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  1. Photobucket blues

    Go To Photobucket.com Print Shop Just for Fun» Status About» NavigationGo To Photobucket.comPrint ShopJust for Fun »- Contests- Gifs- Stories- HolidaysStatusAbout »- Careers Blog PHOTOBUCKET LAUNCHES UNLIMITED 3RD PARTY HOSTING PLAN Posted by Cyrus Jack+ on Jul 6, 2017 in Press Releases | No Comments Denver, Colorado (July 6, 2017) One of the world’s leading photo storage and hosting sites has begun notifying its largest commercial scale users that it will now offer an unlimited third party hosting subscription plan. John Corpus, CEO of Photobucket, said that historically the company “relied heavily on advertising revenue but that major industry-wide changes in the advertising space have greatly impacted Photobucket, including the rise of ad blockers and the Company’s explosion of 3rd party hosting that generates zero revenue.” “This model is no longer sustainable,” Corpus added. Corpus noted that seventy-five percent of Photobucket’s costs originate from non-paying users leveraging 3rd party hosting. The majority of the industry has either eliminated 3rd party hosting or imposed variable pricing based on consumption. To address the market, Photobucket has added unlimited hosting to its Plus 500 Subscription plan at a competitive fixed price. Photobucket modified its Terms of Use in the second quarter of 2017. The Company began notifying non-paying users through email and on-site messaging that the Plus 500 plan offers 3rd Party Hosting for both commercial and personal use requiring no development or technical experience. Photobucket users who elect not to subscribe to the Plus 500 plan are always able to access all of their photos and migrate to alternative solutions if they so desire. In Photobucket’s 14-year history, the Company has amassed over 100 million registered users, over 15 billion images stored, with 2 million daily uploads and 60 billion photos accessed monthly. “With all the photos stored and shared, nearly everyone interacts with a Photobucket hosted image on at least one page across the web over a sixty-day period, putting the photo hosting service as a significant part of the internet,” Corpus said . Corpus said that “initial results for the Company are positive. This path to a more sustainable business model allows us to develop an even more robust product to meet our customers’ needs.” “We are grateful for our customers’ continued support,” he added. About Photobucket. With over 100 million registered users, Photobucket Corporation is the world’s leading dedicated photo sharing service. The Photobucket user community uploads millions of images per day from the web and connected digital devices. Photobucket hosts, preserves and protects photos while bringing members advanced browsing, sharing and editing experiences. Each month Photobucket serves over 60 billion photos to over 3 million websites. Photobucket is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For more information about Photobucket, please contact press@photobucket.com or visit us online at www.photobucket.com/faq. © 2017 Photobucket.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. END
  2. Academy's 1\72 P-47 razorback markings

    Thanks Mike, in lieu of any accessible pictures and now knowing that the serial is wrong for the code I've decided to follow your advice, unfortunately I'm stuck with the kit decals but I haven't had any real issues (knock on wood) with any of the previous Academy kit decals I've used and these ones "appear" to be ok. Tim
  3. Academy's 1\72 P-47 razorback markings

    serial 43-25514 P-47D-21-RA 56th FS 61 FG HV-? 366 FS 390 FG B2 ? Damaged on the ground on 30/04/44 in Bovingdon GB Pilot H.Perry Damaged on takeoff on 18/11/44 Boxted GB Pilot Thomas I. Carmicheal Crashed on 17/12/44 between asch and Ophoven Pilot Stanley S. Sobek Parachute Everything else confirms this information about that serial number.......no Mention of Lt. Rainbow So i would guess that the serial in incorrect for this plane
  4. Academy's 1\72 P-47 razorback markings

