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  1. Looking good! Martian
  2. That is gorgeous work! Martian
  3. I was liking this post right up to the moment I saw that last picture! Martian
  4. This is looking very good! If it carries on along these lines, it needs to go into the competition at Telford! Martian the Motivator
  5. More superlative work! You are going to have to get something wrong again so I can say something different! Martian
  6. Excellent work! This looks like it is very much a labour of love. Martian
  7. that is extremely smart! Martian
  8. Looking very impressive Baroness! Have you settled your lipstick differences with Maureen yet? Martian
  9. Thanks Kev, I appreciate that. Martian
  10. Thanks Sprueloose, I hadn't thought about it that way. I shall ponder your wise words. Martian
  11. Thanks Kev. Trouble is that we all know what can happen to the cunning plan that cannot fail! Still, I am finding this a relaxing build which, given how I got so stressed out about my big projects recently, is just what I need. It may be wise to keep a build of this type on the go after this build to turn to if things get tough with my other builds. I may even post it here if I think there is an appetite for it. Martian
  12. Those plates look about right. I was a bit worried that they might end up being too prominent, good work Bill. Martian
  13. What it says really. Today I began the tedious process of sanding, polishing, re-scribing, and repeat, you know the drill! A start was also made on getting the ailerons fettled to something like a decent fit. the main thing though is that we now have something approaching a complete airframe. I think I will do something on the undercarriage legs and propellers next as a bit of light relief! Thanks for looking Martian
  14. I think so! ? Martian
  15. Seeing as how you have more than one spare window, you could try this method I sometimes use. !.Remove the offending window and clean up opening. 2. Coat replacement with Klear and allow to cure. 3. attach replacement window from the outside with CA. 4. sand and polish to shape before re-coating outside with Klear. Martian