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  1. You mean Rey? And it's not so much a nod to TFA as it is a symbol of the life once lived on Coruscant. The Ersos were basically prisoners to the Empire. All Jyn knew at the time was living with the Empire and the homemade dolls reflected that. She also had some that resembled imperial vehicles.
  2. Mine arrives today. I've been wanting it ever since I saw the movie. I was delighted when Bandai released it.
  3. How could I not? It may not be 110% screen accurate, but I think the feel is right. The Trooper that picks up the bezel did have to bend down to do so. And the squad leader might not have had the long rifle, but I think this is a better look. The macrobinoculars came from eBay. Perfect touch.
  4. Well it's a design that's been around since '80, so not that weird 😉 Yes, this is Boba's, not Jango's.
  5. The joy of building these kits has not subsided one bit. I had yet to see one lighted, so I just had to change that.
  6. Bandai just HAS to release one! Good way to stave off the hunger 👍🏼
  7. Nice nice. I also lit mine, almost identically...not that it's that variable of a route. Except my power source is underneath the base.
  8. Indeed they are! Especially for the figures. How they standardized the moving parts has worked splendidly. The skirt comes in the kit.
  9. They are the Bandai kits. Just as nice as all their other kits. No issues with the builds.
  10. These guys aren't your average monochromatic troopers, baby! They have some color. I'm glad I got the pair, they're slightly different, as one is the squad leader directing fire.
  11. Ugh! Apparently PBucket is having issues and won't display my pics. SO sick of their antics!
  12. I'm on a huge Bandai SW kick right now. These kits are just exquisite! Next up, a pair of Shoretroopers from Rogue One!
  13. So I just had to do it. A flight of two Snowspeeders. Rogues 2 and 3. Wedge and Zev! The Bandai kit is just crisper, tighter, better detailed. And from what I can tell, more accurate. The FM kit is no slouch though, and still stands as a close second.