    Having just got this kit I want to do the one of Lt. rainbows A8 P. According to the instructions the front half of the cowling, every second cowl flap and the canopy frames are all natural metal with the rest being olive drab over nuetral grey. Having done all the Google searches I can think of and not found a thing, I'm wondering if there is an accessible picture out there and if there are any opinions as to whether this was factory or field painted as per the canopy frames. I have asked this on Hyperscale and so far what I have been told is that there are three pictures of it in David Weatherill's book; Aces, Pilots & Aircraft of the 9th,12th, & 15th USAAF , which I do not have access to, and they show the zero length rockets which are a rarity on the razor back apparently, and do not come in the kit. I am completely clueless when it come to P-47's.......
  5. Thanks Guys, all is much appreciated and when work is not interfering with my life I'll be able to respond in a better way
  6. The point is, for me anyway, weighing possibility against probability, counter measures against desperate measures if you will. In truth I am quit ignorant of the use of carriers and carrier borne aircraft in convoy protection, all I know is they existed. But what I do know is that an FW 190 makes a smaller target then an HE 111 or a JU 88, The Mistel program wasn't just a paper project and torpedo's were tested on Kurt Tanks products. No doubt Google and a bit of reading will get me up to date on the basics of carrier operations in convoys but then sometimes thinking aloud brings up interesting tidbits that just won't pop out any other way. The Spitfires were doing a decent job from what I can tell, The Bearcat I believe was to be the next generation Carrier fighter, Mosquito's on carriers is not fantasy, and the Meteor was found to be unsuitable for carrier operations in 1948 when it was finally tested. I'm still interested in comparing the SeaFury to the Bearcat Just because. And Thanks Jure, I really do appreciate the input.
  7. I agree with you Jure, how would that compare to the SeaFury though?
  8. Mistel Torpedo Attack Aircraft Mistel

    And for where things are at here is the HobbyBoss D-12, first thing I'll say is throw the decals in the garbage cause that's what they are. You might make them work if you use future to apply them, which I don't so I won't guarantee this as a solution. Other then that they don't stick and are impervious to any setting solutions. Here I am using decals from a Dragon Mistel kit and they work beautifully There is a gap between the fuselage and the wing which is easily fixed with a spreader inside the fuselage This is more or less an easy build kit by the way it is engineered, and it does go together rather quick and easy, the way the cockpit fits into the fuselage it is advisable not to glue it until after the spreader has been installed as otherwise it may end up off center and cockeyed.while there is some basic engine detail there is a lot missing in there and the exhaust stubs, which have to be installed prior to gluing the fuselage together, extend past the engine plug. my solution was to paint the insides black except the compressor as I really don't care to do all the extra work and for what I'm doing it will be more then adequate. What little gap is left will be easily sorted with some glue and tape overnight I read somewhere that the HobbyBoss 190 series was a lose copy mix of Tamiya and Dragon kits, not sure about the Tamiya connection but there is certainly a lot of similarity between the Dragon and HobbyBoss kits........until one attempts to fit parts from one to the other, The design is however almost a direct copy. The wheels of the HBoss kit are slightly smaller and unlike the Dragon kit are 2 piece. Dragon on the left. If one wants to use the Dragon wheel it is a simple matter of shortening the attachment stubs, which are tapered, on the Hboss kit and reeming out the centers of the dragon one a bit. Not sure which ones are correct at the moment. The HobbyBoss spinner is wrong as it tapers where it shouldn't, whereas the Dragon one has the right shape but is to long relative to the way the nose of the kits are engineered. The HobbyBoss Spinner is on the left in the Dragon Nose piece. All things considered I am most likely going to order up a Quickboost Prop and nose for the TA 152 to use on this kit, in the mean time I will loosely set the kit parts in place. Here the Dragon canopy is set on the HobbyBoss kit, The HobbyBoss canopy parts are a carbon copy of Dragons, but not dimensionally identical. The windscreen sits at a slightly different angle on the HobbyBoss kit then on the Dragon kit. The nose piece is where the kits differ some what, while they are both keyed the same way, the Dragon kit uses separate flap parts for open or closed to be glued to the nose where as the HobbyBoss kit uses seperate nose pieces with the flaps molded on to represent open or closed and the attachment point is smaller in diameter so the HobbyBoss one won't fit on the Dragon kit. There is a much greater, if not initially noticeable, difference in the engine cowlings, of key note is that the HobbyBoss kit does not accurately represent the 213 E/F cowling in that the bulges to accommodate the engine mounts is not represented. And the landing gear is near identical except for the attachment point which has the HobbyBoss kit parts set at the correct angle and all the parts actually fit, and, as can be seen, with a little care can be assembled seperately so they can be installed after painting. The seats are pretty much the same except how they attach The Torpedo is Garbage and nothing like that shown on the box art, the R-14 kit was something like $1.65 Canadian extra over the base kit, which has what likes like a much better modeled cluster bomb as is in the Dragon kit, so if anyone is thinking of getting an R-14 kit of either the 190 or 152 don't bother with concerning yourself with getting the specific kit as you will be wanting to replace the torpedo, the bomb/torpedo rack is a meh but sufficient more or less. Compared to the Dragon offering in the JU 188 kit. And now loosely stuck together Of note I had a little boo boo before I put the fuselage together I lost the kit tail wheel strut that has to go in before the halves come togther so this is how I fixed it using the Dragon tail wheel which is what is just set in place in the pics
  9. Mistel Torpedo Attack Aircraft Mistel

