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  1. Hi He is back! Yesss! Great! I cant wait to buy those decals! Cheers
  2. AK RealColors - NATO

    Hello I do not think those colors are exactly the same. RAL 6031 is Bronze green. Its FS equivalent is given as 34077 or 34079 here: http://www.paint4models.com/paintchart/paintconversionchart20100101h.html# But Green for Nato colors in Federal Standard is FS34094 After that, whit scale effect and weathering, maybe this set could be usable for US vehicle... cheers
  3. wow! seems the skin of the master is done with PE parts?
  4. hi! nice work! cant wait to see it finished
  5. Hi guys! Some updates on the Foxbat. On Iraki Foxbat, upper wing fences are replaced by chaff/flare dispensers. Because it was too late when I knew it, I had to remove those parts. Using reference pictures and plasticard, I scratched the dispensers. Cartridges are are cut from a quickboost set. Some sanding is needed to match the wing curve. After some scribing work: Next I will carry on with painting those parts. And I will be able to start decaling using begemot sheets. Cheers Romain
  6. Migs Cremeweiss Paint Not Bonding

    Ok... weird Maybe try Vallejo airbrush flow improver? Some drops in the paint... Or another thinner? Good luck
  7. Migs Cremeweiss Paint Not Bonding

    Hello Seems you encounter some trouble with wettability. Wich kind of primer do you use? Try to gently rub/polish the primer with soft clothes and water. Also, when airbrushing those waterbased acrylics paints, you must spray very light coats. Thats why I dont really like them. Romain
  8. Hi, A review and dry test here: http://www.dhm-kit.com/blog/49-kit-review-north-american-p-51d-mustang-airfix-echelle-1-48-reference-a05131 http://www.dhm-kit.com/blog/50-montage-test-north-american-p-51d-mustang-airfix-echelle-1-48-reference-a05131 Cheers Romain
  9. hi James, I live in France, and no trip planned in UK for now. Maybe Telford someday? 2018? 2019? bye
  10. Airbrush cleaning.

    Hi I use this great product: https://www.deluxematerials.co.uk/gb/rc-modelling/20-brush-magic-5060243901354.html It dissolve even dry paints. I pour a few drop after each spraying. It is not cheap, but... so efficient that you dont need much products to clean the airbrush. At home, my bottle lasts one year. hope it helps. Romain
  11. Great Work! glad you found inspiration on my 1/32nd Flanker build (I guess?) Impressive weathering... great job Romain