followed the "Flaps Up" option on the instructions see below. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure that shows that the flap rails should be cut off at this stage. So I did, much to my regret. Hence the empty channels on the wing upper surfaces aaarrgggh. I really am not enjoying this but .....I've started so I'll finish. This is where we are now, I suppose it looks like a Tonka 4 but for a brand new kit I'm very disappointed I don't think Revell QC'd this kit very effectively at all and I just hope their new Shack kit I have just bought has a lot more QC applied to it and that it goes together better than this!
  12. I'm sorry tailspin but I beg to differ, in the research for my book on the History of AEW&C "Beyond The Horizon" the existence of the rear floor escape hatch on the AD-5W came up from various US Navy sources and it is mentioned in Roger G Smith's book "Guppy Pilot" as it would have been very difficult for the radar operator to escape from the rear of the aircraft as it would have been nearly impossible to avoid striking the large fin. The pilot was equipped with the "Yankee seat" ejector system although not rocket assisted the seat was ejected from the aircraft, again to avoid striking the vertical fin. Yes the rear dive brakes were indeed removed on the AD-5W's as they were redundant for an aircraft in the AEW role.
  13. Please come on Melchie Sir get a move on old chap, I've started a build of a Revell Tonka and I need more of your tips!
  14. The cockpit went together pretty well apart from the console decals on the instructions all have the same number (quality control a bit rubbish there). Here is the completed cockpit tub and seats mounted on the fuselage floor. The engine ducts were painted with Tamiya white primer which has the right finish for the ducts. The top of the ducts were then attached and the sides built up a round it. It all feels a bit flimsy at this stage as I followed Melchett's advice and did not glue the rear of the cockpit tub to the engine ducts so that the intakes can be fettled easily later. A sliver of filler was needed on the side joints to cover up a slightly gaping joint. See what I mean about the Tamiya jars in the background. The engine bay has been sprayed gunmetal and the sides of the nose have been added. i managed to knock off the tiny aerial just in front of the cockpit on the centre line but it doesn't matter as it should be offset to starboard. Well that's as far as I have got today, so far I would say it's a nice model but not for the feint hearted! More in a few days Ian