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  1. What would you do with all the composites once you have recovered them anyway? Once they are infused thats pretty much them fixed for life, or even death.
  2. I ended up with the Fox One sheet because it has the old cold war camo scheme. As to options, SuperScale/MicroScale, Cutting Edge, Fox One sheets Ive seen were ok
  3. Those teenage queens are looking really heavily weathered these days!
  4. I see, I never tried to order. I guess getting to sent to a friend in the states would be ok with them?
  5. I thought the Cobra Company still produce and sell the Pave Low conversion sets?
  6. Another One Eleven on the go?
  7. Do any of you guys know if there is a set of dropped slats for the Fujimi kit? Wolfpack do a fold set, but might just as well buy Italeri for that
  8. Ive built Fujimi, Hawegawa and Italeri and the Italeri kit is the best all rounder. The Fujimi kits wings lack of dropped slats let it down to the point I wouldnt buy it again. Italeri kit can be built wings folded or not however the fuselage on the underneath is a bit of a bitch from memory, there is a fillet that needs very careful placing as it forms the center of the underneath and can cause some nasty gaps if not fitted with some care or forethought
  9. How hard would it be to make a cast copy of the nose from a kit I have? I would just need some Plasticine to make a female tool and then pour some resin in?
  10. You mean the kits designed in the recent past I take it
  11. I thought it was all down to the way the cut up the master as to what is and isnt possible Jennings?
  12. Ill get you a truck load when I go to Central Europe in November. You could nip over to Belarus, they will trade you, but the real deal might look a bit silly on a plastic model so I would wait for Spectre Resins to start making his again, otherwise you could try ebay Ozmods B-61 and AGM-69
  13. I think you can build the Hobby Boss F-111D/E kit as an F-111F but you would need F exhausts
  14. I doubt it, they all seem to be made a little different, but big enough to not fit each other.