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  1. So that went awry... At any rate, I think the rebels were good shots and knew where to hit them.
  2. Funnily enough, in the over 20 years this kit has been out, I never built one 😝
  3. No clue on exact dimensions. But if I have to guess, maybe 8" long with a 7" wingspan. Half that for 1/144.
  4. Yeah, it is an old mold, but still holds up well. And it goes together easier than you'd think! Diggin this.
  5. That forced perspective is what I was going for too. At first I thought I wasn't going to be able to achieve it. But my making them break away from each other did the trick.
  6. After seeing Rogue One, and seeing all the cameos, I knew I just HAD to build a Red Leader tribute. Lo and behold, Bandai to the rescue! This is a specia boxing of the X-wing with an additional 1/144 kit. What was lacking in the kit was research! The instructions called for all sorts of decals that aren't on the leader at Scarif or Yavin IV. So I went with what I refs I had. MTFBWY Drewe Henley, aka Garven Dreis, aka Red Leader.
  7. This was my ref for the weathering btw. This sucker got oily streaky for sure.
  8. I've kept saying that it can be made into a nice build, as you have here. Good job! But it's a subpar kit. A step backward in quality we've come to expect.
  9. Thanks! That effect was achieved with judicious application of Testors dullcote. Added in strategic places to weather the gold finish.
  10. Thanks! I used pics from the visual dictionary and online to get a feel for where most wear areas would be. For the trooper, I just extrapolated from that, and what kind of dirt and grime you'd pick up on a mossy forest floor.