    It's been a very long term project I had also done a bit of work on the engines as well And because I was also playing around with the Radials I decided to figure out another way to mount the props And I added some blanking to prevent a see through effect
  10. Mistel Torpedo Attack Aircraft Mistel

    I have been sitting on a Dragon JU 188 for the longest time and a little while ago I decided what the hell, why not so I dug it out and started hacking away at it. The front piece of an Eduard ME 110 G gun pack worked out just right At this point I started playing around with ideas about how to paint it, this has all since been stripped off. Next I added the fuselage extension which didn't fit all that well, what I should have done really rather then adding a wrap around shim was cut it and shim it though in hind sight. And this is where it is at the moment.
  11. This has been a bit of an on going project over the years and originally started out as a 1/72 JU 388 Mistel project that went a bit sideways, here is the Special Hobby fuselage being hacked up, a Hasegawa JU 88 wing is there as by the time I got this far with it I had come to the conclusion that it might be worth the extra expense using more mainstream kit parts as the amount of clean up and fitting just would not bring the same result and I got the kit cheap...... As it turned out both kits matched the drawings I have fairly closely and each other extremely well Ideally the plan was to use the SH central section to create the fuselage extensions, but one problem that wasn't immediately to me was that the central section of the Hasegawa kit starts to taper before the rear of the wing fairing, which, as far as I can tell it's not supposed to in reality, nothing insurmountable but is very annoying. And here is where it's at with a Dragon TA 152 that was possibly going to be used as the fighter. Not anymore, those kits are garbage....... And where it all came to a halt, as I was working on the cockpit section and started cut out the canopy a portion broke away, and as they were already beginning to yellow I decided that about the only usable part was the rear fuselage so I would be better off looking for a Hasegawa JU 188 with the torpedo's which I never did get yet......
  12. As alluded to in another post here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235016858-question-about-190-ds-converted-from-190-a-fuselages/ I thought I'd start a new thread as it is a new topic, ideally it is pure speculation for the fun of it which may result in a model or two. The scenario is to mount a D-12 R14 on an extended length JU188(similar to the JU88H) and do some high altitude convoy hunting. Once a convoy has been spotted and the carrier located the D-12's (I think there would be several Mistels) would detach and dive down to sea level and make a run on it to hopefully sink it and leave the convoy defenseless agianst the ensuing onslaught. Ideally the D-12' would be fully fueled and also have wing mounted slipper tanks, to assist them in making land and using surprise and speed to attempt to avoid be attacked. The ti,me frame would be (for me anyway) late '44 and beyond, so potentially '46. So the question then is, what might be the aircraft used to respond, how would they be equipped, and what would be the most likely colors and markings there of, all relative to what was under development within that time frame.
  13. question about 190 D's converted from 190 A fuselages

    I like that Bearcat Idea
  14. question about 190 D's converted from 190 A fuselages

    I had given the RLM 83 Dark Blue some thought, a google of the Atlantic around British shores does turn some pretty blue pictures, and I seem to recall in the discussion around said color that there was a picture posted of a BV 138 float in Norway that was painted blue, I think a copied it but I'll have to check my computer when I get home. I had decided that I wouldn't go that route as hiding things on land when landed would be a priority........however it is something I might reconsider ARWIF wise. I agree it might look rather appealing