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  1. A truly impressive effort, I love it! Martian
  2. Excellent model! Martian
  3. Totally awesome is the appropriate phrase here methinks! Martian
  4. Lovely neat work! Martian
  5. I couldn't agree more! Martian
  6. She is looking gorgeous Bill! Martian
  7. Interesting! Particularly the Triplane, count me in. Martian
  8. Some very neat and methodical work occurring here! Martian
  9. Looks miles better already! Martian
  10. Beautiful model! Martian
  11. Why am I not surprised that Ced was the first to like that post? I think my interrogation methods would be too graphic for TV! When I was a Customs Officer, my superior and I operated a "Good cop, bad cop" routine. Guess which one I got to be! Martian the Inquisitor
  12. This evening I bit the bullet and began work on fitting the transparencies. I started with the nose part first as this promises to be the most work. Following it's baths in Klear it had the machine gun fitted and was glued in place. Gap filling super glue was used to fill a few small gaps and all this will be sanded smooth and polished once the glue has had time to cure. A couple of scraps of clear plastic were glued into place in the gaps for the gondola side windows and once again treated with super glue. The nose of the aircraft will need building up slightly with Miliput as there is a step where it meets the nose glazing. Waiting for that to cure properly will slow matters down for sure! Sprueloose, does the forensic rule in the pictures meet your needs? If so I can use it on future builds. Thanks or looking Martian
  13. Good idea with the fan blades, I wish I had thought of that one. Martian
  14. I'm beginning to wonder if red, white and blue roundels would look even better on this build. Just a suggestion. Martian
  15. Good start getting all that resin dust out of the way. It will be interesting to see if it fits the kit properly. As to the selfie, you're not my long lost cousin from Phobos by any chance are you? My choice of nose art is primarily motivated by the Baron's woeful lack of effort to come up with a follow on for Maureen! Martian the Louche.