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  1. SC is biodegradable and non-toxic. But I can imagine it still might not be available to you. It was able to strip it down to bare plastic in under a day. It's good stuff!
  2. I don't know what any of that is. I've only ever used SC for stripping. And remember that there's a glaze coat on the bare plastic that also has to be removed.
  3. Bleach? Oh no, that wouldn't do anything. A vat of SuperClean degreaser.
  4. The kit comes with spare hands, in different poses, so you're good.
  5. I agree about the cape. Its two-part nature isn't ideal. But it's still an excellent kit.
  6. Well it helps that they build up fast because of their snap fit nature. But I glue and paint each one.
  7. They're fantastic. Superbly engineered. This is my 18th straight Bandai kit I've built since December. 19 including the FM Snowspeeder, and 20th with the TIE Droid I just finished tonight.
  8. Bandai TIE Interceptor kit with the Kessel Run Kits droid conversion. Easy peasy conversion consists of only four parts. The only niggle is the wings are really thin and the resin is a little warped.
  9. The kit is a little gem! Goes together in minutes, has great detail and it's easy to paint. Well at least for me, I just shot it with AS-16 light gray right out if the spray can.
  10. Easy peasy. Just paint it like a Cavern Angel. But I did modify the pilot to look like Edrio.
  11. Thanks for the hot tip on the Shapeways dish! Just ordered mine.