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  1. Cant complete the missions in a Pz1C, its tier II. I gave up on the Light tank missions, having to spot 2 tanks before they spot you means you need a Tier IV or higher with camo skills which i dont have
  2. People are trying to complete the missions, the StuG IV is I believe only available through the special missions so you will get a lot of people trying that much harder... and failing too of course
  3. Havent we all! lol Wouldnt worry about it, if you dont play the game how they want they will report you and you will live with their wrath! You will know when you really piddle them off when they open a private chat after the game
  4. There is now an award for not damaging your team mates in a certain number of games, so it must be rare. I seem to see it every time I play in one form or another... It happens all the time, I killed an AMX 50 120 in my VK4502B because he tried to dive in in the last few minutes of a game to take a kill. Enemy and I were facing off, my reload time is 13 seconds so takes forever, I was on almost full HP with the front of my tank towards him (a Lowe) I can pen even the glacis so I have no problem, just at the very second the 50 120 arrived the Lowe shot me and hit him because he was in the way and I shot the Lowe but the 50 120 was in the way and he was killed. 13 seconds and a reposition later the Lowe was dead and te game was won... It seems to me the only time somebody will put their tank in front of you like that is to take an easy kill or run away.
  5. Ive had some pretty good games recently. Earnt some gold (close to 1000 now) and got 3 days premium too for completing the German part of the WX challenge (only play German so can only do German part) Been playing tier 9 mostly,,, lost about 1,000,000 credits but thats including 600,000 for guns and upgrades. VK45.02P is a nice bouncy tank when you angle its armor. going pretty well in tier 9 now I got premium though, making credits even on a loss... get a bad one still though, that gun only gives 3 rounds a minute Tomatoes are there to be used, you can always count of them being bad
  6. I shudder to think! For the most part you would be listening to some guys chatting poo-poo from some mid european hovel as to how good they are while you are the worst player they have ever seen... providing you can understand them that is. I wouldnt mind but they all learnt how to read write and speak in English at school and the rules of the game are its English comms... of course that all changed in the localisation versions of the game. It was always the same, I prefered it on the RU server, at least we all spoke in Russian and you could communicate, on the EU server theres no telling. The strange thing is you can learn a person by how they play a game, some take charge and do it while others sit back and let it happen. General voice comms in that game would indeed plumb the very depths
  7. I cant say Ive ever had a problem in download time, it usually takes longer to install it than download it. I generally keep the launcher running so as to seed it, but I know a lot of euro players dont because it kills eats into server lag. Once youre on add me as a friend Plasma_Fire When Im on I can platoon up with you, games work better in a platoon, there are more awards to get and your exp/credits will usually be better than lone wolfing it. In a platoon you get the chance to use voice comms so you can talk to the platoon member/s so a mic is an advantage
  8. Feels good when you have a good game. Ive been working the JagdTiger and Waffentrager auf PzIV for close on a week now, so my joy comes in fits and starts. Only lost 500k credits on a standard account though which means Im doing something right because I spent 300k on the top gun for the JT. I wouldnt worry about that to much, being idle is serious of course but if you dont do to much of it it will go away
  9. Arty is a game changer, in that you have to play the game with them in mind all the time, I would say their hot rate is as much as 75% which is about equal to a tank gun. Cant say Im a lover of arty, I enjoy killing them at any opportunity because their guns are so dangerous. I dont mind the KV1, not even in my Pz4, it takes a hell of a lot to kill one but I use a 105 which puts 30-120 HP of damage down per shot, but then I played a game last night, in the enemy team was a KV1 and an IS in a platoon, the KV-1 is a single shot 100% kill in a JagdTiger.
  10. There isnt much to say about low tier SPGs. Turn on the server reticle in the settings option, otherwise you will be aiming based on a local echo. What you learn in your lower tier guns will serve you well as you progress, however the lower tier fast tanks play the game a lot different to the higher tier tanks as most of them dont hide from you they use their speed to evade and ultimately kill you... There are special awards for drilling an SPG The reticle shape changes based on your aim, the closer to a straight line the more round the marker will be, the more round the smaller the reticle can get. City maps are bad for you in general, so learn how to use direct fire, you will need it often. You ballistic arc is much higher than a tank gun, each SPG gun is different, learning it will help defend yourself when shooting over open sights in arcade mode, it also means you can shoot over the crest of a hill, when you have a direct line of sight to your target give your open sights a try, in arcade mode put the arrow on the target wait for it to resolve and you will find it is more accurate than SPG targeting mode. Its hard to say really, the arty game changes as you climb the tiers, in the higher tiers you will find players hide from arty a lot more, they are aware of you and will move so as to not make themselves an easy target, but there are the odd few who dont, what you learn in the lower tiers will come true in the higher tiers except instead of a Pz1C killing you it will be a T69. You shells smoke trail is visible to enemy arty in arty targeting mode, some (like me) will be looking for it, others will not bother. To counter it fire and move... where to you will learn in time, the shell trail does not start as soon as the shell leaves the barrel so its a guessing game as to how far BACK from the trail your gun is. Do not be afraid to move to get a better shot, the odds on the enemy moving out of cover to let you shoot them is ... well would you do it knowing full well an enemy arty is waiting for you with a fully resolved reticle. You shell has a travel time, learn it with each gun it changes, closing the gap between you are your target (in the end game) can make a loss into a win, again dont be afraid to move.
  11. Yeah dont waste a single minute longer than is needed on that POS before you upgrade it to a Grille! Low tier arty is the pits, and German arty doesnt get interesting until the Grille, once there get a rammer, laying drive and a camo net and make em reap the whirlwind! Enjoy the Grille, Hummel and GW Panther for after that you enemies shall eat dirt kicked up by your shells hitting the ground next to your target. Dont get me wrong if you hit you will ruin them with high tier arty but the misses cost you loads, the aim time feels like minutes and they are a hot target to all because the damage dealt is so high... talking well over 1000HP and thats when the damage calculator isnt on your side. Keep the Grille and Hummel and even the Panther as money makers, Ive seen a Grille carry a team more than once but the lower tier arty is just a way to get to the Grille. I didnt bother with low tier arty second time round, I went to arty via the 38 nA because there is nothing you can do to ease the pain and the learning curve from them isnt a good one because by the time you get to an SPG with the same narrow traverse arc you are at tier 7 and then its a whole different ball game
  12. I like the T25/2 too, Met them quite a few times in only ever been killed by while I was driving tier 6 and lower though which is strange... The thing about the T25/2 is it can go into games with the likes of the JagdTiger, which inspite of your prem ammo will make mince meat of it. you can bully your tier 5 and 6 but the true test of the tier 7 TD is taking down higher tier tanks without them making sure its the only 1 on 1 fight you can do and the T25/2 cant while the JagdPanther can because of its 105 short. As a general rule I rate how good a tank is on how much I dont want to fight it either in a group or alone and a T25/2 I dont rate at all, killed then 69 times so far and only been killed 4 times by them. Not a great tank, but 1396exp is an epic score!!!
  13. If you got a download limit the last thing you should think about is playing online games!
  14. PM me your email address Ill get an invite over to you
  15. And dont forget your view range is not equal to nor the same as your detection range. View as in the picture on the screen means nothing unless you are shooting at distant targets detected by others. View range is dictated by tank, commander and the intervening map based obstacles like bushes and buildings. detection range is blocked by obstacles, the camo rating of the enemy tank and its crew skills. Detection range is another misunderstood rule, and it is why you get enemy tanks apearing right in front of you (200m) when your view range is 350m