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  1. One word...........SUPERB ! You've done it again Matty !!
  2. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    Second best news of the weekend !...........First was discovering Nickleback will be touring Estonia in May 2018 and managing to get tickets
  3. Looks very nice and well worth the wait............It is very doubtful that this aeroplane will attract the attention of any of the mainstream manufacturers so it is good that Aeroproxy have taken the brave step to produce this kit. Bravo to them !. I really hope I can buy one in due course since I have an association with this aircraft from the past.
  4. I really, really hope so........After the recent Airfix and Meng offerings we really don't need another -D model !!.......If they want to have a P-51 in the catalog (and I kinda get that) then make it a B/C for sure.
  5. Yak-28P FIREBAR - Bobcat 1/48

    Jurek, It may have been difficult to put together but you have done a GREAT job on this model. I had the pleasure this summer to take a really close look at this aircraft in our local museum which has inspired me to have a go at this new Bobcat kit. Thanks for sharing.....Well Done, Sir !.
  6. Great build Alex...............Brought back some memories too. I worked in Hong Kong between 1988-91 and flew on the Cathay Pacific Tristar's many times on their medium range routes around Asia. Since I lived quite close to the infamous 'checkerboard' in Kowloon I also marvelled at their approaches (along with just about every other commercial 'heavy') into Kai Tak International Airport especially during the Typhoon season !.....hair raising stuff.
  7. Hi Folks, I've recently uncovered a small stash of Avionix/Black Box resin F/A-18 Hornet cockpit sets that I had forgotten about. They are designed for the Hasegawa 1:48 scale kit but I wondered if anyone has used them on the newer Kinetic offering ?. I have several of the latter kits and it would be a shame to dispose the the detail sets if I can use them, with a little bit of fettling, for the Kinetic kit. Any experiences or thoughts gratefully received Thanks Mark
  8. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Just got home after another great weekend at Telford. Just wanted to call out the IPMS 'core' team for putting on another superb event this year. I have been a regular exhibitor for years but decided this year to also contribute a couple of hours as a 'gash hand' for the IPMS Committee and thoroughly enjoyed myself, managed to put one or two names to faces and met a couple of new people too. The work that the regular team put in to organising this event each year is staggering and if one or two others gave up just one or two hours over the weekend to help out, the event organisation would be even smoother; these guys deserve a break too...after all they are modelling enthusiasts too !. As I say, another great weekend though my departure was tinged with some sadness...on my way out the door heard that the great Dick (R.L.) Ward or Modedecal fame passed away earlier today. I hadn't seen Dick for a couple of years but knew him well and always found him very knowledgeable and a true gentleman of the 'old school'. R.I.P. Dick - you will be missed
  9. Tamiya 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

    Nice one.............Looking forward to this one as one of my winter projects this year..... Great model........great scheme
  10. 1/48 Mig-25 RBT

    Great model of a great machine.......and I cannot believe you finished the paintwork with a brush !......very impressive. I knew this aircraft was big but it was not until I visited our local museum in Tartu that I realized just how big it is, especially when you climb the ladder to access the cockpit. The museum had a former MiG-25 pilot on hand for their annual air day and he was showing visitors the cockpit - sadly I don't understand Estonian or Russian but I still managed to get some nice shots of the cockpit though the access ladder was not for those that suffer from vertigo !. Mark Pretty immaculate cockpit interior Just to prove that those Eduard tape masks don't have to be 100% perfect.....this sealant was quite roughly applied to the windscreen ! Please note, these photos are NOT of the MiG-25RBT but another variant that does appear to have some non-standard bumps on the forward fuselage and one flat fairing housing either a camera or a spotlight (offset to starboard). I will see if I can check on the variant. Postscript: It appears to be a MiG-25RBS Foxbat-D variant
  11. Leo, Greetings from Estonia !. WELL DONE to you for producing such a splendid model. You are a modelling champion in the making with that first effort !. I think I was around 5 years old when I put my first model together but it wasn't half as good as your Hurricane. I really liked the photo of it hanging from the ceiling. My Dad helped me suspend all of my Battle of Britain models from the ceiling when I was 9 years old too. Thanks for sharing your photos (and thanks to your Dad too, for all his encouragement). WELL DONE again !
  12. Academy T33

    Nice one, Ian. I have the Great Wall Hobby T-33A on the bench at the moment.....if the finish comes out half as well as that on your model, I'll be very happy. Thanks for sharing
  13. Tamiya 1/48 SS-100 Heavy tractor

    Totally agree......some of the excitement has gone out of anticipating new releases these days (along with many false promises).
  14. Revell 1/48 Tornado ADV

    And lets not forget that the Italian Air Force produced one or two nice specials during the types brief service with the Aeronautica Militare and one of their Unit's connection with the NATO Tiger Association in the late 1990s, early 2000s.