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  1. Eduard - leaflet for distributors

    Nice to see the MiG-21PFM with a comprehensive set of decal options for NVAF aircraft............still puzzled as to why Eduard have never seen fit to produce a MiG-21FL with those nice Indian (and other) Air Force marking options. I believe you can produce the FL by mixing and matching parts from the PF and PFM kits so it seems to be a no brainer to me.
  2. These people obviously need to get a life........I'm a great advocate of the "if it looks right, it is right" school besides which I simply do not have the time of day to worry about such minutiae.....
  3. Revell Owners in Trouble

    AS far as marketing is concerned, I would have to agree with Giorgio N. I cannot think of another mainstream kit manufacturer (other than perhaps Airfix) that has ensured its kits are available in some of the strangest places imaginable (both geographically and from a marketplace perspective). Here in Estonia, for example, which appears to be a bit of a modelling desert, the only kits that are easily available are those from Revell of Germany; I've seen them in newsagents, supermarkets and garden centres as well as most toy stores. I feared the worst when Hobbico took over, given the USA's extensive investment in new mould kits during the last 5-10 years (almost zero !). As others have said, RoG had one of the most ambitious release programmes outside of the Far East and across a wide variety of genres. In recent years we have seen an large scale downturn, thankfully plugged by the 'new' generation of Chinese manufacturers (Great Wall Hobby, Kinetic, Kittyhawk et al) and Airfix. The Project Management Team at RoG have put a brave face on it but I suspect they have been frustrated with the lack of investment by the US-based parent company who have little to no understanding or appreciation of the European market (or indeed their own, given the popularity of RoG products across the pond). All being well, a European-orientated rescue package can be organised for RoG, which will provide the company with sustained if modest prospects and a degree of stability. Time will tell.
  4. Well......As you can imagine after my last post in this thread.......I'm VERY happy with the news. The Hawker Hunter was also No.1 on the suggestions list I submitted to the Airfix Stand during SMW'17. Taking into account market factors and the current financial wellbeing of the parent company, I think Airfix have done rather well in spite of the comments from some. Sure, there are a lot of re-releases but I am also very happy to see the Phantom FGR.2, Sea King HAR.3 with Norwegian markings, a Post-War RAF Douglas Dakota and the Victor re-boxed as a K.2 with additional parts to name but four 1:72 favourites. I for one will also relieve them of a Gloster Meteor FR.9 and the Supermarine Walrus.....and as for genuinely new aircraft kits, I suspect Airfix's output for 2018 will be triple that a well known Japanese manufacturer and any of the U.S. based 'giants' so it should all be taken in context . Yes, in 1:48 scale Airfix have firmly nailed their colours to the mast of Post-War British aircraft with the likes of the Sea Vixen, Javelin, Sea Fury, Gnat etc and long may it continue - The Hunter will obviously be followed by a FGA.9 and given the 'competition' they should do very well. I do not think they could go far wrong if they followed up with the Tempest, Vampire, Venom, Jet Provost family, re-tooled Buccaneer & Jaguar and maybe even a Sea Hawk, Scimitar and Sea Venom. In 1:72 scale, a re-tooled Vulcan must be on the cards (a huge seller IMHO) together with a mainstream 'Bomber Canopy' family of Canberras, re-tooled Bucaneer, Jaguar, C-130 Hercules plus a new mould VC.10 !! I also agree that the re-tooling of some perennial WWII favourites including the P-39, P-47, Mosquito, Sunderland and Catalina would do wonders.....we can all dream but, for now, I for one am very content with the news for 2018.
  5. Great subject, well presented.......I wonder if any of our Norwegian friends could identify the safe haven where these seaplanes were moored..?.....I would love to know... Well Done, Sir ! Mark
  6. Great start to the New Year, Russ !. Another superb job. It is an impressive machine right enough. I first saw one of these up close and personal in 1974 when a couple of USMC examples operated out of Cyprus during one of the many Lebanon crises and we were invited to take a look around the AH-1s, CH-46s and CH-53s during an impromptu 'Open House'.......certainly helped to reinforce my interest in military aviation as an impressionable schoolboy. Much later, I was lucky enough to get a ride in a German Army example whilst serving with SFOR in Bosnia during the late 1990s.....a memorable low-level return trip from Raijlovac (Sarajevo) to Mostar through the mountains on a crystal clear spring day....great memories !. Thanks for sharing Mark
  7. The Hannants website lists the two 'versions' of the Avantgarde 1:48 Kfir C2/7 with different Reference Nos so the potential buyer should/would be in no doubt as to which kit they would receive. The old version is currently listed (with the old style box top)....the new, revised, version has yet to arrive but I have little doubt that Hannants will post a photo of the new box top (with the revised reference number) in due course so the buyer will be in no doubt about which kit they are getting.
  8. Decal Manufacturers do a Good Job !

