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  1. Thank you m’am! Still the best kit in scale of that type. 👍🏼
  2. Thanks! It was a fun build, and I have two more kits on the way 😎
  3. Thanks! I just saw this post. Yes, the bases will form the Batsignal, and the missing ones are Cesar Romero and Yvonne Craig. Batgirl will be the rear center piece, and Joker will go behind Catwoman.
  4. P-51D Mustang 1/72 Hasegawa

    Moons of Jupiter, that's a palatial display case~
  5. Alclad II. Seven shades of aluminum and one magnesium. Uh, well I do have the Tamiya kit, but I don’t know exactly who’s bird there are decals for. If I do do a Tuskegee stang, it’ll be using that kit.
  6. I can’t get enough! Definitely on a Mustang kick. So here’s my second Airfix pony, with Eagle Strike decals.
  7. Well, since I finished the Airfix kit, I wanted to do another Mustang from the same decal sheet. This cheeky named steed fit the bill! Tamiya kit OOB, except for the decals which are from the he same sheet as the D. and here ya have them! Meng, Tamiya, and Airfix.
  8. Nope, no backfill, just filled the front. And the markings are from a Cutting Edge sheet.
  9. finally figured out how to add images to my imgur albums. So here’s the in progress shots of how I did the non-fillet tail and the cockpit detail.
  10. Now for my take on the kit. It's fantastic! 4-1/2 star kit. And anything I say more will just be nitpicking. We really are spoiled for choice right now! The Tamiya kits still hold up to this day, as well as the Hasegawa kits. Their shortcomings have been chronicled elsewhere, so I won't get into them. I'll focus on the Airfix. So here goes: Cockpit detail is excellent! Easily the best of the four kits mentioned. The Meng is also very nice, but lacks the set harnesses. The sidewall and panel detail is all excellent, and I tried to capture as much of it as I could. Perhaps I should post some of them during the build...standby.. The wings are smooth, which will come as a relief for many that insist that the wings were delivered smooth surface. Which is true, however, we also know that this coating weathered and ablated quickly with heavy use. So take it how you want it. I don't mind the smoothness or the rivetiness (is that even a word?). Although the rivets that are present on the topdside are a liiiitle bit heavy. What Is missing though, is any rivet detail on the flaps, which were not coated, and have rivets showing. The wheel wells could use a little finer detail. The wing ribs are thick, and the piping in the peepholes on the inboard side are kinda soft. The spinner is missing the oval access panel. How did they miss this? I guess a quick scribing with a template can solve this, but I was too lazy to do so. Also, the inner prop hub is present which is nice, but no locatingt pins for the front part of the spinner. Some don't like the softer Indian plastic, but I happen to much prefer it. It captures panel detail crisply and more consistently than the other plastic. It's softness is one of the best things about it. It makes for easy sanding. In fact, except for my tail fillet modification, I used absolutely zero filler on the rest of the kit. Yes, that same softness is also one of its drawbacks, as it can cut too easily and you have to fill more. But I'll take the former advantage. Another great job by the Arifix team. Eduard will have to step its game up. But in the end, we'll be left with e bevy of kits to choose from.
  11. Man, just now saw this reply, months later! But also, I need to reset the pics, since I dumped PB.
  12. And they're dirty! Much dig! I thought about doing a double build, but never got around to it