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  1. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    Hi! nice paint on the exhausts!
  2. Begemot Decals

    hi Great products. As already said, great value for money. If you like to spend dozen hours to place hundreds of stencils, their sheets are for you. (you can decide not to put all anyway ) Subjects are well documented, and I think you can trust them more than many manufacturer. Carrier film are thin, and decals react well to setting solution, even if you don't need it in most of the cases. Just pay attention to early sheets printed years ago, as the carrier film might have yellowed. Recent printings do not have this problem. Getting their sheets for my builds became compulsory to me Cheers Romain
  3. Gunze paint pigment disappeared

    hi have you tried to stir it using an old brush?
  4. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    very nice canopy!!
  5. Mig-31 1/48 AMK

    Thank you very much. I proceeded in a similar way on my own build. And yes panel lines are way to wide and deep. At some places I ised a light gray wash in order to make them look less deep... Again very well done!
  6. Mig-31 1/48 AMK

    Wow! the best Foxhound model I ever seen. You added a lot of missing details by AMK such as Hinges, rear bulges, canopy details... Weathering is also very realistic. Can you tell us a bit more about it? Wich products and techniques? thanks
  7. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    Great job! But as you said it will need some plasticard and filler Bye
  8. Hi Do we know if those updated parts are resin or plastic?
  9. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    wow! seems some serious puttying needed good luck!
  10. Hello Just to let you know that our club organize a nice model show in Dijon, France. "Model In Bourgogne" 17th 18th February 2018 There will be a contest as well. Registration open until 1st December 2017 Ask the form at expoahuy@gmail.com Dijon is situated in the center/east of France in Burgundy, land of wine and mustard Not that far from Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. But it would be great to meet some friend from Italy, Spain, UK and more! Follow the event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1377366119050863/ Do not hesitate to share the event! Regards Romain
  11. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    Hi! I think the resin front part will fit good on the underside. However, I am less confident for the upper side , at the cockpit walls: Because Single and twin seaters are not similar in this area to me. I am maybe wrong. Bye!
  12. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    Hello. Im rather concerned about compatibility of su33 front fuselage to twin seat plastic parts... Should you not keep the front in plastic?
  13. Thanks yarvelling! You can find the build in issue 60 of AirModeller :^) Cheers !
  14. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    Hello I will following closely... I have quite tyhe same project. cheers!