    Hi Folks, I have taken some time over the holiday break to determine which decal options I want to use on the Tamiya 1:48 scale F-14A Tomcats that I have recently accumulated. At the same time, I decided to run a little exercise which I'm going to repeat with my USN/USMC F-4 Phantom decals. Anyway, with regard to the collection of USN F-14A/B/D Tomcat decal sheets I have - A total of 20 x sheets from 7 different manufacturers offering no less than 155 options. There were only 26 duplicated serial number options (i.e. the same serial number featured) with only 4 providing absolute duplicates, in terms of Unit/colour scheme/markings/timeframe. I think that is pretty good given the possible temptation to cut corners and use previously researched material for a particular aircraft/unit. Given the plethora of USN F-14 decal sheets out there (I have hardly any of the Aeromaster, Eagle Strike, Superscale or Two Bobs decal sheets), if the same ratios are applied we could probably find decals to cover every Tomcat airframe ever produced !.
  9. 1:48th scale Hawker Hunter F.6/FGA.9
  10. Tamiya F-14A Tomcat Advice

    I have the new Tamiya F-14A Tomcat but want to complete a late-model F-14A or F-14A+. I noticed (in Section 12) of the instructions a requirement to fill in a number of panel lines and apertures and cut off some airframe details but I do not know if these actions are applicable to the late model F-14A or only relate to the aircraft options in the kit (both early model non-TCS fitted USN F-14As) or the IRIAF example. To complicate matters, I am without my own extensive reference library which is in long-term storage so I have not been able to ascertain what details (if any) I have to remove or retain. Are there any F-14 experts out there that can confirm what I need to do - I've bought the relevant Eduard Brassin and Quickboost aftermarket items to complete the model so just need to know more about the actual kit plastic before I start carving !. Many Thanks
  11. Nils, Nice model.........I thought cynicism (especially with regard to project management in the Defence Industry) was the preserve of the Brits but clearly I was wrong (actually should have known better having spent six hugely enjoyable years with some of your countrymen). Well Done, Sir !
  12. 1/48 Hasegawa MiG-25RBT Foxbat

    Almost certainly the ICM kit, hopefully with the corrected nose parts included in the Revell re-release of the original kit. Yes, its sad that Hasegawa appear to have left the 1:48 scale modern jet market to others - 10-15 years ago, they were among the market leaders with their A-4 Skyhawks, F-104 Starfighters and J-35 Drakens to name but three......we have all yearned for 'Legacy' AV-8A/Harriers, Mirages, Viggens, Voodoos etc but others have stepped in with mixed results. Hasegawa do appear to be looking inward again with Japanese WWII subjects being the only genuinely new kits released these days.
  13. One word...........SUPERB ! You've done it again Matty !!
  14. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    Second best news of the weekend !...........First was discovering Nickleback will be touring Estonia in May 2018 and managing to get tickets
  15. Looks very nice and well worth the wait............It is very doubtful that this aeroplane will attract the attention of any of the mainstream manufacturers so it is good that Aeroproxy have taken the brave step to produce this kit. Bravo to them !. I really hope I can buy one in due course since I have an association with this aircraft from the past.