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  1. Tamiya 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

    Nice one.............Looking forward to this one as one of my winter projects this year..... Great model........great scheme
  2. 1/48 Mig-25 RBT

    Great model of a great machine.......and I cannot believe you finished the paintwork with a brush !......very impressive. I knew this aircraft was big but it was not until I visited our local museum in Tartu that I realized just how big it is, especially when you climb the ladder to access the cockpit. The museum had a former MiG-25 pilot on hand for their annual air day and he was showing visitors the cockpit - sadly I don't understand Estonian or Russian but I still managed to get some nice shots of the cockpit though the access ladder was not for those that suffer from vertigo !. Mark Pretty immaculate cockpit interior Just to prove that those Eduard tape masks don't have to be 100% perfect.....this sealant was quite roughly applied to the windscreen ! Please note, these photos are NOT of the MiG-25RBT but another variant that does appear to have some non-standard bumps on the forward fuselage and one flat fairing housing either a camera or a spotlight (offset to starboard). I will see if I can check on the variant. Postscript: It appears to be a MiG-25RBS Foxbat-D variant
  3. Leo, Greetings from Estonia !. WELL DONE to you for producing such a splendid model. You are a modelling champion in the making with that first effort !. I think I was around 5 years old when I put my first model together but it wasn't half as good as your Hurricane. I really liked the photo of it hanging from the ceiling. My Dad helped me suspend all of my Battle of Britain models from the ceiling when I was 9 years old too. Thanks for sharing your photos (and thanks to your Dad too, for all his encouragement). WELL DONE again !
  4. Academy T33

    Nice one, Ian. I have the Great Wall Hobby T-33A on the bench at the moment.....if the finish comes out half as well as that on your model, I'll be very happy. Thanks for sharing
  5. Tamiya 1/48 SS-100 Heavy tractor

    Totally agree......some of the excitement has gone out of anticipating new releases these days (along with many false promises).
  6. Revell 1/48 Tornado ADV

    And lets not forget that the Italian Air Force produced one or two nice specials during the types brief service with the Aeronautica Militare and one of their Unit's connection with the NATO Tiger Association in the late 1990s, early 2000s.

    Paul, Couple of great builds, there. By sheer coincidence, only this morning (before visiting BM) I was going through some of my stash and dug out my own copy of the Revell-Monogram F-101B Voodoo. I have been doing some test fitting since I am very tempted to start this kit and the only thing that was putting me off was the raised panel lines. Like you say, its a very impressive kit for its age with some superb detail especially in the cockpit and wheel wells. That said, I have invested in a Black Box resin cockpit set, Quickboost airframe details (NACA scoops, fuel dumps etc) and a Master pitot probe. I was originally looking to sand down the panel line detail (though only on the wings/flying control surfaces) but I may now leave it in place judging by the finish you have managed with your model. Great 'classic' kits from which you have produced two lovely looking models. Thanks for sharing Mark
  8. 1/48 Bobcat Yak-28P Firebar

    Ian, Great stuff........I have one of these in the stash so following your build with interest. Love Bobcat's 'box art' for this kit - Looks like a couple of F-16D/F-15E pilots have hijacked this particular Yak-28 ! Well Done, Sir !
  9. I don't actually mind which scale it is in.........Personally, I would prefer for it to be in 1:48 (to be followed by an O-1 Bird Dog and OV-10 Bronco !) but I can live with 1:32 too. If its in the latter scale, it fits with the recently released O-1 which is a nice kit too and 'suggests' a new trend for them but it would equally fit with the likes of the Turbo Porter and T-28 COIN Bird in the former scale....I think the odds are it will be 1:32 but I guess we will have to wait and see. (maybe it will be released in both scales eventually !).
  10. Very very nice..........Great colour scheme too !
  11. Bjorn, That's a very tidy pair of Draken's you have there. Two very attractive and contrasting standard colour schemes superbly executed. Well Done, Sir !
  12. Hi Russ, Just picked up on this collection.......More superb models. I'm particularly interested in the SBC Helldiver since this is on my 'to do' list. What changes did you make to reproduce the -5 ? (I see you have a frameless canopy for a start - was that vacuform ?). Like I I've said before........EXCELLENT subjects and execution....and all with a 'hairy stick' !..........FANTASTIC ! Mark
  13. Thanks for the tip off....one on order
  14. F-8E Crusader Eduard 1/48

    Great work on a great model....Really captures the look of the very heavily utilised VMF-235 jets that flew from Da Nang. The middle photo is particularly effective. Given their heavy use in the CAS role for the USMC at the time, the only thing I would have considered adding would be some zuni rocket pods or a bomb load to really set it off. Nevertheless, a brilliant subject that has been executed very well indeed !. Bravo !
  15. I don't necessarily disagree with your assessment - for me perfect fit should not require the use of any plasticard shims, for example, between joints. Maybe the F-15B/D is not quite the same but mine definitely required one or two small adjustments .....nothing major but still required.........hey !.....this is what modelling is all about. Sure, I like the odd 'Shake and Bake' from Tamiya but when there is an element of true modelling required (rather than simply assembling a kit) this brings far more satisfaction which is why I like these GWH kits so much.....what I don't like is misleading magazine reviews that paint a wholly rosy picture.