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  1. That's going to be a very nice touch to the model. Martian
  2. The Dutch ones were bog standard Sikorsky builds and had the same fuselage. I shall be interested to see if AMP address the fuselage issue on the Dragonfly kit or whether a hefty dose of scratch building looms in the future. I can feel it in my Martian water that the latter will be the case. Pessimistic of Mars
  3. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    Right, I have been seemingly banging my head against a brick wall for the last two days, trying to sort out the layout of the cabin. Hobby Boss have grossly simplified the interior and have completely left out the dipping sonar. To get this to fit, all the equipment on the starboard side and the port side rear equipment rack need to be moved forward which in turn means blanking off and filling the existing location holes. I have cut a length of some suitable diameter tube to act as a the housing for the dipping part of the sonar, glued this in place and opened up the floor where it passes through. The forward equipment rack has been assembled and this is taking some considerable effort to clean up. Another thing that Hobby Boss have neglected to include in the kit is any hint of fuselage structure, which is quite visible when one looks through the main cabin door. Therefore all the equipment needs to be moved inboard to allow for this to be scratchbuilt, which I think I may do next as I am feeling the need to do something that will show the effort that has been going into the build thus far. Thanks for looking Martian
  4. They will be doing a Westland built kit so I will be using that for a couple of Royal Navy ones. I have to wait until my birthday for the Harrier kit, Fortunately that is only until 13th December. My plan is to get the Roc and Starfighter ready for next year's Telford, had I not had the hand injury the Roc would have had a good chance of making this year's SMW. There is an outside chance that the Tracker will be done as well as I was cleaning up the laminated blocks for the radios, sonar and radar equipment today and began to think that there is not a million miles to go before I can start painting the interior. There is also the added incentive that it will be nice to have the Tracker to display alongside the helicopter. Martian
  5. Beautiful work with the brass Hendie. Martian
  6. That engine rocks Crisp! Martian
  7. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    Thanks for those Richard, more useful stuff. Martian
  8. This is gorgeous Ian and quite possibly the best build you have done on BM. Martian
  9. With all the banter and excitement of the Helix project getting underway, I thought it best to let you know that the Tracker hasn't been forgotten. A lot of time was spent yesterday laminating plastic card together and trimming blocks of resin offcuts to form the basis of the assorted radar and radio equipment that will be going into the rear cabin of the aircraft. Hopefully they will be sufficiently cured today for me to start shaping them and get some pictures up for you. Martian
  10. Hitlers Pocket Rocket

    Given the limited amount of room for sanding, I think I would be looking at skinning the area with thin plastic card. Martian
  11. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    Thanks Bill. Not much translation required for what I have in mind though. I'm willing to give it a go all the same. Either that or she is using Humbrol acrylics which pretty much amounts to the same thing. Martian
  12. Hobby Boss HMS Agamemnon

    Thanks Guys. I seem to be thinking along the same lines as you Shar. Martian
  13. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    ...............Construction has begun by starting to try and sort out the interior layout of the dipping sonar area. I began by filling holes for the equipment racks at the rear of the cabin. This allows the racks to be placed a bit further to the fuselage sides, thus allowing more space for the sonar bout housing. I have also boxed in the sonar well where I had cut away the doors. The equipment racks have been assembled and are curing so as I can get them cleaned up. Some time has also been spent on getting rid of the ejector pin marks on the inside of the fuselage halves as some of these look as though they might be a bit prominent on the completed model. Thanks for looking Martian
  14. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    ........In a nutshell. Nice one Martin, thanks. I think I understood that. I love the way you Guys let me go for the simple OOB build! Great picture Richard but in my case, grey is the new grey . Looks like I might need to visit the factory in person for sone deep research. What was that you want me to do with myself Mrs Martian. Still no pre-shading, chipping or washes though. Someone, preferably me, needs to have a word with the young lady. Au contraire Bill, we really do, don't we chaps? That's so bad its funny! Martian Meanwhile at the modelling bench..........