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  1. That is beautiful little build, I love it! Martian
  2. You will be in paradise when I get the Tracker re-started as this painting technique I have begun using has inspired me to try and add even more detail to that build. You will also be pleased to know there is another "fix" for you coming up in the morning. I seem to get better pictures in natural light. Martian
  3. Shame about the Wessex but the Wasp is out of this world! Martian
  4. Glad you got the airbrush fixed and the interior is coming along nicely. Martian
  5. Right up my street is more the way we would put it. Certainly where I come from "right up my alley" would have a very different connotation! Martian
  6. I think I used 2.5 lb line but it was a long time ago. Martian
  7. That canopy has come up a treat! Martian
  8. Thanks Johnny. I find that fishing wire can be better for some jobs than detailing wire which is prone to kinking. You are also going to need some for your Handley Page 0/400 rigging if you are going down the functional road in order to strengthen the model. Martian
  9. Thanks for clarifying that Crisp, it now makes way more sense to me. Martian
  10. This is lovely work as usual Bill. However, I must be totally be losing the plot: I have been worrying that I had not seen any of your work recently and have been concerned that you were OK. I must pay more attention to the WIP section in future! Marked as following so I don't miss any more of this. Martian the Muddle Headed
  11. That joke was so bad that I liked the post just so that I could unlike it! Martian
  12. If you are really pushed I have an old Badger brush you can have, it was left to me by a friend who said to pass it on to a modeller in need and this would be a deserving case as far as I can see. Martian
  13. It would be a great honour but although she has a great many outstanding qualities, I don't think Her Majesty is going to be able to even begin to understand the accumulated waffle on this thread! Don't give up the day job Nigey! I thought I had seen the last of that lot, they breached their ASBOs and were evicted to the punishment planetoid of Sedna several Martian years go. Thanks, very kind of you. Martian
  14. The setting up of the sub- assemblies is a good idea. Not only does it boost ones morale but also flags up any impending issues before they get out of control. I love this shot: it reminds me of someone I once dated from Uranus. Martian, Decrying the praise as expected.