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Martian Hale

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  1. Hope your Mum is doing OK. Martian
  2. I believe the kit's fuselage is on the narrow side but it still looks the part IMHO. As to the stripe decals, best get the masking tape out or pick a different scheme. Martian
  3. Thanks for the tip Xmald. Martian
  4. That sounds like a script from Martian Towers! Good save on the hatch Tony. Martian
  5. Lovely work Simon! Martian
  6. Good to see you producing again Nigel! Martian
  7. The RLM looks about right density wise to me. As to the chipping......I always try to tell them but does anybody ever listen to me? No, they know it all.......(Tim the Enchanter, Monty Python and the Holy Grail) Martian
  8. I'll believe you, just about everybody else on the planet won't but I will.* Good progress and probably very wise not to push the fuselage any further. *Martian the Gullible
  9. Thanks for the heads up about the tanks Dennis. Martian
  10. Looking forward to the transfers going on Callum! Martian
  11. That looks really cool with the transfers on Bill! Martian
  12. Good start! Martian
  13. Well he needs the same treatment as well! Martian