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  1. The Academy is a little more modular, so it goes together faster and easier. This one is a little tricky in the intake area. I did end up haveing a big seam along the outside of the intake trunk, but I left it be. Not a problem on the Academy. But both kits are excellent.
  2. Most Phantom kits come with the full complement of stencils. And they can be daunting. In reality though, those stencils were added by the factory when new. After repaints, units woild would repaint whatever they saw fit. Also, I just wasn’t gonna waste time with all of those stencils, especially in 1/72. Thanks! All of the pics are taken with the same iPhone I’m typing this reply with 😎
  3. OOB, xtradecals. This kit is nice, but it’s really geared towards a launching jet. There were a few gaps that were kinda wide. Overall though, very good fit, and appears very accurate.
  4. Answers to your queries is yes I do paint. I removed the window stay and the screen and I use spray cans outside the window. I had to do something, I’m in Utah! Couldn’t be denied!
  5. OOB, built on my hotel workbench. Since I’ve been traveling for work, I made up a small workbench in my hotel room! I’ve built several cars, but this is my first aircraft.
  6. The dirt is strong with this one.
  7. Echo all the comments, except the nose is a bit stark white. I know it’s difficult to replicate half opaque fiberglass on a piece of opaque plastic though.
  8. Revell Owners in Trouble

    Well that’s good news. I still imagine they’re looking for a buyer.
  9. Revell Owners in Trouble

    I knew it was news when Hobbico acquired Revell AG. They were doing fine before that. And by fine, I mean I know they had issues, and were looking for an answer. But Hobbico wasn’t it. They would’ve made it through.
  10. Welp, looks like this may soon be an extinct kit: http://www.illinoishomepage.net/news/local-news/hobbico-files-for-bankruptcy/909851835 Hobbico filing for bankruptcy is a huge deal for the hobby.
  11. Revell Owners in Trouble

    Hornby is having its own issues. They won't be making capital investments for a while. At any rate, here's a follow up: http://www.illinoishomepage.net/news/local-news/hobbico-files-for-bankruptcy/909851835
  12. The dirt is strong with this one!