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  1. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Think they might just notice.......if they were real!
  2. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Or maybe, even a LAWS?
  3. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Biggles, you'd be right at home in County Donegal, the local Co-op even put chairs outside for the customers! Whilly lot, the Irish, they move the que outside!!
  4. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Do I?! Can remember trying to test drive a 'Cherry', I'm 6'2" (1.88 Mtrs)..............USE the imagination!!! as the steering wheel, I swear, was nicked off a bus!
  5. Hi Gavin, if they do 'own' the Revell (US), Monogram et al tooling? It's my understanding that what was the US arm of the company had the majority of their moulding done in China, therefore, with bills having gone unpaid, the moulds will be held by the company that has been doing the moulding. We DON'T know if the German arm is 'in debt' to their moulders in Eastern Europe, there is the possibility of a similar scenario. If you were out a few $100,000 or more, would you be willing to 'give back' your largest bargining chip? Remember, neither U.S law nor European law hold ANY water in China! Does anybody know the Han or Mandarin Chinese for "on yer bike, 'til you pay us what you owe us!"? Giorgio, it's NOT negativity, it's called NOT knowing! I refer you to my post in the locked / merged thread you mentioned on page 8 of this one. .............."meaning all fears of the company closing are gone" NO, there not! Until the dust has settled, and the new company that owns the trade marks has a chance to cross 'T's and dot 'I's, and find out EXACTLY what they do and DO NOT own, DON'T hold your breath, the colour Puce doesn't suit anybody! .............."to be accurate they have 3.9 milion reasons to be interested !" The one thing I will guarantee is the new company have done their homework and whatever happens they will NOT lose money, even if they decide to turn EVERY mould and piece of equipment over to the scrap man, again see the post I mention, above. .............."new owners are a private equity firm" Whose sole remit is to make money.....END! It's highly unlikely they will play a 'long game', they need to show a return, quickly, by whatever means nesassary. .............."that the management is valid and is in the position to make all the proper business decisions" I really DO hope your faith is well placed! .............."healthy company capable of issuing new kits every year, that is afterall what matters to us modellers" Do you really think we are all that self centred? Immaterial as to where on the globe the company is 'based', my thoughts are with the poor devils AND their family's that have lost their livelyhoods through no fault of their own, just because the last company who owned the trademarks made a complete and total hash of it. Why? Germany, like the U.K. is still under the final control of the European Court................isn't it? Paul
  6. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Sorry Brad, my fault, I assumed.............................. Wrongly as it turned out! I was refering to the law governing England and Wales, as Dave lives in Cornwall and I'm resident in North Yorkshire the assumtion was............... Paul
  7. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Sadly doesn't apply to private (supermarkets, council or airport e.g. privately owned land) car parks, in the U.K. so the numpties have free reign, as your outside police jurisdiction. Hence 'doughnuts in the snow' and handbrake turns practice!
  8. Broken down. Again!

    Oh so true! UNLESS their 6' 8" and the poor plod they sent is / was minimum height requirement at around 5' 6"! Nottinghamshire force, with their slightly taller helmets, his was under the guys chin! ask me HOW I know?!!! Paul
  9. Broken down. Again!

    You and me both Rick! Been at it since the mid '70's........STILL trying to get it right........ AND you are a cynic! BUT, that's my kind of thinking! With the Nissan and Renault dealerships, WORRY if they spring back under the TCH name........ There's STILL money in vehicles, especially if it's in the UK, BUT............. We don't train customer service, they seem to think their doing US the favour. We don't have a clue HOW to complain. Most seem to think "if I scream and shout, I'll get what I want" NO chance! VW Sharan? BAG of bolts! Drove one for a couple of years, company car, uncomfortable as hell! Rock has MORE of a comfort factor!
  10. Broken down. Again!

    Rick, it's worth remembering that with dealerships, most are outside the day-to-day control of the company's product they sell. I remember the Renault franchise being pulled from Arriva, (YES, that one!) in the late '90's, time scale.....ONE week. Complete block on any and all Renault products, including the part ex. stock they had brought in. Suggest you write / email Skoda just to put them in the picture, as in the end, it's the manufacturers problem. However, I would suggest a letter / email / carrier pigeon to the CEO of the garage where you got such wonderful service........NOT! and kindly suggest that a little customer service training may be required! if you have, or can GET the 'gentleman's' name, so much the better. Remember, DON'T get mad, get EVEN! Paul
  11. Revell Boxes

    Moi? pourquoi non, votre juste un autre coeur brisé!
  12. Revell Boxes

    Avec la meilleure volonté du monde, PAS sur votre nelly!
  13. Revell Boxes

    .....et Voila.........C'est le contenu qui compte, pas l' emballage! You know, he has a point
  14. Sword and Lance 2018

    Ladies and Gentlemen..................FINAL CALL! for the 2018 Sword and Lance The day is almost upon us...............look forward to seeing you there. Paul
  15. Keith, think MIL means Mother in Law? Paul